Dangerous part 2 and honesty brought pure bliss

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Dangerous part 2 and honesty brought pure blissBob came by Monday night after work as planned. I had a superb Veal Scallopini ala Marsala ready to go. A quick house tour was done with tons of questions about all the evidence of k**s and a “normal” family.Back in the kitchen I’m finishing the mushroom sauce when Bob starts caressing my breasts from behind, neck nibbling and sliding his hard cock against my ass. Stove off.Bob is dressed from a days work, taking off his clothing took some time. I go directly to his cock with my mouth again. Only this time I plan to finish him off. I start just like the last time working the slit and doing some helmet polishing. Only this time he is rock hard from the start. Oh how much I enjoy his average sized cock. I can take the whole thing. When pushing my tongue as far as I can I can also breathe while keeping him deep. The best part is his lack of a curve matches up to my throat perfectly.”I want you to come for me.” I say before going back down.”Where?”I come off and say “Down my throat and press yourself deep when you do.”.By this time I’m taking that last inch past the gag reflex with no problem.Holding him deep and not doing much else. Bob has both hands behind my head holding me steady as he does small thrusts. Thrust, hold deep, back out, gives me chance to breathe and he thrusts again and holds. This process was repeated many ikonbet giriş times but not enough for me. I’m really enjoying this average cock too much. I am enjoying being used. What I am doing at this time I could do daily and still want more.Bob says “I’m close” as he presses my head down hard, lets up and presses hard again. I really don’t have any time to breathe and I am waiting. Before needing to come up for air I feel the base of Bob’s cock spasm as he sends the first of many ropes into my throat. I really thought he would pump his cum directlly to my tummy. Having the cock past the gag reflex and deep proved not deep enough for that. The back of my throat fills with his semen. By his 3rd spasm my mouth is about overflowing. Bob is grunting as I hold him tight and swallow. Tasty and pleseant, just like the pre-cum sample I had over the weekend. I did not swallow all of his cum, I did multiple small sips, just enough to make room for the rest. He is a big fluid producer. After about 6 ropes Bob is done and draining out. I have a mouthfull and I am holding it all, not moving, breathing through my nose and allowing him to grow soft. After maybe a minute I pull off, very satisfied and look up at Bob with a big smile. With the smile a good amount of his fluid seeps from the corners of my mouth. A little river is running down my chin and neck ikonbet yeni giriş to my chest. I play with the rivers a little with my index finger. Directing the flow. I close my lips, swish my tongue around my mouth to wash the inside of my cheeks above the upper jaw and blissly swallow. This part was of so enjoyable.I forget the Veal and walk to the marital bed. Bob follows.Oh to be young. In no time Bob was hard again. The only thing I was not a fan of was him asking me to brush my teeth. OK, so the boy does not like his own taste. But I do. On the wall of our marriage bedroom hangs a wedding picture. Me in pure white and Gus looking like nothing but a life support system for a dick. Oh so studly. Bob was taken by all this and I know it excited him as I saw him looking at the picture as he made his missionary entry into a wanton girl.At this time I told Bob about Gus, Nick and Frederick. I figured he would be most open to the truth while he was buried inside me. I left out the part about Frederick being African. I did tell Bob of these men having cocks ranging from 11 to 14 inches. I went out of my way to tell Bob how wonderful and enjoyable it is to have passion with a normal sized guy. Seriously, an average sized cock is lazy girl sex. And I do like it. I told Bob how I thought it unlikely I could get pregnant again. I attributed it to ikonbet güvenilirmi age not telling of the tube tie. Then I said these words to Bob.”Would you treat me just like your fertile young bride?”With those words Bob’s mouth left no doubt about his answer. The Veal was had for breakfast Tuesday before sunrise. Bob called in to work and took Tuesday off. He did the same Wednesday. On Thursday morning (this morning) Bob headed off to work. For almost 2 straight days we did nothing but screw like k**s. I had to take better than a dozen of Bob’s orgasms, each one filling me with young passion. No cervix penetration with him, a lot of him oozed out of me. Doggie position was the only way I would be dripless as his seed would gravity directly into my womb. Bob liked that alot and quite a few times right before he climaxed Bob would flip me. Actually, after we discovered this, every time he was close to climax I’d be flipped. My young lover was doing everything he could to breed me. This morning I took him orally again. No volume like Monday night in the kitchen. I would say I drained him completely. I’m writing this a little before noon on Thursday. I still taste him.One funny was yesterday morning with my best friend Mare ringing the door. With no answer she let herself in through the back. Her greeting was of a naked Bob in the hallway. Mare is not officially pregnant according to the d**g store test strip. She would have been ready for a 3-some which I normally would look forward to. Only this time I had to tell he that he was all mine. On her exit she winks and says:”Nice abs on that one. When did he graduate high school?”Thats all for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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