Daughter Lena Ch. 8

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Lena was expecting me Wednesday night and when I walked into her office and when I walked into her office just before noon, she was visibly pleased to see me. She jumped up and ran to give me a hug. Her girlish actions were a little out of place for the setting. Lena was the comptroller for a large oil company and the offices conveyed the days when oil companies made huge profits. There were nine other women under her supervision and it was obvious that the dress code was slightly above casual. Lena wore an ankle length dress, very business-like, and it only took a moment to regain her business composure. “Dad, come with me, I’d like to introduce you to the girls,” she said as she grabbed my hand and led me into the office. I made the rounds, hearing some unusual greetings from the ladies.

“Glad to meet you, I’ve heard so many nice things about you.”

“So this is the guy we hear so much about.”

“From the way Lena talks, we expected to see a big “S” on your chest.”

One woman, closer to my age said, “Oh, Lena, he IS a hunk.” She smiled sweetly.

Lena had an office within the office and we headed for her area. Just as we passed the entrance, a little girl came running through. Under one arm she had a box of doughnuts, and a stack of manila folders under the other. At first glance I thought she must be one of the ladies’ daughters, then, it dawned on me. This was Lena’s little asian beauty. And, indeed, she was a beauty. Her jet black hair was up in a bun and her white shirt and black slacks gave her a school uniform look. She was absolutely tiny. I would have been totally surprised if her waist measure over 26 inches, and I don’t think she could have reached 5 foot on her tip toes. Lena was a small girl, but not in comparison to this gal.

“Oh, Kim, you’re just in time to meet my Dad,” Lena said. Kim stopped in her tracks, and in the process of greeting me, she dumped all the manila folders to the floor. I knelt down to assist her with the clean up, as she apologized profusely. “Oh, Sir, I am so sorry. Please excuse me.” Her speech was refined with no hint of accent. “I have been looking forward to meeting you.” She blushed slightly when her eyes met Lena’s. Lena and I retreated to her office.

“What do you think of Kim,” Lena said proudly.

“She’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t look old enough to drive, let alone…uh, uh, be of legal age… uh, you know what I mean,” I stammered.

“It’s OK, Dad, I checked it out. She’s cool. By the way, she’s joining us for dinner tonight, but nobody in the office knows and it’s best kept that way.”

“Ok, but this makes me real nervous. Got time for lunch?”, I asked.

Lena’s brow wrinkled as she thought. “Shit’” she said. “I wasn’t expecting you this early. Let me see what I can do to get out early today. Go on to my house and I’ll meet you there as soon as I can.” I gave her a fatherly kiss on the cheek and told her to not keep me waiting too long. “I might have to go see that old gal who called me a hunk,” I joked.

“Fuck you, Pop,” Lena whispered as she pushed me out of her office.

I got to Lena’s house and made myself comfortable. I managed to scrounge something to eat and lay down on the couch to watch some TV. I didn’t expect her to come home as soon as she did. It was a pleasant surprise when she arrived only a few minutes later, but I could tell she was in a big hurry. “We don’t have much time, Big Boy,” she said. “I have commitments in the office at three o’clock, and I won’t get out till after five. Now, I have been a very good girl the past two days, no jacking off, no fucking around, no nothing. Just thinking about fucking your ears off. I’ll take care of you tonight, but right now is for me. I’m going to hang my dress up, strip down and plop my ass on that couch. Then you are going to eat my pussy until I cum on your face, then, you are going to fuck me, wham bam, thank you mam. Got it?”

I wasn’t sure if I liked Lena’s business attitude, but I was still glad to accommodate. “Yes Mam,” I saluted. She went to the bedroom and returned totally nude. She sat on the couch, slid her hips forward to the edge, and spread her legs. Her pussy already showed her signs of excitement and I didn’t hesitate to drop to my knees between her legs. I dove in with fervor, bypassing the usual licks and kisses and went straight for her clit, her puffy lips pressing my cheeks. Even in her hurried state, Lena wasn’t expecting such immediate action. I sucked her clit hard into my mouth and pumped it like I was nursing a bottle. She let out a loud groan and thrust her hips to my face. I slipped one finger into her pussy beneath my chin and fingered her wetness. She was ready for immediate release, but I wasn’t willing to let her have that much control. I pulled my finger out and lapped at her slit, tasting her sweat and acrid juices. Then in a brief mental lapse, I returned to her clit. That was all it took to set her off. She locked both hands in my hair and pulled my head hard to her pumping cunt. I sucked her clit hard to equal the treatment she was giving my face, but it didn’t stop the pounding. I held my breath and tried to keep from injuring her pussy as my mouth and teeth banged against her twat. When she finally released my head, I lifted, gasping for air. But without comment or delay I dropped my pants to my ankles and pressed my cock to her drenched pussy hole. No playing around, I rammed Mecidiyeköy Escort my cock to the hilt and ground my pelvis against hers. I hit her with full, hard strokes, withdrawing my cock completely and stuffing it back inside. With every thrust I could feel Lena throw her hips forward to meet me and we both came hard and fast. When the last spasms quit, I sat back on my legs, my cock popping from her cunt. I watched as my cum trickled slowly out of her hole, diluted with her own cum. She got to her feet, a little shaky and just stood there in silence. Before she went back to the bedroom to dress she said, “I hope I wasn’t too stinky. You didn’t give me any opportunity to clean up.” “Even a stinky winky is better than no winky at all,” I joked. She burst into that familiar laughter and only shook her head as she walked away. She dressed quickly and headed out the door. She turned back long enough to say, “Thanks, Dad. You will never know how bad I needed that. I’ll see you around six and I will have our guest with me.” She smiled coyly and left.

That afternoon I took the liberty of fixing a few things I noticed were in need, and called a local restaurant to arrange for dinner to be delivered around seven. It only seemed appropriate to order Chinese.

Shortly after five, Lena called. “I’m just wrapping up here and should be home by 6:30 at the latest. I want you to do me a favor, OK?”

“Sure, Babe, anything you want,” I replied.

“There’s an adult book store down on 9th street,” she continued. “Surprise me with something fun.”

“Oh, Lena, I hate those places. They make me feel like a dirty old man in a trench coat,” I protested.

“You are a dirty old man, “she laughed. “Either you go or we will all three go later, your choice.”

“You are such a spoiled brat,” I conceded. “See you soon. And by the way, I ordered Chinese food.”

I didn’t have much time to get to the store and back, and the traffic didn’t help. Once I was in the store, it was a difficult choice. I wanted something large and grotesque for Lena, but I was also thinking of the tiny Kim. The choices were complicated because all I could do was imagine how Lena would react. My first choice was a huge rubber dildo with built-in heater and vibrator, batteries not included. It advertised itself to be 2 ½ inches in diameter, 8 inches in circumference and a whopping 12 inches long. I got hard imagining the flesh-colored cock covered in Lena’s juices. My next choice was smaller in diameter, about 1 ½ inches, but was fully 18 inches long and had a cock head on both ends. I wondered if Kim could take even the smaller version. When I was satisfied with my two hardware choices, I moved to the chemical department. There I found flavored body oils that promised to heat up if you blew on it. Of course I tested it on my arm, and sure enough, when I blew on the oily spot, I could feel the heat. I opted for the lemon scent. Finally, I found a six-pack of edible florescent panties. They were very small in the package, but were guaranteed, “one size fits all”. Shocked at the total price of my purchases, I left the store grumbling and fought the traffic all the back to Lena’s.

As I had feared, Lena’s car was already in the driveway. As was my custom, I knocked on the door and announced myself. The girls had been there longer than I thought. They met me dressed in beautiful oriental gowns. “Kim was nice enough to loan me this,” Lena announced. “Isn’t it gorgeous?”

“You are both very striking,” I answered. Kim looked the perfect china doll, but Lena was a little out of her realm with her strawberry blond hair. Nevertheless, they were both absolutely beautiful.

“Dad, this is going to be so neat. When I told Kim you had ordered Chinese, she suggested we have a traditional Chinese meal. She even brought you a kimono to wear. She also said she would teach us some Chinese meal customs. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

I excused myself to change into the silky gown, wearing nothing beneath, and when I returned, Kim and Lena had pushed the couch aside and had arranged the cushions around the coffee table. Kim had even lit some incense and the odor was strong in the room.

“The incense is a mood enhancer,” Kim spoke, as she stood and bowed before me. I didn’t know how to react. Lena saw my discomfort and said, “Kim was raised by her grandmother who is very traditionally Chinese. She does that shit any time she talks to a man.”

“Well it’s not necessary with me, Kim,” I said.

“Yes sir,” she said, head still bowed and eyes diverted downward.

We were interrupted by the door bell, the food had arrived. While I was paying the delivery boy, who ogled at the two women, Kim was arranging the food on the coffee table. Lena and I sat cross-legged on the cushions while Kim went to the kitchen. When she returned she had three dish rags, steaming hot. She came to me first and without speaking, took my hands and washed them gently, then my face and neck. She did the same for Lena, then herself. The ceremony seemed to end at that point, and we all sat around the coffee table and ate and conversed like normal people. We learned that Kim was basically self-educated and idolized Lena for giving her an opportunity to prove her skills. At a lull in the conversation Lena winked at me, then said, “Kim, I would like to ask a favor of you.”

“How can I be Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan of service?”, Kim asked.

Lena continued her bull shit line. “My father served his country honorably in Viet Nam. And while he was there he gained an affinity for oriental ladies. Now, 30 some years later, he has renewed his desires for oriental cuisine. And a man of his stature and position can’t arbitrarily seek assistance from just anywhere. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes, mam. You want me to have sex with your father,” Kim answered.

“That’s exactly what I mean,” Lena continued. “You may say no and it will not jeopardize your job or relationship with me. But if you say yes, I will consider myself forever indebted to you.”

“Mam, it would be my great honor,” Kim spoke as she raised her eyes and smiled. “He’s not so bad to look at you know.” Kim interrupted our joint laughter. “I would ask one thing. Can we continue the evening in the customs of my people?”

Lena looked at me puzzled. “What kind of customs, Kim?”

“Good customs, mam, like preparing my partner for the acts of pleasure,” Kim said.

“I think he would like that, Kim. But you do realize the importance of keeping this matter strictly between the three of us? And there is one more thing you need to know before you make your final decision. I will be joining the two of you in your acts of pleasure. Will that be a problem for you?”, Lena said.

“It is not my place to judge, Mam. I would be pleased again to share my pleasures with such honored hosts,” Kim said subserviently.

“Now what,” I said after a silent moment.

“Now, sir, I will clean up our dinner mess, then we will go to the bathroom and begin our preparations,” Kim said.

Lena and I waited alone in the bathroom. “Can you believe this?”, Lena asked.

“I can’t believe she is so willing and so young,” I added.

Kim joined us shortly and commenced to pull her kimono up to mid calf and tie it off with a knot on the side. “It is customary to drain your bladder before we continue. Do either of you need to pee?”

“Not me,” Lena said.

I looked down at the tent pole beneath my kimono and said, “I don’t think I could if I had to.” We all laughed and Kim methodically began to disrobe us. Like me, Lena was nude beneath the robe, and I felt a level of discomfort being naked with Lena while Kim remained clothed.

“This is wonderful,” Kim said. “You have a very large shower we can all fit in. Ideally we would have a table for you to lie on while I shampooed your bodies. The shower will work fine, though. Shall we?” Kim opened the shower and we went inside. After adjusting both shower heads, Kim began to scrub me thoroughly. And I do mean thoroughly. The soapy sponge went every where. She lifted my balls and scrubbed, lathered my asshole, and even soaped and lathered my hard cock. When I was done she turned her attentions to Lena. And she got the same treatment. Kim spread her ass cheeks and scrubbed, then cleansed every pore on Lena’s pussy. I could tell by watching that Lena was enjoying the lavish attentions. Kim’s actions were mechanical, without emotion. I found it odd that Kim had not disrobed, and her kimono clung to her small body. Not until Lena was done did Kim remove her wet robe and scrub herself. Lena and I both stared at her naked body. Her breast were tiny, but perfectly proportioned to her body. A small line of short black hair trailed from just below her navel to just above the hood of her clit. Unlike Lena’s puffy, bulging outer labia, Kim’s were frail and flattened, exposing her inner lips and clit without spreading her legs. Lena and I awed as Kim pulled her pussy apart and washed every crease, as though we weren’t there. The shower heads went off and Kim toweled us dry, pausing only to say, “I can see you are both ready for pleasure.”

Kim led us to Lena’s bed and had us lie side by side on our stomachs. She proceeded to give us each a massage. “Now,” she said, “we are ready for pleasure.” She continued, “Is it safe to assume you two are not new to each other? Then it is only correct for you both to familiarize your self with my body. There should be no surprises. Please take any liberties you wish.” Kim positioned herself on the bed, lying on her back, her arms at her side. “This is no time to be bashful,” she said. From the foot of the bed, I grabbed Kim’s ankles and spread her legs, exposing her dark pussy. Pulling her to the edge of the bed for easier access, I touched her softly. Even with her legs spread wide, when I cupped her pussy, my hand touched both thighs. Lena watched as I explored Kim’s delicate body, her hand dropping to her crotch unconsciously. She was so small that I couldn’t imagine sticking my cock in her. What I wasn’t surprised at was her wetness. She didn’t put out the volume Lena did, but her juices flowed nonetheless. With one finger I pulled her sweetness from her hole to her clit and rubbed gently. The slick juices and the contact made her clit slowly emerge from her hood and stand tall in comparison to the rest of her body. I knelt between her legs and licked at her little cunt. My tongue covered her entire pussy from hairline to cunthole. I was intent to make her cum, and while I worked gently on her pussy, Lena’s head appeared between my legs from behind. She pulled my cock down to her mouth and started sucking Escort Mecidiyeköy the head. This whole program was destined to fail. I was going to be my usual “two stroke” and these two horny women would be left to each other. I don’t think either wanted that, at least not yet. When I was sure Kim was going to cum, I warned Lena, who immediately deep throated my cock. Kim was not as physical when she came as I was used to with Lena, but my own cum was strong. And I found myself fucking my daughter’s face as I finished Kim off. While Kim and I were momentarily at a standstill, Lena was primed and would not be ignored. “Hey, you guys, what’s wrong with this picture?”, she said. “Uh oh! Our mistress has been left out. But fear not fair maiden, I have a surprise for you,” I retrieved my bag of purchases from the living room. I dumped the bag in the middle of the bed and Lena, like a kid in a candy store, said, “Oh, goodies.” She picked up the huge dildo that I had already installed batteries in. “Where in the hell do you think you’re going to put this,” she said. I looked at Kim who just smiled and shook her head no.

“Well, since it would probably break Kim’s ribs, that leaves …..,” I said as I bowed to Lena.

“Ooo, that’s gotta hurt,” Lena said, “Let’s give it a try.”

Kim joined me at the edge of the bed while Lena lay down, her feet pulled up tight to her ass and her knees spread wide.

“Kim, while I am preparing Lena for her “pleasures”, I need you to address her beautiful breasts,” I instructed. Kim bent over and immediately went to work on Lena’s titties, licking and sucking at her nipples. Lena moaned and closed her eyes. I grabbed the bottle of “hot” body oil and applied a generous portion to Lena’s spread crotch. It certainly wasn’t needed for lubrication, Lena was drenched in her own fluids. The mixture of the lemon scented oil and Lena’s juices were intoxicating. Her lovely skin glistened from thigh to thigh. “Please be easy,” Lena said seriously. “That thing is huge.”

“I would never hurt you, Hon,” I said. “Just try to relax and enjoy the attention.”

I massaged, kneaded and prodded her flesh, as more of her slick liquids oozed from her spread hole. I gently finger fucked with one, then two fingers. Her hips gently responded to my fingers. As her tight pussy would loosen, I added more fingers. She was responding more vigorously as the number of fingers increased. I was in absolute heaven. I had four fingers in my little girls cunt while a miniature china doll sucked on her tits. My cock was already hard again and I envisioned myself fucking Kim from behind as she pleasured Lena. Unfortunately I couldn’t be in two places at the same time, and Lena’s pussy was begging for my continued attention. She wasn’t easily taking my four fingers, but she was relaxing a little more. Her moans had turned to grunts and Kim had quit sucking her nipples and was leaning across Lena’s belly, watching me finger fuck her fat pussy. Kim’s mouth was open in awe and a small rivulet of spittle slipped from the corner of her mouth. Lena’s moans had turned to grunts, matching the rhythms of my thrusts. With two fingers of each hand I continued fucking, spreading my fingers apart as I could to expand her. Then it dawned on me, the “hot” oil. “Kim, get down here closer and blow lightly against her pussy.” Kim didn’t hesitate. She lay across Lena’s belly and started blowing. Lena’s action was intense. “Fuck,” she yelled. “I’m going to cum!” Lena bucked her hips so hard I thought Kim would go flying off, but she held her ground and continued blowing. I increased the pace of my fucking fingers and Lena was hit with a violent orgasm. Her gaping pussy lashed at my penetrating hands and she let out a loud and continuous groan. Her climax must have lasted a full 60 seconds and Lena collapsed on the bed. Taking advantage of her relaxed state, I took the dildo and started rubbing the length of it up and down her slit, until it was completely lubricated. I spread her pussy hole with my fingers and gently pressed the head into her. She tightened, but as I twisted the dildo back and forth, she relaxed once again. I pressed the fake cock slightly deeper, repeating the twisting motion. I withdrew the cock and immediately put it back in. Lena had begun to react with renewed passion. Kim had forgotten her task and was once again just ogling at the action. One hand had slipped between her and the bed and I knew she was playing with her tiny pussy. As Lena got more and more into the action, I tenderly pushed forward and the head of the gigantic cock slipped past the edges of her hole. I withdrew and repeated the action several times. Lena’s moans returned and Kim had ceased to try to hide what she was doing to herself. With every stoke, I pushed the cock deeper into her yearning hole. Lena was going crazy. “More,” she cried. I pressed harder and the cock advanced into her stretched cunt. I estimated about 8 inches of cock had disappeared inside her, and still Lena begged for more. As I pushed a little farther I felt resistance and I knew I had reached Lena’s limits. I pulled out, then pushed back in, then repeated the process again and again, until Lena groaned and rolled her upper body back and forth. This time her orgasm jolted her whole body and the spasms made her body quiver. She lay afterwards, pale and exhausted. I slowly withdrew the dildo and with it came a flood of Lena’s cum, gushing from her pussy. A gaping hole remained where the cock had been, but slammed shut when Lena brought her legs together. Kim had made herself cum during the commotion, so the only one left from this go around was me. The thought of putting my dick in that tiny cunt had haunted since the first time I saw Kim.

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