Dad’s Favorite Cum Hungry Gymnast

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Uncle Jim, Mom and Dad sat on the edge of the lake and drank wine. They had just finished their 3rd bottle and were noticeably getting drunk.

Mom, “Jimmy, it’s so nice to be here…we never get to hang out like this, what a beautiful place! I love this lake!”

Jimmy “This is the best wine in the world!”

As Dad took a sip of his glass he nodded and agreed, “This is some good fucking wine and a beautiful lake.”

Jim “We should tell Craig and Lizzie to come hang out. Or are the 18 and 23 year olds too cool to hang out with the old folks?”

Mom “24 actually….it makes me feel old to say that.” she makes a pouty sad face.

Jim holds his glass up and toasts, “let’s feel young again” and tells his brother to go get Craig and Lizzie so they can enjoy some of the good wine.

Dad “I don’t think Lizzie drinks…”

Mom “She’ll enjoy the white wine Jimmy has, it’s so fucking good!”

As Dad got up to invite Craig and Lizzie to come drink with them he says, “Oh lord, Sheryl is getting a little tipsy”

As the Dad got closer to the house he could see the back of Lizzie’s head through an open window and decided to scare her for fun. He was a little drunk and thought it would be funny. As he crept closer to the window he heard his son’s voice. He ducked under the window and listened.

“I think I might stay around for another week or two”

Without looking up from her magazine Lizzie responds, “so”

“So maybe we can hang out again, spend some fun time together, once there’s privacy”

Lizzie still doesn’t look up from her magazine, but gently rubs her left breast and says, “Ummm, maybe”

“You are being a tease again; you were more fun last night”

The Dad stayed there, kneeling under the window. He was not thinking about scaring them anymore; his dirty imagination had taken over. His wife and brother were sitting 20 yards away at the bottom of a hill; bushes and trees blocked their view of his spying. Hearing his son tell his daughter she’s a tease and she was more fun last night made him hard. There was silence for at least 10 seconds and the Dad was frozen, not sure if he should just tip toe away or stay and listen. Just then, Craig broke the silence.

Craig “I have an answer for you”

“To what?” Lizzie replied in a condescending way.

“Remember your “what’s dirtier question”….”

Lizzie giggles and says while laughing “you were a little tongue tide last night, so you finally have an answer?”

“Well, I think we are a tie”

“A tie? That’s how I know you’re not an athlete. No such thing, explain yourself. How are we a tie?”

Craig repeats the question Lizzie asked him last night in a whisper the Dad could barely hear it, but he heard it and couldn’t believe his ears. “If the question is, what’s dirtier? The porn I watch, the things I think about when I jerk off to bursa otele gelen escort your gymnastic videos or you. Then it’s a tie because I jerk off to the thought of what you did last night”

Lizzie said is a whisper ” You’ve jerked off to the thought of me sucking a puddle of your cum off the floor? Did I make the same slurping sound in your fantasy?”


“Liar, I bet even in your dirty mind you never thought I’d do that. I’m just proud of myself for making a guy cum without anything touching his dick. It was twitching and jumping around like crazy and then it just erupted. I didn’t even get naked; all it took was a sexy dance. I think I’m dirtier. It’s not a tie.”

Craig responds in a louder whisper “You pulled your gymnastics uniform up so high it disappeared into your perfect ass! Looked over your shoulder and said you wanted to suck my big cock and swallow my cum! Of course I came everywhere”

“But you didn’t even use your hands. That’s why I’m so proud. Did you think that was possible?”

“Honestly, no. Last night was amazing. Thank you so much.”

“Stop being so nice. It’s lame. And we should stop talking about this when Mom and Dad are so close”

Craig, “Even if they heard us they wouldn’t believe it. We’d say we were kidding”

“Just shut up for now and know that I’m only turned on by you wanting me and making you hold it in until you explode. Basically no hands orgasms are the only thing I’ll do with you because it makes me proud”

“You’re beautiful and smart, you should be proud. Any guy in the world would be lucky to have you.”

“Well, you are the only guy I’ve done that kind of stuff with. I’ve kissed some guys, but whatever. You’re still lame. Stay for 2 more weeks and hold it in for another 10 days and we’ll see. Maybe I’ll let you pick the outfit, but never ask me or bring it up.”


The Dad grew to over 9inches in his shorts; He tucked his boner under his belt line, let his polo shirt hang over the head of his cock and walked inside.

Dad, “Craig, take two bottles of white wine out of the fridge and bring them down to your mom and Jim”

Craig sluggishly got up from his seat, grabbed two bottles and headed down the hill. The Dad turned and looked at his dirty cum drinking incestuous slut daughter. He looked out the door and looked back at her.

Lizzie, “Am I allowed to drink?”

Dad looked out the door to make sure Craig hadn’t turned around and answered, “You’re 18, you can do more than drink.”

Lizzie walked towards her Dad who was still standing in the front doorway making sure the coast is clear. She hugged him from behind and pressed the side of her head against his back.

In a serious voice her Dad told her, “I snuck up on you two thinking it would be funny to scare you. I heard what you did bursa eve gelen eskort last night and you won’t be able to convince me it was a joke”

Lizzie is frozen as her Dad turns around and faces her. He is muscular 6’3” and Lizzie is 4’9” with a perfect gymnast body. Towering over her he reaches out and strokes one of her French braids and asks, “did mom put these in today?”

“Ya” Lizzie responded in a soft nervous voice

“You’re going to make me cum without using any hands just like you did to your brother last night”

“oh” Lizzie responds

Her Dad ordered her, “Go sit on the edge of my bed” he pointed towards the room he and his wife had been sleeping in. Lizzie didn’t say a word. She walked into the room and sat with her ankles crossed and hands in her lap. Her big blue eyes were glued to her father who slowly walked into the room and looked down at her. Her father looked at her feet and slowly worked his way up her body with his eyes. She was wearing sandals, short navy blue skirt and a red tank top. He reached out, stroked her left French braid and said “Elizabeth, I have an enormous cock, it’s very hard and I’m going to cum very soon. It’s up to you where I cum.”

Lizzie is silent for a few seconds, takes a deep breath and says, “where ever you want.”

Lizzie’s Dad lifted his shirt and exposed the mushroom head of his concealed boner that went up over to his belly button. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened slowly. He reached out and lifted her chin up so they’d make eye contact. The father removed his belt, unbuttoned his shorts and showed his daughter his monumental erection.

Lizzie’s put her hands against her cheeks and said in a soft surprised voice, “holy fucking shit”

He smiled and proclaimed with a cocky tone, “Probably the biggest cock you’ll ever have. Pick where you want me to cum.”

Lizzie was a deer in headlights looking at her Dad’s dick. She reached out with her right hand and said, “Oh my God Dad, are you serious with this thing?” She cupped his ball sack with her left hand and asked in a rhetorical manner, “I came out of here?” Lizzie bit her lip and slowly moved in for a taste. She could barely get her mouth around the head.

The Dad got nervous; he was being impulsively horny with his daughter while the rest of his family was outside. He petted Lizzie’s head and said, “You know what we are going to do?”

Lizzie took the mammoth cock out of her mouth and said with a giggle, “shrink it so I can fit in my mouth?”

“Honey, we have to find a better room. I need to see if somebody is coming up the hill.” The Dad took Lizzie by the arm and walked her into the bed room she had been sleeping in.

“Is this the floor you drank cum off of last night?” Her dad asked.

Lizzie looked at the floor and said, “Ya.” She looked at the bayan escort bursa window with the view of her mom, uncle and brother and knelt a couple feet to the left. Her Dad didn’t even need to tell her what to do.

“Good girl” her Dad said in an affectionate voice as he took his long thick boner back out and glanced out the window. Her warm mouth could still only get the head of his cock in. “you are such a good girl Elizabeth. Try to open wider if you can”

Lizzie’s jaw was open as wide as it could go and she started to gag once her Dad pushed his cock in a little further. It didn’t matter; he was ready to blast semen all over his daughter. “Get ready hunny, I’m about to cum. Drink it all so we don’t make a mess, Ooohh fuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk!!”

Lizzie tried her best, but the cock was too big, it was her first time giving a blowjob and her father was ejaculating far too much for her to capture it all in her mouth. Her eyes were shut when the first taste of cum hit her lips, she swallowed some at first, but soon cum started to squirt out of the side of her mouth and started to even get in her sinus and was going to come of her nose. She knew her Dad wanted to watch her drink it all, but there was too much. She pulled her head away and gooey strings of saliva mixed with semen clung to her lips and her father cock. He stroked his elephant trunk cock as it’s sprayed his daughter’s cute face and petite body. The whole orgasm lasted 15 seconds, when it was over her clothes were ruined, cum was everywhere. There was thick cum stuck to her and watery cum dripping down her soft tan skin. Her French braid pigtails even had some sperm in them. Her Dad smiled, “You and I are going to have a lot of fun this summer before college. I’m going to show you off to Uncle Jim, tease your brother and push your drunk Mom’s limits. Stand up and clean yourself off.”

Without saying a word Lizzie stripped naked as her Dad stood in the window making sure nobody was walking towards the house. She scooped big thick pieces of cum off her face and arms and ate it. She sucked on her clothes to get as much as she could. She looked up at her Dad, “Did I miss any?”

“There is some in your hair, but don’t worry about showering. I have a plan. Put on a thong and white cotton bra, pants and a long sleeve shirt. When we get out there say you put on long clothes because you didn’t want to get bit by mosquitoes.”

Without even asking what her Dad had in mind for her she said “OK, is this shirt good?”

Her Dad quickly answered, “It doesn’t matter. Once you are down there say you are hot and want to go swimming. I want to show you off!”

Lizzie looked at her Dad and didn’t say anything. They held silent eye contact for 5 seconds, she scooped a piece of cum out of her left pigtail and ate it. Her Dad rubbed his crotch and stared at her with horny eyes.

Lizzie was still feasting on her father’s sperm where ever she could find it, she slowly slid three of her cum drenched fingers out of her mouth and said, “I really love the taste of cum; it makes my pussy sweat and gives me butterflies.”

Her Dad was rock hard again and she could see it through his pants. He walked out of the room and said, “I hope you’re ready.”

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