Daughter Substituted Departed Wife

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Chapter 1

Five years have passed since the demise of my beloved wife. Oh! How I miss her and how much I miss the sex games we made while the children were not at home.

She was my wife, my mistress and my whole world.

My two children, then Amanda was 14 and Roberta was15, still hate me for not being present at her bedside when she was departing this world. She has been sick for some months and the cost of medicines plus the cost of the educational and clothing demands of two teen-aged daughters in addition to the day-to-day family needs, was too much for my income from my main employment. I had to seek a part-time job to help balance the budget.

It was quite a though time finding a part-time job that fitted in the free time of my main employment. When my wife life was approaching the end, I arranged with my main employer that I would take some days from my annual leave to be with her. He was quite understanding and approved my request.

On the contrary when I asked my part-time employer if I could miss some days from work to be with her, he showed what a lousy basted he was and he threatened that if I do not show up for work than I better never come close to his office again and consider myself fired.

I was so afraid that I loose that job as without its income we would not have survived for sure. Unfortunately the Lord called her while I was away on this job.

After her departure, life was empty for me. It was even harder as my daughters did not want to know about me for abandoning their mother on her deathbed. I tried to explain to them the bad financial situation we were in and how sorry I was that I took the wrong decision to choose for the financial aspect of the problem instead of the last few precious moments with my beloved wife.

I always had difficulty trying to understand women. They have a different kind of reasoning pattern and my daughters are no exception. To them I was no longer their father but I became an ordinary man living in the same house and maintaining them.

Now both my daughters became adults and both have a steady job with a firm of lawyers. On the contrary, with the bite of the recession, I became unemployed.

Unemployment means also a lot of time alone at home. Alone at home brings memories of the beautiful moments my wife and I had when we were together. I would strip naked for her and she would bind me and makes me her sex slave.

I started re-enacting situations we had together. I kept all the sex toys in a box at the bottom of my wardrobe. Her favourate was clamping my balls in a humbler and tying my hands and feet so I could only move with some difficulty. She laughed so much when she saw me trying to obey her commands. Even a simple command to approach her was a difficult one for me when I was tied up. She loved punishing me, for taking a long time to execute her order, by slapping and squeezing my balls. Balls are very conspicuous from the backside, when clamped in a humbler.

Tying first my feet, then locking my balls in the humbler and passing the humbler between by thighs to place it in its position at the back and lastly handcuffing my hands at the back; made me the salve I used to be for her. I go around the house doing the things she used to ask of me and from time to time I rest my body against the wall or a piece of furniture to squeeze my balls between these and my body pretending that she was punishing me. When the time that my daughters would return from work, I would go upstairs to my bedroom, where I keep the keys to the cuffs and humbler, and unlock the gadgets and untie my feet. I put again my cloths on and go and prepare some hot water to prepare coffee for the girls upon their return from work.

Many times I passed by the photographs we have in silver frames on a table in the hallway. Many times I saw how much Amanda became a replica of her mother. If I would show someone who knew my wife a photo of Amanda, they would think that it was an old picture of my wife. Many times I wished that I would become her real slave and that she would do to me the things her mother used to do, but then I would brush my thoughts aside remembering that she is my daughter who just became of age a few months ago.

Chapter 2

One day some weeks ago, while I was naked and tied up, I heard the key turn in the door lock. One of my daughters returned earlier than usual. I tried to rush upstairs to fetch the keys and unlock the cuffs and humbler, but I was too slow.

While I was in the middle of the staircase I felt a sharp pull at my balls. It was Amanda the younger daughter who had grabbed the humbler and held me there by my balls.

“You pervert,” she told me “so this is what you do and what you enjoy when you are alone.”

An internal voice told me “now is your chance; submit to her and become her slave” while another internal voice told me “no, she is your daughter; it is wrong”. I decided to submit but wanted to make it look that I am not a willing subject.

“Please,” Ankara escort I begged her “I was only thinking of your mum and of how we enjoyed this sort of game. I am not a pervert. I am just remembering your mum and doing the things she loved to see.”

“If mum did enjoy such things, I am not going to disappoint her. I am going to keep you here as you are. Yes keep you naked and all tied up. When my sister gets back, we will decide what to do with you.”

“Please. I am most embarrassed in your presence; don’t embarrass me more in the presence of your sister.”

“It seems you were my mother’s naked slave. From now on you shall be our naked slave. I wait for my sister and see what she thinks.”

“Please no; I beg you.”

“If my sister agrees that you shall remain naked, you would need to get used to it as you shall be embarrassed even more when I invite my friends around.”

“Please I beg you, don’t do this to me. I promise you anything you want.”

She made me kneel on one of the steps while I rested my shoulders and head on another step further up. She fetched a piece of rope and tied it around my balls between the humbler and my body and tied the other end to the handrail and left me there vulnerable and unable to go anywhere.

Whenever I tried to open my mouth, she would slap me on my balls and tell me to keep quiet. Those slaps reminded me of her mother and of how dominant she was. I suppose that Amanda, without her knowledge, took after her mother. Like mother like daughter.

Later, Roberta returned home. She was quite surprised to see a naked man tied up and her sister standing beside him. She did not realize immediately that the naked man was her own dad. But to them, they do not consider me anymore as their dad.

“Ah! Roberta, it is good that you are back. I want your advice what to do with this pervert.” Greeted her Amanda

She then explained to her how she returned early from work and how she found me like that and that in her opinion they should keep me naked and tied up.

Roberta thought for a moment and then she said, “Aren’t those the toys that are kept in that box in mum’s bedroom?”

“Yes they are.” replied Amanda

“Well if he misses mum and her toys, I am not going to disappoint this man. We shall be his mistresses and take mum’s place and we shall enjoy ourselves using those toys on him while he serves us and obeys our orders.” declared Roberta.

“Please girls.” Was the only phrase I managed to utter as Amanda slapped my balls so hard that I had to fight to breath with the pain if felt.

“I already told you to keep your mouth shut,” scolded Amanda “and if you don’t I make sure that I would make it so painful for you that you would never forget it.”

“Sorry I shall remember it.” I managed to utter.

By this time, Roberta had reached and stood by my side. She placed her hand between my knees and tapped against each one gesturing me to spread my knees wide. I did. She placed the palm of her hands around my balls, caressed them a little bit and then reached between my thighs and grabbed my penis and pulled it backwards. It was quite hard at that time, partly with the excitement of being naked in their presence and partly with the pressure of the humbler stretching on my balls.

“What did mum do when you were hard and she wanted you flaccid?” asked Roberta.

“She either made me jerk in her presence, or else she would relief me herself either with her hands or with her mouth.” I replied.

“Well, I am not putting that dirty shit in my mouth.” She replies while she started running her and up and down my hard penis.

“Please stop. I am coming.” I said

“That is the scope. Now you clean up with your mouth what you mess up with your fluid.” instructed Roberta, while squeezing my balls with her other hand.

“Yes, as you say; but please do not hurt me.” I begged.

“Just do all we tell you to do and we will not hurt you. Or, rather not hurt you too much.” Amanda said laughingly.

As expected, I messed up two stairs and they made me lick every drop on the wooden stairs.

Amanda then grabbed my penis from the base and squeezed the remaining fluid I had in my penis into the palm of her hand and she presented me her hand to lick it clean. It was the first time I tasted my own semen.

I was let upstairs to my bedroom and told them where I placed the keys to the handcuffs and humbler. Amanda unlocked my hands but she locked the humbler so I would not be able to open it and unclamp my balls. The bondage around my feet was also removed, thus I could move freely although in an uncomfortable position that a humbler forces you to take.

They went through each and every item in the sex toy box and they took hold every key of the different gadgets. “These we keep.” Amanda said.

“Now that your feet and hands are free, go and prepare some coffee for us.” ordered Roberta.

While I was about to leave the bedroom to go downstairs to the kitchen, Ankara escort bayan I felt a sharp pain in my balls. Amanda slapped me there and told me that now that my feet are not bound I could make an effort to hurry up to go and make the coffee as she was thirsty.

They both laughed at me and followed me all the way remarking about the funny way I was walking and how funny I looked with the balls coming out from between my thighs at the back instead of the front.

I had to swallow my pride and ego and decided to take their suggestion that they shall substitute my wife as mistresses of this poor naked slave.

Chapter 3

Before I went to bed that night, I begged them to remove the humbler so I could sleep comfortable and as my back was hurting me in the bent position that a humbler forced me to take. No wonder it is called a humbler because I had to stand in a bowed position all the time; and bowing is a sign of submission and respect.

Roberta, who was in charge of the keys, unlocked the lock and opened the humbler. You can’t imagine the relief I felt when I could stand straight again and felt my balls fall free to their natural place.

She instructed me that the next morning I had to wake up prepare breakfast for them and serve it to them in their bedroom at 6 am sharp. Moreover, I had to present my balls to them so that they will be locked for the rest of the day.

Next morning I put the alarm clock under the pillow so when it rings, it would not be heard from their bedroom and wake them up half an hour before 6 am. I took a quick shower and went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

At six I was standing outside their bedroom door with their breakfast in a tray. I knocked at the door and waited. No reply. I knocked even harder. Still there was no reply. I called their names while knocked even louder on the door. Still there was no reply. I thought that something might have happened to them. I opened the door and saw them sitting on their beds wearing only a smile on their faces. I could hardly lift my eyes from their breasts. I have seen their bra sizes when doing the laundry and Amanda was a 34D and Roberta a 34C. Yes my daughters were women with each having a nice pair of hangers.

“I brought you your breakfast.” I said.

“And you entered our bedroom without permission.” Amanda said back.

“I am sorry, but I thought something happened to you after I knocked three times and you did not answer.”

“That was a kind thought, but the fact remains that you entered our bedroom without permission and you need to be punished.” Was Roberta’s reply.

“Sorry Roberta, it will not happen again.” I said while turning around and bent down hands touching the floor.

“Why did you bent?” asked Amanda.

“Yesterday you told me that you will lock my balls, and I am bent to make it easer for you to access them.” I replied.

“Oh my goodness, he is learning his new position.” Roberta cried.

I felt her kneeling behind me; handling my balls and clapping the humbler around them. A firm tug and she made sure that the scrotum was in place and I heard the jingle of the keys and the sound of one of them entering the lock of the humbler.

“Now you are in place. Kneel and bend down so I use you as a foot stool while I have my breakfast.” Roberta ordered.

I did as I was requested to do.

“Just look at those balls. They are just the invitation telling me to hit them.” Laughed Amanda.

I felt some rough rubbing at my balls, learning that they were Amanda’s feet exploring them. They continued to make fun of me while enjoying their breakfast. I heard Roberta placing the tray on her bed and saw her feet walking towards the shower. I could glimpse her nice round butt and when she bent down to put on her slippers I could see her nice slit and her tiny pink labia. She then disappeared in the shower.

Amanda took a little longer having her breakfast. She was concentrating more on her toes teasing at my balls. When she finished her breakfast, she too placed the tray on her bed and stood up and came in front of me. She squatted down with her knees spread and her smooth shaved pussy was only a couple of centimeters away from my face. I could not help admiring her long meaty labia. Similar to her mother’s. Oh how I loved to take them in my mouth as I did with those of her mother. I wondered if they stretched like her mother’s labia stretched. I loved stretching them like the wings of a butterfly. “Shall I ask her?” I thought. “No, she is my daughter.” I thought.

Roberta’s voice brought me back to this earth. She told Amanda to go and have a shower, while she started dressing. Roberta was not shaved down there, but she was nicely trimmed. I wished she would not catch me watching her. I might get into more trouble. I know how touchy women are. They want to touch and play with you but if you dare look at them when naked, they accuse you of all sorts of things.

Amanda came out of her shower and I could Escort Ankara not help admiring her labia as she walked in front of me. She put on her cloths and quickly passed her fingers through her long curly hair as if combing it. She took a look at the mirror and seemed to like what she saw.

“Good.” She said, while she walked behind me.

She bent down and grabbed my balls in her hand. She squeezed them a little bit. Not too hard, but hard enough to hurt me.

“Now, my sister and I shall soon leave for work. From now on I want you to do our beds, clean our room and our shower. You also have to do the house chores and do not expect any more help for us.” She instructed.

“Yes Amanda. I understand.” I replied.

“Perfect. You know your position now. You will remain naked and balls clamped all day, and we shall take the keys with us to make sure you will not take that toy off.” She said laughingly.

A few minutes later, they came, gave me a little squeeze on my balls making fun of me and telling me that I can’t go anywhere in that state and that they shall take the keys with them. They left for work and left me there naked and with my balls clamped.

As I have said several times already, having you balls clamped in a humbler resting at the back of thighs is quite uncomfortable. As the saying goes; when the cat is away the mice will play. I cheated and passed the humbler between my thighs from the back to the front. At least I can walk and stand up properly. It is only when I sit that it feels a little uncomfortable, but nothing to the discomfort when it is on the back side.

Chapter 4

Evening arrived and it was almost time for the girls to return from work. I shifted the humbler again from the front side to the back side, so they will find it as it was when they left this morning for work.

As soon as they entered, I had coffee prepared for them. Roberta produced the keys from her purse and signaled me to turn around so she could unlock the lock on the humbler and remove it.

She was not pleased with what she saw, or actually with what she did not see. She asked me to turn around and face her. I did as I was told. She then lifted my penis and checked my package. She was furious when she noticed that I had the humbler marks on my skin on the front of my thighs instead as she expected, at the back.

“You fiddled with the humbler.” She roared.

“Sorry, my back was in great pain.” I replied.

“That is not for you to decide.”

“I am sorry I will not do it again.”

“Sure you will not, and I am going to make sure that you will remember it.”

With those words she disappeared for a while and returned with a length of rope in her hands. She made me turn around and bend down. I felt her hand encircling the scrotum just above my balls and felt the rope being tied secured around it. A sharp pull almost put me off balance and I could not help yell with the pain I felt.

She led me, I had to walk backwards as she pulled hard at my balls from behind me, to the staircase. She made me walk by the staircase while she climbed a few steps. When she saw that she was high enough she gave a sharp pull and kept on pulling until I had to lift my body on tiptoes to relief some of the pain I was feeling. Then she tied the other end of the rope to the handrail and came down near me.

Now I was there, standing on tiptoes and bent down, trying to relief the pressure of the pull on my scrotum. I felt her hand running down my spine and patting lightly my right butt cheek and running to the left butt cheek. This stretch was interrupted half way as her hands hit my balls which were in her way. She called Amanda to fetch the wooden spoon from the kitchen. I knew what was coming for me.

“Now, you naked basted, you cheated and here is something to make you remember never to cheat again. NEVER AGAIN.” She said.

“I told you I am sorry. Please do not hurt me”

“I am going to give you 30 of my best and you must keep the count, and you must keep the count by saying the number and thank me for hitting you.”

“Yes as you say, but please do not hurt me. Don’t hit me too hard.”

My pleas were in vain. Swoooosh and I felt my right butt cheek burning.

“One. Thank you Roberta” I said

She continued hitting me and I continued counting. My voice got weaker with every stroke and the pain was increasing also with every stroke. She changed the butt cheek from the 16th stroke onwards. Meanwhile I was praying that she would aim well as my balls were quite close to where she was hitting.

When the count reached 25, Amanda asked if she could join the fun and give me the last 5 strokes. Roberta obliged and handed her the wooden spoon.

“26, thank you Amanda; 27, thank you Amanda; 28, thank you Amanda; AAAAAAAOUCH!”

Stroke number 29 skimmed my balls before hitting my butt. My knees felt like jelly and I could hardly stand on my toes. I could not fall down to my knees as I would hang myself from my balls. It seems that I was changing colour as Roberta was quick to run the few steps and untied the rope from the handrail.

I fell on the floor like an empty sack. I could hardly breathe and just held to my balls and moaned aloud.

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