Cyrus’ Neighbour Affair Ch. 01

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Cyrus, a young bachelor living alone, comes home one night to a show he will never forget, and one that leads to a short, passionate affair with his neighbour. This is the first part of a three-part story, so please do read all parts to fully enjoy.

This is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to anyone real is purely coincidental.


I came home late after a typical hectic day at work. It was somewhere around midnight when I saw the clock while parking in the garage. Times were tough but work was flowing in and kept our firm busy with several new projects. I was exhausted as I walked in and closed the door to my apartment and switched on the passage light. I threw the key into a bowl on the side table and sighed. It was starting to get lonely coming home to an empty home each day. Yes, I was fairly social. I had a good group of friends and I had had my fair share of relationships too, some serious and some not. But lately, I had started wanting a little more.

I was 30, and ran a fairly successful up and coming architecture firm in Mumbai. After finishing my masters in the US and working for a large firm, I decided to come back home and start something of my own a couple of years ago. Luck and a little hard work got me some good breakthroughs and I haven’t looked back since. I managed to even buy my own apartment in the same building that my parents lived, giving me much needed space yet keeping me close to home.

But it was tough to maintain a relationship beyond the occasional date or a weekend fling. Lately, I had been spending long days at work, sometimes weekends too. Work and site visits took me to all corners of India, often taking up my weekends. But it was fun and I was passionate about it. And sometimes my travels even gave me the opportunity to meet some exciting and beautiful women in other cities. But I still needed more.

I slipped off my shoes, washed up and poured myself a large single malt on the rocks. I opened the door to my balcony and sat on the lounge chair outside, enjoying a gentle Mumbai winter breeze. The city was quiet, and lights were beginning to switch off in people’s homes. I took a large sip and closed my eyes, letting the liquid warm my body and soul. I was beginning to relax and wind down after a long week. Finally, after what felt like ages, I had the weekend to myself and a smile crept across my face at that thought even though I had no idea how I was going to spend it.

A few more sips of the scotch went in and my body felt completely relaxed and my mind floated into a serene space. I stood up and turned to go inside, when a light in my neighbour, Malini’s flat caught my eye. She usually never had that light on that late. I turned to look and I was absolutely stunned. I stopped in my tracks and could not believe what I was seeing. The light was coming from her living room and she was swaying her practically naked body, seemingly performing for someone sitting on the sofa. Her body covered the face so I couldn’t make out who it was. My hand covered my mouth in amazement and I couldn’t stop looking.

My building was shaped like an ‘L’ and my balcony faced in such a way that I could get a fairly clear view into the neighbour’s living room. The proximity made it all the more clear. Usually the curtains were drawn, and I had never seen the light on that late at night before. But tonight was different. Very different. And I couldn’t help myself from looking. I was transfixed as I saw her sway her lithe and curvy body. She had already removed her saree and blouse, and her petticoat had just fallen to her ankles. Her beautiful dusky body was now only covered by her red bra and panties. Her thick and long hair was tied up in a bun, precariously perched on the nape of her neck. Her back faced towards me so I hadn’t yet gotten a glimpse of her breasts, which I had noticed from several building interactions to be fairly ample and usually threatening to burst free from her mostly ethnic and somewhat modest clothing.

Malini, was young and fairly recently married. She had moved into our building only about a year ago. Her husband, Vinit, was away a lot. So much so that at first I thought she was single, and that her husband who visited every few months was her boyfriend. I later found out that he was on a project abroad and because she ran a successful catering business she had decided to stay back till he returned eventually. They had no children. Over time, we got to know each other fairly well. It first started with the usual, neighbourly greetings when we bumped into each other in the lift or the passage. That then progressed to slightly longer conversations, getting to know the basics. Name, relationships, work, etc, etc. It then moved on to going over to each other’s houses to borrow something, then for a cup of tea or an evening drink on the balcony late at night after work. Occasionally we chatted for a long time, and sometimes it was just a quick hello. But over time, we became very friendly, beylikdüzü ucuz escort and even divulged a few personal things to each other. Lately, she began to share how lonely it had started to become without her husband, mentally and physically. And how she yearned for his presence. How she yearned for some physical intimacy. I confided in her about how lonely I was feeling lately, and how I had been yearning for a meaningful relationship. I told her about a very close friend of mine, Sayra, and our physical relationship. How Sayra and I had grown up together, been best friends, and lately become physical. And how I had been wanting to talk to her to take things a step further, but hadn’t built up the courage to. We shared these intimate feelings. But it was only friendship and nothing more.

I had found Malini extremely attractive right from the time I saw her. She was fairly tall for an Indian, maybe 5’7″, very fit and curvaceous at the same time. Her smooth dusky skin always glowed. Her dark brown eyes were large and always sparkled. Her features were sharp and her lips were full. She had beautiful, long, thick and lustrous hair that was usually tied up in some sort of a bun, or clipped back, or in a ponytail. She dressed modest but modern, usually in chic ethnic Indian and fusion attire. Either a sari which made her look elegantly enticing, or a salwar kurta which made her look traditionally alluring, or even Indo-western for that modern exotic look. Once in a while I saw her in denims or trousers and a top or a dress. I could tell she had ample breasts, but her conservative clothing didn’t always give away much. Her stomach seemed flat and her waist was slim, but her hips curved out beautifully. Her legs were long and slender and her ass was beautifully shaped and tight. She was stunning in all aspects and many times I ended up thinking about her in fairly sultry ways.

At first, I always wondered what her personal life was like. Almost always alone, I wondered how she ever quelled her sexual desires. I wondered what it was like for her to see her husband so rarely. Was it awkward? Was it a weekend full of mad, passionate sex to make up for lost time? Was there a distance building?

Later, as we got to know each other better, we spoke a little about such things. She told me how lonely it got. The initial fire had dwindled but there was still love. They missed each other and enjoyed the short time they spent each time he visited, obviously leaving out the juicy details. And though she had never indulged in an affair, thoughts and desires did arise from time to time. Temptation did come, but she had not caved in. This was over a month ago.

So as I stood there and watched as she continued to sway her body, I was in complete shock. I had taken her to be a bit reserved and never expected her to strip like that for anyone. A lot of questions poured into my head. Who was it? Was it her husband? Another man? A woman even? Last I chatted with Malini, her husband wasn’t supposed to be home, making me wonder if she had finally caved in to lust and brought someone home. I continued to watch in complete disbelief, and I couldn’t take my eyes away. It was wrong, I knew that. But I was transfixed. I felt my cock twitch in my pants as she now reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it spring away to release what I knew were beautiful breasts. Oh, how I yearned to see them.

Malini then reached up and tugged at her hair, unravelling the bun and letting her rich locks cascade down her back, nearly falling to her waist. My cock began to throb as I watched her hair sway from side to side as she continued to move for that lucky person. She ran her hands up the front of body, perhaps over her full bosom, and up over her neck and into her hair. She gathered her heavy locks over her head, and with her hands up, she began to move her hips from side to side, teasing that person.

Then Malini started to turn around and I quickly ducked back into my apartment. Since I was able to see her, she could have seen me too. I took the opportunity to quickly refill my glass and went to my guest bedroom from where I could get a clearer and straighter view into the side window of Malini’s living room. I slid a chair close to the window and drew the curtain just enough to watch the show. I sat at the edge of the chair and looked into her window. By now, she had slid her panties off and was now swaying her completely naked body for the mystery person. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I couldn’t believe I was actually sitting there, a drink in hand, and enjoying the show. I always had slight voyeuristic tendencies but it was for the first time I was treated to such a show.

Then the man finally stood up and I gasped, leaning forward a little as if some mystery had just been revealed in a movie. It was Rohan, her husband’s brother. She had caved in after all. I had met Rohan several times when he and beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort his wife would come over to Malini’s place. He resembled his brother in many ways, but was taller, fitter and overall, better looking. He was quite a smooth talker, and though he had a gorgeous wife, I always noticed how he ogled at Malini. At some point, he had probably realized Malini’s building temptation and taken advantage of her weakness. So there he was, standing in front of her beautiful, naked body, while I sat, still in shock and extremely aroused.

Rohan walked over to her and took her in his arms, hugging her naked body and running his hands up and down her back. He leaned in and kissed her while running his hands through her hair and holding her. She wrapped her hands around his neck and cocked her head to one side, returning what seemed to be a very passionate kiss. Her hands then dropped in front of her, and while they kissed, the next thing I saw was Rohan’s pants falling to his ankles. A few moments later his underwear joined his pants and I could see the side profile of his naked lower body. Malini’s hands moved up, and I could tell she was unbuttoning his shirt while they continued to kiss each other. Rohan held her face and kissed her hard until he finally let go to let Malini slide his shirt off his torso and arms. Now both of them were stark naked in the middle of their living room.

Malini stepped back a little, and I got a clear view of Rohan. He was a good looking guy and fitter than he looked when I met him earlier. He also had smooth dark skin, a shade or two darker than hers. He had short dark hair and a chiselled face, a firm body and flat abs. I looked further down to see his cock that stood at full mast between his legs. While Malini moved to the sofa, Rohan grabbed his shaft and slowly stroked it as he turned to watch her sit down. It was then that I finally got a view of her ample breasts and my perception was fairly accurate, even from that distance. They seemed to be a large handful and beautifully shaped, and didn’t seem to have any sag. I obviously didn’t know what their texture felt like and it was a bit too far to make out details of her nipples. But as she leaned back and lay against the sofa, her plump breasts hardly lost any of their beautiful, round shape.

Malini spread her legs and looked up at Rohan who dropped to his knees and slid closer to her. He lifted her right leg and started kissing her. He then did the same with her left leg, and kept going back and forth while slowly moving lower and lower to her pussy, which I hadn’t been able to see. As Rohan moved lower, I could see Malini leaning forward to look down at his actions. And when she suddenly threw her head back I knew Rohan had finally made contact with her pussy, which I was sure was now dripping with her juices. I could see her mouth open and she was probably moaning loudly. It was like watching a beautiful erotic movie, but in mute.

Rohan had his face buried between her legs and while Malini looked up at the ceiling and moaned, she lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders and crossed them behind his neck. She then placed her hands on the back of his head and seemingly pushed him closer while lifting her ass off the sofa and moving uncontrollably. She was clearly moaning loudly, perhaps even screaming in sheer pleasure, and I watched with my mouth agape in amazement. Her hips moved in random thrusts, faster and faster, and her head thrashed from side to side. Rohan seemed to be doing a good job with his head moving fast from side to side and up and down. I could tell Malini’s levels of arousal were about to hit a crescendo.

Watching all this made my cock throb in my pants, and I couldn’t contain it any longer. I rushed to the bathroom to get some body oil. I shed my clothes and sat in the chair as naked as the stars in the show. I took some oil in my hand and lubricated my shaft while watching Malini uncontrollably writhe on the sofa. I slowly stroked my cock as she bucked her hips up and down while pushing Rohan’s face deeper between her legs. She had tightened the grip of her legs around him while now surely screaming in pleasure. Then I saw her body buck harder and stronger, almost shuddering several times, before she stopped moving completely. Her mouth was still wide open and I could see she was panting. She even released her grip around Rohan and moved her hands up to cup her breasts. I knew she had climaxed hard.

I continued to stroke my cock while watching as the show continued on. Rohan slid up and sat beside Malini, caressing her body and massaging her breasts while she recovered. I was so jealous of Rohan as I watched him hold her mounds and lean in to pucker his lips around one of her nipples. Malini once again threw her head back and opened her mouth as Rohan made contact with her nipple. He went on for a few moments before Malini pushed him away and slid beyoğlu escort down from the sofa. She moved between his legs and the roles were now reversed.

I stroked a little faster as I watched Malini move closer to Rohan. I knew what was about to happen and I was once again given a surprise. Having thought of her as being reserved, I had never imagined her to be doing this. I had labelled her very wrongly.

She placed her hands on Rohan’s thighs and slowly stroked him while looking up at him. She then held his cock with one hand and slowly began to stroke up and down with the other. Rohan leaned his head back and rested it on the back of the sofa and looked up at the ceiling while Malini began working her hands on him. She began stroking faster and faster, pumping her fist up and down. I then saw one of her hands drop lower, and I could only imagine if she was teasing his balls or pleasuring herself. Either which way, I began stroking my cock faster as I felt a surge of arousal course through me, but quickly slowed down to ensure I lasted till the end of the show.

Then suddenly, Malini stopped stroking and bent forward. Her hair now spread across Rohan’s lap, and her head covered his crotch, but I knew she had taken his cock in her mouth as she bobbed up and down. Rohan’s mouth was now open and he gaped at the ceiling while he ran his fingers through Malini’s hair and held her head as it slowly moved up and down in a gentle rhythm. I was burning with lust now and dying of jealousy as I continued to stroke my lubricated shaft. All I wanted was to be in Rohan’s place.

I could see Rohan becoming fidgety, probably from an impending climax. He lifted Malini’s head, probably asking her to stop, or wanting more as he shifted back a little and spread his legs apart some more. Malini slowly slid up his legs and body and straddled Rohan’s lap, placing her knees on either side of him. She reached behind her and continued stroking his cock as she got into position, right above him. Then slowly, she began sliding up and down just a little. Once again the distance didn’t allow me to see every detail but I imagined she had slipped his cock into her and was slowly sliding up and down, letting herself slowly accommodate him, sliding further and further down each time. Each time she came down, she slid a little lower till finally, I saw her hands move up to his shoulders and she sank completely into his lap while her head tilted back a little. Her firm ass rested against his thighs, his cock clearly buried deep into her passage, and she held his shoulders to balance herself.

She then leaned her head back some more, her long hair swaying like a curtain behind her, and slowly began to move her body up and down. Rohan held her waist and watched as Malini took control, lifting her ass from his lap and sinking back down again. Slowly, she continued this motion for a long time, building a beautiful rhythm. Rohan moved his hands and held her breasts while Malini continued her sensual motions. In the meantime, my hand moved more smoothly over my oiled shaft, lost in a similar trance as the two of my lusty neighbours. I only wished this show had a soundtrack because I knew their living room was filled with the most seductive sounds.

My hand started to move more rapidly, in sync with Malini, as her body began to rock up and down and back and forth faster and faster. She lifted her as up and down on his lap and sometimes grinded back and forth, and her hair swayed and bounced wildly. Rohan now cupped her ass and seemed to assist her movements. He seemed to have a look of concentration from what I could tell, perhaps trying to control himself. Just as I was, trying to last as long as possible.

Then suddenly I saw Malini throw her head into Rohan’s chest and her body began to spasm. She had erupted into yet another climax and her body shuddered several times while Rohan held her close. He stroked her back and weaved his fingers in and out of her hair as she rested against him. I wasn’t sure if they were done, but I continued stroking as I waited in aroused anticipation.

After a few moments, Malini slid off Rohan’s lap and stood up. She moved to the back of the sofa and bent forward, placing her palms on the back rest while Rohan moved and stood behind her. They weren’t done. She leaned forward and tilted her head back to watch as Rohan held her ass with one hand and his shaft with the other. He moved forward, adjusting himself before placing his other hand on her ass. And then he began to slide back and forth slowly, having re-entered her passage. He held her and moved back and forth, building a quick rhythm and taking control.

Malini looked forward and tilted her head up as Rohan bucked his hips and began rapidly thrusting in and out of her. He then gathered her hair together and held it like a rope as he seemingly began to thrust harder. Malini threw her head back and forth, and with her mouth open wide, she was sure to be screaming in extreme pleasure. Rohan held her hair and pulled it back a little, lifting Malini’s head back as he continued to pump into her. Both their facial expressions also gave away the intensity with which they were fucking each other. And similarly, my fist began furiously pumping my shaft, ready to erupt into a massive climax as I was sure the couple were soon ready to do.

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