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Disclaimer: *All teen characters are eighteen years old, over the age of consent.*


It all started out so innocently as my girl Edna and I were in the midst of some ill- advised sexual experimentation when we’d been caught by one of the church elders and outed to Pastor Grey. We were kissing, no tongue or anything when Sister Jacobs popped up in front of us. You’d think I was assaulting the girl from the older woman’s reaction as she grabbed both of our wrists dragging us to the pastor’s office while he as in the midst of a business call. Edna, my girlfriend for all of three weeks after much lobbying and begging was mortified wondering if her mother would either beat her to death or send her to foster care for the indiscretion. I was a little more defiant and possessed of a higher tolerance for pain should corporal punishment be introduced. We were supposed to be cleaning the bible study classroom when I’d become a little friskier than intended. I couldn’t help myself being a red blooded eighteen years young male. Edna was moderately attractive with a peanut butter complexion and a smattering of freckles across her slightly pug nose and rounded cheeks. She liked to keep her hair tightly wound into two small tapered pig tails. I guess you’d have to say that she was somewhere between fat and skinny with well pronounced hips that screamed for attention. Her wide, semi-flat butt was thick and defiant to the touch. I liked to refer to her defining attribute as a rock booty.

We were cleaning and organizing a small narrow closet when my proximity to said booty got the better of me. I’d bumped into her butt with my slowly inflating tumescence until she balked at my continuous claims that it was all an accident. A mini-fight ensued with me half begging for some attention when Edna groaned loudly turning her rear end in my direction. Like I mentioned before, she had this kind of rock solid ass that defied my attempts to grope it properly. Frustration set in as I desperately grabbed her hips digging my hands into her pockets in this mad attempt to touch her thighs. My hips moved of their own accord slapping up against her rear end with this loud clap. Edna comically protested and roasted me for being “seriously thirsty” but I didn’t really hear much of it, focused as I was on grinding against her butt. She acquiesced, perhaps acknowledging her own prurient interest bumping back against my erection which was threatening to peek out of the top of my jeans. Becoming a little more daring, my hands slid under her collared t-shirt cupping the undersides of her small breasts, tightly hidden behind what could have been a training bra. This seemed to be her sensual weak spot as she moaned as her thick nipples were tweaked.

The small brassiere was of the thick, underwire variety, fighting my attempts to breach it and irritating my fingers. I kept at it while Edna rolled her hips against my tumescence until I managed to get my hands under her cups to cover her meager B-Cups. Her nipples were poking against the palms of my hands in a ticklish irritation as we both approached nirvana. I didn’t want to soil my pants but the enticing fire and tightening of my inner thighs were not to be denied. Edna had the shittiest timing with an uncoordinated turn that yanked away those glorious, hard buns in an attempt to face me. Selfishness reared its ugly head as she awkwardly yanked my hand to her heated crotch, silently begging me to get her off. I found a compromise humping her rounded thigh as she humped my hand looking haggard and sweaty. My free hand went back to struggling to pinch the nearest available cheek. This made my girl squirm and move even more ungainly until inexperienced teen frustration ran away with my erection. We stared at one another realizing just how close we’d come to “closing the deal”. We settled for a series of light pecks on the lips when we were caught by Sister Jacobs. The wide eyed coonish expression on her face made me wonder if the Klan would be knocking on my door later that evening.

“There’s nothing in the good book against young people expressing their love for one another.” Pastor Grey was barely north of thirty but already had a partially bald head. He was laid back and moderate against the expectations of his older church members and the younger people.

“I seen it with my own two eyes, these youngsters were sinning, plain as day, Pastor Grey!” The older woman sounded like she was hyperventilating as the pastor facepalmed. Sister Jacobs had long been a member of the church attending every function and program without fail. At forty-seven years of age, she’d become one of the youngest church elders before Pastor Grey assumed the position succeeding Pastor Earl after his retirement for medical reasons. This new younger pastor was popular enough that membership increased with a lot of local ladies flocking into the church for a glance. She never strayed far from his shadow considering it her duty to help him out.

“Well, I’ll split the difference with you if the young people are willing; you two want Şirinevler escort to accept my deal or we could just call your parents, what do you say to that, kids?”

“Puh-Please don’t call my parents; I’ll do anything you want, Pastor Grey!!” I couldn’t blame Edna’s frenzied answer, but I wasn’t so quick to answer earning an elbow from my girlfriend.

“Yeah, sure.” I reluctantly answered.

“Well, the sister here seems to think you two are a little bit closer than you should be, so because I know you to be fine, upstanding future members of our community, I say we hone those rough edges down a bit.”


“A week of volunteer work-apart from one another should suffice, right sister?”

“If you ask me, this mannish little boy needs that strap to get his mind outta perdition!!” I didn’t follow but I was sure she was talking about whipping me or something.

“Now Sister Jacobs…”

“Look at ’em, even now eyeing this girl like he wanna take her right here in front of us; sully this house of the lord.” It was true I wasn’t an angel and my presence in the church was designed by my mother to get me some supposed positive direction. I noticed Edna looking at me like some kind of predator and that pissed me off.

“Well I’m sure this young man would like the chance to prove you wrong, wouldn’t you?” He winked at me like I was in on something. That rubbed me the wrong way too, but I thought maybe he had a plan to get Sister Jacobs off my back.

“Sure.” I answered reluctantly.

“Well then it’s decided; the young lady here will work in the church for the rest of the week and this fine, gentleman will help you get everything ready for the goodwill, Sister Jacobs. You’ll be going over to her home and preparing the clothing donations for transport. Also, you might change the sister’s mind by doing a few chores around her home.” I had to catch myself from uttering an explicative as the pastor deftly screwed me over. Today was only supposed to be a one-time thing and it was spring break. Sister Jacobs honestly looked surprised too.

After everything was hashed out, the separation started immediately as Pastor Grey offered to chauffer Edna home leaving me in front of the church standing opposite Sister Jacobs. Edna didn’t even look my way as his Mercedes pulled off.

“Messed up your plans, huh little devil?” Sister Jacobs commented staring me down with a spiteful look.

“Not exactly ma’am.” The wheels were already turning in my head as I glanced back in her direction with a slight smirk.


It was around ten thirty when Edna’s mom walked out of their apartment building headed out for work. Floris Hampton was a single parent owing to a rolling stone husband who’d gone out for diapers one day and never returned. This had the added effect of making the now single mother extremely bitter and her daughter a latch key kid spending most of her evenings alone. Edna Hampton and her mother would find out later in life that her father had been killed by crooked cops. The absence of her father also had the added effect of making the short, slightly chunky girl toughen up exponentially every year until there were rumors pegging her as a lesbian due to her masculine aura. I’d become intrigued by the rumors finding everything to be a decided lark once we’d started dating.

“What’re doing here?” She scowled upon seeing me in her doorway.

“You’re not happy to see me?”

“I’m not saying that, it’s just that we just saw each other at the church.” I noticed that Edna had lost her jeans replacing them with some ill-fitting gym shorts. From the front she had this kind of pronounced muffin. The school issued shorts rode up on her hips a bit exposing a bit of stretch marks that made me wonder if she’d recently lost some considerable weight.

“Look how that shit turned out; not going to invite me in?”

“Well, my mom…”

“Left twenty minutes ago, come on Edna.”

“You watching my house?” She leaned against the frayed, scratched up interior of her doorway. I’d walked here home a few times, but never been inside.

“I take the fifth; come on Edna, let’s watch a few videos then I’ll go home if you want.”

“I don’t know if I trust you.” She admitted with an uneven smile.

“Okay, I get that Edna; guess I’ll have to take this bag of goodies back to the store.” I’d bought a bag of junk food and some condoms smartly, hidden away in my back pocket.

“Just a few videos, then you’re out, okay?” She was eyeballing the plastic bag in my grasp, perhaps giving credence to my theory that she’d formerly been a larger girl. She moved to the side flattening her butt against the door denying me a peek at her cheeks which I’m sure were peeking from the bottoms of those gym shorts. She proved even smarter grabbing the back of my arms as she steered me into her living room before bolting out to her bedroom down the hall. I caught a fleeting glimpse of Ataköy escort the uneven back of her shorts and thick cheeks despite her efforts. I facepalmed when Edna returned in an old matronly looking housecoat covered with flowers. It was something your grandmother would wear.

“Aw, don’t look so disappointed.” She pinched my cheek sitting down beside me as she snatched the bag of goodies.

“Whatever you say grandma.”

She began snacking in earnest watching some videos on their floor model television as I looked around at the semi-clean, living room with its wealth of family photos and other mementos. Edna’s other siblings were out of town with relatives leaving her with the house at night. She’s begun taking a few prep classes at the local college owing to her reason for not being shipped off like her younger siblings and I thought it would be a good chance to get to know her better. But she seemed to want to prolong the dance with more teasing and that didn’t sit too well with me at all.

“You gonna watch some videos or sit there pouting all night?”

“I got all night?” I raised an eyebrow comedically earning a nudge of her elbow.

“You know what I mean?”

“You know what I mean too; and what’s up with the frilly, granny robe?”

“I didn’t want you to get any ideas.”

“Too late for that, but I’m a gentleman first. So, I’ll gloat for a little while before I shuffle on home, Edna.” I followed up this terse statement with a sarcastic smile that made her do a doubletake.

“Don’t let me keep you; you know where the door is, homeboy.” I had too choices, salvage my ambition or hit the streets with blue balls. I was always told I possessed a silver tongue, so I was going to find a way to talk the panties off of Edna one way or another.

“Can I ask you a question?”


“What he tell you?”


“Pastor Grey; what he’d tell you when he drove you home?” Edna looked caught off guard and surprised by my question.

“Uhm, nothing.” I had no idea one way of the other whether or not the pastor had spoken with her but found some leverage in her reaction.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say; so, it’s bad to have a boyfriend who actually wants to be with you, right? You got the “Wait until you get married” speech buffered with some religious dogma designed to give you the requisite head job and interfere with our relationship. It’s unfortunate that I want to be with my girlfriend; fuck me, an eighteen-year-old with raging hormones common to most guys across the planet. Yeah, I get it Edna; keep those panties tight.” I reached down taking a chip directing my attention at Edna’s floor model television.

“So, all you want is sex, huh?”

“That’s not fair, Edna.”

“So, you’re saying that you don’t want to sleep with me?” I continued snacking as I pondered her question before noticing her waiting with baited breath for an answer.

“Of course, I want to sleep with you; is that a problem?”

“THEN YOU’RE JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER GUYS OUT THERE, HUH?!!” Edna perked up on her side of the couch we were sitting on turning to face me as she drew the sash on her housecoat tight around her waist.

“You mean to tell me there are other guys coming over here bringing you snacks and watching videos in the middle of the night?!!” My manufactured look of surprise sent her for a loop momentarily before she realized I was screwing around. She snickered and slapped my arm leaning back against her side of the couch.

“You know what I mean, fool.” I motioned for her to move closer with a wave of my hand a few times before she slid over. I took Edna’s physical caveat standing long enough to situate my body behind hers, placing the curious girl in my lap. My arms wrapped around her abdomen from the back, I stole a kiss on the nape of her neck before speaking.

“Look, I’m gonna promise not to sleep with you unless you change your mind; but I’m not going to lie about wanting to be with you Edna, okay?”

“Sure.” One of my hands had drifted up rubbing her small tit through her frock until her nipple poked into my palm. My other hand found a home on her left inner thigh squeezing and kneading until she began to breathe audibly.

“You say that, but you’re feeling on me right now.” She moaned the accusation.

“Won’t you let me have just this little bit of you?” I whispered into her ear, kneading her right breast unopposed.

“But you said, you wouldn’t sleep with me.”

“Does that mean I can’t touch you; does it mean we can’t be like we were earlier today before we got caught? You don’t wanna feel good anymore?”

“But it could get out of control, is all I’m saying.” My other hand drifted up her plump, muscular thigh dangerously close to her virtue.

“I promised, didn’t I?”

Edna nodded leaning back into me as my probing digits found entrance into outer covering finding the crotch of her gym shorts. I traced a finger across her slit while Keith Sweat’s “Make it last Forever” played Bakırköy escort out on the television. I struggled not to slide my hand under the cotton shorts settling for a sustained circular motion on her cunt. I could feel her weight bearing down on me as the thick, slightly chubby girl relaxed leaning back into my embrace.

“Maybe we should stop.” She moaned unconvincingly.

“Why, you don’t like what I’m doing for you?” I blew into her ear before taking it between my lips and suckling it while twirling my tongue. I ground my fingers against her mound noticing her becoming extremely wet through the rayon material. Edna was wearing any panties.

“Nuh, no; I like it.” She admitted arching her back as I continued playing with her.

“Do you mind, Edna?” My hand was under her t-shirt lingering at her waist line capable of going in either direction.

“It’s cool, go ahead.” She moaned breathlessly as my palm slid upward along her stomach until it found her breast. It was kind of pillow soft even in it’s smallness and resistant to my touch capped with a prominent nipple which I teased with a similar rubbing motion. Edna gasped loudly revealing a weakness in the sensitivity of her tiny boobs that I never would have caught on otherwise.

Keith Sweat drifted out making way for Ready for the World’s “Let me love you Down” as some unseen cupid continued working his magic in the semi darkened living room. The driving beat accompanied by the semi-falsetto vocal stylings added to the sensual atmosphere as I leaned forward into Edna’s back directing her to rest her abdomen on the tops of her thighs as the housecoat slid away from her shoulders leaving her pale yellow t-shirt to be rolled up over her chest exposing her perky endowments. She didn’t seem to mind as I squeezed and rolled her nipples for what seemed like an eternity until the stimulation became too much. I dropped both hands down into her crotch which was drenched with considerable moisture that left her thick thighs oily to the touch. Her clit was finally noticeable earning my thumb and forefinger against it teasing Edna while my other hand continued roughly tracing a minute circumference of her puffy mound. My chin rested on her shoulder affording me a look downward as she pinched and pulled on her own, juicy nipples. Her thick, rock hard cheeks rested on either side of my burgeoning, youthful erection.

“Oh yeah, keep doing it like that; just like that, baby.” Edna gasped close to completion.

“Like, this?”


“You gonna cum for me, baby?” Her head rolled in an unspoken answer to my question nearly colliding with my own as she began squirming in my lap uncontrollably.

“Cumming.” She answered.


“I’m-I cuh, I’m cumming right now; just keep it up, baby!!” Suddenly her crotch became drenched as Edna revealed that she was a squirter all over my offending digits. I ramped up my actions as she bucked and shivered, half screaming as she climaxed. Edna pried my hands away looking over her shoulder at my unassuming face which was completely manufactured to make it appear that my actions were all for her benefit. Her plump lips were glistening with excess saliva as she struggled to regain her composure.

“You promised not to sleep with me.” He half laughed.

“That ain’t sex; that’s foreplay and we didn’t say anything about that, did we?” She giggled like nasty little girl turning to face me with a knee between my thighs as she kissed me wantonly. Ready for the World’s “Tonight” followed the previous song perfectly framing our intimate coupling. Edna really got into the mood wrapping her arms around my neck as our tongues explored one another’s mouths. She was an extremely sloppy kisser leaving her essence and saliva across my lips and chin. I found myself staring at her breasts noticing that while small, there seemed to be a slight indentation and lightness to her tan skin tone revealing the tightness of her brassiere. I couldn’t help myself any longer taking the closet nipple into my mouth suckling hard to her infinite delight. This set the short, curvy girl off something fierce as she humped against my jean covered crotch while cradling my head. She managed to pry my lips from her tit supplanting it with the other much to my delight as I rubbed the back of her thighs unsure if I should slide my hands under her shorts. I was dying to touch her bare butt as she ground against my mound in a rowing motion.

“Go on, I know you want to; do it baby.” Edna encouraged.

That was all the prodding I needed as my busied themselves with copious amounts of Edna’s unnaturally hard, ass cheeks. There was just no accounting for the hardness of her rear end as my fingers squeezed finding some deep inner resistance that seemed to push back against me. I found a few dimples and a bit of softness at the higher portion of her butt.

“Squeeze it harder.”

“I’m trying, this booty is fucking amazing!” I admitted before she dipped in for more sloppy kissing as I traced the deep crack of her prodigious ass.

Edna worked her mound against my tumescence desperately seeking another climax as I began to work the cheap material of her shorts into a makeshift thong. I noticed more prominent stretchmarks on her hips as the sensation of the shorts digging into her slit became a factor.

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