Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 30

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When he woke the next morning, Tom knew it was time to make a change. He couldn’t have his daughter in the house with his wife–he just wouldn’t be able to restrain himself. They had already been caught once, and it was only a matter of time before his wife saw through whatever flimsy excuse they gave. Tom wasn’t even convinced she had believed the lie they had told the night before. Another transgression would mean the end of their marriage and, if he knew his wife, she wouldn’t stop until she had ruined not only himself and his reputation, but their daughter’s as well.

On the drive into work, Tom pulled out his cell and looked up Shawna’s number. It was a shot in the dark, he thought as the phone began to ring, but it was worth consideration. If it didn’t work out with Shawna, he would send Daisy back to Nate’s. He was reluctant to use this option, however, as knew his wife would want to check in on Daisy from time to time, and it would be difficult to explain why his daughter was staying with this older male roommate.

Shawna picked up on the third ring. She was giggling. “Tom, hi! How are you?”

Tom smiled in spite of himself. “I’ve been doing pretty well, Shawna, how about yourself?”

The younger girl must have covered the receiver as she said something Tom couldn’t make out, then said clearly, “I’m great! The porn thing is really taking off.”

“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

Shawna giggled. “Oh, no. It’s just my brother. Dylan, get your fingers out of there! I’ve got a shoot this afternoon!” Then she moaned, and Tom’s cock began to stiffen. He had a fairly good idea of what Dylan might be doing.

“Listen, Shawna, I have a pretty odd request for you. I’m wondering if you might be willing to let Daisy stay at your place for a little while. I know the two of you didn’t end on a good note the last time–“

“You can say that again.”

“–but she and my wife aren’t exactly getting along, and she needs a place to stay for awhile. I can speak to her, if that would help. Try to convince her that she has no reason to be upset with you.”

“That would definitely help.” There was a pause. “So you wouldn’t–oh my god, Dylan, get out of my ass!” Another pause, then: “So you wouldn’t want to, you know…”

Tom smiled. “You know I’d love to, but it sounds like you’ve got your hands full as it is. Let’s play that by ear, okay? Just let me know what you think and I’ll have a word with Daisy.”

Shawna sighed heavily into the receiver. “Oh, it’s fine. She might have to come with me to my shoots, but that’s okay. I’ll be getting my own place soon, and when I do, she can just crash with me.”

Tom ended the call, still smiling to himself. He wasn’t sure if it was relief at having found a solution to his problem, or a bit of pride in Shawna’s success. Perhaps it was a little of both.

Daisy stood just behind her father while he knocked on the door. Her heart was racing. Even her palms were a bit sweaty. What was she doing here? She hated Shawna.

They had talked about it, of course. Her father had promised her he had no feelings or attraction for Shawna, beyond the sort of attraction he would feel for any good-looking girl he had “caught” his daughter in bed with. He had only kept in touch with Shawna to help her with her career, as she had no one else she could really trust.

“Daisy, sweetie, you have nothing to worry about,” he had told her, his hand on her knee as they sat side-by-side on her bed that afternoon. “I want you two girls to make up, okay? Enough of this silliness. You need girlfriends in your life, honey.”

Daisy had agreed, though she still felt reticent. Now it was too late to change her mind.

Abruptly the door opened, and her one-time best friend stood in the doorway. She smiled up at Daisy’s father, then peered over his shoulder to look at Daisy. Her smile never faltered. “Hi, sweetie! It’s so good to see you! Come here, I missed you!”

Daisy found herself wrapped Manisa Escort in a tight embrace. The slim girl smelled fresh and clean and sweet, and her skin was warm. She had a lot of skin showing, Daisy noticed. Shawna wore a cute sparkly pink cropped top and a pair of denim shorts that barely covered her ass. Her hair was damp, but still as rich and luxurious as ever. Daisy felt her heartbeat quicken and, embarrassed, she pulled away from the embrace prematurely.

If Shawna noticed, she didn’t show it. “Would you like to come in, Tom?”

“No, I’ve got to get back home,” Daisy’s father said with a sigh. “Sally will be home any minute. She’ll be wondering where I am.”

Shawna pouted for a moment, then flashed her bright smile at Daisy. “We’ll just have to manage on our own then, won’t we? C’mon in, Daisy. Bye, Tom!”

As the door closed behind them, Shawna turned to Daisy. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened with your dad, okay? I just…I’d never really done anything like that before. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”

Daisy looked into her friend’s eyes and bit her lip. “All right,” she said after a moment. “Let’s just forget about it. I missed you too.”

The two hugged again, with real warmth, before Shawna grabbed her hand and led her up the staircase to her room.

“I only have one bed, so you’ll have to sleep with me,” she said, smiling. She plopped down on the queen-sized bed and lay back among the many pillows. “Come test it out.”

Daisy set down her suitcase, but remained standing beside the bed. “I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about the things we did together, and I…I just don’t know if that was really me. I…I like boys, you know?”

“I like boys too,” Shawna replied, stretching. “I like boys with really big cocks. We don’t have to do anything. Just come lie down. Take a load off.”

Reluctantly, Daisy sat down on the edge of the bed. “My dad said your folks have a jacuzzi tub.”

At that, Shawna was on her feet. “Oh, yeah! They had it installed during the renovation. I forgot to tell you about it. C’mon, I’ll show you!”

Shawna led her down the hall to her parents’ bedroom and into the ensuite with vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. A large jacuzzi tub stood in the center of the room. “Wanna try it out?”

“Your parents won’t mind?”

“My parents won’t know!” Shawna was already closing the drain and turning on the faucets. As she bent over the side of the tub, Daisy couldn’t avoid looking at the perfect round ass that peeked out from underneath the denim fringe of her shorts. She had to quickly avert her eyes as Shawna glanced over her shoulder at her. “You’re not going in fully clothed, are you?”

Daisy shook her head, startled. “Um, I think I packed a swimsuit…”

Shawna smiled that smile again as she straightened up. “Don’t even bother, it’s fine.” In one swift motion, she had peeled her top up and over her head.

Daisy couldn’t help but stare. Shawna had always had generous breasts for her small frame, but now they looked different. “Did you, um…”

“Get a boob job?” Shawna finished brightly. “Fuck yes, I did. You can’t make porn without fake titties. Wanna feel ’em?”

Daisy took a step backward. “No, no–no, that’s okay. They look…nice, though.” She couldn’t keep her eyes off of them. They were huge, and round, but still shapely enough somehow that they didn’t look entirely fake. Her nipples looked tiny now compared to all that flesh, though they were stiff and almost looked swollen.

Daisy watched as Shawna stripped off her shorts as well, revealing bare skin underneath. That familiar pussy peeked out between her slim thighs, her puffy lips shaved smooth, no pink in sight. Daisy glanced up and saw Shawna gazing at her. “Well?” the naked girl said. “Are you coming in?”

She turned, exposing her magnificent ass, and stepped into the hot water. Daisy felt her own nipples stiffen, and even felt a bit damp between Manisa Escort Bayan her own thighs. She breathed in deeply, exhaled, and pulled off her shirt.

“Mine are almost as big as yours now, see?” Shawna was holding one of her huge tits up out of the water for Daisy’s inspection. Water streamed off the taut flesh in rivulets. Daisy took another sip of the champagne her friend had fetched from the mini-fridge under the bathroom sink, declaring that they couldn’t relax properly without both kinds of bubbles.

“They’re really nice,” Daisy said, setting her glass down. After a moment, she lifted her own tit up out of the water. “Not quite as big, though.”

Shawna giggled. “We need a side-by-side comparison,” she declared, and slid across the tub until she and Daisy sat face-to-face. When she held her breast up to Daisy’s, they looked only slightly smaller. “Whatever,” she muttered, her lips curving into a pout. Then, before Daisy could stop her, she rubbed the large jug against Daisy’s. Their nipples touched for a moment, then rubbed against each other’s flesh. Daisy let out an involuntary moan.

“I thought you weren’t into this,” Shawna murmured coyly.

“No, I’m not, I just–“

“Holy shit, is that Daisy?”

Both girls looked up. A young man stood in the doorway of the bathroom. “I thought you weren’t going to be home until later,” Shawna said cheerfully, letting her tit splash back into the water.

“Oh Jesus, it’s your fucking brother!” Daisy turned her back and huddled under the water to hide herself.

“Well, hi to you too, Daisy,” Dylan said as he advanced towards the tub. “It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other, I thought I would at least get a hug.”

“It’s nice to see you, Dylan,” Daisy said anxiously, “but I’m naked. Jesus, Shawna, why didn’t you let me get my swimsuit?”

“It’s okay, honey,” Shawna said. Instead of hiding herself, Daisy noticed, Shawna was actually sitting up, completely exposing her chest. “How was work?”

“Went okay,” Dylan said as he circled the tub. Daisy crossed her arms over her chest, aware of his gaze over her shoulder. Suddenly, the water began to rise and slosh around her, and she turned to see that Dylan had stripped off his shorts and t-shirt and was climbing into the tub with them.

“Jesus!” she exclaimed, and tried to move to the other corner of the tub. She felt hands on her arms, restraining her, and for a moment, she wasn’t sure whose they were. Then Shawna said, “Relax, sweetie. It’s fine. We’re just hanging out.”

Another hand touched her lower back. “Save any champagne for me?” Dylan asked, leaning past the girls to peek at the bottle resting on the edge of the tub. “Oh good, I got home just in time.” He took a long swig, straight from the bottle, then set it down and sank back into the water. His hand moved around Daisy’s waist and she felt him tugging at her. “C’mere, girl. Come give me a hug.”

Daisy couldn’t stop him. In a moment, she was sitting sideways on his lap, her left tit pressed against his chest. She watched in shock as he ran his hand over the slick, soapy flesh, pausing at her nipple to tug gently on the fat nub. “These are nice, aren’t they, Shawna? Bigger than they used to be.”

Daisy tried to push his hand away, but suddenly Shawna was beside her, and she was pinning Daisy’s arms to her sides. “It’s okay, honey,” she said softly, her mouth only inches from Daisy’s ear. Daisy felt her lips on her neck and shoulder.

Dylan continued to stroke her tits, hefting each one in his hands, bouncing them, even slapping them gently. “I remember these titties,” he said, gazing at them. Daisy realized she could feel his cock pushing up against her thighs.

“What are you doing?” she asked quietly.

Dylan frowned at her. “What, don’t you like this, little girl?” He lowered his head and sucked one of Daisy’s nipples into his mouth. He nursed it hungrily, sucking hard enough to hurt, if Daisy Escort Manisa hadn’t been so used to that sensation. He tugged on the other, rolling the nub between his fingers, stroking its wide tip. “So hot,” he moaned against her flesh.

“Why?” Daisy managed through gritted teeth. To her horror, she watched as Dylan’s hand slipped off her tit and down into the water. She felt him easing it between her thighs, though she tried to clamp them shut.

“Because you’re so damn hot I just can’t help myself,” Dylan replied. His fingers stroked the bulge of Daisy’s pussy flesh, and he raised his eyebrows. “This is bigger, too. You weren’t joking, Shawna.”

“Nope, I sure wasn’t,” Shawna replied. “Want to see it? It’s fucking huge.”

Suddenly Daisy found herself being lifted bodily out of the water by two people. She was pulled over the side of the tub so that her tits rested against the outside and her knees remained in the water. She struggled, but Shawna sat in front of her, holding her arms firmly. Water streamed off the naked girl’s body and off her own tits onto the tile floor. Daisy felt Dylan’s hands on her hips, his knees between hers, forcing them apart. She knew he could see everything from this position.

“Goddamn, Shawna, look at this,” she heard him say. “I’ve never seen a pussy like this. There’s so much fucking pink.”

“I know,” Shawna giggled, looking directly at Daisy. “It’s nothing like mine. Do you like hers better?”

Behind her, Dylan scoffed. “Maybe if I liked fat girls. This pussy belongs on a fat chick, don’t you think? I’ve heard of more cushion for the pushin’, but Jesus, this is some fucking next-level shit.”

Daisy felt fingertips against her sensitive lips, and she jumped. “Easy, girl,” Dylan soothed as he stroked her bulging flesh. “I’m sure this cunt has seen plenty of action. I think it can handle a little more.”

Suddenly Daisy felt him pull her lips apart, exposing her completely. “I’m gonna finger her, okay, sis?” she heard him say as she felt two digits bury themselves brutally in her tender hole. Daisy yelped, and was rewarded with a firm smack across her ass. “Quiet, little girl.”

Gritting her teeth, Daisy focused on holding herself up by her arms. Her shoulders were sore, even with her torso resting against the edge of the tub. Directly in front of her were Shawna’s enormous, inflated jugs, so big they grazed against her own. Shawna saw her looking and leaned forward until their flesh pressed tightly together. “Do you like that?” she asked softly. “I could make this feel so nice for you.”

She let go of one arm and began to stroke Daisy’s tit, sliding her palm across the stiff nipple. Daisy almost moaned, but stopped herself just in time. The sensation, combined with the fingers in her pussy, was getting her hot, but she didn’t have to admit that.

“Is she wet?” Shawna asked.

“Does the Pope shit in the woods?” Dylan replied crudely. “She’s practically a fucking geyser. If I finger her just a little faster…”

The sensation was too much. Daisy couldn’t help it–she moaned. Then she moaned again, louder and with a sense of urgency in her voice. She could feel pressure against her nipples, and was vaguely aware that Shawna was squeezing and kneading them as if she was being milked, but all of her focus was on the fingers inside her. She took a deep breath and held it, and after a moment, she exploded.

“Oh fuck!” she heard Dylan exclaim behind her. “Oh fuck, she’s coming, Shawna. Oh shit, she is a fucking geyser. Look at all this squirt!”

Daisy could hear it, somehow, between breaths and beneath the screams that she could no longer hold back. The splattering noises went on and on as Dylan continued to fuck her, brutally, with his fingers. At last, he pulled them out of her, and collapsed against the edge of the tub beside her. “You fucking wore me out, girl,” he managed, breathing hard. “Now I’m covered in sweat and squirt.”

Daisy glanced up to see Shawna move towards her brother. Exhausted as she was, she was horrified to see them kiss, not like brother and sister, but the way lovers do in the movies, the way Nate used to kiss her. He had his hands in her hair, and Shawna was gripping the back of his head.

What was going on??

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