Dance for Me

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He’d been sat in the dark with the blindfold on for what felt like hours. The children were in bed and, after leading him blindfolded into the room and sitting him on the chair, she had promised him she would return “shortly” with a birthday surprise that he would not forget.

He heard the door shut softly just as the heady beats of Massive Attack started pulsing throughout the room. He felt her breath on his ear.

“Are you ready, lover?” Her soft, warm voice sending shivers down his spine and making his cock start to bulge in his underwear. She kissed his neck, working her way up, nibbling on his ear-lobes before moving around and kissing him passionately on the lips. “I love you” she whispered as he felt her move away.

“Take off the blindfold” she instructed. As he did so, the lights became gradually brighter, illuminating her body as she stood before him.

He had always admired her body – size 8 waist, 32D breasts and an incredible arse to match – but now, stood before him in her neon-turquoise thong and corset and wearing the silver high-heels that he found so incredibly sexy, he was in awe of her.

The music started to build. She looked at him with eyes that begged to be fucked and purred “enjoy the show…”

As his eyes took in the room around him he noticed how much work she had done to prepare for this night. The front room had been completely transformed into a strip-joint, complete with pole and spotlights.

She turned away and walked to the pole, wrapping her legs around it and spinning back around to look at him.

Moving in front of the pole, she slowly lowers herself until she is crouching at the base of the pole, her legs spread wide, her tiny thong covering her pussy. Leaning forward, presenting him with the perfect view of her breasts, she rubs her arse against the pole, all the time looking him straight in the eyes and teasing him with her tongue running over her lips.

She slides her hands across the floor to her ankles, and slowly glides them up her legs, across her thighs, past Maraş Escort her pussy and up to her tits. “Like what you see?” she asks. He can only nod in amazement. “Well, don’t go anywhere” she teases, “this is where the real fun starts…”

She reaches to the side of the room and presses the remote for the CD player. It skips to the next track and Nine Inch Nails “Closer” fills the room. She places one hand on the pole and starts to walk around it. As she gets into the rhythm, she starts to gyrate against the pole, bouncing up and down as if she is trying to fuck the pole for all she is worth, making no attempt to hide the fact that rubbing her clit against the solid steel is making her pussy throb and her thong soaking wet.

She walks over to him and murmurs into his ear “remember, no touching”. With that, she thrusts her soaking wet thong-covered pussy in his face and reaches down to rub the bulge in his trousers.

“Hey, wait!” he protests, “You said no touching!”.

“I meant you’re not allowed to touch me”, she grins. “I can touch you as much as I want!”.

She bobs down so her head is inches from his cock, reaches forward, unzips his flies and slowly pulls out his rock hard prick. She starts stroking him, slowly sliding her hands up and down his shaft, making him moan with desire and teasing out a large drop of pre-cum onto the head of his cock.

She leans in and kisses the tip of his shaft, licking the pre-cum and taking the entire length into her mouth. Gazing up at him, she slowly moves her lips and tongue up and down his prick, stands up and smiles. “Oh yeah, you’re not allowed to touch yourself either…”

Moving back to the pole, she starts to spin around it once more, then suddenly she jumps up and inverts herself, her long hair hanging down over her body, her perfect tits hanging down and begging to be freed from the corset.

The music moves on to the next track. Transfixed, he is aware of the change but cannot name the tune as he watches her climb down from the pole and turn away Maraş Escort Bayan from him.

Placing one hand either side of her body, she slides her hands down her sides and hooks her thumbs into the waist-band of her thong. She slowly continues gliding her hands down her perfect legs, taking her thong with her and bending over, exposing her pussy and arse to him as her hands reach the floor.

His desire to stand up and seize an opportunity almost overwhelms him but just as he starts to stand, she turns and walks over to him, forcing him down to the chair. “Try and get up again and I’ll have to tie you down” she threatens with a glint in her eye.

Tempted, he things about getting up again but is immediately distracted by her hands rubbing up and down his cock once more. He moans and looks at her, his eyes begging for release.

She stops. “What’s up Baby? Wanna cum?” He can’t do anything but nod. She moves in closer, placing the tip of his aching cock against her dripping cunt. As he looks down to see her lower herself onto him, he notices that her pussy is perfectly smooth. “I waxed it just for you” she says, reading his mind as she has done so many times in the three years they’ve been married.

Slowly, she starts to fuck him, her juices running down his cock as she glides up and down. She leans in and whispers “Like what you see?”

The sight of her in just heels and a corset fucking him as he has fantasised about so many times whilst masturbating takes him closer to the edge. “Oh fuck” he moans, “oh yeah baby, that’s it, fuck me”

“Are you close?” she asks, knowing full well exactly how close he is to the edge, “Do you want to cum inside my tight, wet, cunt”. He can only nod as she draws out the last three words, looking him straight in the eyes, gazing at him in pure lust.

She lowers her head and starts licking, kissing and sucking his nipples, pinching, stroking and caressing his balls and chest with her fingernails as he explodes into her with a strangled cry of ecstacy.

“That Escort Maraş was amazing” he tells her, “the most intense orgasm you’ve ever given me!”

“We’re not done yet” she says, her voice dripping with lust, “I’ve not had my orgasm…” She takes off his tie and uses it to secure his arms to the chair.

“What the fuck?!” he asks, looking at her as she steps away from him.

“I told you,” she gins, “you’re not allowed to touch me.” she reaches round starts to undo her corset, slipping it off and dropping it to the floor.

She moves behind him and then walks back into view carrying a chair and placing it in front of him.

Sitting on the chair, she reachs down onto the floor and picks up some lube and a vibrator. She drizzles the lube all over her breasts, letting it run down her stomach and onto her pussy, moaning as she rubs it into her nipples.

She starts the vibrator and the low buzzing noise combines with her moans as she runs it over her body. “I’d love to take ages over this,” she says, looking at him longingly, “but I need to cum and I really, really want you to see it”.

Moving the vibrator down onto her clit she leans back in the chair and starts massaging her tits. “Is this how you want me?” she asks, “Your little slut playing with her pussy as you watch? I guess so…”

She giggles as she sees his cock start to stir once more. Leaning forward and coming off the chair, she takes his cock in her mouth as she brings herself closer to orgasm. The moaning and gasps as she approaches her climax only serve to increase the speed of his dick hardening.

“Oh fuck,” she gasps, “I’m really close. I want your cock inside my cunt whilst I come!” She stands up, turns around and lowers herself onto his cock once more. Fucking him as fast and as hard as she can, all the while holding the vibrator to her clit and begging him to fuck her harder and faster, telling him what a nasty little slut she can be, urging him to cum inside her again, she builds and builds until she explodes, screaming his name he pussy clamping down, sending him over the edge once more.

As their hearts slow and their vision returns to normal, she turns around, his cock still inside her, making them both gasp.

“Happy Birthday baby,” she whispers, “I hope you enjoyed your present…”

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