Dance, Little Sister Ch. 03

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I gotta tell you, Missy Elliott’s new CD is hot. How do I know? Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know what music does to my little sister. If you do, then surely you can imagine what a new CD might lead to. I didn’t exactly plan it, if you want the truth, but things have a way of working themselves out…

It was a Saturday, about a week after that ‘party’ with Kyle and Kayla, and I had the afternoon to myself. Out of boredom, really, I decided to pay my sister a surprise visit. So I left my crib, made two stops to pick up some things, then drove to the boutique where Marisol worked.

A small bell by the door announced my entrance, but no one was around. It was a little dark and cramped inside, but I made my way over to the checkout counter with ease. I was about to call out when I heard a small voice behind me ask, “Can I help you?”

“What’s up, sis?” I turned and smiled, holding up a bag of take out from our favorite Korean restaurant. Marisol brightened up, saying “Hey you!” and gave me a quick hug. “I thought I smelled something good. Did you get those sweet cucumbers I like?”

I nodded, admiring her outfit. She wore a tight baby T-shirt that bared her smooth tummy and a pair of large khaki cargo pants that hung low on her bronze hips. I was surprised to see a small gold ring piercing her navel. And from that ring hung a tiny gold heart.

“When did you get that?” I asked.

I saw Marisol blush. “I just got it two days ago.”

Moving closer to her, I inspected it. “You’ve been hiding it from me.” I said with a secretive smile.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t like it.” Marisol spoke in a low tone, looking away.

“I do like it,” I assured her. She smiled and thanked me with a peck on the cheek.

Looking at her seriously, I asked her, “What was that?” referring to her kiss. My sister looked at me in confusion, so I asked, “Is someone else here?” She nodded no, so then I asked, “Are there any security cameras?” Again, she nodded no.

Smirking, I pulled Marisol close to me and kissed her deeply on her lips. I felt them part and my tongue slipped past her teeth to duel with her own. She moaned slightly, then pulled away. “Was that better?” she asked.

“Yep!” I said, and watched her cute rump as she moved toward the boutique’s door. My mind kept shifting to more naughty thoughts as she locked the dead bolt and turned the OPEN sign to CLOSED. When she returned to my side, I was quick to feed her a slice of sweet cucumber and give her a small wrapped package decorated with little red roses.

“You’re sweet,” she told me, then squealed in delight after she ripped off the paper. “You got them for me!”

Marisol now held up two CD’s, one in each hand. The first was Missy Elliott’s ‘The Cookbook’ and she was quick to unwrap the case and place the disc in the portable stereo on the countertop.

Together we ate and talked while listening to the first three tracks. But when track four ‘Lose Control’ began to play, the beat was irresistible. I didn’t even stop to think about how the song title held a certain significance for us.

I only watched Marisol for a moment before moving to dance with her. She rocked and shook her body, displaying herself to me in that innocently sexy way she has. In the low light, the gold belly ring glittered as she writhed and I found my eyes constantly drifting towards it.

Our bodies were close and rapidly heating up. But sadly, with the song’s end, we cooled it. After all, Marisol still had to work. So, being a good boy, I controlled my arousal. For now at least.

Returning to the counter, we finished our lunch as Marisol sifted through the CD for songs she liked. Coming upon track six ‘Meltdown’ we had to laugh as Missy rhymed about her man’s ‘magic stick’ tasting like candy.

“Does mine taste like candy?” I joked. Marisol just glanced down at my crotch and smiled. Then she skipped on to track ten, entitled ‘4 My Man.’

I then felt Marisol’s arms wrap around my shoulders and the two of us began to sway to the slow jam. My own hands fell onto Marisol’s waist and I looked down to stare into her affection-filled eyes. She was so beautiful and perfect and I could only hope my own eyes showed her just how much I loved her.

When Etiler Escort the song finished, I moved to choose the next song. The CD cover called track thirteen ‘Mommy’ and as I suspected, it was a song for all those sexy lil mammas out there. I smiled at my sister who began to dance with an arousing look in her eyes. Watching her work her body almost seductively, my eyes kept shifting to her little belly ring. It really was an exciting addition to the whole package that was Marisol.

“You don’t like my belly ring, do you?” she asked me after the song ended. She hopped up onto the counter almost pouting. I guess my looking at it made her think I didn’t like it. But I loved it and told her so. Still, she looked unsure. So I pulled up a nearby chair and sat directly in front of her, leaning forward until my face was inches from her tummy.

“It’s sexy.” I whispered to her. With my index finger, I lightly flicked the heart that hung in front of her navel. It must’ve tickled because Marisol’s stomach muscles tightened. Without really thinking I took hold of her hips and gently kissed her tummy, all the while gazing up at her innocently.

I couldn’t be a good boy anymore, and since Marisol said nothing, I smiled and kissed her tummy once again. She leaned back a little and let out a trembling sigh. I tickled her belly button with my nose, gently blowing on her skin, and my fingers began to trace little lines along her hips.

Almost directly across from us, our sexy scene was reflected in a full-length mirror. I was seated before my little sister, kissing, nibbling, and stroking her skin. The expression on her face, eyes half closed and mouth panting, was one of absolute lust.

Gradually, my fingers worked their way up toward her breasts. I saw that her nipples were poking out strongly through her T-shirt, which meant—no bra—I love that! My hands went for the little nubs and I felt Marisol turn to jelly as I lightly massaged her small breasts and tingling nipples.

Pushing up the T-shirt to expose her tits, I found the shirt was so snug that it stayed up by itself. I was shocked at how swollen my sister’s nipples were, like little gumdrops. I don’t think I had ever seen them this way before. Delicately, I began pinching each one. Marisol trembled in anticipation as she watched me stand to encircle her left nipple in my lips.

After a few moments of gentle suction, Marisol pushed me back and grabbed my shirt. With trembling hands, she pulled it off me and then brushed her fingers over my chest, causing the barest hint of a tingle up my spine. Then she did something she had never done before—she bent her head to taste my nipple.

She ran her tongue over it and kissed it, letting it slip between her lips. It was incredible, as I had never had this done to me before. She sucked gently at first, but the more she sucked, the more she wanted it.

My hands moved to Marisol’s waist, fumbling with the bottom of her khakis. Reluctantly she let my nipple pop out of her mouth, and stood up on shaky legs to allow me to undo the button and unzip her zipper. I reached between her legs and traced a finger across the wet lace thong covering her slit. Then I pulled down the tiny piece of cloth and leaned in close to kiss her neck, my hands going behind to caress her butt.

Lifting her back onto the counter, Marisol scooted forward a little and spread her legs wantonly. Her pussy lips pouted slightly and a drop of moisture hung from the point where they came together. I had retaken my seat in front of her and now reached out with my tongue to flick the little pearl of juice into my mouth.

Her taste and scent were familiar by now to me, but no less potent. I placed a finger along the folds of her pussy and gently urged them apart. With my other hand, I inserted my index finger, feeling her wetness and heat. The digit slid back and forth into her with ease, but I knew she felt my ministrations. I started out slow, steadily increasing the speed until I was finger fucking her delicate flower with abandon. Marisol couldn’t help but coo and moan.

She whined for more and I was quick to lean forward and give her what she wanted. I pushed my face deep between her thighs, circling her clit Etiler Escort Bayan with the tip of my tongue. Slowly, I licked up and down the length of her slit as my finger rapidly worked her over. Marisol’s fingers grasped my short hair and her hips began to buck against my face.

Removing my finger, I wormed my tongue in to take its place. I suckled her lips and kissed her clit, making my sister gasp and gulp for air. My hands parted her butt cheeks and a lone finger poked into her anus. Marisol pulled up her knees so her heels were on the counter against her ass, opening herself further even as her hips went into overdrive. My tongue worked inside her spasmodic pussy as my finger danced deep into her butt opening.

I opened my eyes to see into the mirror again. The vision of my little sister in the throws of orgasmic passion was incredible. I could feel her juices pour into my eager mouth like water from a pitcher. She whimpered and cried and whispered my name over and over again. She then collapsed into my arms in the chair and took a moment to recover. I gently voiced how much I loved her in her ear, and groaned as I felt her begin to suck on my neck.

Wordlessly, Marisol slipped to her knees and removed my pants and boxers. Honestly, I don’t know how I could have ignored my aching hardon till now. My guess was that my mind was on my sister’s satisfaction alone.

“Oh, he’s a really big boy today.” Marisol hotly said before she wrapped a cool hand around my shaft. I watched as she opened her mouth and began lapping then sucking on my balls. She rolled each one around with her tongue and nibbled my tender sac with her lips. Then, with the tip of her tongue, my sister worked her way up the underside of my cock until she came to the head.

My eyes rolled back into my head as her hot mouth and wet tongue massaged my thickened crown. My veins bulged and my cock seemed to defy gravity as it continued to raise and thicken. Marisol’s mouth watered, saliva trickling out the corners of her mouth, as she plunged forward. She sucked back and forth over my length, making me shiver. My hand found its way to the back of her neck and began to exert a steady pressure.

Marisol suddenly breathed deeply through her nose and I felt my cock head press at her throat. Then, just as suddenly, Marisol pulled away and a silvery thread ran from her tongue to the tip of my cock.

My sister giggled like a girl who was giving head for the first time. She was so cute and I could not resist kissing her. I felt no revulsion at all at tasting myself on her lips and tongue. She giggled again and then her mouth closed over my rod. She sucked and slavered hungrily and, in her arousal, she let it slide all the way down her throat. She pulled her head back, tickling at the hard bright glans with her tongue.

Though I loved the oral attention, I ultimately wanted more. I leaned over, reaching behind Marisol as she continued to suck me, to play with her pussy. She stood and smiled, turning her back to me. Her luscious butt was in my face and I couldn’t help but give it a light slap.

At first there was some resistance as Marisol pushed back on my upstanding hardness and it began to penetrate her. But soon she could feel my heavy nuts knocking against her and she groaned in delicious fullness.

As her juices started to flow, my cock moved smoothly in and out of her pussy, massaging her inner walls and sending waves of heat through her body. The only movement I made was to grab Marisol’s butt and lean my head back as she rode me. I then started to thrust up into her tight passage, feeling a smooth yet firm grip all around.

“Oh stop Joel.” My sister moaned. “I want to take this slow, baby.”

Who was I to argue? If she wanted this to last, I’d let it last.

With Marisol continuing to ride me, I felt her pussy’s grip and suction on my cock increase. I could feel her getting wetter and—yum!—her smell was getting stronger. Maybe I couldn’t hold out. No, I couldn’t. My hands gripped Marisol’s waist and I began to thrust up into her.

“Joel. Slow down. Not so deep.”

I didn’t listen. I quickened my pace, injecting my thick dick into her as deep as I could. I could see her face in Escort Etiler the mirror, all horny and flushed. She wanted this—the opposite of what she had been telling me.

“So good baby,” I groaned, smacking her ass and watching my cock sink into her again and again. “So fucking wet.”

In the mirror, Marisol looked like a virgin being ravished. I suppose, because she was my sister, she could do that—look all innocent. To me, any other girl would look like a slut riding her pussy on my cock while pinching a nipple and rubbing her clit.

“You’re so cute.” I whispered to her, running my hands up her slick back. I felt her body shake as she moaned back. “Please, brother, more.”

I obliged, jabbing my prick sharply up into her. Her squeals were the real music that made me lose control. I suddenly stood up, lifting Marisol without removing my cock, and laid her over the counter.

Still pumping my prick into her tight little kitty, I probed her ass with a finger while simultaneously giving both cheeks little smacks. Marisol’s juices were actually running down her thighs.

“God Joel, more!” Marisol cried. “Give me more. Please! Please!”

“Yeah little sister,” I said as vulgarly as I could. “You like big brother’s cock up your cunt, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes!”

My cock was throbbing and dark, thick and ready to discharge all that my balls had to offer. All I needed was a push—the right sound, or the right feeling…

“Ooh, Joel!” Marisol gasped out. “Ahh!”

And the floodgates opened. Her orgasm gushed around me, drenching my pubic patch, and the counter, and her thighs, I felt her pussy grow tight and tense, gripping my shaft as though craving for my seed. In elation, my body gave hers what it wanted, a river of hot sperm rushing deep into her. I moaned with every jerk of my dick as several smaller pulses of cum filled my little sister up.

I nearly collapsed over her, kissing and nibbling and licking her back. I jerked my cock to squeeze out every drop of cum.

“Mmm.” Marisol cooed, turning on the countertop so that she lay on her back. “Now fuck my ass, Joel.”

God, I loved this woman! Still jerking my cock, I delved the head into her juice-filled pussy and lubed her ass. Marisol grunted as her anus put up resistance against my invading dick. I was soon fully burrowed inside her ass and our combined cum flowed out of her flower. My cock was soaked and now slid into Marisol’s butt with more ease. I gripped her hips and slammed into her again and again, feeling her hot ass caress every inch of my length.

Smiling down at my little sister, I reached to lightly flick her glittering belly ring as I fucked her. I thrust roughly into her hot tight anal passage, thinking now only of my need. Marisol was sucking her thumb to keep from screaming her delight to the world. She watched me with half-closed eyes that still glowed with desire. The sounds of our fucking, the scent of our lust, the sight of our bodies, the taste of our passion, the feeling of our joining—it was all too much for me. With a deep groan of satisfaction that vibrated in my chest and throat, my cock began to vibrate and then jumped with a hard spurt of cum. The second shot was no less hard, and I felt as though I was pouring my heart and soul into my little sister’s body.

There was a ringing in my ears that turned out to be Marisol screaming as a much more intense orgasm ripped through her body. The two of us were completely drained yet we both felt fulfilled. The smile on my face, I remember seeing in the mirror, was as goofy looking as goofy could get. If anyone had seen me they would have known by my smile alone that I had just had great sex. Ha! What would they think if they knew it was with my sister?

“You’re too good to me.” I said as I helped my sister clean up. Her kiss was a long and deep one, filled with promises. “Likewise, bro.”

I returned home, satisfied, and waited for Marisol to come home to me. While I waited, I prepared a romantic dinner for the two of us. Marisol loved my cooking and experience had taught me that when she’s happy, I’m happy, if you catch my drift.

“I hope you’re not tired.” Marisol said when she came home. I exited the kitchen to find her standing in the living room with her hand down her pants, apparently masturbating.

“Why is that?” I grinned.

It was then that she held up in her other hand the second CD that I had bought her, a large NOW 19 on the cover.

I guess maybe dinner would have to wait…

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