Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 04

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The Whole Story: Ch. 04

Denise stood at the sink reflecting over her eventful afternoon. She hadn’t heard anything from Vicki. She looked out to the pool – where the young woman usually had been spending her days. Vicki was not there. She wandered – nude – back to her step-daughter’s room. The cool, air conditioned air made her nipples hard again. Her pussy mound had goose bumps. She rubbed the little prick of her clit lovingly.

Denise peeked into the open door of her step-daughter’s room. The young beauty was stretched out languidly on her bed. She had been taking a nap. The covers had drawn away from exquisite figure. She lay on her back. Her large, firm breasts thrust up proudly. Her long fingers rested casually in her blond haired crotch. The tip of one finger lay on her clit. The older woman was drawn into the room the totally innocent sexuality of the young woman’s pose. The young blond’s face had a rapturous smile. “I’ll bet I know who she’s dreaming about!” She thought. Her own pussy was soaked with the juices of renewed sexual excitement.

She sat down beside the blond’s prone form. Denise slowly pulled the covers completely from her step-daughter’s perfect body. She softly stroked Vicki’s skin. Her fingers grazed the sleeper’s breasts and nipples. She slid her palms over the young woman’s thighs and legs. As her hands slid up the blond’s legs, the napping girl automatically opened her legs. In her dreams, Dave was making love to her. Her hairless pussy lips opened with anticipation. Denise could smell the heady scent of Vicki’s sex. She drank in the view of her sexuality.

As Denise lightly stroked the young woman’s sex, she bent down to lick a stiff nipple. Vicki arched her back, as -in her dream – Dave suckled at her breast. Vicki felt it would be perfectly normal for Dave to do anything he wanted to her, and her to him. She had fallen in love totally with the young man. Her body responded to her wet dream and her step-mother’s expert technique.

Denise had wanted to make love to this incredibly sexual creature since her wonderful husband had brought her to their home. Their relationship had always been close. They had talked many times of their sexual experiences. Vicki’s father was an excellent provider and an exceptional lover. Vicki seemed to always fall short of true sexual fulfillment. Denise thought it was shame the young woman could not find a lover to meet her needs properly. Many times, as they stood nude doing the house chores, she had wanted to drop to the younger woman’s pussy and eat her to a screaming climax. But she had never felt the freedom to pursue her fantasy. Although the blond had never flinched at any of their “teasing” no matter how blatantly sexual.

Now, however, Denise could not resist the opportunity that lay before her. Her own beautiful step-daughter lay open and available. She lowered her mouth to the blond snatch. Denise inhaled the heady aroma of aroused womanhood. Her tongue played lightly over the folds of her daughter’s pussy. The wet lips parted, inviting her questing tongue within. bursa eskort Vicki arched her hips toward her dream lover’s mouth. Her hands gripped the bed spread. Then they found their way to her aching nipples. The sleeping sex kitten squeezed her bursting breasts. One hand slid down to hold the back of her lover’s head – guiding it to her secret place of need. In her dreams, Vicki felt something was wrong. Her lover’s face was too smooth between her lewdly spread legs. Even with the profusion of her vaginal lubrication. Her lover’s hair was not the thick, curly mass she had experienced earlier. His love, in the morning, had been indelibly etched upon her memory engrams.

Slowly, she began to waken. Her step-mother kept the exquisite feeling going in her needy cunt, unaware that Vicki was on the edge of consciousness. Vicki’s eyes opened languidly. She looked down, expecting to see her lover, Dave. Instead, she saw the sylphish form of her step-mother! Vicki’s mind instantly swept to her own secret fantasy of making love to the older woman. She had wanted to get together. Now, unexpectedly, her fantasy had come true. She was too far gone in her sexual delirium to pause for formalities. Her orgasm washed over her with her true recognition of her lover and her overlay of Dave’s similar love making. She began moaning loudly for Denise to keep eating her pussy. Her orgasms wouldn’t stop.

Dave was napping shallowly in the older woman’s bed. He had heard the soft moans in another room. His resting mind had already keyed his body into sexual stimulation. His cock had begun to harden. At Vicki’s orgasmic cry, he had awakened. He stood and followed the lewd sounds to the blond girl’s room. The sight before him was incredible. Both of the women he had fucked were laying in the bed, naked. The little dark-haired minx was eating the angelic blond’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. His cock leaped in his groin. The older woman’s pussy was fully exposed to his view. She even had a finger buried in the little slot!

As the young woman continued to moan, Dave slipped onto the bed and slid his fully formed organ into Denise’s wet snatch. She began to cum as soon as he was completely sheathed inside her body. He only had to stroke her once. Denise raised her head from Vicki’s cunt. “Oh fuck me! I’m cumming!” And she did.

Vicki opened her eyes to see Dave kneeling behind her step- mom. She smiled at him wickedly. “I see you and Mom are hitting it off well, Sweetheart!” She encouraged. I hope you don’t mind our little frolic.”

“Not at all, Lover.” Dave said, as he withdrew from the older woman’s spent body. His rampant cock stood proudly before him. Denise rolled lazily off her step-daughter’s prone figure.

The little, dark-haired woman grabbed his throbbing manhood with one hand, and Vicki’s pussy lips with the other. She guided the man’s cock into her step-daughter’s cunt. She pressed on his ass until their coupling was complete. She reached beneath his dangling scum-filled balls to massage the point of their sexual union. She liked bursa escort bayan the slippery feeling of their sex. Her fingers ran around Vicki’s cock-stretched vagina lips. The young lovers began their natural rhythm. His strokes were long. His cock bottomed out against the opening of Vicki’s uterus. Denise drew her sex slick fingers to her mouth and tasted their love. It was sweet. The youths embraced. Their mouths and sex were joined. They frenched wildly as his cock pounded into her pussy.

“Wait a minute, darlings!” Denise interrupted. “You both look and feel fantastic, but I can think of something even better, if you’d let me direct you.” Her face was flushed with renewed excitement. The couple didn’t really want to disengage, but they both loved Denise and knew she had something special in mind. “Vicki,” she directed, “turn over on your hands and knees. Don’t worry about loosing Dave’s fantastic cock. I’ll make sure it doesn’t slip out of your pretty pussy!”

Dave and Vicki adjusted slowly to the older woman’s directions. She held the base of his manhood and Vicki’s cunt lips, so that Vicki was able to spin slowly on his prick without loosing him. The feeling was incredible for Dave. They all moaned with excitement. Vicki was on her hands and knees in front of the Adonis. His cock was firmly imbedded in her hot cunt. Denise weighed her step-daughter’s tits in her hands. She caressed them both. No area was too private for her oral or manual manipulations. They re-established their unhurried rhythm. The elfish woman slid under the buxom young blond. She suckled at the dangling breasts, lightly nipping the hardened tips. Vicki watched with abandon. Her cunt was full. Her step-mother slid under her. The older woman’s hairless snatch stopped direct beneath her face. Her bursting breasts touching Denise’s smoothly tanned skin.

The next sensation the young couple experienced was indescribable. Denise slowly began to lick and suck at their sexual union. She licked Dave’s cock as it slid in-and-out of her sexy daughter. She slurped Vicki’s pussy lips and clit. The young woman’s sex extended when he withdrew and bunched as he slid into her deeply. They both began to moan appreciably. Denise smiled and redoubled her oral assault. Their juices united in a unique flavor she found especially pleasant. Her own finger quested into her clasping cunt. Her need was rising too.

Vicki’s eyes had closed when she first felt her step-mother’s tongue on her fucked pussy. She had never experienced such intense pleasure before. It took a moment for her to keep from cumming instantly. She wanted to savor this feeling. Her pussy juice literally poured from her seething snatch. When she opened her lust-filled eyes, she saw her step-mother madly frigging her snatch. It only seemed natural to Vicki to respond in love to her dear parent’s need. She lowered her mouth to the bald pussy. She had never sucked another woman’s snatch. Her fantasies and wet dreams had been filled with such hedonistic thoughts. Her actions were görükle escort quite natural. Denise had hoped for such a response for her burning pussy’s sake. What had started as a slow and lazy fuck, soon became a sexual frenzy for the three lovers. Denise, by far, was the most excited. She began to cum as soon as Vicki’s expert licking found her clit. She reciprocated by sucking Vicki’s normal node. The blond quickly blasted into orgasmic orbit.

Dave’s cock tingled when Vicki’s pussy clutched it in sexual release. He slammed into her snatch a couple more strokes and began to cum. As Vicki’s orgasm subsided, Denise pulled the man’s exploding organ from her vagina and thrust it into her own gulping gullet. The older woman greedily swallowed his whole load. As his cock diminished with release, she sucked her step-daughter’s pussy clean of their combined juices.

They disengaged slowly. Denise shared her bounty with both of the young people in a lewd scum swapping kiss. Their tongues spread the juices around. Their hands caressed each other tenderly. All of them were beginning to get a little sore form all their pleasure.

Dave stood and helped the women up. “I really must go ladies.” He stated unhappily. I want to thank you for your hospitality. I’d like to call on you again, if I may.” He said, looking at Vicki.

“When?” Asked Vicki, coming right to the point. She had no intention of letting her new-found lover get away.

“Good for you!” Thought Denise. It was about time her step- daughter found a real man worthy of her. “You’re welcome anytime, Dave!” She said aloud. “You just charge us for the whole day. It would be worth twice the price to find an unusual man like yourself. In fact, wait here a minute…” She left quickly.

Dave took Vicki in his arms. “How about tonight, beautiful?” He bent and kissed her before she could respond. Their young bodies merged in a tender embrace. He could feel his strong libido begin to respond.

Vicki pushed him away lovingly. She could feel the heat in his loins building again, but she wanted a nice cool douche to relieve her slightly over-worked pussy. She was out of shape for this type of activity, but she thought she’d soon be ready for anything this young man offered. “I’d love to, Darling.” She smiled, sweetly. “How about picking me up here at 7:00?” She offered.

He stroked her arms and slid his strong arm around her hour- glass waste. “How’s pizza sound?” He asked as they walked to the kitchen. He picked up the clothes that were strewn along the way.

“Great, Dave!” Vicki giggled. “I’ll be ready.”

Denise entered the room. Her tight body bounced sexily as she handed the young man a crisp one-hundred dollar bill. “Here’s a tip, son. I want you to come or “cum” anytime. And I mean anytime!” She winked at the happy couple.

Dave said goodbye to the women and loaded up. There was just enough time to get back to shop and fill out his paperwork before they closed. He couldn’t wait to get back to see Vicki. As he drove along the country road back to town, he reflected on the eventful day. There were certainly many interesting possibilities in his new relationship with the beautiful blond and her sexy step- mother. He wondered how Vicki’s step-father responded to living with such a sexually super-charged pair of females.

To Be Continued…

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