Dark Room: Jamie’s First Time

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Hidalgo. Jamie was focused on the word. It was a powerful word to her. She had no idea what it meant or where it was from, but it had the power to give her back the light. On the other hand using the power of her safe word would cost her every penny she was there to make. $1,000.00 for 45 minutes in the room. That was the deal her friend Tiffany had told her about a week earlier.

According to Tiffany it was easy money, she had visited the room 3 times. All Tiffany would tell her is that you have to be ready to do whatever the person with you wants you to do but that they couldn’t hurt you in any bad kinda way. Tiffany was never one for details. The waiver Jamie had to sign before entering the room listed the “rules of the black room”

1. The room is void of all light you will see nothing

2. No electronics or personal items are allowed in the room

3. Only 3 words can be spoken: your safe word, “harder”, “softer”

4. Any other verbal communication voids all payment

5. You are the submissive and must bend to the will of whoever you meet in the room

6. The Dom is not allowed to harm you.

7. Harm is considered anything leaving marks or bruising caused by striking.

8. Choking is allowed but must be stopped if the sub taps the arm of the Dom

9. Breaking the rules removes any future invitations to the Black Room

10. Relax, you might enjoy yourself.

The ten rules seemed fairly straightforward as she thought over the list in her head. Her nervousness of the situation was made obvious by the butterflies she had churning in her stomach. The feeling reminded her of the night she gave herself to her high school boyfriend. She has had several partners since that night, 12 if she remembered rite. Three of those were even flings she had gone home with after a club or party. But this was different, could she do it if it came to that? Sex with someone she didn’t know, couldn’t see and would never find out about. She found the thought both off-putting and exciting.

But maybe she would get lucky. Tiffany told her about her second visit to the room when her Dom had her feed him from a bowl of grapes while he played with her pussy. She said it was awkward, trying to feed someone in the dark, but all in all easy and quick money. Maybe she would get the grape eating fondler.

She was about to find out

Jamie had been in the pitch black for ten minutes that felt like thirty, just long enough for her to start hoping she might spend her forty five minutes alone in the dark. a private affair izle

Jamie flinched at the click that came from across the room. She heard a door open and close, now She knew she was no longer alone and the butterflies in her stomach changed to sheer panic.

She was sitting in a soft chair set next to the door she entered through. When she found the chair she expected it to be a recliner but wasn’t able to find any handle or lever so she just sat.

Now her hands were trembling, the uncertainty wearing away at her resolve. She heard feet shuffling on the floor towards her.

She waited

It got closer.

Then it stopped

She felt the arms of her chair shift slightly. Her heart was pounding out of her chest, she wanted to quit. To say her safe word and be done with this horrible fucking idea.

Then she heard it, a whisper coming inches from her left ear.

“Shhhhhh… softer”

She froze unsure what it meant. Her brain churning through the possibilities

She was pulled back into the dark by the pleasantly sweet smell of mint.

Then lips… it was a light kiss on her lips.

It was nice…

Then another, this time firmer but not forceful. The kiss was sweet. Not only did it taste sweet. It felt sweet.

She kissed him back, leaning slightly into the kiss and she parted her lips. She felt his lips part but before she could respond he pulled away.

She felt his breath on her neck as a chill ran up her arm then she felt lips on her neck, a peck then more before she realized it, she had her head tilted to the side and her fingers dug into the arms of the chair. His lips were locking on her neck as he kissed/sucked on her neck.

“Hickies are trashy” she had said it just two weeks earlier to Tiffany after she showed up at her house with several small hickies on her neck.

“Fuck”, she thought it felt good. Really good.

A small moan escaped her mouth when the lips on her neck broke away. The air in the room making contact with her damp neck sent a shiver down her spine.

Her nervousness faded as her excitement set in. She could feel the effect the room was having on her. She was wet and hearing the footsteps stop in front of her only increased her excitement.

Her hands were taken by a pair larger than hers she was pulled to her feet and led across the room. She had no idea how large the room was as her feet shuffled cautiously across the room not wanting to trip on some accused izle unforeseen obstacle.

When they stopped moving her hands were released, she froze unsure of what to do. Reaching out with a hand she felt a surface in front of her, It was soft but plastic, slightly taller than her waist it reminded her of the beds they have at doctor’s offices her excitement faded and her nervousness returned.

Before her nerves set in she felt his hand between her shoulders he pushed her forward and down, bending her at the waist. The pressure on her back was firm but not forceful. When her chest reached the surface in front of her she inhaled sharply, the thin cotton of the shirt she had on was little separation when her erect nipples pressed into the cool plastic.

She was standing on her toes now, unable to plant her feet, the height of the table she was on wasn’t enough to make her feet dangle but it was close.

His hands were back this time at the sides of her waist. He hooks his thumbs under the waist band of her jeans.

It wasn’t until the air in the room reached her exposed pussy that she realized how aroused she was, the chill was short lived, this time the hands were on either side of her has pulling apart the folds that hid her most delicate places.

Her entire body tensed the first time she felt it. It was quick, it was warm and she hoped it would be back soon. This time it was slower, his tongue danced over her clit, she bit her lower lip and fought the urge to cuss. Then he slid his tongue up and as it slid deeper between her folds she dug her fingers into the plastic as a small orgasm rolled through her body. She let out a small squeel when it started but managed not to make a sound otherwise. It was a small orgasm but she found herself trying to catch her breath.

Before she had time to catch her breath the hands were back. This time gripping her ass tight and pulling her pussy lips apart. Then she felt it, the ridge of the head of his cock was sliding up and down between her pussy lips and across her clit. It felt amazing.

His speed picked up and just as she thought she might be able to cum again he pulled back, she felt the bulb of his head press slowly into her. It wasn’t the thickest cock she had ever felt but as inch by inch slid past her lips she was sure it was the longest.

She heard moaning, it took her a minute to realize it was coming out of her mouth. As she felt thighs press against her ass she she gripped the table and pressed herself back against alef izle him, savoring how full she felt.

She heard another moan, this one was deeper and it came from behind her. He didn’t move.

“Fuck me” she thought it, but refrained from saying it. She wanted to scream it but he just held his position buried deep inside her. She tried to raise her hips but her toes couldn’t find enough floor to move enough to cause the movement she needed. She knew she could cum again, it wouldn’t take much.

Finally he moved. Not how she wanted, no needed but the hands that had a grip on her ass let go and wrapped themselves around her hips.

As the hands took firm hold of her hips, she felt the shaft start to pull back. Just as she felt the rim of his head pass between the folds of her pussy he pressed it back in, the slow stride in and out had her riding the edge of her next orgasm.

A wave of pleasure washed over her body as she felt her orgasm take hold over her. Just as she thought she had reached her peak his pace quickened. Pumping his shaft in and out faster and faster her climax got stronger and stronger. She pressed her forehead into the cool plastic in front of her as she silently mouthed “oohhh fuck”

The first time she felt his cock twitch he was still pumping deep into her pussy. His hands tightened the grip around her waist. The high pitched noise that came from her lips as his balls slapped against her clit for the last time is best described as a squeel. His body had her pinned down hard to the table as she felt the warmth of his seed deep inside of her. His cock was twitching harder than anything she had felt before. Each time drawing a light moan from her mouth. She didn’t bother to count how many times his cock twitched but she couldn’t believe how long it went on every time she thought it was done she would feel another, the pressure inside her pussy was incredible.

She wasn’t sure how long he stayed buried inside her, but a shiver ran up her spine as he pulled his softening cock from her. She didn’t move as she heard his feet shuffle across the floor and when she heard the familiar click she knew she was alone. She didn’t move for a couple minutes, catching her breath and savoring the feeling of the trail of cum running down her inner thigh. She slid back enough to plant her feet on solid ground.

After pulling her panties and pants back up she turned around and noticed a dim green light bulb above what had to be the door she came in through, she took that as an indication that her commitment to the dark had been met as she walked towards the door.

She heard the door click behind her as she walked back into the light. she saw the manilla envelope tucked behind the door handle. She smiled to herself when she realized she had forgotten she was getting paid to be there.

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