Daring Escapade

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Daring EscapadeDaring Escapade (Pt.1)Sometimes it’s diffucult to actually remember how certain things happen, or get started. I have a tw***e year old daughter,almost th*****n as she would tell you if you asked. We are very close, always have been. She is absolutely beautiful and a serious wet dream. Whenever you think of l****a, well that’s my daughter. Thin, but lithe and tight with the those wonderful small but prominent breasts…her breasts, small but beautifully shaped with pink puffy aureaolea and surprisingly large nipples that seemed hard all the time as can be witnessed through almost any top she wears as she never wears a bra. She says they bother her, who am I to argue. It’s probably those nipples that started this whole thing.My wife and I have a relationship of sharing, we share all the bills and little else. She works incredbly long hours and we see little of her. She goes on the road a lot leaving the two of us alone for sometimes weeks. I’m almost 100% sure she has a lover, ’cause it sure as hell isn’t me. This fact I’m sure also led to what happened.Now one thing I’ve noticed about my daughter is, that she wears a lot less clothes when her mother is gone than she does when she is here.She’ll run around in t-shirt and tight little panties in front of me always glancing at me out of the side of her eye to see if I notice, damn right I notice! I pretend not to of course because that’s what I’m supposed to do as a good father. But I notice alright, that wonderful full ass of hers and that bulge in front of those tight panties that fit like a glove in every crevice, how could I not notice that. Oh and did I mention I’m a panty freak as well so it’s twice as bad that she prances around in them all the time. She sems to know I like her in panties, it’s hard not to have a hard on much of time and I do.So anyhow, her mother’s gone again I’m sitting watching football on the tube and in she comes wearing a thin sleeveless nylon top that I can just make out the shape of those breasts and def see her hard nipple poke into the front. This on top and a pair of incredibly tight pink nylon panties that leaves nothing to the imagination and it was obvious she had no hair under the thin opaque material.I could just make out her pussy under the cloth and my temp was on the way up as well as my cock.She comes over to the chair I’m sitting in , straddles my leg between hers and leans over holding on to my left thigh about 1 inch from my growing problem. I take my eyes off the TV and look into hers. She is looking up at me smiling with that beautiful mouth and bright eyes. “Alone again she says”. “Yep” and I start caressing the back of her head..a pure Fatherly form of affection while we looked into each other’s eyes. “You like it when I wear just my panties…don’t you Daddy?” she asked me. I said nothing at first; but then decided to go with flow and see what happens. “Yes I do baby..I can’t help it, you’re so beautiful and sexy and I love looking at you”. I noticed that she was quite lightly and slowly rubbing her panty covered pussy on my leg betwen hers. “It makes me feel sexy when I see you looking”, she says. Her hand was almost touching my hard cock underneath my thin shorts. The front of her shirt was hanging low in front and I could easily see her wonderful breasts, her nipples incredibly long and hard, I wanted to touch and taste them. The tips of her fingers was now touching the tip ataşehir escort of my cock, her bottom moving a bit more insistantly on my leg. I was a little stunned that this was hapenning.I started caressing down her back now and I put my lips on hers, she opened her mouth and used her tongue like an expert and it wasn’t long before we were kissing passionately. I moved my hand around to her front and slipped it under her top moving it up to caress her left breast for the first time and ran my fingers around her long hard nipple. She sucked in her breath when I did that and her breathing got quicker. Her movements on my leg had increased so I grabbed her panty covered ass in my free hand and helped her rub herself off on my leg . I could feel her wetness on my leg, those panties must be soaked.The thought made my dick jump and I then realized she was now slowly caressing the head of my cock which was sticking out of the leg of my shorts. I was breathing somewhat harder myself at that point. Wow, this was getting out of hand fast.She buried her head against my shoulder at that point and was making short grunting noises everytime her pussy contacted my leg which I pushed up on as she came down. Her hand was moving up and down my now mostly exposed cock and I couldn’t believe how her hand felt at that moment, stroking softly up and down.All of a sudden her hand became a vice on my cock as she jeked forward on my leg and started to shake and shiver and moan loudly I pulled her ass forward on my leg and she just shook and quivered. I let my finger go under her and caressed her panty covered pussy lightly which set her off again and she cried out and jerked up and down on my finger. I never saw anything like it, I was huge at that moment and surprise I hadn’t cum myself. Her hand still gripped me vicelike as she jerked a few more times and the lay still on my shoulder.I pulled her up onto my lap so she sat facing me with her head stll buried in my shoulder. I put both my hands under her awesome butt and lifted her onto my lap, her pussy directly over the head of my cock. She gasped a little when she felt it against her but pushed against it harder with her panty covered mound. She put her arms around my neck and held me. Her pink nylon panties were soaked through and I could easily watch her pussy push against the head of my cock, the head slipping beween those lips as she pushed forward. I was very close. Once again, no warning, she started jerking like an out of control marionette as she came again in to her already wet panties. I couldn’t take any more either and my dick exploded against her panty mound and I jerked a little my self as I came into the already wet material..I was in compleat heaven at that very moment.We sat there breathing heavily against one another, each in they’re own bliss. “That was amazing Daddy. All because of my panties huh?” “That certainly helped; but I love you very very much baby. I want to experience everything with you as your Daddy”. She crushed me to her and held me tight against my chest. ” I love you too Daddy, all the way.” “Are you going to fuck me now?” I was once again stunned by her words; but I started to grow again and she felt it and pushed against it. We were absolutley drenched underneath her bottom.”I want to baby..are you ready for that?””I broke my own cherry with the handle of my hair brush Daddy..so you don’t have to worry about escort ataşehir that..and oh yes..please, I want my Daddy to fuck his little girl”.I was like a rock once more and she was moving on top of it again..only this time the material of the panties was so wet the head of my dick was almost in her pussy.I fucked in and out for a bit, and she closed her eyes and fucked back..the head almost completley into her entrance. I reached down and slipped the panties aside so the next push toward my cock was against her bare pussy and I slipped inside, the head buried. Her head was thrown back and she was bright red on her cheeks. I grabed the bottom of her shirt and gently pulled it off her so she was naked on top. I bent down and suckled her left nipple and breast…she was moaning heavy now and pushed her chest against my mouth. This was a dream come true for me, sucking her hard nipples while she fucked on my partly buried cock. It slipped in a little more, she gasped again and starting moaning loudly as she fucked on my dick. I continued to kiss and suckle her breasts. “Fuck me now Daddy” she whispered and I took the waistband of her panties and pulled the soaked garment off her lthe young body leaving her completley naked. I pulled her up closer to my chest and raised her up so her wet pussy was directly over my cock. “Lower yourself gently baby”, and I felt her start to envelope me into that wet slippery pussy..she was very tight. when she got 1/4 of me in her I took her ass and raised it up and let her fuck me like that while she got used to it. Her whole body was cherry red and flushed with the sexual pleasure she was experiencing. Eyes closed, head back she slowly fucked me while I just watched her do it. You can’t even imagine how good I felt at that moment. Right or wrong, it didn’t matter..this was the most exsiquisite moment of my life so far…..and then the phone rang!Talk about jarring one out of a revelry..both of us jumped and she looked at me worriedly…”It’s ok baby it’s just the phone. I better get it though” I got up with her stll against me and put her down in the chair and went to get the damn phone.It was my wife..the meeting was cancelled and she was on her way home, she should be pulling in in half an hour…holy shit I’m glad she called. I walked over to my daughter still naked in the chair, picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me as I took her up stairs for a shower. She put her head in my neck and asked “Do you still love me Daddy?””oh my yes baby so very very much. Nothing will ever change that and I feel so much closer to you now than ever” I kissed her lips passionately and put her down in the bathroom.”Wear a nice short skirt for Daddy ok sweetie?” She smiled up at me.”and those yellow panties you like so mUch” I kissed her again and went down to clean our mess and make sure it didn’t smell like sex in the room.Almost a half hour to the minute, sure enough in comes my sour puss wife…looking frazzeld and unhappy. she barely acknowledges my presence as she she goes to the bedroom to change. My daughter walked into the room at that moment and I just stared, I couldn’t help it. She wore a skirt so short it barely covered her ass, even if she bent over a bit I could see her ass and those incredible yellow panties..they were a stretch fabric and fit tight against her wonderful body.On top she had on a pure white t-shirt that was very thin and ataşehir escort bayan her nipples and aureola was plain. I had to fight to keep from growing anymore than i had. My daughter kept looking toward my crotch. “Your mom is going to love that outfit”..I laughed. “she won’t even notice,” my daughter said, “watch”.My wife ambled out the bedroom with a book under her arm. She put the book on the couch and made herself a drink. She sat down on the couch with her back to me and said to my daughter “come see this old photo book I found”.My dughter made a face at me I smiled at her as she went over to the couch and instead of going around and sitting down on the couch beside her mother, she bent over the back of the couch and looked over my wife’s shoulder. This presented to me the most glorious sight of my daughters ass and pussy in those yellow panties as the skirt rose up in back and uncovered her. I was very hard.My daughter takes her right hand, places it between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy through the stretchy cloth. Almost immediately a wetness starts to flow onto her panties. I can’t help my self I grab my self and start rubbing.She continues to push her fingers into her pussy all the while talking to her mother making comments on the pictures she’s looking at and then says, “daddy come here and look at this one”. My wife looks a little annoyed but I walk over to the couch and stand right behind my daughter, bending over to see the photo and pushing my hardness bewtween her butt crack. “Yeah that is cool” I remark as my daughter reaches behind her and frees my cock from my shorts. She squeezes it a couple times then lets go and slips her fingers into the sides of her tight little panties and draws them halfway down her legs. “wow that’s a nice one “, I croak out as my daughter grabs me once again and holds me while shes backs her pussy onto my cock. I can’t believe this is happenning. She has now impaled herself almost all the way onto me; but i’m staying still for the moment.I put my hands on either side of her ass and start gently fucking in and out of her. Man this is crazy! I don’t dare move to much or too hard to disturb the couch. She is very wet; but very tight and it’s hard not to shake the couch. “Why don’t ypu just come and sit down”, my wife scolds. “Were cool”, my daughter answers and pushes back untill my cock is all the way in her. I’m not sure I can last too long like this. Again I start to thrust in and out of my daughter’s tight pussy. It’s a little easier now and I go a bit faster. I look down to see my swollen cock fucking in and out of my own daughter, and with my wife sitting inches a way!. My daughter all of sudden starts a much more restrained version of her shaking orgasm and I lose it too right inside her tight pussy. She went limp, as I came in her..I have to hold her up as I shoot again and again into her. After a second, My daughter gets control again and we both noticed we were at the end of the pictures. I pulled out of her slowly and grabbed the side of her pantise and pulled them back up tight against her. My cum ran out of her immediately and totally soaked the yellow panties. I paced my finger against them and rubbed the wetness into her pussy. God I could do this forever with this minx.The pictures ended and we split up, my wife to go to bed, me and my daughter for a shower. As I thought about the whole day and all that happened with my daughter, all I do is get excited about the future together. I can’t believe I fucked my own daughter while my wife sat inches away, my God that was exciting. I smiled and shook my head as I want upstairs to join my daughter in the shower wondering what was next.

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