Davie Ch. 05

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“Hi Doris. It’s Davie.”

“Hello David. How are you?”

“Fine, thanks. Listen, you said to call you sometime when I’m getting off of work and had a free evening.”

“Yes I did, didn’t I. I guess your all cleaned up and ready to go home.”

“No, actually I just got back from a pretty dirty job and I’m filthy. If you give me some time I’ll run home and clean up.

“Listen, David, I’d prefer if you came just as you are. I’m really turned on with the thought of your dirty, filthy, sweaty body all over mine. You wouldn’t mind turning an old girl on, now would you?” She couldn’t get his body out of her mind and fantasized fucking him on the fire engine rolling around on the rough hoseline. Sweat dripping off his muscles.

“Doris, I can be at your place in twenty minutes. And I’m coming to see a very hot attractive woman!” he insisted.

“What ever you say, lover boy. Listen, there are a couple of rules though. Okay?”

“Sure, what ever you say.”

“Alright. You turned me on the other night when you called me a whore while we were making love. Uh, fucking. I want to be your slut when I’m with you, Okay.”


“This may sound crazy, David, but you’ll understand. Remember the word “banana”. It’s a safe word. If either of us wants to stop what ever we are doing at the time, we say the word “banana”. No matter what. Got it.”

“Yep. Got it.”

“Enjoy yourself with me, David. The skies the limit. Please fly with me.”

“We’ll be over as soon as possible.”

“We?” Doris asked surprised.

“I’m sorry. I mean me. Tom needs a ride home and I’m dropping him off since he’s your neighbor. I’ll see you soon,” he said and hung up.

Doris sat back in her chair and envisioned a different scene now.

Davie had talked to Tom about his evening with Doris in the pool, since he knew he was going to have to explain his going to visit her.

“Wow,” Tom thought, “your fucking old lady Benson.”

“Believe me, my friend,” responded Davie, “old doesn’t even belong in the equation.”

When Doris answered the knock and opened the door, Tom was standing behind David with key in hand ready to part company and go off to his own apartment. She stood there in a black, sleeveless, floor length satin gown, tied at the waist and four inch tall stiletto, open toed black heels. Her cherry red toe nails looked like candy pleading to be licked off of her feet.

“My god, you two are filthy,” she exclaimed.

Doris had no idea the boys would look like they did. They had washed the loose dirt off their faces and hands but they still showed signs of their hard dangerous work. Their company had fought a serious house fire, rescued two people and the overhaul work was tedious. Davie stood in the doorway in his dark blue slacks and his blue shirt was opened to his navel showing the lack of an undershirt and Tom was wearing a soiled white t-shirt and the same uniform slacks. He stood there with his dirty dress shirt flung over his shoulder.

“Come in,” she said as she ushered Davie in. “Tom, do you want to come in for a beer.”

Tom was hesitant about the offer, but with Davie’s look of approval followed the two in and closed the door behind him. Doris went into the kitchen and brought out two beers and a glass of wine for herself and stood before the boys. As she handed them the bottles, her guests looked their host over. Blazing red hair cascaded over her white freckled shoulders and the black satin material framed her large chest that pressed so tightly against it’s bounded covering. Tom saw what Davie had discovered earlier, that she was beautiful. Her red lips were was full and her green eyes smiled at you and caused your spine to quiver.

“Here’s to you two brave men and to being here with me.” They all touched their drinks together and drank.

While the boys sipped their beers, Doris approached Davie and stroked his thick black hair. She grabbed handfuls of the waves and pulled at it provocatively, but with tenderness. She touched his arms and stroked his shoulders.

Tom felt that he was in the way and finishing his beer, set the bottle down on a nearby table and walked to the door quietly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Pal,” he said as they looked over at him.

“Do you really have to go, Tom?” Doris said as she slid over to him and, taking him by the hand, pulled him back into the room without waiting for a reply.

“Davie, why don’t you get us refills and join us in the back room.”

Davie complied and as he walked into the kitchen he looked over at Tom and winked, thinking to himself, “Oh boy, I do believe we are in for some fun tonight.”

When Doris and Tom reached the door of the room, she stopped and looked up into his face. He could not get over how attractive and hot she was. Her green eyes bewitched him. This was the closest she had ever been to him and took in his good looks. He stood about five foot eleven, she guessed, and had a short brush cut of blond hair. He was strong looking but not like a muscleman. She hated the look of guys who lived for barbells and alt yazılı seks were stiff as boards. He was clean shaven with sky blue eyes.

“Tom, I’m sure Davie told you about our outing in the pool the other night,” she said in a coy, shy tone, “I hope you won’t think less of me.”

He started to say something and she put a soft warm finger to his lips.

“I hope you will think more of me,” she added in a husky, sexy voice.

They both laughed and Doris stood on her toes to give Tom a warm, deep kiss. He responded pulling her in tightly and continued the kiss, long and soulful.

When Davie returned with the drinks and handed them out, Doris turned the door handle, pushed it open and escorted her two guests in by their arms. Inside they were bathed in soft candle light. The room was like no other they had ever been in. Two opposing walls were mirrored, as was the ceiling, one wall was painted a deep rose and the fourth was padded in black leather. The carpet was a lush gray. As the guys scanned the room in awe, they saw a bed covered with deep red satin sheets at one of the mirrored walls and along the painted wall was a shelf with varied items laid out on it.

“Harry built this room for us when we moved in and we used it for our own pleasures, and to entertain some of our favorite friends,” Doris explained as she held on tightly to their arms. “I haven’t been in here since he passed away other than to dust and keep things in order. Today I am opening it for you and hope you will enjoy yourself in here.”

I’ve never seen anything like this, Doris,” exclaimed Tom.

“I guess you don’t know your neighbors till you know them, eh?” she said to him with a glint in her eye. Seeing the wonderment in their faces, she pulled them along. “Come, let me acquaint you with my possessions.”

At the table, Doris swept her hand across the items before them. A double headed dildo, rope, handcuffs, a gag ball, a vibrator, long feather ticklers, a small whip and a jar of scented lubricant. In the center of the room she showed them a device that Harry had hand built. Made of black, tube steel, it looked like a saw horse with a padded cross bar but it also had two arms that stuck up in the air with rings attached. Below it was a bench to sit or lie on.

“This is a lot of fun to use if you have an imagination,” she said with a giggle. “Harry had a great deal and I loved him for it. Now, did you fellows come to visit me for any particular reason?” Doris cooed.

Before they could answer, she untied the sash of her gown and let it fall to the floor. Before them stood a long legged beauty in black hose, garter belt and a small shelf bra. Doris had no panties on and her areolas were painted with red rouge. Peeking under the garter was her small wisp of red pussy hair just above where her vaginal slit began. The rest of her vagina was shaved bare.

Doris held her arms out and smiled at her guests, “Everything in this room, now, is for your pleasure and pain.”

Davie was the first to go to her. Standing at her back he reached around and stroked the top of her breasts as they floated like jelly in the bra, kissing her on the neck and ear. He slid his hands down to her sides and taking a wrist in each, pulled her back , holding her against his body. Doris’ upper torso was now pushed out, forcing her tits to rise and almost fall out of what little fabric held them.

“Spread your legs open,” he said in her ear and with a nod to his friend, Tom walked to the pair and faced Doris.

“Doesn’t this bitch have great tits? Go ahead, suck on them!”

Tom didn’t hesitate, and scooping them out of the bra, he squeezed them with both hands. Loud slurping noises erupted as his tongue tormented the gum-ball size nipples. Doris’ mouth was open in rapture and Davie, placing his mouth on hers, drove his tongue in.

Doris could smell the smoke on the two firefighters mixed with the sweat of hard work and now passion.

“Take my bra off,” she pleaded and when Davie released her hands she reached for Tom’s t-shirt ripping at it with such force it tore from his body. Her hands now encircled his body, feeling the droplets of sweat on his back. She pulled against him, crushing her tits against his wet chest, smearing herself on him, licking his nipples, moaning.

“Oh you gorgeous woman. Oh baby, ” Tom repeated again and again as he felt the heat of her, savored her lips on his nipples.

Still behind her, Davie was enjoying her round ass. At first he was jiggling and squeezing her cheeks but he was becoming impassioned and he dropped to his knees to lick her skin. Her ass was framed by the straps of the garter belt and her white flesh bulged out from the top of her stockings. With both hands he spread her ass cheeks and exposed her anus. The tight little brown hole winked at him as it relaxed and he stabbed at it with his tongue, first a quick lick then making entre with hard pushes of his fleshy probe. She had scented well in preparation for such an assault and he took in the pleasant odors as he his fingers porno 92 dug into her skin.

Pressing his face forward onto her underbody, he inspected her shaved her pussy and outer lips protruding freely a good inch downward. With Tom turning her on so, Doris’ grinding and her legs spread, caused her vagina to open and reveal her inner pinkness. Davie, gently tugged at the outer lips with his teeth while he continued to grab at her ass. He sucked at the folds and delved into her like a dagger. He licked at her hooded pearl and mashed his entire face into her. He inserted two fingers into her now wet cunt hole and while she began to pump down on them he moved back to lick her anus.

As Davie’s fingers and tongue penetrated her and she worked on them lustily, Doris ripped at Tom’s belt with one hand while holding on to him for balance with the other. She yanked his pants open, and driving her hand into his slacks, found his rigid cock. She was shocked to discovery that he had shaved himself clean of hair.

“I’m going to love sucking your cock,” she said, looking into his eyes. Although she enjoyed Davie’s massive equipment she was happy with Tom’s slightly smaller tool at eight inches.

“Yea,” was all he could muster as this hot broad pulled at his balls.

The smell of wet smoke emitted from the boys sweating pores and the dark gritty ash on them rubbed on to Doris’ soft skin. Her mind swooned and hopes that her lovers would treat her severely were soon realized.

“Tom, I think this slut whore needs to be spread and fucked. Let’s take her to the bench!”

The friends now walked Doris roughly to the device she had introduced them to. She was bent over at the waist onto the padded bar by Davies’ rough hands on her neck as Tom shackled her ankles spread wide on the base. Davie then secured her wrists with soft restraints, one on each post that stretched her body out and over the apparatus. Their work only took a minute or two and, stepping back they admired their captive.

Doris’ ass was sitting high in the air with her torso bent in half, black stocking legs spread and with her arms outstretched, her two globes of tits swung freely in the air. Flaming red hair cascaded down, and the contrast of the white pearls on her freckled skin gave purity to the scene.

Standing in front so that Doris could view them, Tom and Davie marveled at their good fortune, and smiling at each other, stripped their remaining clothes off, exposing two muscular bodies and hard erect cocks. They also looked at each other for the first time being in this kind of situation.

“Shit, where did you buy that monster, man,” laughed Tom. They had never been completely naked in each others company in such a state and were in awe of each other for the moment.

“Maybe you can tell me sometime why you shave your prick, Dickhead,” Davie quipped. “First, let’s get to work and fuck the shit out of this bitchin’ whore, Pal,” he said hoarsely. “You jam her ass and I’ll fuck her face.”

Doris was thrilled to be tied up in this position and to hear Davie talk like that. She saw his massive prick only inches away from her face and she could smell the muskiness of it’s sweat when she felt Tom’s hands on her ass.


“Of god, that stung. Please again. More,” she pleaded in her mind. Each cheek was alternately being squeezed and slapped. Hard.

Suddenly Davie’s huge cock was at her mouth and being roughly shoved in.


The cock was gaging her and then pulled out so she could breath and shoved in again with force.

Doris felt her pussy oozing with each stroke of Tom’s hand on her reddened ass when she felt the first push against her ass hole.

“Oh god, no. Please, no, don’t do that to me. Please don’t stick it in there!”

Tom, having fulfilled his desires of mauling Doris’ ass cheeks, now prepared to shove his hard prick between them.

When Davie heard her pleas, and she did not use the safety word, he roughly grabbed a handful of red hair and rammed his thick meat with force into her open mouth.

“Shut the fuck up, cunt mouth,” he yelled at her as his shaft crawled down her throat.

Given a nod by his mate, Tom went to work on her puckered asshole. Taking a grip of his prick, he first slid the head up and down Doris’ slit, washing her with her own warm cum that seeped out of her like jelly, painting the crack of her ass and brown opening, Now that the purple head was slick, he placed it against his target. Being gentle but assertive he pushed and watched the corona stretch the hole. It popped in and her sphincter clamped around. Pressing on, the girth of his cock expanded the hole yet more. Now he began to thrust with urgency. He was amazed to see her ass hole open up to become a soft fleshy hole. The grip of her sphincter relaxed so that the drive into her was as soft as an open mouth. Yet she continued to wail in pain.

“Mmf-f-f. Ugh.Ugh.” was all she could shriek with ten inches of horse meat pounding into her mouth.

As little as she could stir, xvideos porno though, she tried to get more. Because of her constraints, the most she could move her body caused her tits to jiggle and swing. Droplets of sweat trickled off her nipples and the sound of wet body parts, smacking together, were heard over grunts and curses. Tom now had begun to pound fully into the hole with complete thrusts and Doris’ ample flesh rolled with each plunge. Holding onto the flesh of her left side he reached under her and found her clit to stroke. He played with the meaty labia lips and smacked the bare, shaven vagina. His own groin, bare of hair, glistened with the froth of her as it dripped off his bare balls.

Davie’s fat prick was still only entered halfway but each thrust allowed his balls to brush against her chin. On one withdrawal that permitted her to breath, Doris pleaded, “Balls!”

He took the hint and for a few moments held his meat up, exposing the large sack and allowed her to lick it.

“Fuck me. Please shoot your hot cum in me,” she begged.

“Are you ready for us now, you fuckin’ whore bitch? You want our loads?”

“Yes, please. Both of you. Please.”

Tom stopped pumping his hips but stayed in her as Davie stepped away. Walking to a dresser Tom saw that he picked something up. Coming back to the apparatus restraining Doris, he slide under her and was able to sit on the bench and position his cock at her pussy hole. Before going further he took the items in his hands which were nipple clamps, Doris’ favorite, and began to apply them. They were actually homemade, using clothespins painted black, with chains attached for weight. As the clamps were applied, Doris first jolted away from them, then surrendered and moaned. Davie, sitting on the stool with his rigid pole now aimed at her slit, pulled the wanton woman down. He slid into her, in one had movement, to the hilt.

“Shit, mother fucker. Your splitting me open,” she cried out pulling away then dropping onto him again.

Her movements were suddenly stopped when Tom grabbed her ass in both hands and again pushed into her anus.

“Oh god! Help! They’re killing me. Stop them please,” she begged, but now when she pumped, the three bodies moved in sync of each other. With Tom over her and Davie below, Doris had one cock pulling out while one plunged in. The boys could feel the prick as they passed against each other and privately relished the strange, new feeling. They kept this momentum up for a few minutes until Tom cried that he was going to “shoot his load.”

“In my mouth, Oh please let me eat your cum.”

Tom pull out of her and quickly walked around to her face. As Doris was pounding on Davie, and him into her, Tom pushed his cock into her mouth so she could give him a few good sucks. Watching her tits wiggle and bounce with the weight of the clamps pulling on them, Tom’s load churned in his balls. He pulled out of her and took his meat in hand and began pumping it near her open lips. The view of her nakedness and animal lust won him over and suddenly the first bolt of cum blew out of his pee slit and made a smack sound on the roof on her open mouth. Her head came back and again another load shot out, onto her cheek. With each pump of his hand, Tom brought another rope of cum flying out at Doris’ face. She hungrily lapped at it trying to catch ever drop. The fourth one filled her mouth and she swallowed it with a gulp. As he continued to pump, white gobs had propelled into her hair, on her cheeks, in her nostrils and dripping off her chin.

At the same time Tom’s dick was exploding, Davie was feeling his balls churn and as they began to ready their discharge. His prick got thicker and the head expanded, pressing against her inner walls. Doris knew, even as she was enjoying Tom’s delivery of semen that the exceptional prize was being ready for delivery.

SLAM. SLAM. SLAM. Her ass came down on his lap as she sucked the ten inches of stiff meat into her vault. A massive load of cum was building up in Davies’ ball and she knew it was coming with her guidance.

BAM. BAM. BAM. She pounded and the flesh of his prick grew taunt.

BAM. BAM. BAM. His balls pulled up into his sack as the delivery was ready and…..

BAM. BAM. BAM. BAMMMMM. The first charge blasted up thru his tube to fly out into her wet channel of hot tissue.

“AH-H-H-H,” she cried out as the hot liquid shot into her.

With each frictional rub, the flesh on Davis’ stiff cock masturbated him to increase another charge and deliver it, and to follow it with another. Doris’ hole overflowed with the youth’s ocean of cream and it squirted out the sides of her vagina like a broken pipe, with his thrust.

Now Davie was running out of steam and Tom had fallen, to lay on her shuddering torso. Davie sat with his prick still held captive, looking up at the swinging breasts above, the chains touching his face. He pulled at them and caused Doris to gasp but not resist.

Tom got up and walked over to the table and picked up the whip. It had a small handle and eight strips of leather hanging from one end. Approaching Doris’ ass he delivered a soft slash. She twitched only slightly. Another pass across the bare bottom, but with more gusto. The response was not convincing to him and now he gave a good whack of searing pain that left eight lines on her white skin.

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