Dark Night of the Varcolac

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Dark Night of the Varcolac

In the dark stillness of the Romania forest, the quiet snap of a twig was the only warning the professor received before the attack came. The warning allowed him just enough time to react. He raised his pistol, managing to fire a single errant shot before the snarling beast slammed into him.

In the darkness, he was not sure what was attacking him. As he tumbled to the ground with the thing snapping at him, his first thoughts were it appeared to be smaller than a bear, but yet too big to be a wolf.

A small part of him fervently hoped it was the legendary Varcolac, or the wolf demon, as it was known in Romanian folklore. Then again, maybe it was a sadly misplaced hope to be attacked by such a mythical creature as, after all, they did not actually exist–unless, of course, they did.

Regardless of what was attacking him, he was now involved in a life and death tussle with the damnable thing. Roger’s blood was up, allowing him to fight back with every ounce of strength his forty-four year old body could muster. Fortunately, he was in good shape and was able to push the big, hairy creature off him and away as they toppled to the ground.

After hitting the ground, he reared back and slammed his foot into the thing’s midsection, causing it to let out an angry snarl, before he jumped to his feet and raised the pistol. Blindly, he squeezed off three quick rounds aimed in the general direction of his attacker.

Roger assumed he missed the critter entirely with his three wild shots. If he had hit his mark surely the thing would have let out a dreadful snarl or, at the very least, some sort of whine, but apparently the three rapid shots were fair warning enough to cause his attacker to turn tail and go crashing off into the underbrush.

The professor let out a deep sigh as he plopped down on the ground. There was a searing pain in his left calf. Gingerly he pulled up the left leg of his rugged hunting pants to try and assess the damage. He got it up just far enough to see his calf was bleeding profusely.

“Goddamn thing must have bit me when I kicked it,” he mumbled under his breath. “Wonder if I am going to turn into some kind of werewolf later on,” he added with a chuckle. At the time it seemed funny, him becoming a werewolf. Perhaps, if the professor would have known the implications of his bitten leg, he might not have been so quick to laugh.

After smoothing his pant leg back in his place, he lifted up his shirt. The infernal beast marked him up good as there was a nasty looking pair of claw marks running across the length of his chest and down across his abdomen.

Making his way back to the jeep, it was parked in a nearby clearing, the professor applied a makeshift bandage from its first aid kit to his leg, before hightailing it out of there. Next time he ventured into this dark part of the forest he would be armed with something with a bit more pop to it– like a 12 gauge shotgun perhaps.

Pulling up into the short driveway of the small rented house they were staying at in the tiny village of Rasinari, Romania, Roger hoped his daughter would be in bed by now. It was nearly midnight so maybe he might be in luck as Katie, bless her kind heart, was quite the over protective little hen with him.

Roger actually loved the way his daughter fawned over him, although it left him feeling guilty at times. It seemed between taking care of him, working as his part time assistant on the new book he was writing, and maintaining her grades in the online college courses she was taking, the shy eighteen year old Katie was left with precious little time to enjoy any kind of a social life.

God knows the girl should have had a social life. She was pretty enough. Light, golden brown hair, soft blue eyes, a nearly flawless complexion, accented by a dazzling smile when she was happy.

Katie, with her luscious tan and a lithe little body, stood out among the overabundance of plain and chubby, pale skinned farmers’ daughters which populated her age group in this small Romania village. Her saintly beauty was matched with an incredibly shy and demure personality inspired by her overprotective late mother.

They had called Rasinari home now for going on nearly three months after moving from there San Diego. The move was the professor’s idea saying how he needed a bit more of a realistic atmosphere to write his current book.

Apparently, San Diego’s beaches and sunny climate was not conducive to writing a comprehensive history of Eastern European’s mythical monsters. He half expected Katie, freshly graduated from high school then, to balk at their move, but to his surprise, she actually seemed excited about visiting the not so exotic Romania.

The professor carefully unlocked the front door before slipping noiselessly into the house. So far, so good; the house was quiet and dark. Limping over to the sofa, the professor plopped down with a heavy sigh.

He sat there for a brief moment or two waiting to see if Katie was going to come out. When she didn’t, Etiler Escort grunting in pain, he made his way gingerly down the hallway toward the bathroom at the end of the hallway opposite of Katie’s room.

Almost as soon as he entered the hallway, he felt a wave of dizziness wash over him. He tried to fight it, but with what seemed like an enormously loud bang in the silent house, he crashed heavily against the wall.

Seconds later, as he sank slowly to the floor, he watched the light in Katie’s bedroom come on. It was the last thing he remembered before slipping into unconsciousness.

His eyes flickered open. He was sitting on the bare wooden hallway floor slumped against the wall. “W-what happened?” he managed to mumble.

“I found you out here. Passed out. What happened, Daddy?” Katie hovered over him looking especially worried. A flush of shame hit him as all he could think of as he sat there–staring at his daughter–was how sexy she could look, if only she would be brave enough to show off even a little bit.

She was wearing her usual sleeping attire– an oversized white cotton sleep shirt adorned with dozens of little tiny rainbows. The shirt, although cute enough as it was, did nothing at all to accent the blossoming curves of her youthful body. Her shoulder length blond hair was messed up a bit as if she been sleeping.

“Later, I will fill you in, but for now, just help your daddy to his feet, princess.”

She resisted the urge to smile. “Princess”. It was a pet nickname for her; one he hadn’t used in years. “I will try,” she whispered.

It took a minute, but with her help he finally managed to gain his feet. He felt another wave of dizziness come over him, and if it wasn’t for the wall on one side, and her on the other, he most likely would have tumbled over again.

“Help me into my bedroom, sweetie.”

Leaning heavily on his daughter, the professor just barely managed to stagger to the doorway of what passed as the small house’s master bedroom before having to pause.

“Are you alright, Daddy? You aren’t going to pass out again are you?”

“No, no, just help me over to the bed,” he replied.

After reaching the bed, he plopped down heavily on the edge of it.

“Here let me pull back the covers so you can lay down,” his angel of a daughter told him.

She started to turn back the covers before he stopped her. “Honey, didn’t you just put fresh sheets on both our beds yesterday.”

“Uh-hum. Why?”

“Yeah, well, you had better turn on the lamp there and take a good look at your father first.”

Reaching over, she clicked on the lamp on the nearby nightstand casting a small pool of light inside the otherwise dark bedroom.

Turning to look at him she let out a small gasp. None of what she was observing now had been evident in the dark hallway earlier. “Jesus, your shirt is torn and filthy and your pants, the left leg looks like it’s soaked in blood. God, I think we need to get you to a hospital.”

“Honey, we are not in America anymore. This little village doesn’t have a hospital or even an after-hours clinic for that matter. I already checked. The nearest place to go for medical care is a good forty five minute drive, and I’m in no condition to drive. Maybe tomorrow.”

“Promise if I think you need to go somewhere tomorrow to get looked at you will go.”

“Yes, yes I promise,” he replied while not really meaning it. “But now we have more pressing matters to attend to honey. I don’t think you want me getting in bed and ruining those fresh clean sheets with my filthy clothes. I need to get undressed but I’m not feeling… ahh particularly energetic so if you don’t mind maybe you could help your daddy get undressed… if that’s OK, princess?”

“Of course, it’s OK, Daddy,” she replied softly. “Here lift your arms.” She helped him strip off his dirty sweatshirt before snapping at him gruffly, “You are going to tell me everything that happened later once we get you settled.” It was not a question but a matter of fact statement.

He smiled wanly and whispered, “Yes, of course, I will tell you everything.”

“Good, now can you stand up… just for a moment anyways. It will be easier I think to get these stupid, bloody pants off of you.”

The professor got to his feet as her hands went to the front of his pants. After undoing the front button, she carefully unzipped his pants before pulling them down. Her heart, for some reason, was beating wildly in her chest, as she helped him struggle out of his blood splattered pants.

Tossing the pants aside, she took a quick glance downwards. Her happenstance glimpse revealed two pertinent facts: number one he was wearing a pair of simple white briefs and number two, under the briefs, there was what appeared to be a rather sizable bulge–one that caused her young heart to race with curious excitement.

She received a reprieve from any further naughty thoughts her father’s large bulge may have caused, when her attention Fatih Escort was quickly drawn downwards to the makeshift bandage. It was just hanging there, nearly ready to fall off.

“Hold your leg out,” she said as she dropped to her knees.

He obeyed offering his leg up to his “pretty nurse.”

Katie carefully pulled the bandage the rest of the way off. “Daddy, this looks nasty. It almost looks like you have been bitten. What happened? Did you get attacked by a dog or something? What if you need a tetanus shot?”

“Let’s worry about the tetanus shot tomorrow. As for what attacked me, it wasn’t a dog and let’s just leave it at that for now. Remember I promised to fill you in later.”

Fixing her with a bright smile, he reached out and ruffled her hair. He wanted his daughter to know he was totally confident and–despite everything– he was OK.

Knowing it was useless to argue with her headstrong father Katie sighed. “I’ll go get a washcloth and a basin and some bandages. I will be just a minute.”

She started to hurry away before he stopped her. “Before you do that I’m thirsty hon, could you get me something to drink.”

“Sure, I will run to the kitchen and get a glass of water.”

“I was thinking something with a bit more kick to it. There is a bottle of champagne in the upper kitchen cabinet above the stove. I have been saving it for a special occasion.”

“And you call this a special occasion? Are you serious? Just let me get you the water.”

“Katie, this is a special occasion. I mean it’s not every day a broken down old history professor slash inspiring writer like myself, gets to be taken care of by the world’s prettiest nurse.”

Katie flushed slightly at her daddy’s over the top compliment but said nothing.

“Now are you going to be my good girl and do what I ask or am I going to have to stagger out to the kitchen myself.”

“Fine,” she huffed.

He held up two fingers, “Get two glasses hon.”

“Two?” she replied giving him a questioning look.

“Yeah, one for me and one for you. I don’t want to celebrate alone.”

“Daddy, don’t you think I should be… like sober if I’m going to take care of you.”

“I think a few sips of champagne won’t prevent you from taking care of your patient, Katie.”

Out in the kitchen, Katie took a few minutes to gather everything: wash basin, washcloth, bandages, Neosporin, bottle of champagne and yes, the two glasses.

Before heading off to the bedroom she took a quick detour to the bathroom wanting to take a minute to fix herself up a bit for him. Maybe it was to reward him for dusting off her pet nickname of “princess”, or maybe it was the compliment of referring to her as the “world’s prettiest nurse”, but regardless Katie spend a good ten minutes applying a bit of makeup before adding a touch of perfume and fixing her hair. She fervently hoped he would notice her efforts to impress him.

After entering the bedroom, she was amused to see he was sleeping, albeit not very peacefully. His legs and arms were both twitching, as if he was running maybe, and his face was contorted. Even more amusing was the way he was muttering under his breath like he was talking to someone.

Apparently, she took too long in getting ready. After carefully arranging the things on the nightstand next to the bed, she retreated across the room meaning to leave him alone so he could sleep. She would just fix him up later.

Before departing she turned at the doorway to check on him one last time. As she quietly stood there, observing her sleeping father from across the room, it hit her.

His face, relaxed again, looked handsome, in fact, more handsome than ever before and actually possessed a youthful glow to it she hadn’t witnessed since before her mother passed away nearly three years ago.

Katie took a small step forward wanting a closer look. Could her eyes be deceiving her? Beyond his new youthful glow, his hair, light brown and full during his younger years, had, as of late, been thinning, with touches of grey appearing around the edges, but now it looked thick once more, and without a hint of grey? Maybe it was a trick of the soft lighting, but before she could consider things further he bolted upright from his sleep.

“Jesus, that was awful,” he said rubbing his eyes.

“Bad dream, Daddy,” she asked.

“Very bad and I don’t want to talk about it… not now,” he answered firmly before she could even ask. “Did you bring the champagne?”

“Yes,” she said crossing the room.

“Fill my glass up all the way, and yours only about half, and then come sit next to me.”

After settling down next to him on the bed, he tipped his glass to hers with a smile. “To my pretty nurse and her lovely bedside manner.”

Nodding at her, he drained the champagne in one long swallow.

“Your turn, but go slow. Only take a few sips at first.”

Katie slowly moved the glass to her lips. She took a tentative sip or two. The champagne, Halkalı Escort actually, did not taste too bad.

She smiled at him.

“Not bad huh?”

“No, it’s pretty good. I think I like it, actually.” The champagne gave her a warm and fuzzy feeling not at all un-pleasant.

After reaching over and grabbing the bottle off the nightstand, Roger refilled his own glass. He took another large swallow before looking at her seriously.

Her hair was arranged in a pair of pretty twin ponytails giving her an innocent youthful appearance–one which very much appealed to the wolfish desire growing inside him. The twin ponytails, sticking out from both sides of her head, only served to accent her absolutely angelic face.

“You do that for your daddy, princess?” he asked quietly.

“Do what?”

“Put on a bit of makeup and pin your hair up in the twin ponytails like you used to. You know I always liked your hair like that huh? It makes you look sweet and innocent.”

Playing coy with him she answered, “Hmm, maybe.”

“Well, I think you did. I sense as much.”

“You just might be right. Now are you ready to get cleaned up?”

“Yes, but first sit down, here on the bed next to me, and listen as I am going to tell you what happened tonight that has left me looking like a mess.”

“OK,” Katie said sitting down on the bed.

“You know I have been writing a chapter about the Varcolac?”

“Isn’t that the wolf demon thingy?”

“Yes, and tonight, well, I think I might have been attacked by one.”

“Wait… I thought they were only a myth.”

“Yeah, well, this myth has sharp teeth and claws and a nasty personality and likes to bite.”

“You sure it wasn’t just a wolf or a big dog? You were in the woods right and it was dark.”

“I have had a few encounters with wolves honey and I know a dog when I see one. I don’t think it was either one of them. What I do know is this… whatever the hell it was, scared the shit out of me and you know me honey… I don’t scare easy.”

“No, you don’t. You are the bravest man I know,” she said firmly.

“Anyways long story short. I survived, obviously, but that dream I just had. It was so real and scary and it makes me think I am maybe cursed by this thing.”

He abruptly stopped speaking and shook his head. He closed his eyes before taking a deep breath and summoning the wolf. It was ready to take over.

The disease, as a result of the little nip he received on the leg, was now coursing through his entire body making him strong and virile, sly and cunning, and most especially horny — for his pretty young daughter.

More importantly, the disease allowed him to set aside his morals, especially on nights like this when the moon was full, and his newly found affliction gave him a strong hunger, a craving even, for young female flesh. It also gave him some very special shaping shifting abilities which, before the night was over, he would very much use to his advantage.

He smiled at her, not feeling the least bit bad the yarn he was about to spin about his alleged dream was wholly made up for the sole reason to lure her into his bed for the evening–where he planned on fucking her silly. Morals, much like the wolf in today’s modern society, had no place in this brave new world of his.

“Cursed how?” she asked quietly.

“It’s that dream I just had. The thing, the same thing that attacked me in the woods earlier was stalking me, in my dream, and Jesus it was so… so ugly. I think the demon has attached itself to me and she is not going to give up so easy.”

“She? How do you know it’s female?”

“Because female varcolacs are known to stalk and attack only males while the opposite is true for the male of the species.

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“Most people don’t. It’s actually only a theory of sorts but my gut tells me it’s true.”

He stopped talking again before pointing to his empty glass. “Can you refill my glass hon and then I have to ask a potentially embarrassing favor.”

“Sure,” she said. She grabbed the bottle of champagne and refilled his glass.

“Can you finish yours honey? You said it wasn’t bad right?”

Not wanting to disappoint him, she finished off the last bit of the small amount of her own champagne, while she watched him polish his full glass off in two quick swallows.

Watching her finish off her champagne, somewhat eagerly even, gave the cunning wolf inside of him hope his devious plan might succeed after all.

“You know Katie, I think the only way to defeat this Varcolac bitch that is now stalking me now is with your help.”

“What can I possibility do against an evil demon bitch, Daddy?” The whole subject of their conversation seemed utterly surreal to Katie, but since her father, in her mind, one of the smartest people in the world, was taking it seriously, so would she.

“Honey, listen closely. In preparation on my chapter about Varcolacs I have done intensive research focusing on the legend of them here in Romania and what I have learned thus far is this… Once the she-demon bitch gets a taste of your blood, which I have both the bite and scratch marks to prove she did, it doesn’t let go. It will continue to stalk you, even if you are locked away, for instance, in an impregnable fortress it can still attack you while you sleep… that is while you dream.”

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