Daddy Swaps His Boy Ch. 01

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NOTE: all characters in this story are fictional but above the age of 18. This story involves consensual sex between adult men with age gaps, cucking, verbal degradation and exhibitionism.


I woke up in the regular way; alone in bed with the sound of the shower underscoring my morning. I stretched out across Daniel’s side of the bed and let my eyes adjust from the light. The sheets were still warm from his body. I let the sheets fall off my nearly naked body as I focused my gaze on the source of the noise.

Daniel’s body was clear under the stream, his handsome face turned up towards the shower-head. Dan had just turned 38 and spend a good amount of keeping in shape. Standing at 5’9, Dan had a solid build with well-defined pecs. His stocky build was covered in a fine dusting of salt and pepper hair that matched that of his head and stylish beard. Between his thick thighs, I watched his flaccid cock swing as he cleaned his upper body. While soft it didn’t look that impressive, the 7 thick inches it reached when hard, always made me scream when he slammed it into my tight hole.

I smiled to myself while I let my hands wander down to my morning wood. Clad only in my jockstrap I felt extra slutty laying around in bed. I worked my cock lazily as Daniel turned, giving me a good view of his meaty arse. When out in public together, Dan and I drew some attention for how different we looked. While he was a stocky daddy-type, I was still skinny, 24 years old and only 5’6. When we first met, I was honestly intimidated by how confident and open he seemed. I had just come out and this handsome, manly bloke was approaching me. By the time I was riding his dick in the bathroom, halfway through our first date, I was over the intimidation.

After almost a year I still enjoyed pleasing Dan with my tight body. He spends ages eating my arse and running his hands over my slim body while I whimpered like a little slut. He loved whispering into my ear how much he liked the hair that covered my upper body and round arse. Before too long I was wetting his cock with my mouth or face-down being drilled into the mattress. We did this most nights until he filled me or painted my face with his load. Last night, however, we’d stopped just shy of climax and I was feeling it now.

I wanted to do anything to make him happy but sometimes my self-consciousness got in the way. A month ago, Dan asked me to think about bringing another slutty bottom to join us. I was hard at the idea but too nervous to go through with it. Though he was less into the idea, Daniel even suggested we introduce another dominate man. Again, I fantasied about this but could never get further than my imagination. I knew he thought about it sometimes, but Dan still assured me he was happy using my cunt alone if that’s what I wanted.

As I slid the pouch of my jock down below my balls to get better access, my mind wandered. I thought back to the night before when I got home from work. Coming in the door to see Daniel still in his business wear, typing away at his desk. I called out a greeting but only got a mumble in response. It had been a long day and I was looking forward to coming home to Dan. His busy work schedule was not going to derail my plans. As I dropped my things off in our room, I formulated my plan.

Slipping out of my uniform, I grabbed my skimpiest jock and slid into it. I re-entered the living room, half expecting to draw Dan’s attention when he looked up from his work. He seemed too engrossed in it though for this to work how I would have liked it. As I pulled the meal, he’d started cooking before sitting down, off the stove, an absent-minded question came from Dan.

“How was work, bud?”

“Alright, been looking forward to seeing you though, daddy,” I said teasingly. He didn’t respond, either not listening or too busy to comprehend my attempt at flirting. He thanked me when I handed him his food, but he didn’t lookup. Frustrated I put my bowl down Ankara escort and started rubbing his chest from behind.

“Hey, I gotta get this finished” he chuckled amusedly. I was determined now. I got on my knees and crawled under the desk. Dan clicked his tongue disapprovingly, knowing what I was up to but made no attempts to stop me. I got between his legs, getting close to his crotch and began running my hands up his thighs. I listened to his breathing change as the front of his suit pants tightened slightly. Wordlessly I reached up to undo his belt. He lifted his butt, allowing me to slide his pants right down. I knew the dirty fucker would be keen.

I was now faced with his cock, separated from me by the thin layer of his boxer briefs. Normally I’d take my time with it but tonight I was desperate. My hands went straight to his hardening shaft, working it through the material. As he got to his full size, I slid the underwear down to. Finally, his thick cock was revealed to me. My hole contracted as I thought about how good that curved shaft felt inside me. I put my mouth to the head and licked at it. This elicited a moan from my partner. With this encouragement, I kept going. Slowly taking the head fully in my mouth, then further and further down. From this angle, it wasn’t easy to swallow his cock like normal. Instead, I focused on the head while pausing intermittently to give his balls some attention. Meanwhile, my hands travelled along with the cock, listening to him gasp and moan with each movement. After not too long I heard the laptop close above me and a hand entangled itself in my hair.

“right boy, you have what you want.” His voice was now stern, and I knew I had won. He pulled me off his cock and stood up from the chair. “follow” was his only command. He led me into the bedroom and pushed me down, so I was lying on my back. I watched excitedly as he stripped out of his shirt and tie slowly. His eyes raking my body, daring me to touch myself without his permission. Normally we were complete equals but from the day we met, he was in charge in bed. “I’m not going to fuck you tonight, slut. You will please me but neither of us is cumming tonight.” I was confused and opened my mouth to question this, but he was already naked and climbing onto the bed. I remained silent, figuring I could always convince him to cum later by teasing him with my hole.

He positioned his face above mine and leaned in to kiss me. I followed his lead, letting his tongue breach my mouth first. After that we had at it passionately, my arms grabbing at his large back as we made out. He broke the kiss to speak again. “Do you want to keep sucking daddy?”. I nodded enthusiastically but he made no moves. Instead, he continued. “well, since you were such an eager little slut and couldn’t wait for daddy before, you will have to wait now.” With this, he shoved two of his fingers in my mouth and stared meaningfully into my eyes. I sucked the fingers, knowing I would do whatever this man told me to. After he decided I’d lubed his fingers up enough, he pushed himself up into the sitting position and moved his hairy arse over my face. I took this cue and eagerly attacked his hole with my tongue. He chuffed in approval as he lent forward and gave one of my inner thighs a light tap. On cue, I spread my legs for him. He chuckled again to himself over how well he’d trained me. I was cock-hungry when we met -you don’t ride a man’s dick on the first date if you are overly chaste- but over time he’d moulded me to know what he liked.

As I pushed my face further into his cheeks, his wet fingers found my sweet cunt. He liked knowing it was always ready for his attention. He didn’t even fuck it all the time, but he liked knowing he could drive his boy crazy with just a slight touch. He’d taken to discreetly grabbing my arse in public just because he liked the way I whimpered. Even now, as he circled my hole, he listened to the muffled noises I was making, with joy. His finger Ankara escort bayan entered my hole and I momentarily stopped my rimming to moan loudly and enjoy the feeling of being opened. He let me just feel it for a while, slowly pushing his fingers in as much as possible but then he gave my arse cheeks a swift swat to tell me to get back to work. We continued like this for a while, pleasuring each other’s holes until he abruptly pulled his fingers out, stood up and dismounted the bed. He stood at the side and guided me to hang my head over the edge. “Now you get my cock, boy. Better make it count.”

He positioned his tip on my waiting lips and waited for me to open up and take him in. After that, he took the liberty to begin fucking my throat. His curved cock perfectly guided into my mouth and I took him to the root. He watched my gag occasionally on it, taking pleasure in how eager I was. This was my chance; I knew if I could bring him to climax that then he’d reach down and suck me off as well. I mustered my skill and went to work. I felt like I was auditioning for some super perverse role that I desperately wanted. His moans got loud and louder and I was ready for him to begin to demand I beg for his load. However, before I could do any more, he withdrew his cock.

Dan lent down, pulled me into a sitting position, kissed me and wandered back into the living room. I sat on the bed shocked. He’d had never missed an opportunity to feed me his cum. I eyed him suspiciously as he strolled back into the room, now sporting his underwear again. He brought me our dinner and we ate in bed. Dan never once went to explain but he didn’t stop himself from pulling me close either. As we later settled into bed, I once again tried to act the part of a fuck toy again, pressing my jock-clad arse against his crotch. But he responded by wrapping an arm around my chest and settling into sleep. I eventually drifted away, confused and frustrated. My balls aching in the jock denied a good spray of cum.

Back in the reality of the next morning, my wank was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I ignored it on the first ring but when the chime abounded a second time, Dan called out asking me to get it. I lumbered out of bed and looked for the pair of pants I usually keep next to the bed. The bell rang out again as I realised, they weren’t where I left them last. I rushed down to the front door in nothing but my jock, hoping it was a doorknocker I could just turn away quickly. I opened the door and hid my body behind it, finding instead two tradies waiting for me on the other side.

“Morning, we are here to install some kitchen and bathroom cabinets?” the older of the pair said looking up from a work order. I started, unsure of what they were talking about. Seeing the unsure look on my face, the workmen continued. “I’m James with the carpentry company… I got a call from a Daniel”

“Oh, yeah he is in the shower, but he must have forgotten to mention it. Come in please”. To open the door fully I had to step out of the way. My face flushed red as I exposed my slim body to the pair of strangers. James, the older man smirked as he gave me a once over and stepped inside. His younger partner, a boy with bright red hair who looked around my age, averted his gaze as he followed in.

“So where is this bathroom?” James spoke up again, eyes fixed on the pouch that I tried to cover with my hands.

“Just through the bedroom there at the end of the hall, but Dan is-“

“Joel you head in and start working there and I’ll start on the kitchen.” The older tradie cut me off, directing his young colleague into the room where my naked boyfriend was showering. Before I could protest, he turned to me, smirk back on his face and continued. “You can show me through to the kitchen and get me started.” I wanted to resist but I already felt shy enough as it was without openly contradicting this man. I walked through to the kitchen and he put his papers down and Escort Ankara rounded on me. He looked me up and down again slowly this time and started. “now I’m going to need your help taking some measurements, do you think you can handle that, boy?” I froze at his question, the condescension in his voice catching me off guard. Looking James over, he was an extremely handsome man. He seemed taller than Daniel with a sharp clean-shaven jawline and short dirty blond hair. If I had to guess I would say he was in his early 30s but his work clothes clung to a clearly defined body so he may have been younger. With him towering over my near-naked form I felt both intimidated and a little turned on. A fact that wasn’t helped by him calling me “boy”.

“ah, yeah I can help” I forced the words out in an attempt to sound sure, but I was overly aware of the hardness returning to my covered dick. He seemed to ignore it and handed me measuring tape. I followed his directions, trying my best to keep my crotch faced away from him. I knew my arse was exposed to him when I did this, but I figured at least that didn’t betray my fearful excitement to him. As we were finishing up, I was acutely aware of the sound of the shower turning off. I didn’t stop to wonder how Dan reacted to the sight of a stranger wandering in, my mind too preoccupied with the one currently taking down notes on his paperwork.

“Are we finished now?” I asked hopefully, longing to rush back to my room for a chance to change and hide.

“Almost, just need the depth inside the lower cabinets. Here get down there and measure for me.” James pointed to where he wanted me, and I nodded silently. I felt the burning of his gaze on my back while I bent over to reach right into the cabinet with the tape. Before I could read out the measurement to him, I felt a rough hand grab my arse and hot breath on the back of my neck. “I’m sure you’ve been waiting to be down on your knees like this since I walked in, huh?” speechless, I stayed in place while his fingers started inching towards my hole. “Now, are you going to be a good slut? or will I have to tell your man about this?” I moaned a little as he degraded me, moving back onto his hand involuntarily. He chuckled to himself and started to stand up. Without his touch, I had a moment of clarity. I stood up suddenly, mumbled an apology and started towards the bedroom hurriedly.

He didn’t seem to follow me but I forgot about him the second I reached the doorway. At the foot of our bed stood my boyfriend Daniel, in all his bulky, hairy beauty, with the young carpentry lad Joel on his knees in front of him. The boy was still fully clothed by was working away at the stiff, curved dick I’d come to know so well. I was caught like a deer in headlights watching my boyfriend guide the younger boy, by the hair, back and forth on his shaft. In the abstract, the sight was heavily charged and sexy beyond belief. The twink with his back arched, the cock sliding from his lips, shiny with spit, the low groan of the dominant man I shared a bed with. But in reality, I felt a mix of shame, confusion and arousal that culminated in a hot burning in the pit of my stomach. They had to know I was standing there; I was in complete view of the couple yet my boyfriend made no effort to explain or even acknowledge. Instead, he appeared completely enamoured with the twink he was cucking me with.

As I tried to make sense of the scene, I felt two strong hands wrap around me. One around my waist and the other up to my chin. A muscular body pressed to my back with a distinct budge making an impression on the cleft above my arse. Once again, I heard the hot voice in my ear.

“See that? Daddy has a new plaything. Seems he won’t mind if I give you a spin.” James punctuated his words by forcefully spinning me around to face him. His smirk etched upon his lips as he knew he was now getting what he wanted back in the kitchen. His hands didn’t grab me again as I’d expected, instead, it seemed he was waiting for something. “Tell me what you want, boy.” His demand hung in the air as I knew Daniel was listening. Without thinking I looked at the tall, powerful man holding me, and I spoke.

“Please use me, sir.”

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