Daddy Play

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He had been hinting about it for quite sometime. Pushing things as always, he had latched onto a new role play: Daddy/daughter play. At first it made me squeamish. The ick factor was quite high. When he first used that term I had frozen. I stopped kissing him and quickly pulled myself off his lap.

“What did you say that for?” I asked.

He had a smile on his face. “What?”

“Uhhh, don’t go there.”

He tried to tempt me and reached out to touch me. I pulled away from his grasp.

“Not cool,” I told him and left the study.

I never had a good relationship with my father. To him, I was someone to be relegated to the background. Sure he loved me, I guess, but to him, well I was someone to cook and clean and to be married off. Each new boyfriend that came into the house, he would eye them and wonder if this one could be the one who would take me away, giving him more room and space in his home, and less to deal with in me. Each boy would avoid my father, I was happy about that as he was not my favorite of people. Hey he never took the time to know me, so why would I do it for him? He would just sit there in HIS chair and smoke his cigarettes, eat his donuts and watch television.

He died a horrible slow death of kidney failure, and lung disease. Diet and smoking had caught up to him and I had cried outside his hospital room. I had refused to go in to see him. I don’t think he missed me those last few moments.

“I’m sorry that upset you,” He said. It was sometime later and I had refused to engage with him since his Daddy comment. He had found me sitting in MY chair watching television. I didn’t smoke and I kept my sweets consumption down to a minimum.

I turned to look at him. “Yeah that was NOT sexy.”

He tried to smile, to lighten things up. Sometimes that worked, other times it would just piss me off more.

He reached out to touch me. I leaned away from him. The ick factor was still strong.

“I just thought it would be really hot…”

I gave him a look, and he dropped it.

But he didn’t.

He was a sneaky bastard and usually got what he wanted. I guess that means I would let him get what he wanted, but hey, he’s the bastard, not me.

It was subtle at first. While in the throes of passion, he would call me his “sexy little girl”.

To me, I didn’t equate that to being a child.

To him, he would get excited when he called me that. That got me excited.

Soon he was dropping it into conversation.

“How’s my little girl?”

“Hey little girl! You look so damn sexy!”

“You are my gorgeous sexy little girl and I love you so much!”

I came to like being called that. It was yet another pet name, a term of endearment that we had made our own. I liked the way it sounded coming from him. I never drew the comparison of a daddy calling a daughter that. My father never did.

Sometimes he would test me again.

“Daddy likes that!”

“Daddy’s excited!”

“Daddy is disappointed…”

I bahis şirketleri would roll my eyes at him. The fire and anger was not there anymore. I just couldn’t see why he wanted to use that term. What I did notice was that he enjoyed using it. His cock would bulge through his jeans. I liked him excited. I liked him thinking about me. I liked turning him on.

“Say it,” he would prod me.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“Go on, say!”

I would pause for effect, then reluctantly say, “Dad-dy!”

His face would light up. His bulge would throb.

I grew wet with excitement. What was happening with me?

Next he started taking me onto his lap. Cradling me and hugging me. Kissing me and holding me. He wrapped his long arms around me and told me how much he loved me. Sometimes he told me that “Daddy loved his good little girl”.

I felt safe. Loved. Protected. Wanted. I didn’t fight back as often. The bastard was wearing me down!

We played little games at work. He would text me, asking me “How was his little girl was doing? Was she behaving?”

“Yes Daddy” I messaged back.

“Good! If you are a bad little girl, I’ll have to punish you!”

That message stayed thick within the air.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Would Daddy spank me?”


I had evening class one night a week. He dropped me off and picked me up. He didn’t like me trying to go home by myself in the dark. I didn’t either. Sometimes he would give my classmate a ride as well.

We had been messaging each other all day. His version of mental foreplay. He was Daddy, I was his little girl, sometimes good, sometimes naughty.

When he picked me up from work that evening, he stayed in his role. That surprised me.

“Hi!” I said as I got into the car.

“Hello little girl.” He said gruffly.

I just looked at him.

“Are you already for school?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” He challenged.

I was a little confused.

“Is my little girl ready for school?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

He smiled inside, he must have even though on the outside his face was stern. I couldn’t read him.

“You be sure to behave in school tonight, little girl, because if you don’t, I have given the principal permission to punish you until I come get you!”

I laughed. He can be so outrageous.

He turned and looked at me. His face was hard. I stopped laughing.

“You find that funny, little girl?”

“Ummm, no.”

“No what?”

“No Daddy,” I whispered. Is this what he wanted?

“Good girl. You have to be a good girl, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Daddy has been working hard all day long and he doesn’t need his little princess to make trouble in class.”

“Yes Daddy.”

My body grew warm. Each time he spoke, his voice resonated within me. It was like a pair of pliers was twisting something in my gut. I couldn’t tell if I liked the feeling or not. My pussy liked it, I knew that.

“Daddy works bahis firmaları hard all day and then has to take time out of his day to drive his precious little girl to school. The least his little girl can do is behave, right?”

“Yes Daddy.”

He still hadn’t smiled.

“You behave or else the principal will punish you. I’ve written a permission note. Do you know what it says?”

“No Daddy.”

“It says that she is allowed to spank you if you are a naughty little girl.”

My pussy tightened.

“She will also have to call me and I will be forced to drop all my important grownup stuff to come and get you. That would make me very angry with you. You don’t want that, do you?”

“No Daddy. I’ll behave.”

“You’ll be a good girl?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“You’ll behave?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Well I certainly hope so.”

He dropped me off at class. He gave me a chaste Daddy kiss and told me to make him proud.

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered so no one else could hear me.

Then he was gone.

I messaged him regularly. I have no idea what class was about. I was keen to let Daddy know that I was a good girl and behaving. He responded back as Daddy. I wished that someone would turn the heater down in the classroom, I was sweltering!

As luck would have it, my classmate, Linda, needed a ride that night. He came in to pick me up. He had parked and strode into the build just as we were getting out. He was dressed up. He was wearing his… suit? His hair, usually rough and unkempt was combed and in place. His face was serious.

“Ummmm, you’re all dressed up!”

He just looked at me as he grabbed my heavy back.

“Why are you all dressed up?”

He didn’t answer me. He said hello to Linda, my classmate.

I laughed. It was a nervous tick.

“Am I missing something?”

He led us out to the car, put my bag into the trunk as my classmate got in. She was giggling.

“Were you a good girl tonight Princess?”

It suddenly clicked.


“Yes, Daddy,” I added.

“Good! Daddy is pleased, and you want to please Daddy, right?”

“Yes Daddy!”

Linda laughed nervously as she overheard our last remarks.

I should have been embarrassed, but I forgot about my classmate and stared at Daddy.

“So how was class?”

“Boring as usual,” Linda said.

“Such a shame,” then he looked right at me, his eyes burrowing into mine. “Did you learn anything tonight?”

I nodded.

“What was that?” he prodded me. His face was still so serious and stern. Daddy despised non-verbal replies.

“Yes…Daddy.” I didn’t want to displease him.

My classmate was silent as she watched this interaction. She had the good sense to not intrude.

We dropped her off said our goodbyes and headed home.

“I was good for you Daddy.”

“That’s good to hear, little girl.”

He then reached out and his hand ran up my thigh. God this was turning me on. His touch was kaçak bahis siteleri white hot!

“Daddy missed you! He missed his little girl!”

“Ohhh Daddy! That feels good!” I said in a little girls voice. Maybe the voice was that of a nine year old.

Daddy frowned. “Don’t say it like that.”

I was confused. I raised my hand.

“Um, Daddy can I ask you a question?” I was asking permission to speak.

He recognized my confusion and allowed me to break character for a moment to ask my question.

“What do you mean by don’t say it like that? I’m a little confused. Am I your daughter or…”

“You’re not my daughter, you’re my little girl. Look at it like I’m the older man and you are the younger woman, say nineteen, certainly not nine! I’m your Daddy. I take care of you, teach you, protect you and punish you. I also make you feel oh so good!”

Okay. I could figure this out. So he didn’t want to really be my father. He didn’t have a thing for children! I could do this.

“Say Daddy like a spoiled sixteen year old rich girl.” He offered.


He smiled and his hand resumed touching my thigh. This time he was inside my thighs and lapping at my crotch.

We got home and once inside, he pulled me aside.

“Undress Daddy. He has just come home from a long days work. You need to pamper him and take care of him like he takes care of you!”

“Yes Daaaddy!”

I started undressing him. First his suit jacket. Underneath his tie and button up shirt were freshly ironed. I hung it up carefully.

“Be careful with that!” he warned.

“Yes Daddy!”

I studied his frame. He was tall, not fat, a bit on the thin side. I undid his tie next. Then his shirt, revealing his bare chest. He lunged forward and held me. I kissed his chest. He was warm. I was hot.

“Mmmm, that feels nice little girl.”

“Thank you Daaaddy!”

I knelt down and slowly undid his belt. Then I undid his trousers and lowered them to the ground. His cock was sticking out of his silk boxers.

“Show Daddy how much you love him!”

I did. I took his cock in my mouth and savored it.

His trousers were around his ankles, his cock sticking out of the opening in his silk boxers, his heavy dress shoes still on, and his silver knock-off Rolex watch wrapped around his wrist. He went through all this effort to be Daddy. Even his scent was different. Old-spice?

It’s the details that get to me, and he had taken pains to get them right. On first glance I was surprised by the suit. But digging deeper, while I had dutifully undressed him, I had seen the other elements he choose to play the part. My mind wondered at the effort he took to pay the role as I took him deeply and loudly into my mouth and tried to get it down my throat.

Soon he pulled me off his turgid cock, its purple angry head screaming at both of us to continue.

“Undress the rest of me, and then Daddy will take you to bed and tuck you in, little girl.”

“Yes Daaaddy!”

I was his little girl, to be cherished, spoiled, loved, punished and fucked. There was no ick factor now. All I wanted from now on was Daddy’s love and his hard cock. I’m a girl who can have it all afterall!

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