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DAUGHTER IN LAW B*ITCHThis is the story of a real sluttie bitch who at the time of these events was my 25 year old daughter in law. Her name is Tammy and she is plump but not real fat; actually pleasant to look at if you didn’t know what evil was in her head. She is 5’5″ and weighs between 160 and 180 pounds depending on her appetite with brown hair and green eyes. If you like nice full round rumps she is very hot and her tits are something to see as they are large full D cups that stick out straight from her chest pointing her way wherever she is going to cause trouble.After she falsely accused my son of beating her Tammy found herself a boyfriend and committed adultery over several months in the state where they lived. Without going into details Tammy ended up staying in our house while our son wrapped up business in the other state as the divorce papers were being filed. As they have a beautiful son custody became a big issue.Having this bitch living in our home was driving us crazy but if we wanted to be with our grandson that was how it had to be in the beginning. For her part, Tammy was not getting fucked by our son anymore and her boyfriend was stuck 1500 miles away. Her sexual tension was building daily.Now, I am 52 years old and in pretty good shape standing 5’9″ weighing 175 with hazel eyes and brown hair. I have no trouble getting my thick 7″ inch circumcised cock hard. For some reason, even though I was pissed off at Tammy most of the time, my cock always got stiff in her presence. She was trying to play games with the divorce such as taking the c***d out of state and denying our son visitation and all of that kind of crap.She was huffy most of the time and slept in until 10:00 most mornings leaving my wife to watch her son and even provide most of the care for him during the day. In essence, my wife had become the c***d’s mommy and Tammy was sitting back like a grandmother might. Yes, the situation was fucked up! Events turned very weird in an instant one evening when Tammy and I were alone in the houseI had just walked into the family room on the way to my computer when Tammy slammed the phone down. I looked over at her and there was fire in her eyes and a scowl on her face. Noticing me passing by she lashed out, “All men are pigs!””Tammy what got your panties in a bunch?” I asked holding in my laughter and enjoying her misery.None of your fucking business,” she snapped back.”Sounds like some little slut needs a good hard fucking,” I smiled as I shot back my reply.”Fuck you! And, I suppose you’re volunteering to do the job; not on your fucking life!” Her facial expression was changing but I wasn’t sure what it meant.”Ain’t no way in hell; besides you couldn’t handle me. You don’t have the energy to keep up with me even though I am almost thirty years older than you and you wouldn’t be able to walk right for a week after I finished with you slut.” I turned to leave my cock harder than it had been in a very long time.”You mother fucking asshole; I’ll show you energy. I’ll beat the crap out of you. You can’t get away with that shit!” She charged me and slugged me in the stomach. Then she raised her hands and slapped both sides of my face. There was attitude coming out of every pore of her being.Reaching out I grabbed one of her hands and twisted it behind her back as my other hand landed squarely on her big boob. Reflexively, I squeezed the giant orb as I pushed her entire body toward a chair. I shoved her into the chair and yelled, “No bitch gets away with that shit in my house.”Her face was eye level with my crotch as I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and yanked her head hard. My cock had now formed a large tent in my trousers. She started to reach for the bulge as she growled, “The bulge in your pants is probably caused by a thin little pencil dick! You probably couldn’t satisfy any woman.”Now that set me off so it was my turn to slap her face. My hand flew across her face landing a stinging blow. As I unzipped my pants and freed my cock of its confines I shouted at her, “Ok bitch, blow me that is if you really know how to please a man.Tammy started to say something but my cock got in her way as I shoved it into her open mouth. In mere seconds her cheeks were hollowed out sucking my cock hard and deep. Her tongue swirled all over the surface. She was actually quite a master of cock sucking but she wouldn’t hear it from her father in law. I grabbed the nightshirt she was wearing and yanked it off over her head.”Shit you ain’t very good at that for a damn slut,” I said trying to hold back a moan as I latched onto her tits and fondled them wildly. Not wanting to give the bitch the satisfaction of swallowing my cum I yanked my cock reluctantly from her mouth. Her eyes bugged out of her head in surprise as she lunged forward trying in vain to catch my cock back in between her lips.”What the fuck, “Tammy asked me almost pleadingly but still with a lot of anger in her voice. Frantically she reached her hands out for my member in last second desperation. I rotated my hips away from her and grabbed the hand that was closest to me and yanked her from the chair. Involuntarily she stood up causing her tits to graze my chest.”You are a fucking slut who needs to be put in her place,” I roared. She spit at me and missed. Furiously I grabbed her massive melons in my hands and roughly mauled them as I sucked and bit from boob to boob. To this day I am not sure if she was struggling to get away or struggling in enjoyment making sure I licked and nibbled on every inch of her hot tit flesh.Pre-cum had begun to dribble from my cock so I decided to show this bitch a thing or two. Standing up I grabbed her and dragged her over to the pool table slamming her face down so that the top half of her body was lying across it. Seeing her big ass shoved up in the air I couldn’t resist and gave it a swift kick and then ripped down her panties. Her slit was glistening with pussy honey.As I absolutely love the taste of cunt juice I couldn’t help myself and stuck three fingers down there and scooped up a serving. Oh yes, her juices were delicious. I came up behind her and let my cock rest on her ass then as I snapped back her head by her hair with one hand and slapped her ass with the other I snarled, “I was right now wasn’t I; you need some cock don’t you? Come on bitch confess you have to get some cock meat.””God yes; it has been weeks since I’ve had cock! Fuck me, fuck me now; shit,” she yelled as she moved her ass against my member. I was determined to try something I had always wanted to do but until right then seemed very wrong. Somehow Tammy deserved what she was about to get as I pulled her ass cheeks apart.Gazing down at her tiny brown puckering hole I couldn’t believe how small it seemed to be but that didn’t stop me. I pulled my hips back and aimed my cock right for her unlubed rosebud. Half of my spongy cock head slid in before Tammy realized what I was doing. She yelled and told me to stop and that she needed my cock in her twat.Grabbing her by the hips I gave my cock another shove and the head popped right inside of her shit hole. Tammy squealed loudly but I didn’t stop. I shoved even harder and sank in another inch or so. My daughter in law was now whimpering but I couldn’t or wouldn’t stop. I pulled back once again and rammed hard in and out and in and out.It was the tightest hole I had ever been in which surprised me for some reason. It seemed weird that she was crying but at the same time hiltonbet yeni giriş had her hand on her clit fingering herself furiously. Gasping I groaned, “Bitch, you’ve had this coming for a long time.””Oh damn dad that fucking hurts. You are tearing up my asshole; shit, don’t fucking stop,” she replied out of breath. Without thinking about it I began spanking her large ass cheeks increasing the moaning coming from the slut. My cock was working like a piston and it wasn’t long before I filled her backdoor with my seed. I came in jet after jet of spunk shooting against her bowel walls.Sliding out of her back passage I looked down admiring her gaping shit hole. I braced myself against the pool table while I caught my breath. Tammy seeing this got off the pool table and went to her knees and took my filthy cock into her mouth and methodically cleaned it up. Smiling I told her, “That’s right be sure to get every drop.””You fucking bastard! You know I wanted that fat cock in my pussy. Now, give it to me; fuck my hot pussy,” she demanded urgently as she rose to her feet licking residue off of her lips. I grabbed her erect nipples between my fingers and twisted and pinched them roughly. I thought briefly about kissing her but decided it wasn’t the right time.Oh so, I don’t have a pencil dick after all,” I quipped.”No, it is a hot big fucking sexy cock and I need it to fill up my cunt right fucking now. Come on, give it to me,” Tammy pleaded. Her begging was turning me on and her offer was tempting but I resisted as I had a more important agenda.I spent the next ten minutes letting her know what she had to do to earn my cock and have me fuck her on a regular basis. I laid the slut on the pool table with her legs spread wide and dangling off. I brought her close to cumming several times with my mouth and fingers getting her to promise me more and more. By the time I was finished she had agreed to see things my son’s way on the divorce and to become a complete and total slut every night after her son went to bed. Motherhood never was her strong suite so she agreed to allow my son primary custody. I told her she would have my cock in her cunt once I verified she had signed the appropriate papers to make this happen. In the meantime, every night after her c***d was in bed she would slut it up and do my bidding sexually in every way possible. She would dress how I said and perform any sexual act I told her to on whoever I told her to. In return for being my good little slut she would get liberal visitation of her son and I would give her my cock every chance I got and make her cum over and over again with the exception of not fucking her cunt until the papers were a done deal. Once she had agreed to everything I wanted, becoming my virtual slave, I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit a dozen more times and she had a shattering orgasm that caused her entire body to convulse. Having gotten what I wanted I grabbed her blouse and wiped my face off and threw the garment on to her stomach and walked away. The next evening when I got home from work I found her sitting on a barstool in our family room messing with a puzzle. I bit the back of her neck and grabbed and squeezed her meaty boob and asked her about the divorce. She gave the right answers telling me that she told her lawyer to withdraw the custody issue and file the papers right away. As I pushed her legs apart I unzipped her jeans. My fingers slid onto her silky panties and began frigging her clit rapidly as I could hear my wife and grandson playing in the other room. Her panties moistened up very quickly and in less than two minutes she had cum hard. Slapping her ass I licked my fingers as I joined the rest of the family.Once the c***d was in bed that night she obeyed my directions and appeared in the living room wearing a sheer shortie nightie with skimpy bikini panties. To my wife’s surprise Tammy sat right next to her on the couch making my wife a bit uneasy. My wife promptly got up to use the restroom.Not missing a beat Tammy came over to me and presented her big butt to me. My face was buried in her ass in a second. It was a heavenly feeling to be deep in those soft cheeks. Then giving her ass a swat I told her to sit back down before my wife returned but to caress her own belly and tits as she visited with us.Cheryl, my wife, was amazed that Tammy was sitting in our front room not only in that fuck me nightie but even playing with herself. In fact, Tammy got a bit carried away as her hand went lower than planned as she briefly caressed her crotch and she also had her hand under her nightie pinching her nipple. The show had evidently had an affect on Cheryl as when we got in bed she was all over me and we had the best sex we had for several weeks. I got up at 3:00 in the morning and headed downstairs for some fun. Tammy was snoring away like a freight train still in that sexy nightie. Her gown was flipped up showing off her hot ass in those red bikini panties.Like a thunderclap my hand landed right in the center of her rump. Tammy looked around confused at this unusual wake up call. But, moments later she was purring as I pulled off her panties and had my tongue snaking up her ass hole. Her ass cheeks seemed to melt away from her stink hole.The slut was actually moaning and cramming her ass harder and harder against my face. As I inhaled I not only smelled the pungent aroma of her ass but I also could tell her cunt was flowing freely. Coming up for air I bit hard all over her ass cheeks and sternly told her, “I’m gonna make you my total slut right now bitch!””Oh gawd yes dad! I already am; I’ll do anything,” she begged. I rolled her off the bed and onto her back on the floor and noticed that she must have removed her nightie when I was tonguing her ass. My fingers slid down quickly to her pussy. At first I jammed two inside but quickly followed the first two with a third and fourth finger.I fucked her twat hard and fast ramming my fist in and out of her. She cried out at first but soon her whole body was writhing around in ecstasy. Her hips came up to meet each thrust and her hands beat the floor. As I pulled out of her sweat was pouring from her brow and she was having difficulty catching her breath.Wasting no time I licked her honey from my fingers as I straddled her stomach. Then I crammed my cock deep into that valley between her boobs placing her hands so that they pushed the orbs together. I pumped in and out of her boobs just as if they were her cunt. My fingers tugged and twisted her nipples as my cock slid up and down her cleavage.Rhythmically I continued to fuck her monster tits. Tammy tried to flick her tongue across the head of my cock with each upstroke. After several minutes my balls tightened and I and the spunk poured out of me covering both of her boobs, chin and shoulders. I pulled up and shot a couple of large loads all over her face and into her hair.Similar scenarios were played out for the next month each evening. It got so that whenever Tammy knew Cheryl was going to be out of the house for more than ten minutes her head would be bobbing up and down on my cock. Somehow I generally managed to eat her pussy or asshole for dessert.As for her dress it got to the point that some nights she would prance around in nothing but sexy panties and even one night coming into the living room totally nude. Cheryl let her know that was going too far. Tammy’s response was, “Ok I’ll put something on but can I ask hiltonbet giriş a favor? I am really very horny; do you have a dildo I can borrow?”I had forgotten that Cheryl did, in fact, have a dildo left from when we had played some games. Rather than have to look at Tammy’s nude body sitting on our couch Cheryl lent her the dildo. We could hear her moaning clear across the house as she got off. She was frustrated as I had been true to my word and hadn’t fucked her pussy yet. The papers from the lawyers arrived the next day and it was apparent that she was trying to double cross my son on some of the terms. I dragged her downstairs and spanked her ass harder than ever and told her just what she would do. She refused at first until I brought pictures of her running around the house nude and fucking herself with the dildo.I even had a couple of pictures where she had gone into her son’s room to check on him virtually naked (which I never suggested she do). Tears ran down her face and she picked up the phone and talked with her lawyer and told him to make the changes my son wanted as there had been a complication — me!Two weeks later Tammy and my son stood in front of the judge and she approved the final property and custody agreements making the divorce official. We had agreed that Tammy could stay with us three weeks; mostly so I could keep my end of the bargain and fuck the hell out of the tramp a few times before she left.The first opportunity I had to finally fuck Tammy came the next afternoon when Cheryl, my son and my grandson went shopping. Tammy was ‘too depressed’ to go and I never got into shopping. I knew they would be gone four or five hours especially as they were doing some shopping for the grand baby. For some reason I was very horny and I was feeling up Tammy’s ass even as Cheryl was going out the door. My hand cupped each ass cheek and then pushed into her crotch. I whispered, “Ok slut this is it you are going to get the hell fucked out of you! Remember, you won’t be able to walk right for a week!””Oh gawd fuck yes give me your cock,” she moaned. I reached inside her pants and yanked her panties up hard, front and back, giving her one hell of a wedgie. Then pulling her hard into my arms I gave her our first kiss on the lips. Gripping her hair I held her head in place as our tongues did a ferocious wild tango. I have to admit she felt good in my arms. Tammy’s boobs were smashed against my chest as I ran my hands down her back and cupped her massive sexy ass cheeks. Our hips began to grind together as the lust grew. Biting her neck I demanded, “On your knees and suck me off right now!”In a flash Tammy assumed the familiar position at my crotch. As my zipper came down I reached for my drink and swallowed 100mg of Viagra so I would be ready when it came time to fill her pussy. In moments her tongue swirled around my cock head as her hand juggled my balls. Seductively she gradually swallowed my member inch by inch.a****l lust was consuming us as Tammy sucked me harder and deeper until she was deep throating me. Moans soon escaped my mouth and I became weak in the knees. I held on to the slut’s shoulders for support. With her magic touch it didn’t take long until I filled her mouth with shot after shot of seed.She sat back proud of the job she had done licking her lips. Part of me wanted to smile and praise her but I wanted to maintain control of this woman that put my son through hell. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her and dragged her to my bed shoving her face down onto the mattress. She squealed as she fell. While her feet were still kicking I grabbed them and threw off her shoes. My god, her ass looked so big.My clothes fell off of my body’s I admired that rump. Then, I fell on top of her face first right into her pillowy ass. Maybe I am a bit weird but I enjoy kissing and biting a woman’s body through their clothing very much as part of foreplay before getting to skin on skin fun. My hands kneaded her ass through her jeans as I kissed and aggressively bit the cheeks pausing occasionally to sniff the aroma that was being emitted from her crack.As she ground her ass in my face I reached in front and unclasped and unzipped her pants. While I continued to punish her ass with my hands and mouth I slowly worked her jeans off of her ass and then to the floor. My heart skipped a beat when my eyes were filled with the vision of her white cotton bikini panties that had a huge wet spot that filled the entire crotch. Immediately I returned to assaulting her ass.Now I could taste more of her womanhood. Even though I hadn’t planned on doing anything with her cunt yet I couldn’t help but lick my tongue across the crotch of her undies to taste her honey. Soon lust totally consumed me and I pulled the panties off of her ass leaving her pussy covered. My mouth travelled hungrily from one sweet sweaty check to the other finally settling into her crack. I licked up and down her peach fuzz covered crack enjoying her cheeks pressing against my face. Tammy was pushing her ass against my mouth humping it. My tongue touched her tiny rosebud and it seemed to open like a shit filled flower.The more I stabbed and poked with my tongue the more her back door opened for me until over half of my snake like tongue was crammed up her bowels. I ate her shit hole out until a large shudder ran through the slut’s body; she had cum! Happy with the result I kneeled on the bed beside her.”I didn’t say it was time to cum, slut,” I snarled at her. Smack, my hand landed hard on her ass. I spanked her without mercy partly taking out my real anger at her and partly because I couldn’t resist this sexy ass in front of me; it needed to be spanked. After about 25 strokes Tammy was moaning and wiggling her ass obviously enjoying each and every stroke. Then jabbing my fingers up her asshole I ordered her onto her knees. My cock settled into her ass crack while I caressed her ass as if to soothe the red pillowy flesh. After fucking her crack for a couple of minutes I pulled back and drilled my cock head into her tiny hole. Taking an extra deep breath I gave my prick a hard shove and to my surprise it slid in almost the entire distance. Pulling back I rammed back in and my balls slapped against her still panty clad crotch. I dug my nails into her back and feverishly pummeled her shittie depths. My nails left red marks all over her ass and back. My grunting and groaning became louder as Tammy screamed for me to pound her even harder; which I did. Her back was arched pushing her ass up toward my thrusting as sweat rolled off of us.She was so damn tight that it felt like she was trying to milk me dry. As my balls tightened I held tight to her hips, let out a yelp, and emptied my cum inside of her rear entrance. The release felt wonderful. Exhausted I pulled out of her bum and pulled her panties back up. We fell down on the bed together face to face.We lay there catching our breath. I gently stroked her back for a couple of minutes as Tammy ran her fingers across my cock collecting our juices and sucking them into her mouth. As I ran my hand around to her front side and cupped her steamy pussy through the wet undies I whispered, “Well, cheating whore, that was just the introduction; are you ready now for the main event?””Fuck yes,” was all she was able to plead before I shoved her onto her back and landed on top of her. Our mouths met in full lustful passion. Biting each other’s tongues and lips until I drew a little hiltonbet güvenilirmi blood from her top lip. I pinned her hands behind her head as my mouth moved to her ear and then savagely to her neck.”You would be one of the hottest pieces of ass around if you weren’t such a bitch to everyone,” I grumbled. Her hips writhed against me as I found her chest where my assault became even more furious. I pulled, tugged and squeezed her globes as my tongue and teeth savagely worked on her.Tammy’s hands were entangled in my hair as she urged me on with her moans of delight in between cuss words. Her whole body rocked and shook under me as I began to travel down her body until I reached the front panel of her cotton drawers. I kissed around on her crotch for a minute or two. Then, without being told she suddenly lifted her legs, pointing them straight up to the ceiling, so I could easily slide the undies off. Her legs came back down to the bed and opened up wide as if a large magic door had been opened to reveal a whole new world. The world Tammy revealed consisted of her hot long pinkish red slash that was dripping cunt honey topped off by a deep forest of medium brown pubic hair. Her clit was peaking out tantalizing me with an unspoken invitation; an invitation I intended to accept.Glued to the sight in front of me I just stared for a minute at those meaty thighs and her hot pussy. Then, lying down on my stomach, I climbed; face first, between her legs. I caressed and kissed both of her thighs torturing her with anticipation as to when the hell I would get around to doing something with her cunt. Actually, I was really enjoying kissing and nibbling on the soft flesh of her upper leg but, I relented and lightly rubbed my hands all over her crotch; petting her bush and teasing her pouting lips. Her aroma had become overpowering and I could stay away from her sex no longer. I spread her legs even wider and ran my tongue on the edge of her honey covered lips. I had eaten her out several times by then but still couldn’t believe how delicious her honey was. Using my tongue like a giant scoop I gobbled up the honey that seemed to pour from her gash. Then, jabbing two fingers up her asshole to hold her in place, I ran my tongue across her hard clit. Tammy was startled when I suddenly bit her nub and then drew it between my lips and sucked on it. With gusto I bit and sucked every part of her twat. She ran her hands through my hair and pulled more and more into her. As I finger fucked her asshole I used my other hand to begin exploring her pussy teasing and playing when my mouth wasn’t in the way. Tammy came over and over as gush after gush of that sweet nectar flowed from her as her hips convulsed under me. The pinching, twisting and biting I was savaging her with likely would leave her sore long after I was done but she was begging for more. We must have set some kind of record for how long I had been eating her honey when I decided that my witch of a daughter in law needed to be fucked. With my face dripping in her juices I climbed up her body and rubbed my cock against her clit; clit fucking her. Tammy dug her fingernails into my back pleading, “please, dad, do it now.”Grabbing her hands I held them over her head and took a deep breath as I looked into her lust filled eyes. She already looked wrung out. I pulled back my hips and my cock easily found the entrance to her pussy. While her entrance seemed to be large and easy to find with my cock as soon as I started to push into her she became tighter and tighter. In fact, I was shocked how tight she was. I had difficulty getting in all of the way as it took several strokes of my member before I bottomed out balls deep. Once I made it all of the way in I had to pause for a minute to catch my breath. Tammy slyly smiled up at me knowingly as if she had gotten the last word. “Damn fucking bitch,” I gasped as I pulled my cock nearly all of the way out and rammed it back in. Tammy’s nails dug deeper into me as I gradually picked up speed. Before long I ramming into her with a fury. Our hips slapped together. She lifted her pussy up to meet each of my strokes. Harder and harder I rammed my cock home. I moved my hands onto her tits and smashed them into her chest as my cock speed increased traveling in and out in a blur. We were both huffing and puffing as sweat streamed from our bodies. The intensity of the fuck built to a crescendo until I shot a massive load against her tunnel walls. Shudder after shudder came from Tammy as I emptied my second load into her. Tammy exhausted dropped her arms to her sides and laid there limply as I slid my cock from her pussy. Tammy thought we were done with our fun. Letting my cock rest on her thigh I first licked the sweat from her forehead and quickly moved down her body. My mouth found her armpits and tits on my way down enjoying her taste. “Cream pies are one of my favorite desserts,” I whispered. My face was back between her thighs as I gazed on her matted and sticky pussy. Diving in full fury I used my tongue to scoop out our combined juices. Trying to give her the workout of her lifetime I lightly fingered her clit as I cleaned her up with my mouth. It didn’t take long before another shudder rumbled through the girl’s body. Once her pussy was thoroughly licked clean and I had reclaimed my own cum from it I rolled her over. I ordered her to her knees as I went over to my wife’s nightstand and got out her dildo. My energy level was waning but I figured I had just enough for one last act of lust. I jabbed the dildo into her pussy.Then, I aimed my cock for her shit hole and popped the head inside. With the dildo in her cunt it was even harder to get my cock into her bowels but after a couple of minutes I had succeeded and was fucking the shit out of her butt. Consumed in lust I reached under her and latched onto her tits and played with them as if they were utters; milking them. Tammy was totally out of breath and seemed to be holding on for dear life. She was panting heavily as her body wriggled against me with shock waves shooting through both of us. By now, my cock didn’t have much spunk left but I managed to shoot a small load in her hot ass before falling to the bed myself. Sedated I pulled her to me and buried my face in her chest in the afterglow of one of the hottest rendezvous’ of my life.Sure enough, Tammy complained for the next several days of being sore down there. But, that didn’t stop her from demanding sex whenever we were alone or in the middle of the night. We even got expert at sneaking in little sex acts while others were around. I especially liked to bury my face quickly in her plump bottom when no one was looking. Over the next three weeks Tammy and I had many interesting sexual escapades. If readers of this submission wish to hear about them I may submit another chapter. For now, I’ll say that when it was time to leave Tammy was very sad and it wasn’t just because she had to leave her son. She was also sad to leave all of the hard cock she was getting on a regular basis.In fact, I am not at all sure it was just my cock she would miss after watching her with her ex-husband. Cheryl was giving Tammy what I thought was a pity hug when her hands came to rest on the top of the girl’s ass cupping her cheeks then she allowed her to stay two additional days. Tammy has been out of our house for a long time now but sees us and her son frequently. Every now and then Tammy and I end up back in bed together for old time’s sake as she reminds me there was no limit on how long I agreed to fuck her. She is still as hot as ever but unfortunately she is still a bitch from hell. Her life remains filled with stories that confirm this fact. Oh but gawd, I love eating and fucking her whenever I can!

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