Danni – Part 2

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I just about skipped home. I’d never felt so exhilarated in my life. Danni had always been my best friend. Now she was teetering on the brink of being my lover. My mind was filled with the unspoken joy of holding hands with her, the kisses we had shared and the touch of her hands over my back. It had all felt incredible and I couldn’t wait until I saw her again. I went to bed smiling and soon fell into a deep, contented sleep. I woke early the next morning, an hour before I really needed to. I felt oddly depressed. The night before had been so amazing and beyond any expectations I’d ever had of my friendship with Danni. I had to pinch myself to believe that it had really happened. I almost started to question myself. Had I imagined the whole thing? Had she been drunk? Was it a one off that she would think would be best forgotten? I went back to bed and lay dreaming of all the possibilities that could open up to me if Danni felt the same way about me as I did about her. I ran my hand over my tummy, imagining it was Danni’s. I felt amazing just doing that to myself. I could barely imagine what it would feel like if it was Danni’s hands and fingers exploring my body. I closed my eyes, running my hands slowly over my inner thighs, dreaming of Danni’s fingers gently caressing me slowly up and down. The tips of her fingers gradually reaching higher and higher with each upward stroke. I was rapidly becoming lost in the most sensuous thoughts of Danni exploring my thighs with her hands. My phone beeped loudly, snapping me out of my luxurious daydreaming. I’d received a text. It was only 6am. Who was texting me so early in the morning? I was torn between continuing what I’d started in bed and succumbing to my curiosity and checking my phone. I checked the phone! It was a text from Danni. It simply read “xxxx.” Despite being one of the shortest texts I had ever received, I was over the moon. Maybe I was reading too much into the four repeated letters but I instantly knew she still felt good about what had happened between us the night before. I really wanted to finish what I had started while I lay in bed but it was more important to me to reply to Danni’s text. “What should I reply with?” I thought to myself. “I loved last night,” I started keying. While that may have been true, I wasn’t sure if it really suited. I deleted what I had started. Danni had sent me a very short text. Perhaps I should reply with the same? “When?” I keyed. I sat staring at what I had typed into my phone, my finger hovering over the send button. It was true that it was short but was it too forward and suggestive? Would Danni share my thought that it was suggestive? Would bahis siteleri she like that? I had taken an almighty risk the night before in kissing Danni. Luckily that had payed off. Would it be too much to ask for this risk to pay off too? If it did I swore I’d go straight out and buy a lottery ticket! “Courage Katie,” I said to myself before pressing the send button. My “When?” text had been sent. I sat staring at the phone for what felt like an eternity. It beeped again less than sixty seconds after I had sent my message. I sighed with relief. It was Danni again. The message simply read, “Tonight?” “My place, 7pm , dinner and………..,” I typed and sent. I had deliberately left the end with a series of dots. I was suddenly feeling very playful and excited about the evening to come and wanted Danni to fill those dots with whatever she wanted to imagine. I was already imagining lots myself! Another beep. “Can’t wait. See you xxx” came Danni’s reply. I smiled at the response, hoping she was doing the same after receiving my texts. Despite the fact I had to go to work, my mind was already focussed on planning for the evening. I had committed myself to making dinner. My text ending in dots had, at least in my own mind, committed me to something more too. I had clear ideas about dinner and I knew what the dots meant for me, but would Danni’s idea of what the dots meant mirror my own? I flew into the shower and dressed quickly for work. The last thing I wanted to do was work. I wanted to spend the day planning the evening and I knew every second I spent at work would seem like an hour. My mind was filled with ideas for dinner, what to wear and what I could do to make the evening perfect. I’d never had a second thought about sharing an evening with Danni before, but after the kisses we had shared the night before I knew this evening would be different from the start. It felt like a first date with a new person rather than another evening with my best friend. I decided to plan like it was a first date and the first thing I needed to do would be to get dinner sorted. We usually shared a pizza or takeout. I knew that both of those options wouldn’t be good enough for a first date. I wanted to cook something special without it seeming like I’d spent hours doing it. I also didn’t want to be attached to the hob and oven for ages while it cooked. I worked in a supermarket, so I was surrounded with plenty of ideas for dinner. Beef casserole, pasta, grilled steak, pan friend chicken in cream and brandy. My mind whirled with the options. In all honesty all I wanted to do was go home, try on clothes, have a very big glass of wine, and dream canlı bahis siteleri of the evening to come. I decided to cook lasagne. I could prepare it early then just put it in the oven and have a delicious cheesy baked pasta meal forty minutes later. Maximum impact with minimal effort. At the end of my shift I picked up some beef mince, a bag of salad and two bottles of wine before rushing home as quick as I could. I got in at four o’clock and quickly prepared the lasagne. To save time I kept the recipe very simple. I layered the cheese sauce with the beef mix and lasagne sheets, topped the dish with plenty of grated cheese and put it in the fridge ready for later. I felt pleased that I could now concentrate on preparing the more fun aspects of the evening to come. While I knew I should wait, I opened one of the bottles of wine, poured myself a glass and sat staring at the open doors of my wardrobe. Should I pick underwear first and my other clothes around that, or decide on a dress or jeans and then pick the underwear after? I smiled to myself. This was a ridiculous dilemma! Danni was my best friend and she’d caught me touching myself in the shower not more than 24 hours earlier and here was I stressing about underwear! I slipped on a pair of sheer black hold ups and a pair of black knickers and looked at myself in the mirror. It was the sort of thing I might wear out to a club or a special dinner. Would Danni like it? Would it be over the top for a night in with her? Should I take the risk? Why not I thought, all my risks seem to be paying off at the moment. I picked a lacy black bra to match and put that on before looking in the mirror again. I thought I looked okay. “Who doesn’t like black hold ups and lace?” I thought to myself. I undressed and put the underwear to the side before turning my attention back to the wardrobe again. Jeans were out of the question if I was going to wear hold ups. It would have to be a dress or skirt and blouse. The madness of what I was doing hit me again. It had never even occurred to me to stress over clothes for a night in with Danni. I had to keep reminding myself that this was most likely not going to be an ordinary night in! While I was in the mood to be daring, I thought a dress would be going too far. I picked a turquoise skirt and black blouse. I looked at the clock. It was six. I needed to get a move on as I still had things to prepare before Danni arrived. I found some candles in a kitchen drawer. I placed four in the lounge ready to be lit. I laid the table with a nice cloth and put another two candles on the table. Was this too much? Would Danni think I was mad? I reckoned that canlı bahis at worst she’d think I was sweet, so I left things as they were. Six twenty. I jumped quickly in the shower with no thought of touching myself this time. I dried myself and set about making myself up. I’d never gone too mad with make up and I didn’t want to now. Mascara, blusher and a very subtle shade of lip stick and I was done. I slid the knickers, bra and hold ups on and looked in the mirror again. I thought I looked okay but what would Danni think if she saw me like this? I looked at my bedside table and saw my perfume bottle sitting there. “Why not?” I thought. I sprayed a little on my arms and neck and then without even realising what I was doing I sprayed a little on my tummy and inner thighs. I laughed to myself. This was ridiculous! I finished dressing then turned the oven on ready for the lasagne. Six fifty and I was starting to feel a little nervous. I lit the candles. The nerves turned to panic as the doorbell rang. My heart was suddenly beating out of my chest, my mind swamped with thoughts of dinner, candles, underwear, perfume and most of all, Danni. I had no idea how the evening would unfold and I think that’s what made me so incredibly nervous and unbelievably excited at the same time. I opened the door and there was Danni waiting on the doorstep. “Hi,” I just about squeaked as I opened the door. Danni was wearing a coat, so I had no idea what she was wearing and whether I’d gone over the top with my own choice of clothing. “Hi Katie,” she giggled back at me. I could see Danni’s eyes look me up and down. More than anything I noticed she was smiling. It was that same smile I had seen so many times the night before. Besides the smile, she also had the most playful look in her eyes. “You look fabulous,” she said to me. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” I was so nervous I had completely forgotten the most basic of pleasantries! “Of course, come in,” I replied. Danni walked past me into the hall and took her jacket and shoes off. I breathed a massive sigh of relief. She was wearing a blouse and skirt too and looked absolutely fabulous. The big difference were that her legs were bare and her skirt was much shorter than mine. I couldn’t help but look longingly at her legs! “So?” Danni said, smiling again. I think she knew that I had looked her up and down. I was trembling all over. “Dinner?” I asked. Danni didn’t immediately respond with words. She walked over to me, placed her hands around my waist and kissed me softly on the lips. While I knew this was what I wanted, I was so taken aback that at first I didn’t respond. “I loved what we shared last night,” she said. “Can we share more?” I held Danni as tight as I could so she wouldn’t notice how much I was trembling. “I want to share everything,” I whispered back at her. This time I kissed Danni before she had a chance to kiss me.

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