Daddy’s Anal Princess Ch. 02

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Mike got out of the water, its coolness not having calmed him down and went to the kitchen and grabbed the whole jug of lemonade and two glasses. He thought maybe a time out for a drink might ease the tension he felt. Even better would be if she just forgot about the suntan lotion all together. When he came back out to the yard Stacy had sat up in the lounger, her feet were under her butt like she was sitting Indian style. Mike immediately noticed that her legs had caused the little bit of the material she had covering her pussy to slide to one side, exposing her totally shaved cunt. It shined in the sun all glistening and wet.

As soon as her father left to get the drinks Stacy sat up on her feet, she couldn’t drink lying down but she could still get a reaction from him. She took her hand and pushed the front of her thong over so her pussy was completely open for show. She quickly rubbed her pussy sliding her fingers deep inside too gather enough juice to cover it. She spread it all around making her cunt sparkle in the suns light.

Mike was stuck there in front of his daughter with two glasses and a pitcher of lemonade in his hands, his shorts shot out in from of him because of the massive hard on he instantly got from looking at his daughter smooth bare pussy. He had no way of hiding it and immediately turned red from embarrassment. He quickly sat down and handed the glasses to Stacy, pouring each a drink. Unbeknownst to Mike however was when he sat down bursa escort bayanlar the material of his shorts caught up and the head of his glistening cock, all wet with precum, become perfectly visible.

Stacy took the glasses then gasped; she was staring right at the wonderful pole she yearned for. At least three hard inches was poking out above the waist line of her father’s trunks.

“Did I do that to you Daddy?” She asked her father pointing to his hardon.

“Oh my God Baby I am so sorry.”

“What do you have to be sorry about? It just means you’re a healthy male Daddy! I am actually flattered you would get an erection from looking at me.” She told him.

“I am sorry that your father is a sick bastard and got excited looking at you. I didn’t mean too honest, I just couldn’t help it. Please forgive me Baby!” He pleaded with his daughter.

“Daddy nothing this morning has been an accident. I knew Mom was going to be out all day. I knew you would be out here by the pool. I wore this bikini on purpose to tease you and I asked you to put lotion on my so I could feel your hands all over my body!” With that said Stacy put her glass down and moved into her father offering her mouth to his. Their kiss was so hot and passionate their moans alone would have gotten a voyeur off.

Mike worried about people seeing as he tongue wrestled with his sweet daughter so he swept her up in his arms and carried her bayan sarisin escort bursa back into the house, never once breaking their mouth embrace. All the way to her bedroom he carried her laying her out on the bed. Since the two were barely clothed it only took them seconds to undress. Soon Mike was back to kissing his daughter. They kissed for what seemed like an hour nonstop. Mike then took his tongue and traveled it down the nape of her neck.

Stacy couldn’t believe how good her father’s tongue felt as it traveled down her body. First he teased her neck then he dropped it to her nipple, she grabbed at his hair and fed her tit into his mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh Yesssss Dadddy! Suck my tits!” She cried.

Mike suckled at his daughter’s tits but he knew he wanted to suck something else much more. He broke his lip lock on her breats and lowered his head until his nose was buried in her pussy. She tasted so sweet on his tongue, like a perfect crepe, all sweet and salty at the same time. Hey drove his tongue into her folds. She responded by arching her back to take him even deeper. Then he took two fingers and inserted them into her soaked cunt. She ground her hips down on his fingers; her pussy was so tight it sucked at his digits.

When Stacy felt her father’s mouth then his fingers she thought she would die, the pleasure was mind boggling for her. She thrust her hips to match his finger fucking. She knew bursa eve gelen eskort it would be a matter of seconds before she exploded.

“Yesssss DDDDAAADDDY!! Eat my pussy, OOOHHHH GGGOOODDDD IIII””MMM GGGOOIIINNNG TTTOOOO CCCUUMMMM RRRIGGGHHHTT OOOONNN MMMMYYY DDDAAADDD’SSS FACE YYYYEEESSSSS!” Stacy erupted sending her woman juices all over her fathers face. He eagerly licked them up.

Mike couldn’t wait any longer, he had to fuck his sweet daughter and came up from between her legs and got on top of her. With one violent push he shoved his dick into the tight hole, burying it to the hilt.


“That’s it Daddy fuck your daughters tight pussy! Fuck me hard….OOOHHH GOOODDD DDDDAADDDDYYY LET ME FEEL YOUR HOT CUM INSIDE ME! YYYEESSS DDDDADDDDYY FILL MEE WIITHH YOUR CUMM! I AM CUMMMINGGGGG!” Stacy said as her whole body shock from its orgasmic grip.

“YYESSS BAABBBYYY HHHERRREE IIITTT CUUUMMMSSS!!!! OOOOHHHHH!” Mike said as he blasted rope after hot rope deep in his daughter’s tight cunt.

They collapsed into each other, both panting and sweaty. Neither felt guilt over what they had just done, they just basked in the afterglow of an incredible session of love. Mike looked at his daughter and then kissed her again.

“That was amazing, I love you Baby!” Mike said to his daughter.

“I love you too Dad but we haven’t even started yet. I got two more holes that want to feel your cum, and one of them is virgin territory!” With that said Stacy got up on her knees and spread her ass cheeks for her father’s benefit. “That’s right Daddy dear, I want you to take my virgin ass today!”

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