Daniel Pt. 01

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I was invited to a Halloween Party by a close friend who always asked me to attend, but I never made it. I decided I would make the effort however I would need a really good costume I did not want to attend unless I had a great costume. I searched the stores looking for something that would be perfect. I could rent one, or make something up myself, the thrift stores had all kinds of ideas. I would be Thor God of Thunder, I got all I needed at a few stores, makeup, armor, hammer, the works.

The night came I got to work on my costume early, I purchased a really good wig to get the hair just right, the helmet would not be comfortable, the body armor too would make me sweat with a large red cape I have to say I looked great. I called a cab to bring me to Terry’s place I did not want to have to drive as I planned to have a few drinks, probably the only way I would get thru this night. The cab driver kept looking at me in the mirror,

“Something wrong?”

“Oh no, sorry sir, you just look like the guy from the movie, I was not sure if you were him or not.”

“No sir I am no movie star just a regular guy is all.”

“Your costume is perfect you look exactly like the guy in the movie.”

“Thank you very much.”

I was not trying to look like a certain actor but I guess I had done it. When I arrived at the party Terry greeted me at the door,

“Dam Tom you look just like him, it took me a few minutes to realize it was really you.”

There was a house full of people there, I think I knew maybe two or three of them. One by one they all came up and commented how good my costume looked and how much I looked like the guy in the movie. I was on my third drink chatting with a few mutual friends of ours, I could feel someone was watching me. Have you ever had that feeling? That feeling of uneasiness you can’t see the person looking at you but you can feel it.

This young guy from across the room had his eye on me from the start, had he just came up, chatted with me I would have been at ease, but he only followed my movements as I walked across the room. After an hour, a few more drinks I confronted him, I walked up to him, stood directly in front of him, he was a bundle of nerves, he was terrified.

“Hello my name is Tom I do not believe we have met.”

“Daniel here sorry sir for staring at you but you look so much like Thor, I was intimidated to go over and introduce myself.”

I stuck out my hand, He took my hand, turning a bright shade of red. I knew before the end of this night I would attempt to make out with this young man, hopefully more. We chatted for some time, he was a really nice guy, more than a little shy handsome did not describe this young man, he had on a casino şirketleri vampire costume, I wanted him to eventually suck something on me but it was not my neck that was for sure. We hung around for most of the rest of the night, we talked about it all, he was fresh out of university, looking to land a great career, I told him I may be able to help him with some really good contacts I knew in his field. I gave him my number he could text me next week, I could send him some contact info he could use to land the right job.

We had a few drinks, I excused myself to go to the washroom to pee, I told him it was a nightmare to get around this armor to get to my dick.

“Would you like some help with your?”

The question stayed in the air not complete, but I knew what he was offering.

“Yes I would, thank you.”

I took his hand we walked upstairs to the washroom I showed him what had to come off what had to be held, once my cock was free he held it in his hand, he attempted to stroke it,

“I will not be able to pee if you stroke it.”

“Sorry but it is such a nice cock, it should be stroked, sucked.”

I took my cock out of his hand, I concentrated on getting a stream going, he stood, watching as I unloaded my bladder. Once empty he reached out took my cock into his hands, got on his knees licked the last droplets of urine still on my shaft his tongue felt so good on my cock, he sucked the tip of my cock trying to get more fluid out of my hose.

“Dam that feels so good, can you swallow more?”

The boy was a natural he took my cock deep into his mouth, his tongue magical I would blow my load soon he grabbed my ass so he could take more in, my cock was buried deep down his throat, his throat muscles stroked my cock his tongue licked the base, with the suction he had on my cock my balls started to shoot their payload the boy swallowed every drop milking my cock for more of my cum.

I was spent, the boy had drained all I had right now I got myself all tucked back into my costume, he gave me that look that puppy dog look like was I going to take him home with me.

“Your coming home with me right?”

The boys eyes lit up,

“Yes sir I want you to fuck my ass with your big cock later, is that okay?”

“I would love to fuck your hot ass later, lets go mingle with the other guests for now, we can head out to my place later.”

Terry saw me exiting the bathroom with the boy, I asked Daniel to go get me a drink, just so I could talk to Terry, Terry shook his head,

“You fucked that right?”

“Nope I will do that later, he just helped me pee, okay he sucked my dick.”

“Tom your a pig, I so wish I was you.”

Daniel came casino firmaları up with drinks for both of us,

“Thanks Daniel, do you know our host Terry?”

“Yes we met years ago, thru his ex boyfriend.”

Daniel and I stayed for about an hour or so, the party really wound down by two in the morning so we headed out to my place. Daniel wanted to take his car,

“Daniel you had a drink so your not driving you can ride with me, I will drive you to your car in the morning.”

“Am I spending the night?”

“Your spending the night, I want you in my bed for the night.”

Daniel had a massive smile on his face. When we arrived at my home, I had Daniel help me get out of the costume, I was soon naked, I helped Daniel remove his clothes, the boy had a great body not a bodybuilder but smooth, tight, I could see myself licking him everywhere, we decided to have a drink before bed we both stayed naked Daniel could not take his eyes off of my cock, we drank our drinks then headed to bed as we walked to the bedroom I watched Daniel’s ass as he walked, his cheeks were in perfect sync his dimples above his cheeks would become pronounced then disappear.

Once we were in the room I got Daniel on his back on the bed, my tongue needed to get into that ass of his, he wanted to get to my cock again but I wanted him to wait, my tongue was all over the boys perfect little ass, the boy tasted good, his hole so very tight, I wanted, needed to put my cock in that, I got into a sixty nine position, taking the boys cock in my mouth, his cock was about four inches in length, short and thin his balls small, it was all hairless his ass included. I stopped sucking the boy

“How old are you Daniel?”

“I’m twenty three sir why do you ask?”

“No reason Daniel just wondering is all.”

Daniel got my cock lathered up with spit, I grabbed the lube, lubed up his hole getting my cock slicked up I laid on the bed Daniel would ride my cock he was so eager to get my cock in his tiny hole. The boy got on, placing my cock at his opening the boy plunged his ass onto my cock, I was balls deep the face the boy made you know it hurt him but he aimed to please. Soon he was riding my cock, stroking my cock base to tip the boys cock was bouncing up and down, I grabbed his cock stroking him his cock soon was unloading its load all over my chest. My cock was ready his ass gripped my cock like a clamp my balls rose my cock filled him with my seed, the boy rode me like a cowboy would ride a bull.

The boy laid on my chest my cock slowly slipping out of his hole my seed spilling out of the boys ass. We got in bed I held him in my arms the boy cuddled with me, I kissed him, we were both out. I woke in the morning güvenilir casino the boy was still in my arms he smiled,

“Sir I have never slept so good in my entire life, Thank you.”

I kissed hi, he had me hard ready for more, we got into a sixty nine position his little cock was rock hard and ready, I wanted to taste the boys cum I went to town on his cock taking his cock and balls in my mouth, lathering them in saliva. Daniel was sucking my cock down to the base my cock is eight inches no small feat, he would hold my cock in his throat swallowing, the feeling was incredible he had me on edge, I would shoot my load quickly, I sucked down on Daniel’s cock his small balls reacted I had him close I wanted, I needed his cum in my mouth no sooner said his cock was blasting my tonsils with his semen, everyone’s cum tastes different Daniel’s was more sweet than salty his little cock continued to blast my mouth I licked him clean.

Now that Daniel had cum he wanted my cock to release its load he again swallowed me down to the base, the boy had different techniques each time this was not his first big cock that was for sure. My balls were soon to release their cargo Daniel grabbed my ass pulling my cock deeper into his mouth and throat, that was the thing that sent me over the edge my cock shot like a shot gun, volley after volley of cum my balls ached, they shot so much cum Daniel swallowed it all up not wasting a drop.

I pulled the boy into a hug we laid there for what seemed like a few minutes but in reality was almost a half hour, it felt so good to have the boy in my arms. I think I liked the guy he was attractive very sexy the guy could swallow my cock to the base. It was a match made in gay heaven we got up I made coffee a small breakfast we chatted he was living with two roommates, it was not ideal but it was a place to live at the moment.

After we showered, I could tell he wanted to spend the day with me we went to the park for a walk then for a light lunch at a small bistro, when we got back to my place we got back in bed for round three I plowed the boy, him on his back me on top of him kissing fucking each shooting a massive load.

Spent we laid there covered in cum,

“We have to go get your car at some point Daniel,”

“Do I really need a car can’t we just lay here naked covered in our cum?”

Now it was I who was smiling, the boy had captured my heart, he was so sweet, laying here naked covered in sweat and cum, we will go get your car then you can come back here and we can make dinner, then decide what to do after that. Daniel smiled getting on top of me he leaned in for a kiss, that sounds good to me Tom.

Daniel and I dated for some time we had some incredible sex in the time we spent together we are still friends with benefits some times he will call me come and spend the night now and then, I helped the boy get a great career started, he is rising thru the ranks, he will go far. I wish him well.

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