Damn Kids – Scavenger Hunt

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***Every story in my DAMN KIDS series includes a “short” at the beginning***

Lathered Up

– a DAMN KIDS short

Kevin watched his erection beginning to form as the water from the shower cascaded downward and rinsed the soap from his body. He wasn’t especially horny, but that was rarely a requirement in the mornings. For some reason, when the sun came up, so did his dick.

He chuckled at the thought as he shut off the water and stepped onto his bath mat to begin to air-dry. He moved over in front of the bathroom sink, collecting his shaving gel and razor from the cabinet along the way.

After rubbing shaving cream on his face, Kevin took a towel and wiped enough of the fog from the bathroom mirror to begin shaving. His heart and body jumped as he saw a figure in the mirror standing behind him. He quickly calmed as he realized it was his wife.

“When the hell did you slip in here?”, he said, glancing over his shoulder. He then noticed Lauren’s bare breasts. “And you’re naked.”

Lauren smiled. “Then you know why I’m here.”

Lauren walked toward Kevin, pressing her body against his back as she reached around him and grabbed his fully erect cock. Stroking him, she said, “And you are ready for me this morning… as usual.”

“I don’t know why I’m so hard,” he said as he lathered his face and savored his morning massage.

“Yes you do,” Lauren said. She continued lying against his back and stroking him, causing his body to relax. He loved the feeling of her warm breasts on his wet back.

Just before he grabbed his razor, Lauren moved in between Kevin and the sink, lowered herself to her knees, and took Kevin’s length into her mouth. He gasped at the warmth of her mouth and the feel of her tongue ravishing him.

She paused long enough to say, “Mmmm… I love sucking your dick when you’re fresh out of the shower.” She then continued her husband’s early day blow job, causing him to throb.

Kevin slowly moved backward, pulling himself from between his wife’s lips. He then lifted her and sat her on the bathroom counter next to the sink.

She looked at him and smiled. “You never can take it for very long.”

“Your pussy shouldn’t be so good.”

As he placed his tip at Lauren’s entrance and eased inside her, she turned and reached behind herself. “What are you doing?” Kevin asked.

She turned back around holding his razor and a towel. “Are you ready?”

“For what?” He asked as his erect cock rested inside his wife.

“For a fuck and a shave,” she said with a smile.

Kevin looked dubious. “You’re going to shave me?”

She nodded.

“While we have sex?”

Lauren nodded again.

“This isn’t some convoluted way to collect on my life insurance, is it?”

“Maybe,” Lauren said as she placed the razor on Kevin’s cheek and began slowly removing shaving cream and stubble from his face.

After a couple of strokes with the razor, Kevin said, “This is kind of hot.”

“Mmmhmm,” Lauren said. “Like James Bond and Moneypenny. But you actually get to fuck me.”


“Oooh,” Lauren said, pausing the shave and beginning to swoon as Kevin began moving in and out of her. “Don’t get too crazy. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Quiet, Moneypenny,” Kevin said, his hands firm on his wife’s thighs and his slow, smooth strokes making them both perspire. “You have to concentrate.”

“Yes, James,” Lauren said with a big smile. They then looked into one another’s eyes before sharing a passionate kiss.”

As they embraced, there was a knock at the door.”

“Yes?” Kevin called out.

“Where’s mom?” Rose asked.

“What do you need, baby?” Lauren asked as she took a towel and wiped shaving cream from her face.

“Why are you both in the bathroom?” Rose asked.

“Honey, what do you need?” Lauren repeated.

“I can’t find my charm bracelet. I wanted to wear it for pictures today at school.”

“Look in your jewelry box,” Lauren said as Kevin resumed slowly fucking her.

“I forgot to put it back in my jewelry box yesterday. I can’t find it.”

“I know,” Lauren said. She paused, bracing at the feel of Kevin’s length pushing deeper inside her. She then steadied herself as she continued, “You left it on the sink in your bathroom. I put it back in your jewelry box yesterday.”

“Oh. Thanks, mom!”

“No problem,” Lauren said, shaking her head. She then looked at Kevin. “This is why morning sex doesn’t work.”

She gasped as Kevin’s thumb began massaging her clit. Kevin then said, “It’s working right now.”

“Stop running, Russell!” The couple could faintly hear the yell, along with hurried footsteps moving in their direction.

“I’m telling daddy!” Russell said.

“Seriously?” Kevin said as he and Lauren paused once again.

An inevitable loud knock on the door followed.

“Yes?” Kevin said in an annoyed tone.

“Daddy, Sofia hurt me!” Russell said.

“Daddy, I just took his truck from him. I told him he needs to get ready for school and stop playing.”

“Russell, get ready for school antep escort and stop playing.”

“But, Daddy, she hurt… “

“Russell. Get ready for school.”

“Told you,” Sophia said.

“Shut up,” Russell said as the footsteps receded from the bathroom door.

“These damn kids can’t be interrupting me while I’m being fucked by James Bond,” Lauren said.

“So you like my big gun?” Kevin asked as he, again, began stroking his wife’s pussy.

“Oh, God, yes. I love your big gun. Don’t stop,” Lauren said, growing instantly wetter. She dropped the razor and towel on the counter, rested back on her hands, and wrapped her legs tightly around Kevin.

“Found it, Mom!” Rose called out, causing Kevin and Lauren to instinctively pause.

Lauren rolled her eyes. “Good, baby. Now finish getting ready.”

Lauren and Kevin looked at one another with a smile of resignation.

“AAAAAAH! MY FOOT!” Russell screamed.

“It’s bleeding!” Sofia said.

“What the hell?” Kevin said, sliding out of Lauren and pulling on his pajama pants. Lauren threw on her robe and they exited the bathroom, moving to just outside their bedroom where their three children had congregated.

“What’s wrong with Russell’s foot?” Kevin asked.

“It’s not bleeding, daddy. It’s just red,” Rose said. His three children then began to giggle.

“What?” Kevin said.

“You look like Santa Claus!” Russell said as he and his sisters continued to chuckle at their father’s shaving cream beard.

Kevin looked sarcastically at his wife as she began to smile. “So much for James Bond,” he said to Lauren. He then went back into his bathroom to get ready for work… alone.


Kevin carefully lifted the front ribbing of Lauren’s panties and, as she slept, slowly slid his lubricated middle finger onto her clitoris. He gently massaged his wife, slowly bringing her out of her slumber.

“Mmmmm,” Lauren moaned. “You know we can’t have sex, baby. I’m on my period.”

“I can’t make you feel good?”

“Oooh,” Lauren sleepily said, reacting to her husband’s touch. “Yes. Please. But I feel guilty.”

“You wouldn’t if you’d let me fuck you.”

“Not on my period, baby. I’m sorry.”

“Well then, just let me keep doing what I’m doing,” Kevin said.

Lauren moaned as Kevin worked her clit. He lifted her shirt and continually grazed her nipple with the tip of his tongue. He then opened his mouth to take in her full breast. His wife gasped as he painted her nipple with the girth of his tongue.

“Oh, Kevin. Don’t stop,” Lauren said as Kevin increased the speed of his finger. After a couple of minutes of gradual building, Lauren’s body crescendoed into a blissful orgasm. Kevin smiled as her legs twitched out the last vestiges of her climax.

“OK,” Kevin said. “Now we need to get ready for work.”

A heavy breathing Lauren glared at Kevin as she said, “Fuck you.”

“I’d be happy to.”

She smiled. “Today should be the last day of my cycle. Then you can have me all day tomorrow. For the rest of the weekend, for that matter.”

“Nice,” Kevin said as he climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

“Baby?” Lauren called to Kevin. As he turned around, Lauren smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he said, with a playfully raised eyebrow.


Lauren was about an hour into mind-numbingly combing through financial spreadsheets. Her eyes were glazing over when her phone buzzed from a text message.

Kevin: What panties are you wearing?

Lauren chuckled.

Lauren: Sorry. I’m wearing my period panties. Nothing special.

Kevin: You have no imagination.

Lauren: Fine. I’m wearing NO panties. And my pussy is making my skirt wet.

Kevin: Damn. That’s why I married you.

Lauren laughed.

Lauren: Why are you so horny today?

Kevin: You shouldn’t have Moneypenny’ed me Monday morning. And right before your period and my forced-fast from sex.

Lauren: Sorry, baby. I’ll take care of you tomorrow. I promise.

Kevin: You always do.

Lauren smiled as she sat her phone back on her desk. Her smile then quickly phased into a frown as she returned her attention to her spreadsheets.


Kevin stood under the warm water of his shower, allowing it to rinse the sweat of his Saturday gym workout from his body. As he grabbed his body wash and loofah he felt a cold draft on his back. For the second time in a week he turned to see his naked wife standing behind him in the bathroom.

“You don’t need that to clean yourself when you have my hands.” Lauren said as she embraced her husband from behind and began rubbing his torso and legs. She found her way to his cock, stroking it as it very quickly became hard. “I never properly thanked you for yesterday morning.”

“You’re going to thank me now?”

“You don’t want me to make you cum in the shower?”

“Oh, you can make me cum anywhere. I’m just clarifying,” Kevin said as his eyes rolled back at the feel of his wife’s touch. “What about interruptions? Where are your children?”

“My children?” Lauren said.

“They belong to you when they are stopping us from having sex.”

“Oh, really?” Lauren said, running her middle finger between Kevin’s balls and making his legs weak. “Well I guess they are our children right now because they are next door at Ralph and Patricia’s.”

“Oh, hell yes,” Kevin said, spinning around and deeply kissing his wife. Kevin then grabbed Lauren just below her ass and lifted her. She wrapped her legs and arms around him as they continued to kiss.

Kevin pressed Lauren’s back against the far wall of the shower. He slightly lifted her, moving his tip in position to penetrate her.

Kevin then paused. His head fell back as he yelled, “FUCK!!!!”

A startled Lauren said, “What? What?”

“Virgil’s party.”

“Oh, shit. That’s today?” Lauren asked.

“Yeah. Damn it,” Kevin said, setting his wife down.

Lauren smiled as she, again, grasped and stroked his erection. “We can have a quickie.”

“I don’t want a quickie.” Kevin said. “Do you see how hard I am?’

Lauren nodded as her eyes grew, staring at and stroking her husband.

“I want a longie.” Kevin said.

Lauren looked seductively into her husband’s eyes, her hand still working Kevin’s cock. “I’ll give it to you tonight, baby.”

Kevin deeply exhaled and nodded. He then watched his wife’s hand sliding up and down his hardness before saying, “Damn it!”


“This house is huge,” Lauren said as Kevin parked their minivan on the curb in front of his boss’ estate.

“Ooooh,” Russell said as he and his sisters gleefully eyed the bouncy houses and petting zoo set up in the front yard and littered with young children. All of the adults were suspiciously closer to the house than the kids’ area. And most of them were holding some type of alcoholic beverage.

“The damn yard is the size of a city park,” Kevin said as he pressed the button to open the side door of their minivan. He then turned to his kids and said, “Go have fun. Don’t hurt anyone.” All three of them quickly unbuckled their seat belts and ran toward the action.

Lauren continued to stare at Virgil’s palatial home. “This place is huge.”

Kevin unbuckled his own seat belt and leaned his lips near his wife’s ear. He then said, “I know. So many places to fuck you.” before licking her earlobe.

Lauren jerked away, smiling. “Stop it. We can’t have sex in your boss’ house.”

“Why not? I’m sure he does,” Kevin said as he and Lauren exited their vehicle.

“Kevin!” Zach called out. Kevin waved as he and Lauren joined Zach along with Greg and his wife.

“So where is the human responsible for Greg being sleepy at work every day.” Kevin asked.

“Oh she is with my mom. This is adult time,” Greg’s wife, Allison, said. “And I’m sure little Sasha wakes Greg up with her cries while I am getting up and changing her diapers in the middle of the night.”

“Hey… ” Greg said. “Don’t forget that one time I changed her diaper.”

“Yeah. That one time,” His wife – and everyone else – chuckled.

“How is everyone doing this evening?” Virgil asked, joining his employees.

“Not as well as you and Joan,” Kevin said, looking and gesturing back toward Virgil’s house.

Virgil smiled. He then shrugged his shoulders. “It keeps the rain off our heads.”

“This place could keep the rain off of a city,” Kevin said to everyone’s laughter.

“Well, for the next couple of hours, this is your home as well,” Virgil said. “We’re going to have some fun tonight. We’ve got the bounce houses and petting zoo and face painting for the kids. And…” Virgil turned and pointed to the entrance to his home. “… just inside we have a full bar for the adults.”

“A full bar?” Allison said as her eyes lit up.

“That sounds like heaven to a new mom,” Lauren smiled as everyone chuckled.

“Well, help yourself,” Virgil said. “We also have food inside as well as outside. And later we will be doing a scavenger hunt.”

“Wow,” Zach said. “You went all out for this.”

“A scavenger hunt?” Kevin said with raised brow.

“Yeah. My son, Toby hid three tennis balls in and around the house. Each one has an amount on it that corresponds to a gift card. We used tennis balls so they would be easy to find.”

“Toby hid them?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, you’ve met Toby, right?” Virgil asked, looking for, and then pointing out, his son.

“Yeah,” Kevin said with a big smile. “He’s back from college?”

“For the week. He’s on a break. His mom asked him to help out so that was the job she gave him.”

“That’s a big house for three tennis balls,” Greg said.

Virgil turned and surveyed his land and home. “Yeah, I hope he didn’t hide them too well.”

“Well, all of this is amazing,” Lauren said. “Thank you for inviting us.”

“Of course. You all enjoy yourselves. I’m going to go find my wife,” Virgil said, leaving the group.

Lauren leaned toward Allison and asked, “Are you ready to go and get a drink?”

“Absolutely,” Allison said as Greg and Zach smiled.

Greg then asked, “Where is Kevin?”

Lauren looked confused as everyone began searching around for him with no luck. “Well, let’s head toward the house,” she said. “He will find us up there.”

“I already found you,” Kevin said, shocking Lauren as he hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.

“Where did you go?” Lauren asked.

“You two are so cute,” Allison said. She then looked at Greg. Greg moved to hug her and she blocked him with her hand, making everyone laugh.

“Don’t sweat it, Greg,” Lauren said. “Kevin wasn’t like this when the kids were babies.”

“I barely had the energy to get through the day,” Kevin said.

“Which reminds me… ” Allison said, looking longingly toward the front door.

“Yes,” Lauren smiled. “Let’s get you that drink.”


“The kids are OK?” Lauren, sitting on a loveseat near the bar with Allison, asked Kevin as he returned from outdoors.

“Oh, they are loving life right now. They barely had time to wave at me, running around with their new friends.”

“Good,” Lauren said, taking a sip of her Old Fashioned.

Kevin picked up his Corona from the coffee table and returned to his seat between Greg and Zach on the opposite couch. He then looked at his wife. “Is that your first or second drink?”

“Let’s just say, you’re driving home.”

“Amen!” Allison said, high-fiving Lauren.

Greg – also holding a Corona – looked at Kevin and said, “I guess we’d better drink these slowly.”

The group could then hear – through the cacophony of people talking – the faint sound of a fork tapping the side of champagne flute. “Attention! Attention!” Joan Chandler – Virgil’s wife – called to the group.

Once everyone was nearly silent she continued. “Thank you all for coming to our home. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. As you can hear, the children are having a ball.” Everyone laughed as Joan continued. “We are ready to start the scavenger hunt. There are three tennis balls hidden around the house and around the grounds outside by our son, Toby. They each have a number written on them, which is the amount of the gift card you will win if you find it. One is for $50, one is for $100, and one is for $200. We will try and keep this to 30 minutes, though, hopefully, all of the prizes will be found well before then. OK, that’s it. Go and find your prize!”

Zach nodded as everyone in the group stood up. “I could use an extra $200.”

“Yeah. Good luck,” Kevin said with a wry smile as the group separated.

Lauren kissed Kevin and – with wide eyes and a smile – said, “Maybe we will both find one.”

As Lauren attempted to dart away from Kevin, he grabbed her hand. “I have a better idea.”

Kevin attempted to lead Lauren off by the hand but she resisted. “Kevin, we’ll have a better chance finding one of the balls if we look separately.”

Kevin leaned toward Lauren’s ear and said in a low voice, “Who cares about gift cards?”

Kevin tugged at Lauren’s hand but she, again, resisted. She said in an almost whisper, “We’re not having sex in your boss’ house, Kevin.”

“Fine… Let’s hunt together anyway. It’ll be more fun.”

Lauren reluctantly acceded. She followed Kevin through the house, making several turns until they found a hallway tucked in a hard-to-see corner. “Have you been here before?” Lauren asked Kevin.

He shook his head as he led her down the hallway, around another corner, and to an unlocked door. They entered what was a bedroom and Kevin closed and locked the door behind them.

“Kevin,” Lauren said. “I told you…”

Kevin interrupted his wife by kissing her deeply. The feel of his tongue grazing her bottom lip nearly buckled her knees. Kevin then licked her earlobe before whispering, “I need to be inside you.”

Lauren nodded. “OK,” She said through labored breath, sitting on the side of the bed and spreading her legs as Kevin stepped between them. Kevin kissed and licked her neck as she said, “But Virgil said we only have 30 minutes.”

Kevin paused to look at his phone. “Got it.” He put his phone back into his pocket and then slid off his wife’s panties.

Lauren laid back on the bed. She then began kneading the bedding with her hands as Kevin kicked his shoes to the side and slid off his pants and underwear.

“This is a soft bed,” Lauren said. This is really nice. Push down on the mattress, Kevin.”

“I’m about to,” he said as he began hiking Lauren’s skirt up to her waist.

“I’m serious. I mean, this is a really comfortable bed.”

“I’m really glad,” Kevin said, climbing into the bed and between Lauren’s legs. He then paused as his knees sunk further down than he had anticipated. “Damn.”

“I told you this bed was soft.”

Kevin placed his palms onto the bed on either side of Lauren’s shoulders. As he shifted his weight forward he, again, sank further than expected. “How are we going to… How do you have sex on a bed like this.”

Lauren, feeling Kevin’s tip grazing her clit as he contemplated the bed, said, “Oh, baby. I don’t know. But we’re here now.”

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