Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 26

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When Daisy woke up, the first thing she was aware of was a splitting headache.

The second thing was that she couldn’t move her arms or legs. They seemed to be stretched out, pulled to the side and spread as wide as possible. She felt drunk. Even when she opened her eyes, the room seemed to sway in front of her. She was lying down, at least. Glancing down at her exposed tits, she confirmed that she was indeed naked.

“Nate?” she moaned.

“I’m here,” she heard him respond, though when she turned her head to the right and left, she could see no one. She could see nothing over the mountains of her tits.

“What’s going on?” she asked. “Did I pass out last night? I can’t remember what we did.”

“Can’t you?” Nate asked. “You were pretty wild last night.”

Daisy shook her head, trying to clear the haze in her brain. “I don’t remember. I feel kind of sore, though, so we must have done something.”

Nate appeared beside her, sitting on the bed. He was clothed for work. “I’m going in late today. I wanted to make sure you were all right first.”

“I think I’m all right,” Daisy said, “just a little hungover. And sore.”

Nate stood up, and Daisy watched him pull something off the bedside table. “You drank quite a bit last night.”

“I did.”

“Too much to remember where to piss properly.”

Daisy’s eyes widened. Suddenly she was looking at photos of herself lying on the bed, passed out, naked except for Nate’s unbuttoned shirt beneath her. An enormous wet patch extending out from her crotch darkened the sheets beneath her. He showed her another photo, this one a closeup of her astonishingly swollen pussy, dripping liquid. Her thighs in the photo were wet.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” Daisy was humiliated.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it, honey,” Nate said, putting the photos aside. “You’ve ruined my mattress. I’ll have to buy another, because you got drunk and pissed in my bed. You’re a nasty girl, you know that? A nasty, naughty girl who pisses the bed when she drinks too much.”

Daisy couldn’t look at him. She was suddenly fighting back tears.

“I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.”

Suddenly he was on top of her, straddling her belly. His cock was out, and then Daisy found herself spitting piss out of her open mouth. “Ugh!” she managed before another splash filled her mouth. She spat it out and turned her head to the side. It didn’t stop him. She felt the warm liquid spatter across her face, soaking her hair, running down her throat. He pissed on her tits as well, soaking every inch in urine. The stream felt oddly arousing canlı bahis against her nipples, but Daisy was so humiliated she could barely recognize the sensation as the nubs stiffened.

The most humiliating was when he stood at the foot of the bed and pissed between her thighs. He soaked her entire pussy, even placing the head against her lips to piss in between them. She felt him direct the stream onto her aching asshole next, then down her thighs and over her belly.

At last the flow stopped, and she heard him zip up his trousers. “You’ll lie in that for the rest of the day,” he told her cruelly. “When you have to piss, you just let it go like you usually do. You’d just better hope you don’t have to shit until I get back.”

Daisy cried when he left, already feeling the piss growing cold on and beneath her naked body.

Around noon, Daisy woke from a disturbed sleep, feeling a bit of pressure in her bladder. She must not have emptied it entirely the night before, she thought. After half an hour of dozing and waking suddenly, she had had enough. She was already covered in piss-what harm could this do?

The first squirt was thrilling. With her arms and legs secured, she had no control over her position or where she did it. She could only relax her muscles and let the pee leak out. When it did, the ease of it startled her, and she stopped immediately. There was something very freeing about it, but it also made her feel very naughty.

The second squirt lasted a little longer. Daisy could feel the pee puddling between her thighs before soaking into the sheets. It was warm and dirty. She imagined her swollen cunt expelling the liquid freely, squirting it not only on this bed but wherever she liked. She remembered pissing her jeans in the parking lot and felt a wave of shame wash over her. But then another squirt escaped, and her fantasy changed. She was now standing in the main aisle of the parking lot in her cropped top and skin-tight jeans. People were standing around her, both men and women, and she was peeing freely. Piss flooded down her legs and dribbled directly from the sodden crotch onto the pavement below. Guys were watching her and masturbating openly; women were rubbing their own nipples through thin shirts or sliding up short skirts to play with their naked pussies.

Then suddenly Daisy was at home. She wasn’t alone. She didn’t know why, but her mother was in the room with her, her mother whom she didn’t like, didn’t respect. Even more inexplicably, her mother was lying on the floor. Daisy was standing over her in a skirt. When she pulled the skirt bahis siteleri up, she was naked underneath. Her mother saw the swell of her pussy and cried out that she was disgusting, unnatural, a slut and a sex addict. When Daisy began to piss on her, she spluttered and didn’t say anything more. Daisy pissed all down the length of her, even squatted over her face to piss directly into her mouth. When she was finished, she ordered her mother to lick her clean.

Daisy woke from the dream with a gasp. She must have fallen asleep even as she was pissing the bed. She was no longer peeing, although she knew she still had urine left, but she was extremely aroused. She knew her juices were bubbling out of her pussy even if she couldn’t see them. She frantically wished she could touch herself, but her hands were firmly secured to the bedposts.

Daisy wondered why she had dreamt that thing about her mother. She didn’t feel any sexual attraction towards her, not the way she did towards her father, or had towards Shawna. She wondered if it was a power thing. She imagined herself again, crouched over her mother, forcing the older woman to lick out her pussy. She felt her pussy spasm a little with arousal. Daisy forced a little more piss out, imagining she was peeing on her mother’s tongue, deep between her fat lips.

Then suddenly she felt the stirring in her bowels, and her blood ran cold. She would piss the bed, but she would not shit in it. That was a new low even her father hadn’t coaxed from her. The movement inside her sent tremors through her body, and Daisy realized this was part of the reason she was so aroused. She was always turned on when she needed to go to the bathroom. She could feel the pressure inside her, widening her and stimulating nerve endings as it went.

Now she needed to be careful. If she peed, she was more likely to let everything go, but she also knew that the fullness of her bladder was placing additional pressure on her bowels. Concentrating very hard, Daisy let out another squirt of piss. She yelped as a bit of gas escaped from her anus. “Fuck!” she moaned at the ceiling.

For the next hour or so, Daisy fought a losing battle. With every cramp of her bowels, a fresh wave of arousal swept through her, until she was positively sliding across the sheets. When the bowel movement began to open her asshole up from the inside, she let out a cry and pulled it back in, the way she had often done in the past to prolong the pleasurable experience. She could smell pussy juice mingling with urine, and this aroused her even more.

Her anus was weakening. She had struggled bahis şirketleri to keep her own filth inside her, but she was losing. She could feel her anus dilating now, knew the log was actually slipping out a little more each time before she pulled it back in.

It was during one of these times that she felt her bowels begin to spasm. The spasms spread to her pussy, causing tiny contractions deep inside her. Daisy knew she was cumming. She hadn’t touched herself in any way, or even imagined a scenario that might have aroused her to the point of inducing an orgasm. The natural functions of her body were making her cum. This had happened before, but not quite in these circumstances. With a long, low moan, Daisy let herself go, cumming helplessly from the pressure inside her ass.

Nate found her asleep, still spread-eagled in his bed. She was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and the puddle beneath her hips was fresh. A solid log protruded several inches from her anus, thick as a cock. Above this crude sight, Daisy’s bulging cunt was leaking clear, viscous juice from between her lips.

Nate took photos to document the scene. Then he woke her.

Daisy was groggy at first. Then her eyes snapped open. “Oh my god, no,” she moaned. “Oh god, don’t look. I tried so hard to keep it in.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve taken photos,” Nate said. He still held his phone in his hand. “Push it out.”

“Oh no!” Daisy exclaimed, tears streaming from her wide eyes. “No, please, I can’t do it in front of you. It’s disgusting!”

“It is disgusting,” Nate agreed, “but you’re a nasty girl who needs to learn her lesson. You’re young. Your asshole should be tight enough to hold it in. But it’s not. You fell asleep midway through an enormous shit. So go ahead, push it out. Get rid of it, and then we can get you clean.”

Daisy whimpered.

“Do it, before I insist on you getting on your hands and knees and shitting it out like a dog,” Nate warned.

She whimpered again, but he saw her anus begin to strain. Her cunt squirted a little, her piss mixed with pussy juice.

Nate filmed from the end of the bed as she strained to push the rest of the log out. Slowly, another inch emerged. It grew longer and longer, pushing out between her thighs, resembling a tail. He heard the faint slick sound as her lubricated anus expelled the filthy object. Suddenly she began to moan.

“Does this turn you on?” he asked the naked girl.

“Fuck, it’s making me cum!” Daisy moaned. Her pussy didn’t squirt, but he could see her spasm. As she did, the rest of the log slid out, roughly a foot in length. Her asshole yawned open. Nate made sure to film it, and the way her juices bubbled out of her pussy and down into her gaping ass.

“I’m gonna fuck that ass raw,” he promised the camera as it closed reluctantly.

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