Daddy Dearest Pt. 01

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Kelly was bored!

Kelly was 24 years old and single. She was dating actively, but sexually, she was profoundly disappointed. The people she dated were her age physically, but emotionally they were no more than selfish little boys. Having no care for lovemaking, their only interest was in a warm body for them to squirt into. And Kelly knew what the problem was, she had dated many boys, but never a man. Never a man who cared about her feelings, a man who knew what making love was all about.

One evening, Kelly was lounging in her living room in front of the TV. She was absently watching one sitcom or another when a commercial came on for 50+ Singles, a new dating site for mature men and women. Slowly, Kelly became aware of the commercial and something in her mind clicked. She picked up her iPhone and did a search for 50+ Singles… Yes, there it was.

She was looking over the front page of the website and wondering what kind of offerings they might have. She soon discovered that in order to see any of the singles she would have to create a profile, which she did. She used her real name, Kelly Green, entered her email, and created a password. And within a minute, her account was activated and she could browse the offerings to her heart’s content.

She scanned profiles for a good half hour and became frustrated because they all looked so similar. No one had an original profile or even one that seemed anything like sincere. They all used phrases like, “loves picnic lunches,” or “a nice walk on the beach,” or “intimate talks,” or “dinner by candlelight.” Most of the profiles she looked at were filled with this insincere mush.

Kelly was about to give up and maybe try again in a day or two when one profile caught her eye. The name at the top was Glen Stevens. He was 59 years old, had salt and pepper gray hair and a medium complexioned, rugged-looking face. In a way, he reminded Kelly of her father. And Kelly had always thought of her father as handsome. But this wasn’t even all that drew her attention, his profile read simply:

Comfortably retired and widowed for two years. I mourned the loss of my wife, but now I am looking for love and companionship. My ultimate goal is a long term relationship.

It was simple, it was direct and to the point, and it was the first profile that Kelly felt to be sincere.

Okay, if she wanted to respond to Glen she would need to complete her profile. Kelly couldn’t use her own picture since the 50+ site had a minimum age requirement of 50 years, so her picture would give her away. Kelly used Google to search for “attractive 45+ women: and found one that appealed to her. She downloaded the picture and attached it to her profile.

Finally, she needed to work on her profile. What would she say? She wanted to be as honest as possible, but she wanted to make sure that Glen would be attracted to it as well. She didn’t want to admit it, but she really needed Glen to notice her because she really wanted to meet him. She settled on:

Single mature lady, 51years old. Never married, no children, and independent.

There, that was simple enough, and all true too. Well except for the independent part. The fact that she wasn’t was one of Kelly’s secrets And then, on a whim, she added:

Loves pets, especially dogs.

Kelly did not even know why she added that last bit, but somehow, it just seemed fitting. Was it nostalgia? Was it that her dad had always loved dogs and all through her growing up years there were always at least two in the house? Maybe.

Kelly prepared a brief intro message about herself and included her email address and sent it off to Glen.

She was feeling a little anxious. Would he like her profile? Would he be offended or insulted when she presented herself to him for the first time? What if he didn’t like her? All of these questions were impossible to answer but Kelly knew she needed him to like her. But for now, she needed to sleep. She listened to some favorite tunes on her iPhone for a while, and then went to bed.

Kelly awoke, woke up full of energy. The first thing she did was grab her phone from the nightstand and check her email with great anticipation. But there was nothing there from Glen. She instantly felt deflated. “Oh well,” she told herself, “It’s only been a few hours since I sent my intro, he may not even have read it yet.

Later, as she settled in at her job in a small legal office where she was a legal aid, she made sure her phone was always within arms reach so she could see any email notifications that came in immediately.

Anticipating Glen’s email, Kelly had a constant buzz of anxiety in the back of her head. Burying herself in her work, she fought off the tension and anxiety as best she could. At around 10:30, Liz walked up to her desk and asked, “Hey Kel, what gives? You’ve been working as if the devil himself was after you since you came in today, and you haven’t even gotten your coffee yet.

Kelly looked absently at her empty coffee cup and realized bursa eve gelen eskort bayan just how preoccupied she had been this morning. Coffee was an important part of Kelly’s mornings and she hadn’t even noticed its absence. Kelly was just about to explain that she was expecting an important email when the email notification bell sounded on her phone.

She grabbed for her phone as if she were drowning and her phone was a lifeline. As she tapped the notification she glanced up at Liz and said abruptly and said, “Just a second, I need to read this.”

When Kelly opened the email she saw that it was from Glen! Her heart skipped a beat and she felt a hot flush in her cheeks. As Kelly read, about halfway through, she stopped, grinning, and exclaimed in a loud whisper, “Yes! He said yes!” Kelly finished the email, taking in all of the details.

Liz was watching her friend closely, her curiosity mounting. When Kelly finally looked up, Liz immediately demanded, “Okay Kel, what’s up?” loud enough for most of the office to hear.

Embarrassed, Kelly shook her head and said, “Not now Liz. Lunch?”

“Okay,” Liz confirmed, “Lunch. Chachi’s?” Kelly nodded and Liz continued, “But that was quite a performance you put on a moment ago, so you’d better be prepared to tell all!”

Kelly nodded uncertainly, “Okay Liz, everything.

As Liz walked away, Kelly quickly composed a response to Glen’s email:

Dear Glen, I am so glad that you responded to my message.

Yes, I would love to meet you for dinner on Friday evening. I work until 5 o’clock, so 7:00 or 7:30 would be great! Just name the place and time and I will meet you there.



After waking up and fixing breakfast, Glen took a leisurely jog, then did a little weight training, and showered.

Now in shorts and a tee-shirt, Glen settled down and opened his Samsung Note. He watched a couple of YouTube videos and then read his email. He noticed the message sent to him by 50+ Singles. They moderated the initial contact between singles looking to connect.

Glen had been a 50+ member for a few months, and so far, he had been disappointed with the people he had dated. Everyone seemed almost an exact duplicate of the rest. There was little variety and no interest on Glen’s part. Maybe dating sites were not for him.

But Glen opened the email and found a picture of an attractive 51-year-old named Kelly Green. But what attracted him the most was her simple, no-nonsense, profile. And she loved dogs!

“Ya hear that, Jayce? She loves dogs!” Jayce, a nine-year-old male standard poodle picked up his head and wagged his tail with interest. Glen and his wife had gotten Jayce as a puppy. They had both raised him, trained him, and loved him until his wife died suddenly two years ago. Now it was just Glen and Jayce on their own.

Glen hit the reply button and started to type. In part, his message said:

7:30 is fine. Unless you don’t like Thai food, let’s meet at Marnee Thai’s. See you there! I look forward to meeting you.


After Kelly returned from lunch she knew that she would ignore Liz’s advice to end this even before it began. She wasn’t sure why or at least was not admitting to a reason, but she had to do this.

Kelly couldn’t wait for the end of the day so she could go home and get ready for her date tonight. But today, the minutes seemed to go by slower than molasses on a cold morning. Kelly spent her afternoon doing one of two things, pondering what Liz had told her at lunch, and going to her phone to look, yet again at Glen’s profile photo. Perhaps it was his resemblance to her father, but every time she looked she became more intrigued. By the end of the day, the anticipation was killing her. And she still had two whole days to wait!

Home from work on Friday evening, Kelly had time for a leisurely shower before she had to get dressed for her date. “This is it!” she thought to herself, smiling. “Tonight I will finally meet Glen!” She decided she would dress conservatively given the fact that Glen was considerably older and might have different sensibilities. Making a good impression on Glen was very important to her, so Kelly took her time and made sure that everything was just right. Hair, makeup, jewelry clothes, everything!

Kelly parked on the street around the corner from the restaurant. It was Friday night and Marnee Thai was a popular place. Marnee Thai was quite spacious and airy inside, with lots of Thai inspired atmosphere. Kelly scanned the dining lounge for a minute and then found Glen. He was wearing a pale blue dress shirt with bowtie, navy slacks, and polished black shoes. Nice! Very distinguished and respectable, like her father.

Glen could not help noticing the young lady that seemed to be approaching his table. She was blond, with blue eyes and a cute turned-up nose. Quite frankly, she reminded him of his daughter, the only child between him and his now-dead bursa eskort bayanlar wife. Tragically, Angella had died in a swimming accident when she was eight years old. As the girl continued to approach his table, Glen realized that Angella would be just about this girl’s age had she survived.

Unconsciously, Glen smiled at the young lady until he realized that his table was her intended destination, and Glen felt annoyed. He was supposed to meet Kelly any minute now and he did not want the distraction.

“Uh, Glen?”, Kelly inquired, barely hesitating.

His annoyance growing, Glen nodded. “That’s right,” he answered curtly.

Undaunted by Glen’s show of annoyance, Kelly pushed forward, “May I sit down?”

Glen stood while looking around to see if he could spot his date. Mot seeing her, he offered Kelly the chair opposite him.

Once they were both seated, Kelly asked, “Do you know who I am?”

Glen was a little concerned. It was time for Kelly to arrive and he was unsure how she would react if she saw him with an attractive younger woman at his table. But through his annoyance, he remained polite, Glen cleared his throat an managed, “No, I have no idea.”

Kelly smiled at Glen’s mild discomfort and assured him, “Well, let me assure you, your date won’t mind if I Ii am at your table.” Glen’s look of sudden confusion amused Kelly. She continued, “Glen, I’m Kelly, your date.

Glen confusion grew now, and then he became angry, realizing this girl must be playing a joke on him.

Reading his thoughts, Kelly hurried to explain, “Please Glen, don’t be angry with me. Give me a chance to explain.” Glen hesitated for a moment, and Kelly took the opportunity to push forward. “Glen, you can’t know what it’s like to be twenty-four years old and having to deal with the dating scene today. The men I date are more like selfish little boys, and I got tired of it!” Kelly peered at Glen’s face to see if his expression was softening at all. It was.

Now more confident, Kelly flashed one of her prettiest smiles at Glen and continued, “I want a mature man in my life, but I didn’t know how to find one until I saw your profile on the 50+ website. As soon as I saw you, I knew I had to meet you, and well, here I am.” Her speech finished, Kelly lowered her eyes, awaiting Glen’s judgment.

For Glen’s part, he was flattered beyond belief. Why would such an attractive young lady be interested in him? Glen felt terribly honored that Kelly would want him, and he wanted to invite her to stay for dinner, but how could he? This girl was young enough to be his daughter! Hell, she even looked like his daughter. If things began to get serious…

Hurriedly, he pushed the thought from his mind. Even though they were in no way related, it just seemed wrong, almost incestuous! “I am sorry Miss, but I am afraid I must refuse.”

Kelly’s face immediately fell when she heard Glen’s devastating refusal. She bowed her head and wiped her cheek with the back of her hand as a tear escaped her eye. She was unable to speak, or even move. When her paralysis broke a moment later, she wanted to get out quickly without answering Glen. She stood and turned to go, but Glen stopped her with his word.

Kelly turned back toward Glen, waiting for what he would say.

Glen was not sure what to do, he couldn’t take this girl home with him, he couldn’t even risk a second date. But he could at least let her down more than he had. “Kelly, maybe we could talk. Would you like some wine and some dinner?”. Kelly agreed, anything that would keep this meeting going.

They ordered a bottle of her favorite wine and each had a glass while waiting for dinner, and it served to take any edge off of the evening. When dinner arrived, they were both feeling more comfortable. And, as dinner progressed, their conversation flowed more and more naturally. By the end of dinner, they were laughing like old friends

After they ordered their deserts, Kelly made a daring move. She moved her chair around the table so she could sit closer to Glen. As they continued their conversation, Kelly eased her hand toward Glen’s and gently placed hers over his and began to stroke it gently.

Glen did everything he could to resist the temptation to leave his hand where it was.. In the end though, he lost. Right or wrong, he wanted Kelly to touch him. He noticed that the conversation had stopped, and after a moment he looked up at Kelly to find her eyes on him, and a demure smile on her lips. Slowly, hesitantly, with his hand trembling slightly, Glen turned his hand over so he could embrace Kelly’s hand. He stared at their hands, their fingers curled around each other. Nervously, he tried to speak but ended up clearing his throat instead. Blushing, he tried again, “I…I uhh,” but Kelly interrupted him.

“Glen, I can see this is hard for you, so I will make it easier,” she paused, peering at his face until he raised his head and she caught his eyes. Softly, she continued, görükle escort bayanlar “Glen, would you like me to go home with you?”

A sudden surge of blood reddened Glen’s face and he began to perspire. His head felt as if it was spinning and he held on to the edge of the table to steady himself. Glen knew he could not accept, but neither could he refuse and hurt her. Against his better judgment, Glen accepted.

As they rose from the table to go, Glen’s head spun with the implications. He had just taken the first step toward an affair with a girl 35 years his junior, an affair that he secretly thought of as incestuous.

Was there still a chance of avoiding any romantic entanglement? Seeing the desire in Kelly’s eyes convinced him that is was already too late for that. But really, did he want to avoid entanglements?

Glen’s front door opened into a small entry alcove, which was dark when he and Kelly entered the house. Before Glen could even turn on the hall light, Jayce bounded into the alcove and put his paws on Kelly’s waist. Glen shooed him down, but he then put his snout in Kelly’s crotch and began to sniff curiously.

“Jayce!” Glen barked, irritated, “Is that any way to greet a lady?” Jayce backed off and Glen looked up at Kelly apologetically. “Sorry, Jayce needs to learn to behave better around people.”

Oh, it’s all right,” Kelly reassured him, “Boys will be boys. Sometimes their curiosity gets the better of them.” Kelly winked. Now that Jayce had been reprimanded, Kelly dropped to one knee and gave him a good ‘behind the ears’ scratching, and crooning to him all the while.

Once Kelly had finished with Jayce, Glen led the way into the living room. Kelly scanned the room and seated herself strategically in the middle of the couch. Glen asked, “May I get you anything? More wine? Or a beer?”

Kelly shook her head with her eyes closed and purred, “Uh-uh, I have a nice buzz from before. More would spoil things.” Glen acknowledged her with a nod and set about puttering around the room. Shifting a magazine here, taking an empty glass into the kitchen, just empty motion. It seemed to Kelly that he was trying to avoid having to sit near her.

But Kelly was ready to take matters into her own hands as she suggested to Glen, “I’m sure that stuff will keep until later. Won’t you come and sit next to me and keep me company?” She patted a spot on the couch right next to her.

When Glen seated himself near her, she scooted up right next to him, feeling the comfortable warmth of his body. Glen slid his arm around Kelly’s shoulder and Kelly sighed. She snuggled into the crook of his shoulder and put a hand on his chest like she had done a hundred times with her father. She had always felt so protected and loved there.

Glen took a deep breath. Obviously, this wasn’t going to be easy. In fact, he realized, it may already be too late. “But if it was too late, would it really be that bad?” He mused to himself but then chided himself, “Don’t even go there bud,” as he looked at Kelly snuggling under his protecting arm and breathing in the soft scent of her hair. Truth be told, he was getting comfortable entertaining his incest fantasy.

“Glen?” the young girl ventured, “May I share a secret with you?” Curious, Glen nodded and Kelly began, “Glen,” she said, seriously, “One of the things that attracted me to your profile was the fact that you reminded me of my father who died a little over 5 years ago. I loved everything about my father, and…well, I thought I would be able to love you too.” Kelly finished, turning her head up and watching Glen closely for a reaction.

He was nodding at her revelation, but his face remained neutral. Kelly could not read his reaction at first. But then, as Glen processed what he had just been told, he realized that Kelly had a forbidden fantasy of her own, and all at once, Glen’s defenses crumbled. It was as if Kelly’s revelation gave him permission to pursue his forbidden dream. And then, Glen’s expression changed, Kelly recognized the look in Glen’s eyes all too well. Lust!

“Glen”, Kelly ventured tentatively, “Could you see yourself in a relationship with me?”

He only nodded.

“And would you like being a father figure to an always respectful, obedient, and loving daughter?”

Now there was a word Glen didn’t expect, ‘obedient’. Hmmm.

Again, Glen nodded. But his real answer was obvious from the growing bulge in his trousers. Kelly noticed this with delight and with a warmth in her groin that began to flower upward into her belly.

Kelly rolled her body toward Glen so she was kneeling on the couch, facing him. And then, with a hand on Glen’s shoulder for support and the other on his cheek, she lowered her lips to his for their first kiss. As first kisses go, theirs was not a terribly long one, but it was very powerful. An electric wave seemed to course through Kelly’s body starting at the lips and then through her upper torso where her nipples began to harden. The wave continued downward toward her sex where she could feel her womanhood begin to engorge and swell with hot, electrified, blood. The feeling down there was sublime!

She pulled her lips away from his with a moan, needing to catch her breath. Her eyes were alive with fire, and she could see the same lust mirrored in Glen’s smoldering and lust-filled eyes.

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