Daughter in Law Madison Seduction – The Beginning

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Daughter in Law Madison Seduction – The BeginningMy son was away working overseas for an extended period of time and his beautiful 21 year old blond hot wife was staying with my wife and I while going to college and saving their apartment money.She is a real hottie, 21 as I said, 5’5″ with long sexy soft blond hair, big beautiful blue eyes, slim waist, perfect ass and nice big tits with hard perky nipples. Very hard to keep my eyes off her and ask “fatherly” as a father in law should. At the marriage I couldn’t help but think how hot she was in her wedding gown, perfect fit and cleavage, I was getting a boner as I thought of my son tearing up his new bride on their wedding night. It was embarrassing as I hugged the bride and kissed her at their wedding trying not to be obvious with my hard cock straining my suite. Later as we danced and made wedding new to the family small talk, I could tell she noticed my erection pressing against her as we danced, she blushed and smiled as asked sheepishly asked, “I hope your not a perverted naughty father in law” and I simply smiled and told her I was sorry but she was very attractive and my son was a lucky young man to be have married such an amazing beautiful young lady. As the song ended and I pulled her tight to kiss her cheek I whispered, “between you and me and the alcohol talking, if he is anything like me you will be sore walking for a week.” I smiled, she blushed and that was it. Nothing else ever said. When she move in with us as she was go for jogs, work out and lounge around the house, I noticed when the wife was not home she wore shorter shorts, tank tops, shirts showing more cleavage and so forth. She liked to flirt as I did, but it was all. She wa hot, she knew I watched her and she enjoyed “teasing” the old man. Her father in law. A few times when the wife was sleeping after her late night college class she would join me for a drink in her pajamas and a drink. She knew I watched her and I caught her looking at my bulge during steamy sex scenes on TV, she would wiggle, I could tell get hot, her nipples harden and I would get harder thinking of her pussy getting moist. Damn I was hot for her, as wrong as it was. Once night the electricity was thick between us and breathing was heavy as we watched a hot scene in a movie, as the guy moved down to oral sex which you could not really see in this R rated movie, I commented, “damn, don’t tell Cindy, (my wife), I said this but that is one lucky dude, I’d eat that girl for hours.” She gasped and said I shouldn’t say things like that as I was married and so was she, to my son! But her eyes were glued to the hot gaziantep escort bayan blond build much like her moaning out a orgasm on the TV. Shortly she wiggle, pressing her legs together and as she stood to go to bed I could see her nipples were very hard, as she turned to the kitchen I caught her glancing at my now hard cock in my pajama bottoms and as she walked past me I swear I smelt her sex. I jumped up, not hiding my cock pressing against my pajamas and followed her wonderful ass I wanted so to lick, tongue, spank and fuck into the kitchen. As she got a drink of water it dribbled on her chin and the electricity was intense. I purposely brushed her ass with my hard cock as I reached for a water glass and I drank it slow, watching her eyes and heaving chest as I drank my water. I then told my lovely daughter-in-law, “sorry but I have to shut this movie off, I’m thinking things I shouldn’t and I’m so damn horny. I’m going to wake up Cindy by opening her legs and tasting her like that movie before I slide my cock into her deep. Sorry, wrong to say that.” My lovely DIL replied, without aiming too, “lucky Cindy” then blushed. “Sorry dad, I shouldn’t of said that.” I replied, “its ok, my son has been gone four long months already with a few more to go, I bet your horny as hell.” She blushed “it has been a long time-I have to go to bed too, early class tomorrow.” As she turned to leave I told her, “lucky fingers, enjoy your rub” and smiled as she blushed and said for me not to talk like that. I know she was aware of my eyes on her young tight ass as she walked away towards her bed room. I went in and could not wait, I woke my wife with my wife sliding into her and thought of sexy young DIL Madison fingering her pussy as I fucked her hard and cum deep in Cindy. She asked what go into me waking her at midnight to fuck and I told her the movie. I dreamed of Madison.The next morning at breakfast nothing was said, a normal act was put on. When my wife left for work as Madison come in from her morning jog and I from working out in the basement, I asked her if she was OK, that comments got out of hand last night and I hoped she was not offended. She said she was not offended, the comments went both ways and we would just both have to be careful in what was said. I gave her a hug and asked if she was coming home right after class and she said her girl friends had a happy 21st birthday party after class and she was going to it, she would have a few drinks and take a cab home. Could I drop her at her night class and I said sure. I ended up working late and my wife dropped her off instead but escort bayan I got a look at the summer dress she was wearing out. I knew she loved my son and would only have a drink or two and be home. My wife went to bed early with a headache that night and I decided to try something, I poured whiskey out lowering the bottle and with empty glass made it look as if I drank too much. I put a porn on the big screen and paused it where a lovely blond girl looking very much like Madison was sucking a older mans cock. Then I waited for her return, I stroked as was very hard, laid back in my recliner I heard the front door, I heard her remove her heels and walk up into the living room speaking to me, “I’m home dad” as my daughter in law called me. I could feel her eyes, I heard her gasped and I heard her stop in her tracks. I knew she was looking at me laying there feigning sleep with my hard cock out of my boxers and my hand down cupping my big full balls. She did not turn nor run, I could see her through my squinted eyes. She stared at me, my cock and looked at the big screen of the blond girl about her age on her knees with a middle aged mans cock in her hands. She looked back and forth about 30 seconds, her breathing heavy, then she turned and walked towards the bedroom. I slowly stroked my cock a few minutes, less than five as she changed, went to the restroom and walking very quit she returned. I put my hands back in the same position, snoring. She watched and looked closely as she came closer, staring at my cock, wearing her pajamas, nipples hard protruding and as she walked on past to the kitchen for her glass of water I could look at her ass and noted no panties and a slight walk indicating a buzz. She got her drink as I acted like I woke up, I stirred and she made a movement in the kitchen. I quickly set up, put my cock into my shorts, I did not have pajamas on and I said, “Oh God” as I quickly shut off the porn. I picked up the bottle and glass and turned to the kitchen she was facing away from me. I walked up, put my glass and whiskey glass on the counter and said, “Madison, of I’m sorry girl, what did you see?” Madison, her back to me said in a low voice as she knew my wife was sleeping in the next bedroom, “daddy (not Dad — strange she never said that except at Christmas when I gave her and my son a new car for her college she hugged me and yelled a thank you daddy and that she had the best father in law ever). “daddy, I saw you sleeping, I was not trying to peek, I saw you had a porn on and that….well….your thing was out.” I apologized and asked her not to say anything to my wife or son and she said she certainly would not. Still with her at the kitchen sink, he back to me, I reached around her, pressed me hard cock into her ass, she gasped and tightened up I presses my nose into her soft long blond hair and whispered “thank you” and kissed her check as I sqeezed her tight then I let her go and got a water glass and she turned facing me as I got a glass of water. She was tipsy and staring at my cock. I said, “my eyes are up here” and laughed, she looked into my eyes and said, “sorry, didn’t aim to, I normally should say that to you.” I then deliberately looked at her cleavage and hard nipples and said, “true my dear.” Again I apologized and as she turned to go to her bedroom I put down my water glass, caught Madison’s arm, turned my daughter in law to me, pulled her close, took her soft face in my big tough rough old hands and gently kissed her on her lips, then my hands went to her firm young tits and as I grasped them and squeezed them I pinched her nipples, she moaned and I drive my tongue into her hot young mouth, we kissed as my cock pressed against her and she into me. I then broke the kiss, she out of breath I simply said, “I’m sorry, I could not help myself, our forever secret. Goodnight baby, I really have to go fuck Cindy hard now, it is wrong but I hope you think of me and masturbate tonight.” Then I walked away. I went in out master bathroom and locked the door, I pulled out my cock and pulled out my hidden wireless. You see, I come home at lunch and installed a hidden camera in my DILs bedroom and bathroom. I stitched on the cameras. I watched her go into her bathroom, then stand brush her teeth, then I watched her close and lock her bedroom door. She normally does not lock it. She clean pulled back the covers and removed her PJ bottoms, she was perfect! Beautiful trimmed young bush. She removed her PJ top freeing those perfect tits. I watched her lay back, pull on the sheet and as she slowly masturbated soon the sheet was kicked off and from her tits and nipples to her pussy I watched my daughter in law fingering her pussy and working her clit, arching her hips and biting her pillow in one, two then three orgasms! I cum buckets watching, She smiled and covered up and went to sleep. I knew then, that she was thinking of her father in laws cock and that within a week I would have her. I would be eating and fucking my 21 year old hot DIL whom had not had cock in four long months. I also knew from what I learned from both my son and my wife Madison was virgin when they married a year ago. I decided then to make her my personal cum slut and use her until my son returned, and perhaps beyond — it was risky and wrong, but I knew I could start tomorrow, with simple kisses and before my wife Cindy returned from her work my DIL Madison would swallow my cum!

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