Dad And His High School Friend

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Dad And His High School FriendI anxiously waited for Dad to return from the local bar. Knowing that he loved seeing me in sexy lingerie, I had dug through my dressers searching for the perfect outfit to put a smile on his face. I found a slinky looking white negligee with peek-a-boo bodice and a white lace crotchless panties. Standing in front of the mirror, I could see the outlines of my breasts perfectly and my nipples poked out, almost hidden by the top. Looking down and bending over some, my thick labia were nestled between the lacey layers looking like a pretty deep-pink flower petal.I dimmed all the lights and lit several candles and the flickering light and shadows highlighted my body reclining on the couch. I heard the sounds of his truck doors closing and muffled voices outside the front door. I smiled to myself, thinking that Dad was probably so intoxicated that he was talking to himself as he fumbled for the keys to open the door. As the door opened, I saw the silhouettes of two men step into the room. I started to cover up, but I had worked myself up thinking of Daddy fucking me, I just remained reclined on the couch. As their eyes adjusted to the dim light, they both stood looking at me, and I felt thrilled at the intense looks.”Daddy! I didn’t expect you to bring anyone home with you,” I sat still watching the eyes of both, Daddy and his friend, take in my nighty. Grabbing the coverlet, pulling it over myself, I looked at Dad inquisitively.”Don’t cover yourself up dear. Let my friend take a good look at your beauty,” Dad said as he stepped over to the couch and pulled the coverlet off, letting it drop to the floor. “This is Mack; he’s an over-the-road truck driver I met at the bar. Amazingly we were talking and discovered we both went to the same high school way back when.” Dad forced his way between the arms of the couch, I, pulling my head against him letting his arm go around my shoulders, and his hand fell on my breasts. “Really, that is so cool to meet after all these years,” I laughed looking at him, smiling at the touch of his hand. “So, do you remember anything, I mean, did you really know each other, or just go to the same school?””Ha-ha, the only thing we both remembered was the school slut, Fran Stogavich. Ugly as sin, but knockout body. I think I actually lost my virginity to that girl,” chuckled Dad.”Oh that is funny sivas escort Dad. Tell me about her Mack, do you remember her?” She looked at Mack, motioning him to sit down on the couch at her feet. “I am interested in what Dad was like when he was young, got any stories to tell?” Smiling sweetly at him, shifting my body slightly, I moved my legs, giving him more room, and of course, a better look at my crotch casually covering it with my hand. His eyes closely followed my hands, before he recovered, looking up at Dad and I.”Well, I’m not sure you really want to hear about the crazy things we did,” Mack stated calmly, looking to Dad as if asking to continue. I felt Dad’s head nod slightly, and Mack started talking again. “We had a good football team and everyone went to the games on Friday night, partying and cheering the team. They were not winners, but the games were OK.””Fran was a big fan of anything that drew a crowd; she loved being the center of attention. During a rather boring game, your Dad spotted Fran not far from where we were sitting and pointed to her. From our vantage point, even with her coat on, you could see her big boobs sticking out in front of her.” Mack got a faraway look in his eye as he spoke.”So, your Dad and I had hid a six pack under the bleachers. He climbed over several bleacher seats and sat behind Fran. He leaned over and whispered into her ear, asking if she wanted to share a beer or two with us. She looked back and smiled so wide, you probably could have put a dinner plate in her mouth; that is a slight exaggeration.” Mack chuckled softly, gesturing with his hands at the width of her mouth. “She stood up, grabbed your Dad’s hand, and away we went under the bleachers.” “There was a small alcove way back where we hid the beer. Leading her into the alcove, we opened and handed her and sat down along the wall, with her between us. She guzzled the beer like there was no tomorrow, while we were barely sipping at ours. She sat her empty down between her legs and looked over at your Dad, and asked if she could have another. It was pretty apparent already that she was getting tanked, because her words were slurred and her hands were clumsy as he gave her another one.””Your sneaky old Dad slipped his hand inside her coat and started groping her breasts. She started giggling, and pulled her coat open, giving him escort sivas more access to her chest. She guided his hand inside her blouse and was soon moaning as he fondled her mounds and nipples. Not wanting him to have all the fun, I reached over and unbuttoned her top, yanking it open, exposing her completely. The cold air instantly caused her nipples to stiffen to hard points,” Mack smiled again as if reminiscing in his mind the event vividly.”Your Dad started kissing her while fondling her breasts and she seemed to slip down along the wall until she was lying on the blanket we had spread on the ground. I took advantage of her lying back, lifted her skirt up, and pulled her panties off. She had one of the hairiest pussies I have ever seen and her labia were fat and swollen. The empty beer bottle was almost touching her pussy, so I picked it up, and started guiding it into her hole. Unbelievably, she raised her hips up, grabbed my hand and pulled the bottle into her cunt, wiggling and moaning all the while.””Wasting no time, your Dad pulled his cock out of his pants, and pushed her face into his crotch. She opened her mouth, and I watched his cock bulge against her cheeks from the inside as it slid in. She started making slurping and bobbing her head on his cock, sucking it deeper into her mouth, as I stuffed the beer bottle into her gaping pussy.”I had unknowingly started fingering my pussy as I listened to Mack tell the story and felt Dad’s hands opening my negligee pulling my breasts out letting them dangle. Mack did not miss seeing them; he licked his lips, leaned forward and suckled them softly.”Oh…,” with barely a whimper, I touched his hair, “um, that feels wonderful Mack. Daddy, is this OK with you?” I looked at him and he nodded ‘Yes’.Mack continued, “Your Daddy and I switched places, and I put my cock in Fran’s mouth, face-fucking her with long strokes, as your Dad removed the beer bottle from her cunt, and stuffed his hard, wet cock into her pussy. Being young boys, neither of us had much control, and in just moments, we both were shooting cum in her mouth and pussy like spewing volcanoes.””OMG, that girl was so lucky to have you both doing her,” I said wistfully, looking the Dad and Mack.Dad’s hand reached down between my legs, pushing my hand away, he fingered my wet pussy. Pulling his fingers out, he held his hand sivas escort bayan up to Mack’s lips, letting him smell and taste my nectar.My hands groped at Mack’s belt buckle, and I opened it, pulling his pants down, exposing his cock and my fingers gripped it tightly, pulling and stroking it.”Daddy…Tell Mack he can fuck me. I want to feel his cock in me,” I moaned quietly holding onto his cock, trying to guide it into my pussy.Mack looked inquiringly at Dad who gave him a big smile, and said, “You heard her, she wants your cock in her pussy. We always do what Frolic says around here. Turn her over and fuck her doggy-style while I fuck her mouth, just like old times with Fran.” I felt Mack’s strong hands pulling my hips, flipping me over on all fours, as my breasts hung down; I felt his cock slowly begin to penetrate my pussy. I rocked back against it, pushing it further in and moaned as the shaft slipped deeper and deeper.Daddy sat in front of me, legs on either side, and pulled my head down onto his hard cock. I eagerly sucked it into my mouth, licking and slurping on it as it entered. With each stroke Mack made at my pussy with his cock, Dad’s cock buried itself deeper in my throat and I reveled at the intense feelings of having two cocks ramming me from both ends at the same time. My wet pussy dripped love juice and the noise of his cock slamming into the wet hole was so erotic.I felt the two of them stuffing my holes as if they were connected to each other thru their cocks inside my pussy and mouth. I began feeling my orgasm building. “Fuck me, Fuck Me Harder!” I shouted as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I wiggled and writhed, feeling them both. I nearly buckled under and collapsed when I climaxed the first time, but they continued to fuck me face and pussy with vigor. I felt another climax coming and moaned repeatedly, not wanting them to stop.I felt Dad’s cock stiffen suddenly as he unloaded his sperm deep into my throat. He caught me unawares as it shot out around his cock, dribbling down my chin. He grunted and growled as he shot load after load into my mouth.Mack, seeing Dad’s cock in my mouth with his white sperm shooting out around it, was too much for him, and I felt the hot liquid flood my pussy. He pushed hard, several times, unloading more each time until he was spent. Both men remained still, with my mouth and pussy still filled with their cocks. I felt them slowly lose their erections until their cocks plopped out, once more dormant. I relaxed and lay down between them, satisfied and happy.”Daddy, I hope you and Mack have a new story to tell now.”

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