Dana , Casey’s First Love

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Casey and Dana strolled leisurely through the lightly wooded park. The early afternoon was warm with just the slightest of breeze. They’d walked for a while when the terrain started to go into a slight down slope into the distance, and the trees were becoming taller and giving more shade They walked holding each other’s hands. Soaking up the relaxing quiet. Dana looked around as she walked.

“Look over there through tree’s, is that a pond or something?” She said as she pointed at what she was seeing.

Peering through the dense clump of trees, Casey saw the twinkling of water and said

“Yes it looks like it, lets take a look”

Dressed in shorts and t-shirts, and sporty shoes for hiking. Casey had a backpack with some eats and cold drinks for them. along with a few other things.

They turned and walked down the slope for about fifteen minutes, coming out into a clearing. The water twinkled in the sunlight as it rippled in the breeze.

A small lake stretched out in front of them, for about forty yards or so.

Off to the left was a small waterfall, tumbling down over the rock littered riverbed.

“Wow this is a lovely spot.” Casey said, as he sat down. He slid the backpack off as he did.

The sun high in the sky was really warm. Stripping off his t-shirt he stretched out on the soft grass.

“Yes it really is. wow look at you, you sexy guy. Are you trying to get a girl all excited or what!”? Dana looked down at Casey with a cheeky grin and added.

“I wonder how deep the lake is?”

Casey sat up and looked over at the rippled water and said “The water looks clear so it’s probably a rocky bottom.”

He got up, slipping out of his shoes. He strolled down to the waters edge. Looked down and outward, seeing what was under the water. It was gravel as far as he could tell all the way out. He dipped a toe into the water. It was cool but not really cold.

He turned and said quietly “It looks like a gravel bottom. It looks quite deep as well. It feels cool but not too cold. Come on down and lets go in for a dip “. As he was talking he was slowly moving away from the waters edge. He turned and stood looking back at the water.

His Hands were on his hips. Without a word he undid the belt on his shorts and unzipped them. Slipping his hands in the waist of his boxer shorts under his shorts, with a quick move slipped both of the garments off. He Stood naked looking at the ripples as they played on the surface.

Dana had sat and was undoing her shoes. She slipped her feet out of them and looked up, to see him standing. His back was to her and in the nude. Her cheeks flushed at the sight of his naked toned body.

Her heart was beating excitedly. She had fantasized as to what Casey would look like without any cloths on.

Running a hand across her t-shirt, over her chest.

Her breasts though not big were firm and pleasantly shaped. Her nipples, firm through the light material of her shirt and lacy bra.

As she did Casey strolled to the waters edge and slowly waded in. Up to his hips and then dove in and disappeared. Coming up further out in the lake. He turned and swam back toward the shore. Putting his feet down he stood up with the water just below his chest.

“Come on in the water is great”

“But I don’t have a costume” Dana said in a shaky voice.

Her heart was pounding in her chest and her legs felt like wet noodles.

Her inner thigh felt sweaty.

“Neither do I.” Casey said as he slowly waded out of the water. “Why not take off your t-shirt and shorts and swim in your undies or go au natural like me”

As he was speaking he sat down with the water up around his chest.

Dana was flushed with excitement, and felt embarrassed all at the same time. She bit her bottom lip nervously.

Slowly she slipped out of her shorts. She then slowly pulled her t-shirt over her head and dropped it on her shorts. She slowly and nervously walked the lake. Just in pale pink panties and lacy white bra.

Here they are, both second year students, in business management. They’d known each other since high school.

Dana had been on a high school date. When the boy tried to give her a wet kiss.

Pressing his erection against her.

Casey had had a high school date. on which he had pressed a hand on his dates blouse covered chest.

That was the extent of there juvenile sexuality

“You look very attractive sweet one,” Casey said.

“I’m more than a bit nervous and really embarrassed. I mean me in my under wear and you naked.”

He held out his hand to her. She held his hand as much to settle her quaking nerves as much as anything


“I like you a lot and want us to enjoy ourselves.

We’ve known each other for several years, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.” As he was speaking he was getting up. Standing next or her they held hands that were between them.

“That’s true I know but this is very different. I like you as well, I still feel really casino şirketleri strange about it though”

She sheepishly looked down at the water around them. It was up to there hips. She looked across in front of Casey. The bluish pink tip of his prick was just above the surface.

She squeezed his hand instinctively at seeing it.

“This is a very sensual thing here and I feel out of my depth”

“It’s exciting and sensual don’t you think?” Casey replied as he turned and stood facing Dana.

He put his hands on either side of Dana’s head and gently kissed her cheek.

In response Her eyes closed briefly.

“Oh Casey I’m getting so hot I have to get wet to cool down.” Dana said softly.

She turned and dove into the water and swam a short distance before she dropped her feet and stood up. The water came nearly up to her chest. Her bra had become translucent, now it was wet. And her dark nipples and areola were showing seductively through the lacy material, like a misty apparition.

“You are a very attractive girl Dana and I’m a very lucky guy to know you, and be with you” Casey said as he waded toward her.

She blushed slightly and gave a small smile with her eyes lowered. She in turn waded toward him all excited, her heart racing her nostrils flared.

They met in waist deep water. He reached out with both arms and slid them inside Dana’s arms. He gently pulled her to him. Slipping his arms around her waist. She leant against him, her head on his shoulder. Snuggling her head against his neck as her arms slowly came up and around his shoulders.

Turning his head and softly kissed her neck then her ear. Her hands clenched and unclenched

They stood for several minutes as though not knowing what to do next. Casey hugged her and gently pulling her toward him. His rampant prick squeezed between their bodies.

Dana’s mind momentarily went back to her experience at high school, but quickly she realized that she was becoming more and more aroused. And this was now.

Sexual emotions permeated through her lower body. She pressed her hips forward against the hot prick that throbbed against her scantily covered cunt.

Turning her head she lightly kissed Casey’s ear and cheek.

“You scare the life out of me.” She whispered. “You’re exciting me at the same time, it feels good, but I don’t know if it should.

I’m so confused” The words hardly audible.

“You excite me as well, and being with you feels so good. You’re so soft and warm”

As he spoke he ducked down s tiny bit and pressed his hips forward so that the head of his prick pressed against Dana’s panties.

“The soft material touching me is so exciting. The knowing that you are that close to me, blows my mind.” Gently moving very slightly back and forth, he rubbed his man head against the warm material.

As he moved her love lips where becoming sensitive with excitement. And they where separating a bit.

Standing upright and pressing against her. He could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

Casey dropped his arms and slid down into the water and lay on his back, his arms were extended and his legs apart. His prick lay along his abdomen stiff and really aroused.

A drop of pre cum dribbled slowly from its shiny head.

Wriggling his feet he manoeuvred himself and was able to caress her just below her chest.

In response she put a hand on his abdomen and gently rubbed it. She looked at his erection and blushed,

“Seeing you like that and so close is mind blowing for me as well. I feel that I should be running away from here and you. and that is making me want to stay and be with you all the more”

Looking away all embarrassed and churning inside with raw sexual longing.

Once again he dropped his feet and stood up in front of her.

Putting a hand lightly over her bra covered breasts. Her nostrils flared sensually. Her eyes now were partly closed.

She raised a hand and placed it over his, after a few seconds she pressed on his hand and squeezed it gently. Leaning forward her head rested on his shoulder.

“Is this really happening?” she whispered in a low sensuous voice

Slowly she dropped a hand down between them and so gently closed it around his erection and stroked it slowly.

“you have no idea how exciting your touch is. Its like a dream, yet it is happening” Casey said in a soft voice.

Her breast felt so inviting to Casey as he gently caressed it through her bra.

He lowered his hand so slightly to the lower edge of the garment.

Slowly edging a finger under the lacy material, and pushed it up off the creamy warm breast.

Her nipple was puffy.

As he was slipping the material up her hand gripped his prick more urgently.

His fingers softly rubbed her excited nipple and gently rolled it between his finger and thumb.

Turning his head he kissed Dans’s cheek. Then kissing and Sucking her ear lobe.

Dana took one of his hands and casino firmaları guided it down to the waistband of the panties. then moved her arm around to his lower back and pulled him against her.

“I’m terrified at what is happening but I don’t want to stop.”

Her voice was wavering with emotion.

“Your soft caressed are making me really horny. By the same time scarring me shitless”

“You are a lovely young woman who I enjoy being with every which way. I’m really nervous as well, and really excited. Your soft warm hand is making me feel really aroused… We stop when you say so.”

“Oh Casey, you are so sweet, I like being with you so much. You have no idea. You feel so hot and hard in my hand. When you were pressing it against me I thought I would faint. It’s the sexiest feeling I’ve ever had.”

Casey slowly slid his hand into Dana’s panties and down to her crotch.

He Gently massaged her warm love lips, slowly dropping his hand till a finger slid in between the warm folds. He gently rubbed the inside between them. He touched her virginity and she edged away.

Moving his hand and stroked her love bud gently.

“Take my things off. I need to be naked with you. I’m developing into a sensual person.

And I think I like the feeling, it still scares the hell out of me though”

“Embrace the feeling and enjoy it. Don’t be scared of it. You are being what you are feeling, I think.”

Casey said softly as he slipped his hand to the top of her panties, after slipping his finger away from her cunt he lifted it to the top hem of her panties and slowly slid them down over her hips. And they fell away down her legs.

Slowly falling through the water to her feet.

“You are a very sensually sexy young woman.” Casey said as he ducked his head under the surface. Kneeling he slipped the panties off of her feet. Dana was looking down into the water and watched Casey. As he got up he softly kissed her love lips, gently sucking them momentarily. She placed a hand behind his head as she thrust her hips a bit forward.

The sexual feeling running through her was almost too much to stand. Yet she wanted the excitement to go on. His head broke the surface and he stood before Dana, dripping wet with a warm smile and a sexy look in his eyes.

“I loved kissing you there, it was so warm and soft. An exciting new experience for me that I’ll never forget, ever”

Dana looked at him and put hands behind his head, and slowly pulled it to her

And kissed his lips softly. Letting their lips linger in the warm embrace.

Casey had Dana’s panties on his left wrist, as he reached up and slipped his hands around her back and undid her bra. Putting her arms down the lacy garment slipped off of her shoulders and he took it into his left hand. Their bodies warm and virile gently pressed together, in an innocent tender posture. Yet it was full of raw sensuality. The emotion barely contained in both there excited and aroused bodies.

Casey turned and put his left arm behind her shoulders, and his right arm behind her knees. He lifted Dana up and carried her out of the water, as she put an arm around his neck.

Her head resting on his shoulder she had an arm around his neck, as he carried her back to where his backpack lay on the grass. He Gently lowered her legs to the ground. Bending he opened his backpack and took out a fluffy towel and proceeded to wrap Dana in it. Then he got a tartan blanket out and spread it out on the grass.

Kneeling down and began to dry her from the abdomen down. When he got to her hips the towel became unwrapped and fell away from her shoulders. He carried on drying her thighs and on down to her feet.

When he finished she crouched down and sat on the blanket. She stretched out on her back. One leg slightly bent at the knee.

Casey dried himself off and spread the towel out on the grass. Raising a hand Dana took his hand and urged him down beside her. They lay quietly for a while just soaking in the romantic atmosphere. And the warmth of each other’s body.

Just a soft rustling sound from the breeze in the trees could be heard.

Casey slowly turned on his side and faced Dana. Her eyes were closed. He just looked at her as she lay there. Her soft round breasts rose and fell rhythmically. Her soft belly and the pink love nest below shrouded in her young pubic fur. He ran the back of his hand down the side of her face and down her neck. Gently trailed a finger over a breast, caressing the area around the areola. In response she squirmed a bit at the feel of him touching her.

“Mm that feels nice,” she said as she turned her head toward him “You are so gentle and attentive.” Dana whispered as she looked at him through half closed eyes. Her hand felt for him and she softly laid her hand on his erection

“I could look at you all day, you are so lovely,” Casey said as he lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek, and then kissed a soft warm breast. Separating his lips over its pert nipple, sucking güvenilir casino it gently into his mouth.

“Mm” escaped her lips. She closed her eyes again as she laid there, her legs parted from one another some more. The other leg now slightly bent at the knee.

As he moved to the other breast she began to wriggle. Her hand grasped his prick now and began to gently stroke it. A finger loosely wrapped around it. Her finger slipped to its head and slid over the end and under it. The tip was slippery with pre-cum that oozed from it. As her finger touched its head his prick involuntarily jerked, and Casey lifted his head from her breast.

“You are making me very excited. Your soft caresses are bedevilling me and driving me wild”

“You feel so hot and slippery,” She said almost in a whisper as she lifted her finger to her lips and touched it to her tongue. Licking the pre-cum off, it had a slightly salty taste she thought.

He watched Dana slip her finger in her open mouth. He put one arm across her and got up and knelt over her thighs. As he did she opened her eyes

“You have a very sexy taste. I feel reckless yet very venerable. I want to taste you and I want to feel you in me but I’m scared of both.” The thought of His stiff prick standing out over her abdomen was making Dana wet inside. Her heart pounding in her chest, as she reached out nervously and stroked the hot member with the back of her hand. Along one side and back along the otherm, its head shiny and bluish pink, a drop of pre-cum dropped on her navel. “You are a very sexy guy and very exciting.”

“We are in an unfamiliar place. I guess that is very sensually tempting and scary well.

Being inside of you would be the greatest feeling. I don’t want to hurt you or get you pregnant either though. I never dreamt of coming prepared to make love to you.”

Casey said in a nervous tone.

” Your kneeling over me like that has got my emotions racing. I wonder what it would be like to kiss it”

“Would you like to? I’d love to taste you as well. And sometime I’d love to have you to pee on me. That would be really sexy.” Casey admitted with a red faced.

Dana gasped and bit her bottom lip blushing. “Taste me, you are making me so hot and wet… Peeing on you oh, you are joking right. Yes that is sexy, perversely sexy.

I never thought that we would be being risqué like this. If we keep talking like this I will have to pee”

As Dana was talking Casey was moving, so as he was lying, his head was at her thighs. His legs were out past her head. “Kneel over me sweet one and let me pleasure you.” He said as he slid his arm under her and rolled her over him. Dana swung a leg over his torso so she was straddling him, over his chin.

reaching up and placed a hand on each side of her hips, and gently urged her down over his partly open mouth. Her love nest was directly above his lips. Her pubic hair tickled his nose and made him smile. Lifting his head very slightly he placed a soft kiss on Dana’s love lips. Placing his mouth on her he sucked her puffy lips into his mouth. Licking them with the back of his tongue. Closing his mouth he sucked her love bud, then ran his tongue over it, and all around it., running his tongue over it feverishly.

Reaching over he tried slipping a finger into her tight hot wet cunt, as he lathered her clit. She let out a cry as his finger touched virginal hymen. He took his finger away so as not to hurt her again.

The touch of his finger on her hymen and the twinge it gave resulted in her saying in a wavering voice “I feel like I’m going to faint” as she reached down and placed her hands in Casey’s hips to stabilizer herself.

She subconsciously pushed her pussy back toward his caresses.

Her lower body was really aroused and began quivering, she was moaning sub audibly Her hands raking his thighs.

Through her partly closed eyes she looked down at his prick as it lay in front of her.

She moved a hand over and grasped it tenderly. Lifting it so it was pointing up. Bending down to put the tip of it in her mouth. She was surprised at what she was doing, and yet enjoying the experience. Slowly She stroked his prick from its head to his balls, taking them in hand and cradling them and gently massaging them. His pubic hair was soft yet wiry to her touch.

As Casey made tender love to her clit’s and her aroused love lips. Her hips were squirming and began to shudder, more and more as she became more aroused.

After several minutes Dana was reaching behind her and grasping his head and pulling it against her. She shuddered and muttered I’m cumming, ooohh I’m cumming. as a flow of her love juices ran out from her. She collapsed on top of him, emotionally drained.

Her head was swimming and her heart pounding in her chest.

As Casey lay under her, her juices dripped on his face and dribbled down his neck.

He put an arm on her back and softly stroked it back and forth. Slipping them round her sides, down to caresses her warm heaving breasts. Dana purred mmm at the touch of his hands on them.

After several minutes she raised herself up, and rolled on to her side and then knelt next to him, and caresses his torso before turning and lying next to him.

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