Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02

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…Hanna, my 18-year old daughter, was babysitting the neighbor kids down the street. One of them is four and one is almost six, and they are absolute terrors. I warned her about agreeing to baby-sit for them, but she insisted the money was too good and that she could handle it. I couldn’t argue with her on that point. I had recently found out my daughter could handle a lot more than I could.

Let me briefly explain what I mean by that. Months previous to this baby-sitting gig, on a mini-vacation with some family and co-workers, I watched my daughter fuck one of the guys I work with. He didn’t know she was my daughter, but we knew what we were doing, even when she put my cock head in her mouth and sucked a big load of cum right out of me.

We never talked about it, but Hanna was better at pretending it never happened than I was. She seemed fine. Different, yes. She had been a goth girl before the hotel incident, and her new look, short blonde hair and wearing skimpier clothes all the time, made her seem like a whole new person, not to mention the much cheerier attitude. Her grades were better, she talked to me and my wife more, got along with her siblings, and was altogether becoming the perfect daughter. She wasn’t so different as to be a stranger, but the transformation was baffling. Because of the hotel incident, I suspected that sex might have been the catalyst for the new Hanna, but since everything about her now was good and happy and responsible, how could I get angry? Especially since at least a little of that sex had been with me?

There was a downside, however. Maybe it was because of what I’d seen her do and what she’d done with me, but I was finding myself unable to stop fantasizing about the new Hanna. And despite her more open and talkative self, she was an expert at making me feel like she didn’t even know or remember what had happened between us. I know this sounds dumb, but it made me feel rejected. And without her noticing, I was becoming obsessed.

I wondered if that was the real reason I tried talking her out of this baby-sitting gig. I knew my wife was going to be gone all night, as were the other kids, and if Hanna stayed home, it would’ve been just her and I. Of course, that also may have been why she took the job.

She left at around 4:30pm. The rest of the kids and my wife had all gone their separate ways by 6pm. I had a quiet dinner, then went to the computer for one of my recently discovered guilty pleasures: I’d surf the internet for pornographic pictures of girls that looked like Hanna.

She had a great little body. Not too thin or thick, with a soft, round ass and big, firm breasts. That was easy enough to find on the net, but it was tough finding her body on a model who had a face as cute and sexy, and who also had short blonde hair. And her big, puffy nipples were especially hard to match. Tonight I was trying something different by searching for those realistic and customizable love dolls and trying to build a silicone Hanna, just for fun. I had just started picking out facial features when my cell rang.

It was Hanna. She sounded on the verge of tears, which was a rare state for her to be in. She said she was having real trouble getting the kids to listen to her, and she didn’t know what to do. She had called their dad and left a message, but he hadn’t called back yet.

She asked if I could come over and please help.

I logged off the computer and tried to will my erection away as I sped out the door. A couple minutes later I was at the house, and Hanna opened the door before I even knocked. I could hear the two monsters screaming and laughing from further in the house.

“Dad, God, I don’t know what to do!” she said frantically.

Her eyes were slightly teared up, her hair was tussled, and she looked completely out of control. I had never seen her this way before. As a goth, she didn’t care about anything to get this worked up, and the new her was always so strong. But she was still my little girl, I told myself, and she didn’t have much experience baby-sitting, especially since she was the youngest in the family.

I followed her into the house and we chased the kids down. We had finally spotted the younger one in the parent’s room, but just as we went to get him, I heard the older one yelling and laughing as he ran out the back door. We split up, Hanna going for the one in the bedroom, and me heading outside for the other one. I was still trying to recall the damn kid’s name when I saw the back door open again and Larry, the dad, stepped through with the child in tow.

“Hanna?” he called out. Then he saw me and his face turned bright red. “Oh Frank, I’m sorry about this.”

He marched past me and called out the other kid’s name, who came running and shouting terrified apologies.

Larry shouted a rushed apology to Hanna as he passed her and dragged both kids to their shared bedroom, already verbally scolding them. I followed until he entered their room and shut the Ataköy Escort door. I stopped right next to the parent’s bedroom, where Hanna had found the younger kid and where she still was, her back to me. She was doing something with her hands and her body was shaking.

“Hanna? Are you okay?”

She didn’t respond, but she did fumble at whatever was in her hands more furiously. I stepped in beside her and saw what the problem was. She was holding a smooth, pink vibrator and, with shaky hands, trying to put the batteries back in correctly. The kid had found it and taken it apart, and obviously Hanna didn’t want Larry to know. Even though Larry was blaming the kids, and rightly so, the vibrator would be embarrassing for all of us.

We heard Larry’s muffled voice through the walls as he scolded his kids. I held Hanna’s wrists to steady them, and together we screwed the cap back on and, to test it, we turned the vibrator on. It came to life with a low hum that was somehow hypnotizing, because in spite of both of our fears of being caught with it, we didn’t put it away. Standing behind my daughter, with my arms around her, I felt myself stiffen. I knew this was a terrible place and time, but I also knew this was the perfect moment for me to explore the relationship that she had started and ended so recently.

I slid my hands over hers, then took the vibrator from her gently. As it buzzed quietly but powerfully, I held it against her chest, between her breasts, and then traced it down to her tummy. Hanna’s shirt was cut high at the midriff, so her belly button and soft tummy were exposed for the vibrator to touch her skin directly. And then I put a hand there, my skin hot but hers even hotter. I turned the vibrator, pointing it down and guiding the tip under the waistband of her sweat pants. Slowly I moved it down, down, until I knew I had it buzzing her clit. At that moment Hanna sighed, shuddered, and melted back against me, and my cock grew hard and I ground it into the crack of her ass.

From this angle I couldn’t insert the toy into her without taking her pants off, and that was out of the question with Larry still here, so I pulled it back, slowly trailing it back up her tummy, over one breast and a nipple, up the curve of her neck, and finally to her lips. I wondered if Hanna would take issue with the fact that this was another woman’s toy, and maybe she didn’t want it in her mouth, clean or not.

But that fear was unfounded when Hanna parted her pale, wet, full lips, let go a nervous, pent-up breath of air, and then kissed the tip of the pink vibrator. She kept her lips around it as I shut it off, then eased it further into her mouth. I only put about an inch in, but that was enough to get her kissing and sucking it and swirling her tongue around the tip. I softly worked the tip in and out of her mouth, and Hanna licked her way down the plastic shaft until she was licking my fingers and sucking my pinky.

My other hand slid against her skin from her tummy to under her pants. My middle finger found her hard little clit, but moved on, lower, until it reached her fleshy, wet rose. I curled my finger up and inside her, and Hanna gasped, stiffened, then very slowly succumbed to my finger. I moved my finger in gently, but I didn’t fuck her with it. The two of us barely moved, just enjoying the penetration. Hanna had stopped sucking my finger, but I still held it against her open wet lips, feeling her young, heavy breaths on my skin.

“Daddy…” she said, barely a whisper.

The door to the kids’ room suddenly opened. Larry couldn’t see us yet, but in four short steps he would, so Hanna and I tore away from each other. My erection was quite obvious, not to mention that I still had his wife’s vibrator in my hand. I backed against the wall of the bedroom, crouched behind the dresser, and hid. Larry would only see me if he came into the room, but Hanna took care of that by exiting and closing the door behind her.

I heard Larry apologize again, explain that he had punished the children to their beds the rest of the night, and then, to my horror, tell her he would have to get on the Internet and finish his meeting via web cam. Hanna had already told him I’d left while he was in with the kids, so now I’d have to sneak out to keep her lie from coming out. And worse, since he had no need for Hanna, she would be expected to leave, too. She wouldn’t be able to help me sneak out, and I had no idea where this vibrator in my hand was supposed to go.

But then Larry offered her more money for the fuss, as well as asking her to stay the whole night as planned anyway. His meeting was important, and even though he didn’t expect the kids to be an issue anymore, just in case he wanted Hanna there so he wouldn’t be bothered. Hanna must have known that to decline would mean my death, so she agreed and Larry went upstairs to continue with his meeting.

My heart started beating heavily in anticipation of what might come next. Ataköy Escort Bayan I stayed in the dark bedroom, waiting. I knew we couldn’t continue what we’d started, but just to see Hanna again would lift me. I just hoped she wouldn’t ignore what had happened, because I wasn’t going to.

After about a minute, the bedroom door slowly opened. Hanna slipped in and quietly shut the door behind her.

“Dad!” she whispered sharply. “You have to get out of here!”

She wasn’t mad, but panicked. She knew we were on the verge of getting caught, too. I came to her and we slowly exited the bedroom, then tip-toed down the hall. We would have to pass the staircase leading up to where Larry was, and the floor there was hardwood, so it would make more noise. We stopped along the wall, just before the hardwood floor began. Hanna leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“The floor creaks, so you have to stay with me or he’ll know there are two people, okay?”

I nodded and we started off across the hardwood. It did squeak a couple times, but as long as we stepped at the same time in almost the same places, Larry would only think one person was down here. To do this, though, we had to be very close, and in fact the front of my body was constantly in contact with the back of Hanna’s as we crept along. I even put a hand on her hip to keep us together.

I didn’t grab her hips with both hands because–oh shit!–because I was holding something in the other hand. Hanna realized at the same moment that she had never asked what I’d done with the vibrator, but now she stopped, turned to look, and saw it was still in my hand. We both froze, a step past the stairway, but still in sight of anyone who might stand at the top of it.

“What do you want me to do?” I whispered, meaning did she want me to put it back, or give it to her so she could replace it later.

Hanna said nothing, but she looked me in the eye, took the vibrator in her hand, and was about to go back to the bedroom with it, but I stopped her. I didn’t put an arm out or anything. I just kept my own grip on the toy and didn’t move. I don’t know why, but in that moment, when our eyes met, she just looked so damn irresistible. It was the wrong place, time, and even the wrong girl. But I couldn’t fight what I wanted. Maybe it was the fear of getting caught doing something so wrong on so many levels, but I needed this, and I needed it now.

My hand holding the vibrator was low at my waist, but I still had to lower it a little to get it between her legs. I rubbed her with it there, through her sweat pants, and for a while Hanna did nothing. Didn’t move a muscle. And then, slowly, her thighs closed around the toy. She put a hand on my forearm to balance herself. Then she brought another hand and put it to my chest.

She was so different than how she had been in the hotel. She had been in total command then, and had been bold and teased me. But now she was so reluctant. Perhaps she decided the hotel was a mistake. Maybe she felt that she had to do this because I wanted it. I needed to know if she really was up for this. So I took the vibrator out from between her legs.

But then Hanna looked up at me, not in relief or frustration, but something I never expected. Happiness. She was gently biting her lower lip, and when our eyes met, she smiled at me with the most confident, beautiful, excited smile I’d seen from her since that night at the hotel.

She was back, and she was ready.

Hanna dropped to her knees right there, closed her hands around my hand that held the vibrator, and began licking and sucking it as if it were a real dick; as if it were my dick, since it was in the right place.

Not before long she began making slurping noises on the toy that were loud enough for me to hear, but probably not Larry. I watched my little girl suck the plastic dick, wishing it was mine which was just a few inches away, an inch bigger, thicker, and just as hard. But Hanna looked to be having too much fun, so I let her tease me and watched her hungrily as she sucked hungrily.

After too long she stopped and looked up to me, her mouth and eyes smiling and her tongue still teasing the tip of the vibrator. She moved her hands down, and pulled down her sweatpants, revealing a pair of boxer shorts. My boxer shorts. Too big for her little hips, but held tighter with a safety pin. I almost fell over at the sight of this, and my cock jumped.

Hanna threw the sweats aside and stayed on her knees, still tonguing the vibrator in my hand and now running her fingers across her tan, smooth thighs. But her fingers worked up, grabbing the bottom of her little t-shirt and pulling it up and over her head. She threw that aside, too, and now kneeled before me wearing only socks, boxer shorts, and a pink and purple bra that held her perfect breasts even higher than normal.

Then Hanna began to slowly stand up, grabbing my clothes with one hand to help her climb to her feet, and Escort Ataköy guiding the silent vibrator with her other hand, making sure it ran down her neck, over and then between her breasts, and across her soft and flat tummy. At that point, I don’t know if it was her controlling it or me, but we brought it down lower, beneath the boxers and then back up the leg of them, inside them. The tip of the vibrator found her wet center. And slowly, softly, we entered.

Hanna gasped long and quietly. She kept her eyes open, telling me how good it felt without uttering a word. I fucked her tantalizingly slow, getting her wetter and driving the toy deeper a centimeter at a time. When she was thoroughly soaked and had most of the toy inside her, I turned it on and felt not just my hand, but her whole body buzzing with it.

Hanna threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. Then she moved her fingers to my chest and began unbuttoning my shirt, kissing my skin with soft, wet pecks as she revealed it. When she moved too low, she guided my hand to slip the vibrator out of her, and she brought it to her mouth, turned it off, and sucked it seductively while unbuttoning the rest of my shirt. She seemed to love the taste of herself, because she licked the toy thoroughly and was salivating more than before, with strings of spit actually dripping to her knees.

More through impulse rather than planning, this gave me an idea. I brought my other hand and wrapped it around the vibrator, then used her spit as lube and jerked the toy as if I were jerking myself. Hanna got into, too, and sat back below me to watch, her mouth open as she quietly urged me on.

“Come on! Come on, Daddy! Cum on me!” Her words were the faintest whispers, but they were al I could hear.

Finally, when I was so worked up from stroking the fake toy that I thought I might actually cum, I grunted in frustration, then reached for my daughter’s face with my hand wet with her spit. I held her cheek, pulling her to me, and she turned to lick and suck my hand. I brought her face against my crotch and my straining erection, then moved my hand into her blond hair and to the back of her head. She kissed me through my jeans as her hands unbuckled my belt and unfastened me. The hardwood floor creaked and groaned beneath us as our weight shifted, but we didn’t stop.

When my pants came down and my cock sprung free, I was too hot to even let Hanna suck me. I just held her face against me, my dick on her cheek and eye and forehead, and her lips at my balls, her breath beating against them. She was warm, I was scalding, and yet we were both shaking as if chilled.

I didn’t want to move her because I feared I’d cum if she took me in her mouth, and I didn’t want to just look at her. I’d had enough looks to last a lifetime. I wanted to feel her. So I kept her pressed against me, but I relented when she began to move. She dipped under me, pushing her nose into my scrotum and tonguing my perineum. I threw my head back and tried not to scream.

After a good amount of nibbling in the place even my wife hadn’t explored, Hanna stopped and smiled at me, her hand gently cupping my balls.

“Dad. Let’s move to the family room.”

We snuck back the way we had come, went through the dining room and down a little hall and into the large, sunken living room. I suspect Hanna picked this spot because it was the furthest away from Larry, who was one floor up and on the other side of the house entirely. It gave us more freedom to make noise and more time if we heard someone coming down the steps or through a door.

“The couch,” Hanna directed, her voice soft but almost normal in volume now, and much more confident in tone. This was the Hanna I met in the hotel room all those months ago. My heart skipped as I realized this.

Hanna kept the lights off, but took me to the couch by the hand while also turning on the big screen TV (and muting it) for a little light. I never checked to see what was playing.

The couch was huge and leather. I took my clothes off and Hanna watched, keeping hers on and occasionally helping, then led me to lie back on the couch. It was cold against my skin, but that helped me to calm down, if only a little. The leather creaked under my weight, but not enough to cause alarm.

Once I was settled, Hanna crawled up on top of me and laid her small but very womanly body on mine. She kissed my chest again, sucked my nipples, then worked up to my lips and kissed me with all the passion in the world. For a brief moment I actually forgot she was my daughter and saw myself in another male fantasy–that of the boyfriend sneaking in while his girlfriend babysat. I felt like a teenager, and I was at least as horny as one.

As we made out, Hanna grabbed my cock with one delicate little hand and stroked it steadily. Soon I was thrusting my hips against her hand, and I sucked on her tongue like it was candy. My hands eventually unclasped her bra and I tossed it across the room. Feeling her big, full breasts in my hands and on my chest was beyond thrilling. Her puffy nipples scraped across my skin, and she stopped kissing me so she could rise up and feed them to me. I sucked them like a madman, and she bounced them energetically against my face.

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