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Daughter Wife   Jim Calderon took his 18-year-old daughter to a restaurant near the end of the school year. She had just graduated a couple of months before and was not going to college right away. Instead, she was going to work for a year or two before deciding what career she wanted to follow. Jim had been searching for another job, and had a couple of interviews lined up, both of them in towns hundreds of miles away. “I hope you get the one in Portland,” Stacy said to him as she finished up her meal and took a sip of water. “That would be a nice town to start over in.” “Yes, Portland’s nice, though it’s more cloudy and rainy than here in California.” “And some colder too, but I still like it, and I’m so excited about finally being able to be Mrs. Calderon.” “At least in name.” “We already are in every other way, aren’t we? We already have the same last name.” “Yes baby. In every way except the legal one.” “And no one will know that in a new city. No one will know that Jim and Stacy are father and daughter instead of Mister and Missus.” “Well, grandparents and a few others that we’ll keep in touch with.” “But we won’t let them know, not exactly.” “Some of them will figure it out.” “We’ll avoid them, or pretend.” “I know, we’ve talked about it lots of times. It will be fun to start life over as a married couple. In a way, it would be better if we could disappear entirely.” “I want to go with you everywhere and sleep with you and fuck you and, and everything,” she said, smiling sweetly at her father. “And I do too. I want to watch you fucking other men, and fucking women, and I want to fuck others with you.” “I think I can get a job at a strip club.” “Oh,” Jim said, “that would be hot. Very hot.” He looked into her clear blue eyes. Her face was framed by long, light brown hair with a few blond streaks. Her lips were full and sensuous and pink and her cheekbones high and her chin strong. She was leaning her elbows on the table, and her button-up top was open enough that he could see the glimmer of her white bra and the tops of her smooth breasts. He could read the lust in her eyes and smell her sweet scent across the table. She smiled at him and didn’t move as she saw him looking down her blouse. She undid one more button and her father continued to stare at her breasts. She leaned back, tossing her long hair behind her and as she arched her back with the movement, he watched her breasts rising and looked at the place where her bra was partially exposed. She crossed her legs and he felt her foot grazing against his shin. He spread his legs and her bare foot moved to his thigh and then between his legs until it touched his cock. She wriggled her toes in his lap until the waitress came with the check. She slid her foot slowly back down his leg and bent to put her shoe back on. He straightened himself as she got up and headed toward the exit. Her ass swayed from side to side as she walked sensuously, her mini skirt swaying high on her legs. When they got in the car the skirt rose higher, and Jim could see the tip of her white panties peeking out. He patted her thighs, running his hand between her legs. She scooted forward so he could finger her pussy through the tiny panties and they rode to the department store she wanted to visit while he played with her wet pussy. Stacy sat up a little in the seat and leaned toward her father. His hand came free from between her legs and she kissed him lightly on the cheek and then she snaked one of her hands between his legs, grasping his cock and rubbing it through his pants, making it hard. She unzipped his pants and undid the button of Yakacık escort his pants and reached inside his underwear, her fingers cool and hot at the same time as she fondled his growing erection. She began slowly jacking him off as he drove. By the time they got to the parking lot, Jim was on the verge of cumming. He found a parking spot in the shade and they both undid their seatbelts. Stacy leaned toward her father and took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking him lovingly as he looked around to make sure no one approached. She fondled his balls as much as she could in the cramped space and sucked furiously. In a few moments he was cumming in her mouth and she gulped it all down, swallowing his load and moaning as she inhaled his hot cum. She raised up, her lips red and swollen and her hair in disarray. “Mmmmm, tastes good, Daddy,” she said. He could smell the cum on her breath as she brought her lips to his, and he could taste it as she opened her lips and let her tongue slide into his mouth. She fiddled in her purse and wiped away the traces of cum, brushed her hair back and put a little more pink gloss on her lips. Once they were inside the store, she parted from him, knowing what she wanted and where it was. Jim wandered the aisles, looking at the mannequins and pictures of models and eyeballing the women shopping there. They met up again at the lingerie counter where Stacy used her credit card to pay for the purchases. “What did you get?” Jim asked. “Sexy outfits. For stripping, or at least for meeting other couples.” “Are you ready for another one?” “Yes, I got horny sitting in the restaurant talking about it. Why don’t you call that guy we just met? They sound like a pretty hot couple.” “Oh, you mean the computer guy and his older wife?” “Yeah.” “Okay. I’ll call him when we get home.” When they got back from shopping, Jim kicked off his shoes, got a drink from the refrigerator, and rifled through his notes until he found the one that said, “Bi computer.” He dialed and was surprised when the phone was answered instead of his call going to voice mail. He chatted with Art for a few minutes, asking him some questions about his wife, their ages, how bi they were, what they liked to do and what their schedule was like. “Shelly’s about 15 years older than me,” Art said, “almost old enough to be my mother, but she loves to suck cock and eat pussy. Not like my mother at all.” “Your mother didn’t like to suck cock?” Art laughed a little. “That’s not quite what I meant. I don’t know if my mother liked to suck cock or not. I never asked or, uh, investigated. I meant Stella isn’t ‘motherly’ at all. She’s a dynamo in bed.” “Uh-huh, well Stacy is more than 15 years younger than me, so I guess that puts you and me in the middle, with a daughter and a mother, so to speak.” “Sounds interesting. Does your, uh, daughter like pussy?” “Very much. She likes everything to do with sex, or at least everything we’ve tried so far.” “Yes, Shelly too. How about you? Do you like getting sucked by a man?” “Oh, yeah. It feels great. Ever since my first blow job by a man I’ve been hooked. They really know how to suck cock.” “And have you learned how to do it too?” “Uh-huh, I’ve sucked a few.” “Well, it sounds like we’ll have a great time, then.” They chatted for awhile more until they finally figured out a time that would work for them to meet up. Just as Jim was hanging up, Stacy pranced back into the room. “I tried them all on, and I can’t wait to show them off. I’m wondering about looking for that stripper job already. It feels so sexy to wear those outfits.” Atalar escort bayan “I just talked to Art. He and Shelly can come over next Sunday afternoon. He says she’s 15 years older than him, and he’s a couple of years older than I am.” “So, she’s like, um, 50?” “Yeah, that sounds about right.” “That should be interesting. I’ve never thought about sex with someone that age before.” “Art said she really likes to eat pussy.” “Oh, that sounds good. Okay, I’ll wear one of my new outfits. I think I’ll take a couple of them down to the Dusty Miller before that and see if I can get on there.” “As a hot young stripper.” “Uh-huh. You can come and watch me if I get hired. I’m already wet just thinking about it.” Stacy called and set up an audition for the club for Friday afternoon, the Friday just before Art and Shelly were going to visit. She stuffed some outfits into a bag, put on extra makeup and Jim drove her there, but he had to wait outside for her. He was told it would be about a half hour wait. He walked around and found a coffee shop and sat at the counter, watching the waitress, and when he smiled at her, she smiled back. She bent over as she poured him a refill, and his eyes were on her cleavage. Her hair was fastened up behind her head, but Jim could see it was a shining platinum, and her face was thin and delicate, punctuated by severe red lips and light grey-green eyes. She had small upright breasts and her pink uniform was undone to the center of her chest. He stared at the upright mounds of her bra as she leaned to pour his coffee, not withdrawing from his gaze. She was smiling when his eyes went back up to her face. “It gets tips,” she said. “Huh, oh sorry.” “That’s all right. Some guys like the big ones. I just make do with what I’ve got, but showing tits gets bigger tips.” “Uh-huh. Well, then do bigger tits equal bigger tips?” “Size seems to be a preference. Guys like different sizes.” “And girls?” “I don’t get many tips from the girls, except the ones at the club.” “They like girls?” “And guys.” “Did you ever work there? You look like you’d be popular.” “No, I don’t like the hours and the hassle. I talk to a lot of them and they tell me what it’s like. Lots of drunks, guys so horny they can’t see straight, and managers who just want to see the cash registers jingle.” “I see. Well, my, uh, girlfriend’s over there now for a tryout.” “Oh? And you like that? You like having other guys look at her?” “Yeah. She likes it and I like it, and it makes things, uh, interesting at home.” “In bed.” “Yes, in bed.” He stared right into her deep hazel eyes and then looked down at her name tag. “And what do you do to keep things interesting in bed, Ann?” She laughed softly, her face lighting up. “Is that a proposition? You trying to get me into bed with you and your honey?” “Maybe. Depends.” “On what?” “On your answer.” “Is she coming over here after her tryout? I’ll decide then.” Jim finished his coffee, looked at his watch and went back to pick up Stacy. She was standing just outside the door waiting for him. She put an arm through the crook of his elbow and he could tell by the excited expression on her face that she had scored the job. She kissed his cheek. “I start next Thursday,” she said. “Three afternoons a week, from two till six.” “Sounds great. I might have another girl for you to fuck.” “Really,” she said, and it was half way between a question and an exclamation. They went back into the coffee shop and ordered sodas this time and sat at a booth. Ann came over, her hips swaying and a smile on her lips. “More coffee?” she asked, Escort Kadıköy her lips parted and a gleam in her eyes. “No, we think we’ll have the waitress special this time,” Jim said. “Two sodas and a waitress on the side.” “So this is the little honey who’s going to be stripping next door.” “Yeah, I start on Thursday,” Stacy said. “You look sweet as can be,” Ann said. “Good enough to eat.” “That sounds like a good idea,” Jim said. “When do you get off?” “I get off when I get eaten,” she said, lust seeping into her eyes. “Well, I think we can arrange that. When does this work end?” “Six. You can pick me up here.” Jim went back to pick her up, leaving Ann at home with her outfits. She was dancing around the living room when he left. Ann was still on duty when Jim got there. He took a seat near the door, waved to her and waited. In a few minutes she was ready, a light jacket on her shoulders over her pink uniform with its V cleavage and short skirt. She had pulled some pins out of her hair and brushed it down straight and it shone brilliantly, long and loose and the palest shade of blond—platinum. She looked marvelous, thin and tall and with the easy movements of a dancer. Her smooth thighs were bare on the seat next to Jim and he saw her bra again as she bent to put her purse on the floor and then she fastened the seat belt between her small breasts, outlining them and making his heart beat faster. She was quiet, closing her eyes for most of the trip, and Jim stole glances at her as he could, each glance increasing his desire for her slender body. Stacy was in the living room when they walked in, and she seemed on the verge of trying on another outfit. She was standing with her hands on her hips wearing just her nylon panties and matching bra. “Oh, I just can’t decide,” she said. “Too late,” Jim said. “Look who’s here.” Ann stepped into the living room and tossed her jacket onto the couch and put a hand on Jim’s shoulder to pry off her shoes. She sat down and peeled off her low socks and lay her head back on the cushions. “Whew,” she said. “I’m exhausted.” “How about a drink?” Jim asked. “Sure, got any pink wine?” “I’m not sure. I’ll go check.” Jim left the room to get the wine and when he came back with a couple of glasses filled with ice and an open bottle of white Zinfandel on a tray, he set it down on the coffee table and smiled at his daughter, who had put on some music and was swaying to the beat, her hips moving sensuously and her eyes half closed as the rhythm overtook her young body. “Looks good,” Ann said, taking the glass of Zinfandel from Jim and sipping it as she watched Stacy gyrating. She undid a couple of more buttons on the top of her outfit, and Jim realized it was a one-piece affair that unbuttoned to the waist. There was only one button left, but Ann stood up and stepped out of it before she got to the last one. She was wearing a white cotton bra that covered only the lower half of her breasts, and a tiny white pair of panties that clung to her slender body. “Come a little closer,” Ann said, spreading her legs. Stacy danced to between the outstretched legs, looking down at the beautiful slender woman with the grey-green eyes. Ann reached up and hooked Stacy’s panties in her long fingers and slid them down over her hips. Stacy stepped out of them and straddled one of Ann’s legs. Ann cupped Stacy’s pussy and rubbed between her legs before she inserted a long finger into the already wet pussy. “Let me taste it honey,” she said, pulling Stacy down onto the couch and crawling between her legs. Stacy opened her legs and propped her head on the arm of the sofa. Ann licked her lips and started kissing Stacy’s soft, slightly rounded belly. She ran her tongue over the soft, sparse hair of Stacy’s pussy and then ran her tongue up the wet, open slit of her pussy. Stacy shuddered as Ann’s tongue traced over her clit and then moaned as Ann’s lips sucked on her…

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