Daddy Horsecock Ch. 02

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Over the next few weeks it got worse. I had no clue why Jenna hated her mother so much, nor why she should include me in her hostility, since I hadn’t even met her mother until several years after her parents’ divorce. All I knew was that every glance, every word spoken by her was like she was spitting acid. I especially hated it when she called me “Daddy” in a snide, nasal whine, drawling out the word as if it had fifteen syllables. I told her that I had no desire to take the place of her father, and that she was free to call me Danny, but she pretended not to hear me.

Mary was completely oblivious. She blithely took Jenna shopping, invariably steering her daughter toward clothing stores that were aimed at younger customers. She baked cookies. She didn’t notice that Jenna never did the dishes, never helped with housework, and seemed to expect us to act as her servants.

Mary scheduled family movie nights and even tried to get Jenna to watch the movie, “Swiss Family Robinson” together. Really – “Swiss Family Robinson”? Apparently they had watched it several times when Jenna and her twin sister Evie were young, and Mary wanted to recreate the sense of family togetherness.

Jenna played along, watching “Swiss Family Robinson” and other G-rated kiddie movies with us. But I felt like I was sitting on the couch next to a scorpion. Okay, a really hot scorpion. A really hot scorpion with bouncy 32F tits.

Jenna continued to wear tight, provocative clothing, and as the days passed, she wore less and less of it. She started with shorts and bare midriffs. But then she started walking to and from the bathroom wearing only a towel that wrapped around her lush, big tits and barely covered her crotch. Soon she was walking around the house in her bra and panties and calling out, “Hey Mom! I can’t find my skirt! Have you seen it?” even though I knew for a fact that the supposedly missing skirt was hanging in her closet. When she saw me looking at her, she thrust her chest out and shook her shoulders, sending her big soft tits wobbling in all directions. She smirked as she looked me dead in the eye.

The little bitch knew she was hot, and she knew I found her attractive. She was deliberately teasing me.

The kicker came one afternoon when she and I were alone in the house. I was walking down the hall when I heard her talking on the phone to her father back in Indonesia. Her door was wide open – as if she wanted me to see her and overhear her conversation.

She was sitting on the bed, dressed only in a skirt and bra. “I hate it here, Dad,” she was saying. “You wouldn’t believe how small and tacky Mom’s house is.”

There was a pause. Evidently, her father was asking her a question. Jenna looked up, saw me standing in the doorway and held my gaze as she answered, “Oh, he’s the worst part.” She planted her feet on the bed with her knees raised and opened her legs so that her skirt slid towards her waist. With one hand she spread the lips of her bare pussy for me to view while she continued, “He’s such a perv. He’s always looking at me, now matter how conservatively I dress.”

She paused in speaking, apparently listening to something her father was saying. With her free hand, she cradled one of her big tits and bounced it up and down while smirking at me. Then she started tweaking her nipple through her see-through bra. All the while, she stared straight into my eyes. She moved her hand down to her bare snatch and as her skirt rose up her thighs and gathered at her waist, she started fingering herself, thrusting her naked hips at me. She made a contorted face at me and pantomimed having an orgasm. She silently mouthed the words “Fuck You” at me while she listened to her father’s voice.

Then she spoke again into the phone: “His name’s Danny Cooke. But get this: his middle name is Horace – how lame can you get?” A pause. Then: “Yeah, I know he’s not to blame for whatever middle name his parents gave him. It’s still lame.” She pumped her fingers in and out of her twat and stared me in the face as she continued, “He insists that I call him Daddy – the perv. I feel like he’s undressing me with his eyes.” She brought her hand up to her face and started licking the finger that she had used on her clit. Then, using the same finger, she flipped me the bird. All the while, her eyes never left mine.

I shut the door and walked away.

After that, it seemed like she showed even less restraint in teasing me and provoking me. Inside the house, she stopped wearing blouses, and instead typically walked around the house in her bra and a skirt.

I admit that I enjoyed the view. Her tits were nothing less than spectacular. They looked huge on her small, slim body: round and delectable, with no sag whatsoever. I loved watching them bounce with each step. Usually, I could see a hint of her areolas through the gauzy translucence of her bras. And when she walked, she deliberately sashayed past me in such a way as to accentuate the sway of her hips Beylikdüzü escort and the bouncing wobbling of her prodigious jutting breasts.

Her tits were so prominent, so big and round, that it was easy to see the sides of both boobs even when her back was toward me. Seen from behind, I had a view of her amazing round boobs as well as her perfect ass.

Her ass was incredible, too. Round and firm, her asscheeks jutted out behind her in such a way that I could not keep my eyes off her as she walked away from me. When she wore nothing but minuscule panties that barely covered any part of her ass – which was often – I could see that she did not have an ounce of fat or cellulite on her amazing asscheeks or thighs.

And she knew it. She knew exactly how good looking she was. She was deliberately flaunting her fantastic body in front of me in the worst case of prick teasing that I had ever experienced or even heard of. She knew that she was completely off limits to me. She was looking for a chance to nail my scrotum to a board.

Incredible as the view was, it seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. I felt it was better to stop her. A few weeks after Jenna moved in, I spoke to Mary about her. “Don’t you think,” I asked, “that a young lady her age needs to show a little more modesty?”

I loved Mary partly because she was so optimistic and sunny, always thinking the best of people. But this time her sunny naivete was not what was needed. Cluelessly, she answered, “Oh, Danny! She’s just a young girl! When she was six years old, she and her sister Evie used to prance about the house practically naked!”

“Well, she’s not six years old any more,” I answered. “She’s nineteen. Can you please talk to her about walking around the house when she’s only half dressed?”

“I’m sorry, Danny, but I can’t do that. Don’t you see that she’s still adjusting to life with me after so much time apart? We have so many years to catch up on! I don’t want to create discomfort where there doesn’t have to be any. I want Jenna to feel completely comfortable to be herself around us.”

I felt like I had slipped through the looking glass into a world that was the reverse of normal. Jenna was teasing me more every day, and not only was her mother oblivious to her actions, I was put in the bizarre position of trying to keep the little sexpot from flaunting her body at me. And all the while, she was badmouthing me to her father on the other side of the world, accusing me of being a pervert.

A few days later, Jenna upped the ante. She continued to prance around the house in her underwear while her mother innocently beamed at the fact that her daughter seemed to be adapting so well to our household. And while Jenna was in her mother’s presence, she called me “Daddy”, injecting into that simple name all the ironic sarcasm that she could.

But then when we were alone in the house, she took to calling me “Pencil Dick”.

Yeah, I know. Sticks and stones, right? Why should I care what this spoiled little bitch called me?

However, the fact is that I am anything BUT a “pencil dick”. I’m actually pretty well endowed. Hell, I’m VERY well endowed, though it’s not something I advertise. My cock is nine and a half inches long and extremely thick, and I’ve never had any complaints in the stamina department. Of course, one of the oddities of male as opposed to female anatomy is that women display their physical charms every time they put on a dress, whereas a man’s equipment is usually hidden inside their trousers. It’s impossible to judge a man’s penis size on the basis of his overall build, or his height, or – despite what they say about President Trump – even the size of his hands. Outwardly, I’m an ordinary guy: medium build, somewhat taller than average. But down below, my nine and a half inch rod is another story.

So it was pretty galling to have Jenna spout off her ignorance about the size of my cock. Part of me wanted to drop my trousers and pull it out just to put her in her place, but I realized that would be immature overkill. So I let it slide. I tried to act like a reasonable stepfather adapting to an unruly but still young girl who was clearly displeased with her new home in the United States.

The name calling continued. After more than a week of Jenna’s insults, she made the mistake of calling me “Pencil Dick” when she thought her mother was on the other side of the house. In fact, Mary was only a few feet away in the next room.

Mary walked up to me a few minutes later. “Did I hear her correctly?” she asked, smiling. “I could have sworn I heard Jenna call you ‘Pencil Dick’.”

“You must have been mistaken,” I said. Irritated as I was, I didn’t want to become a source of friction between mother and daughter. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jenna a few feet away, listening.

“You’re right,” said Mary. Displaying yet again her naivete about her daughter, she said, “I’m sure little Jenna doesn’t even know what a phrase Beylikdüzü escort like that means. Besides,” she said, and giggled as she reached down and started fondling my crotch, “if she only knew!”

I swear to God I did not initiate what happened next. Honestly, I don’t think it would have occurred to me to have my wife caress my crotch while her daughter stood and watched. And I certainly would never have intended to engage in a tit-for-tat response to Jenna’s prick teasing. I was supposed to be the grown-up in the room.

And yet I not only didn’t stop my wife from acting sexual in front of her daughter, I actually encouraged it.

Jenna watched from around the corner, wide eyed, as her mother stroked my lengthening cock. To encourage Mary in her stroking, I bent forward and kissed her soulfully on the mouth, all the while positioning my body so that Jenna could see the outline of my long cock stretching further and further down my pants leg, far past the point where most men’s cocks would end. While I kissed my wife, I stared straight at Jenna.

“God I love your big cock,” Mary whispered.

“What was that?” I asked, pretending that I hadn’t heard her.

More loudly, Mary said, “I love your big, hard cock. I love the way you fill me up. I’m so lucky to have your big, thick cock in my pussy every night.” She groped me some more and my cock got even bigger while Jenna watched silently. “My hand can’t even reach all the way around it! What a huge fuck pole! Such a powerful cock! You’re such a stud! A stud with a rock hard power cock!”

Jenna stared open mouthed. Our eyes met. This time I was the one with a smirk on my face.

“Suck me,” I said.

“Are you crazy?” answered Mary. “With Jenna in the house?”

“She left for school,” I lied. “I heard her close the front door a minute ago.”

Mary giggled and went down on her knees. As I unzipped my trousers and dropped them to the floor, I repositioned myself slightly so that Mary and I were both in profile, but with just enough of an angle so that Mary’s back was turned to her daughter standing in the doorway a few feet away.

“I love your cock,” Mary said as she began licking up and down my shaft. “You taste so good! You give me so many orgasms!” The sound of her wet slurping filled the room.

I chuckled, looking Jenna straight in the eye the whole time. I put my hand on the back of my wife’s head to guide her sucking. “Keep sucking! Ha ha ha! Keep sucking me!”

Jenna was really getting turned on. I watched her bring one hand to her big tits, while the other unconsciously drifted down to her crotch. My laughter got louder as I gloated at my stepdaughter. “Come on sweetheart!” I said, grabbing my wife’s head with both hands on her temples. “You can fit more in your mouth!”

Mary’s eyes went wide as I crammed my rod down her throat. “Glogh! Glogh! Glogh!”

Jenna’s hands slipped into her panties and she began frigging herself. Her mouth opened. Her tongue lolled as she began panting.

Mary managed to pull herself away from my cock, giggling. “Hee! Hee! Hee! Oh, Danny, you know I can’t fit that much of your big cock in my mouth!” She began rubbing my hard shaft all over her face, reveling in the size and hardness.

I looked down at her, smiling. “But you need to keep trying, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, just before her mouth engulfed my cock head again.

Did I just hear her call me “Daddy”? My horniness suddenly went from zero to sixty. It was an incredible turn-on to have my hot stepdaughter watch my wife give me a blowjob. Now, all of a sudden, having Mary call me Daddy while sucking me made it even better.

Within seconds, I began pumping my juice down my wife’s throat. Surprised at my sudden ejaculation, Mary pulled her mouth off of my cock in the middle of my cumming. She sputtered, the sperm overflowing her mouth and dribbling around her lips and down her chin. More cum spurted from my cock and sprayed her in the face.

“Oh, Daddee!” she cried, laughing. “You sprayed me with too much cum!” Holding my big cock in both hands, she rubbed the shaft all over her face, smearing my sperm into her skin. “Your big dick filled my mouth and covered my face! Hee hee hee!” She looked positively joyous as she held the length of my cock against her cheek, stretching from her chin up to her eyes. She tilted her face, leaning into my dick. Her sperm-spattered mouth was wide open as she smiled adoringly into my eyes and giggled. “I love your cock so much!”

I stole a glance at Jenna, a few feet away. She was shivering as she fingered herself frantically. Her mouth was agape. Her head was bobbing up and down involuntarily as she came from watching her mother smear herself with cum.

Mary pressed the length of my shaft against her cheek, caressing it even while she cuddled her face against it. “Cock! Your cock!” She licked her lips and tasted a dollop of my sperm. She closed her eyes and shivered with pleasure.

“Good Escort Beylikdüzü girl!” I said, pulling my wife up to her feet. I took her by the shoulders, lifted her up and spun her around, then pointed her toward the kitchen. “Now get started on dinner!” I pushed her toward the pantry and slapped her ass as she went to fix our meal.

As she walked away, I turned toward Jenna. My cock, which had not yet started to deflate, was bobbing in the air as if it had a mind of its own and was directed specifically at my busty stepdaughter. “Pencil Dick, huh?” I whispered to her.

At the time all this happened, I felt pretty smug about putting Jenna in her place. Afterwards, though, I kicked myself for descending to this teenage girl’s level: she called me names, so I got back at her. I knew that engaging in this sort of one upmanship could be dangerous, and so I resolved to back off, and simply ignore Jenna’s provocations from then on.

Easier said than done.

Jenna’s prick teasing took a new direction. She began to engineer situations where she would rub against me. Once, when I was leaning back against the kitchen counter drinking my morning cup of coffee, Jenna, clad as usual in bikini briefs and semi-transparent shelf bra, came in and pressed her entire body against mine as she reached up into the cupboard behind me. Looking down I could see her incredible cleavage spilling out of her bra as she mashed her big soft tits against my chest. Did I mention that she was too big for her 32F bras?

“What are you doing?” I asked, pretending I didn’t know exactly what she was up to.

“Looking for the sugar,” she answered. She rubbed her huge tits up and down my chest while her hand groped in the cabinet behind me. “I need something sweet and tasty.”

“It’s right here,” I said. Her eyes darted toward mine, then down at the bulge in my pants. But instead of acting on her desire to see my dick again, I reached over and picked up the sugar bowl that was already on the counter.

“Thanks, DADDY,” she said, emphasizing the word. As she moved away from me, the back of her hand brushed against my groin.

Jenna also began coming into the bathroom without knocking. At first she came in only once or twice while I was showering, pretending that she didn’t know I was in there. Through the wet plastic curtain I could see the fuzzy outlines of her delectable body as she bent over the counter.

“I’m sort of in a hurry for school,” she said, the third time she came into the bathroom while I was showering. “You don’t mind if I put on my makeup while you shower, do you?” In fact, I could tell that she was peering at the fuzzy image conveyed through the translucent curtain, hoping to get a glimpse of my dick.

“No, it’s fine,” I said. “Go right ahead.”

When I told her about it later, Mary, incredibly, was pleased at this new development. “I know you like your privacy while you’re in the shower,” she said, “But I think it’s great that she feels so comfortable with us that she’s sharing that space in the mornings. Besides,” she added, “It really is a traffic jam trying to use the bathroom in the mornings.”

I could only shake my head in wonderment.

After that, Jenna began entering the bathroom every morning while I showered. It seemed to me that she took unusually long combing her hair. I accommodated her by soaping up my dick and stroking it to hardness while standing in profile in the shower. Though she couldn’t make out many details through the wet, white shower curtain, the general outlines of my large cock were unmistakable.

“Can you see alright?” I asked her.


“Isn’t the bathroom mirror all fogged up?” I asked. “I wonder if you can see well enough.”

“I wish I could see better,” she answered.

“Gosh, that’s too bad,” I said, arching my back and ostentatiously stroking my cock in profile for her benefit. I stood close to the shower curtain so that the profile image that she saw was as clear as I could make it. I’m sure she could clearly see the silhouette of my pelvis humping back and forth and the long rod of my cock sticking out in profile while my hand pumped it up and down. “I’ll bet you’d like to see more,” I teased.

The shoe was on the other foot for a change. Jenna’s exhibitionism already had me both irritated and horny. Now she was getting a taste of her own medicine.

I should have realized it at the time, but it was inevitable that Jenna would respond by acting even more outrageously.

Given her amazing looks and mouth watering figure, it was natural that guys would start asking her out on dates as soon as she began attending college. She was nineteen, of course, so Mary and I tried to take a hands-off approach when it came to her choice to stay out late on Friday nights.

I drew the line, though, when it came to bringing her poor taste in men under our roof. One day, a week or two after I started stroking off my cock every morning in the shower in front of her, I came home early from work and heard odd noises from her bedroom. When I went to her room and stood outside the door, I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from her bedroom.

“Suck my cock, you little slut!”

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