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Julie found the stories on her Dad’s computer by accident. She was looking for a paper she had written a few months back and didn’t realize that the computer was logged on to her Dad’s account. The folder “Stories” piqued her curiosity and she had to have a look. The stories didn’t have titles, just Story1, Story2, etc so she had no idea what she was getting into. She about fell off the chair when she opened Story1 and began to read a story about a son seducing his drunken mother. Story2 was another incest story about sisters that get into a cat fight over clothes and end up in a nasty 69. The last story was last modified yesterday and she was surprised at how excited she was to read what her Dad had written so recently.

Chris had been working on his car the majority of the afternoon and was head to toe in grease and sweat. He couldn’t wait to get into the shower and just get clean. He also couldn’t wait to jerk off either. For some reason he had not been able to get his latest story out of his head. He had been inspired to write it after he had walked into his daughter’s bedroom unannounced and found her in her underwear and bra listening to her Ipod while working on homework for college. She never knew he was there despite his lingering and staring at her scantily clad body. Chris would never have sex with his daughter. That wouldn’t be right. He could write about it though and it was probably his best story yet.

Julie tweaked her nipple as she read about a father being seduced by his daughter. Her forceful manner was stunning and such a turn on. Julie couldn’t help herself, she read the story as if she were in it. The girl in the story was an exact match to Julie. Short brown hair, short in stature, above-average breasts İstanbul Escort and milky white skin but the eyes were what stood out. Julie had always had stunning hazel eyes and her Dad had written them into the story. By now the hand tweaking her nipple had moved down inside of her shorts and Julie was masturbating to the story her Dad had written about her.

The shower felt wonderful and before long Chris’ cock was raging hard and wanting attention. He stroked it slowly as the craving built inside of him until he couldn’t take anymore. He needed to read the story again. He got out of the shower and toweled off in the bathroom. He threw on a pair of boxers just in case Julie wandered down the hallway. For a thrill he peeked into her bedroom on the way to his but was disappointed to find she wasn’t there. Probably downstairs watching TV he thought. He was so excited he started pulling his boxers off before he even got to his bedroom. He walked in just in time to hear his daughter Julie moan “Oh God I’m Cumming!”

Julie heard the door swing open just as her orgasm hit and there was no stopping it. Her whole body shook with pleasure as she stared at her wide-eyed Dad. A second wave hit when she looked down his body and saw his hard cock standing out in front of him.

Chris stood there in shock and fear. He tried to cover up his dick but there wasn’t a piece of clothing in sight. He thought about walking out the door but he was frozen. Pre-cum had bubbled up at the tip of his cock and he was seriously considering stroking his cock just to ease the pressure building up inside of it. Julie hadn’t budged and her expression hadn’t changed.

“Let me get that for you Daddy.” Julie said as she got up from İstanbul Escort Bayan the computer and strolled gingerly to her Dad. She got down on her knees and without warning wrapped her warm lips around her Dad’s cock. He couldn’t help himself, he blew his load right there in his daughter’s mouth. As his eyes crossed and his mind blew into outer space he could hear his daughter struggling to swallow his huge load but she did. Every drop was accounted for and she sucked on the head as if begging for more.

Something came over Chris and it wasn’t regret or shame. It was raw passion. He pulled his daughter up from her knees and kissed her deeply and passionately tasting his recent release. He pawed at her breasts and grabbed at her ass. He pulled her shirt off, then her shorts and with a flick of his fingers he released the bra from the front to expose her beautiful full breasts. He just stared at them as they hung there. They were not supermodel firm breasts they were full womanly breasts and he passionately kissed and sucked on her nipples. He backed her up to the bed and then guided her down on to her back. He continued to kiss and suck on her nipples and then down to her belly. He wanted to taste her pussy and she so wanted him to. She moaned as he got closer and closer. He teased, kissing down one thigh and then brushing his lips across her swollen clit to the other thigh. Finally, she grabbed his head and pushed it into her pussy. He didn’t disappoint. Licking up and down the lips, sucking the lips into his mouth and then running his tongue over her clit. Boys she had been with before were in such a hurry and sometimes she would have to stop them because it was too much. Not Dad, he worked slowly and Escort İstanbul she found herself wanting his mouth wrapped around her clit. He moved down to the entrance of her pussy and licked in and out, fucking her with his tongue. Then he surprised her by pushing her legs up and continuing further down to her asshole. No one had ever touched her there before and she shuddered as his tongue flicked over her puckered hole. Chris worked his way back up to her clit and mercifully wrapped his lips around it. At first it was just too much and she had a series of little orgasms but she had no idea what an orgasm could be until she felt his finger move in and out of her pussy and without warning up her ass. She screamed out loud as she came wave and wave. Her Dad’s finger was like a piston moving in and out of her ass relentlessly while his tongue made an all out assault on her clit. She bucked her hips in the air and hissed dirty talk to him begging for more.

She finally, could take no more and pushed his face away. Chris took the sign and quickly came up, flipped Julie on to her stomach and pulled her hips into the air. His cock had never been harder and now he was going to do something he swore he could never do. Lust ruled the moment and he eased his cock into her tight pussy. She was sopping wet and it felt like heaven. He pulled her hips back to him and then he moved back out of her starting slow and moving into a rhythm. Soon he was slamming into her as she screamed “harder Daddy, harder… Oh my God I’m cumming again… fuck me…” He gave one final thrust and then pulled his cock out her pussy and let his cum spray all over her ass. Chris almost passed out from the mind shattering orgasm that accompanied the thick spray that he deposited on to his daughter’s ass.

Slowly they both came back down to earth and both were beginning to realize who they were with. In the heat of passion it didn’t matter. The animal inside didn’t care for anything but the pleasure. Now they both had to decide whether they cared.

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