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You stand in the tub and I can take a nice big soft sponge and get it all wet and press it against your upper body, letting the warm water run down the your length. You turn around till you all nice and wet. I get some soft soap, and add it to the wet sponge. I start this time at your feet, and lather your legs very slowly, working the foam further up your legs and thighs.

I am careful not to get to near your special place, because that wouldn’t be right. I feel you twitch with the anticipation of me getting nearer and nearer, but I avoid it. I pass your special spot and move up your belly and secretly watch as your nipples harden from excitement.

I brush the underside of your breasts and circle around them, again making sure that I don’t get near anything that would be considered inappropriate. Your breathing becomes ragged, and I turn you around to make sure that your back is clean as well.

You feel the lather on your back become weak, and you jump when I apply some more. The feeling of the new and cold soap makes you turn your head and you giggle. I slap your ass to keep you from moving around, and you let out a low moan. I lean in and whisper in your ear that if you don’t stand still you’ll get more of a spanking.

The feeling of my warm breath on your neck makes your head move to the opposite side, allowing me to give you a gentle kiss. I notice as I look over your shoulder that your nipples are even harder than before. I step back and allow the soapy sponge to fall from my hands and I begin to use my bare hands to continue to clean your back. As you feel my skin touch yours, you moan a louder and I respond by soaping your sides, coming closer and closer to your sweet, full, breasts.

You lean back into me and your hands travel the front of your body as my hands tentatively brush the sides of your breasts, and slide under them as my arms begin to wrap around you. You press back into me and feel me begin to grow with my own excitement, and just when your hands reach your bikini line, your feel my hands slide down to cover yours.

Your lips part and you slip your tongue to your lips to wet them. My hands leave yours, and I back away, my fingertips trace your hips to your tender bottom. You lean forward as I begin to wash your sweet, tender ass. You push your backside into my hands and I squeeze each cheek as the subs spill from between my fingers. I continue to pay close attention to your behind, and you know that Beşiktaş Escort I have always secretly watched you walk away with my eyes focused on you.

You feel my fingers slide up and down your cheeks, and I begin to slip them into your sweet loving crack from the top of your back and down. Slowly my fingers spread your sweet and sexy cheeks and I soap you all around. When I touch your tiny little butt hole, you squeal and giggle and ask what I’m doing, and that I’m being naughty.

I whisper in a hoarse voice, “I don’t know….I don’t think I can control myself”. You reply by moaning and lowering your head which causes your ass to move back, and my soapy finger gently enters you. You place a hand on the bathtub wall to steady yourself, while the other reaches down between your legs.

I kneel down to get a view of your sexy fingers playing with the smoothness of your pussy, while my finger instinctively begins to slide in and out of your tight little ass. I watch as you rub your pussy and my eyes go wide as I see first 1, then 2 fingers enter your hot, wet throbbing pussy. I can feel your fingers against my finger in your ass, as your fingers slide out, my finger dives deeper. Soon we reach a rhythm as I pull out, you push in, then as you pull out, and I push in.

The pace of our motions turns your moans into groans. Your legs split wide as I probe that dark secret place and feel your own fingers fuck yourself in front of my eyes.

My emotions are torn, and just as you are about to climax, I remove my finger and tell you that this is not right. I stand up to leave and you spin around in dire need of release, and watch as I leave with my bathrobe flowing behind me.

You quickly dry yourself and find me on the couch with a drink in my hand. I can’t look at you, but you walk over, still nude and with a light sheen on your skin. I turn my head away and you kneel in front of me and pull my face to meet yours. You tell me that this is OK, and that you wanted, and now you NEED this.

I reply that it’s not right, and you whisper that you love me and that even at 18; you’re still my baby girl. You want to show me how much you want and need me. I feel your hands on my thighs, and they rub my muscles, and your nails drag across my skin. You continue to massage me, and I relent, I place my hand on your head as you lay it in my lap, as I feel your fingertips gently begin to play with my hardening cock.

Your Beşiktaş Escort Bayan breath is hot on my skin, and my hand is massaging your head while my fingers tangle your hair. I feel your hand gently grasp my hardening shaft and your breath is like fire as I feel your head move towards me. I drink the last of my bourbon and place the empty glass on the end table. I lay my other hand on your head and with torn emotions; I gently guide you to my growing excitement.

Your hand begins to slide up and down my shaft; you raise your head slightly and watch as I grow harder from your touch. I feel your breathing increase, and the more that hits my growing member, the faster it reaches its full length. With little trepidation, you lean forward and as I feel your first kiss on the soft spongy head, my other head falls back and I let out a low moan as I begin to part your soft, sweet, tender young lips with my fire hot cock.

Slowly you let your lips slide down my hard shaft, your hand holding me steady as you slowly engulf my hard cock. You feel the smooth, shaved shaft, slip past your lips until your mouth is full. Knowing that you finally have my cock in your mouth, you moan and I push my hips up, shoving more of my shaft deeper into your mouth.

You begin to raise your head so that I pop from your mouth. Looking up at me, you smile and I look into your eyes as you begin to feast on my shaft. You let your tongue slip past your lips and you start to lick my shaft along the sides as your fist begins to stroke me. Your fist is tight and as you lubricate my long, hard, smooth cock with your mouth, lips and tongue, some of my juice begins to seep from my soft head.

While you stroke me, your fist rotates and you squeeze even harder. You sit up and watch with your eyes fixed on the pre-cum that you have brought from deep within me, and as it gathers and mixes with the saliva from your mouth, you tell me that you want this, that you want to taste me. You then look back up at me, and as you hold my cock tight, you place your lips around my head and slowly drink the pre-cum that you pulled from me.

Moaning now as you taste your hard daddy, your desire for the rest of my seed overtakes your slow ministrations and your mouth begins to slide up and down my shaft. Your mouth is tight and I can feel your tongue doing wonders on the underside of my cock as you suck.

Your fist follows your mouth, and you tighten Escort Beşiktaş your grasp while you rotate it to provide the ultimate pleasure that you know how to give. My hands are on your head, in your hair, and my hips begin to rise and fall your to bobbing head. Your mouth is so wet that my cock is dripping and you just can’t seem to get enough of my shaft. You let your lips slide along the sides of my cock, and your hand helps you in every way. I begin to fuck your face and you hear my moans begin to turn into wanton lust for you. Your hand takes over, and your mouth comes off my cock so you can catch your breath. I hear your voice over my moaning telling me to cum for you, to cum in your mouth, that you need to taste all of me. You thrust your head back onto my cock and our moans become one as my hips rise and fall onto the cushions.

My hands tighten on your head, your fist is like a vise and your mouth a vacuum, and you hear my voice groan that I’m about to cum, that you’re going to make your daddy cum, and suddenly as I yell I’m cumming. I explode deep into your mouth and you feel the first of my hot salty juice hit the back of your throat while to next fills your mouth.

Your head stops bobbing, wanting to make sure you milk my cumming cock, and you back off slightly as spurt after spurt fills your mouth to your milking fist. You feel my legs tighten, shake, and spasm as I continue and my uncontrollable orgasm begins to subside. My cock head becomes sensitive and I beg you to stop, but you continue to twist your fist, making sure that you get every last drop.

You realize that there is no more cum to be had, you look up at me through your tangled hair and begin to rise up my limp body. You have drained all the life from me and as I sit there with you, my still hard cock in your hand, I watch your pretty face approach mine. I know that you are about to go the next step further, that you are about to put my hard cock in your wet, dripping pussy.

I can’t stop you, you have me in your control. I begin to try to protest, telling you that sucking my cock is one thing, but fucking my baby girl is another. You don’t care, you continue your slow journey up my body, smiling until you have reached my face, and your pussy is resting on my cock.

You lean in to kiss me as you slowly lower yourself. I tell you to stop, that this has gone far enough, but you still approach. Just as my head begins to enter your tight, wet, cunt, your mouth presses against mine and your force your tongue hard into my mouth. I realize that you haven’t swallowed my cum, and that you are planning to let me taste myself. I groan with desire and allow this cum coated kiss, as your pussy devours my rock hard cock and you begin to fuck me.

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