Cynthia Ch. 4

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A brief recap…

The early afternoon sun was warming me, basking and basting my body as I lay by the pool, waiting for Cynthia. My cock was semi-hard within my suit, despite the fact that it had very recently been expertly abused by the very girl I was waiting for.

Even though I’d just met Cynthia at a party the night before, for some strange and wonderful reason we clicked in every sense of the word. But especially sexually…

Cynthia was a new Professor of English at the university that I taught at, but this weekend she was proving herself to be the very opposite of the stereotypical professor. At thirty-four (she’d confessed), she was an absolute knockout. Long thick, luxurious hair that cascaded over her shoulders, dark eyes that radiated sex, and a pair of the longest legs I’d ever seen. Her firm, upturned breasts accented a tight, lovely body that was made for the kinds of sex we were both discovering suited us both to a “T”.

Cynthia was showing me her “other” side. The side that she never allowed to show while in school. The side that was pure, sex loving slut! I found myself falling madly for this combination of brains and body. Of studious professor and wanton slut. I felt myself getting hard again as I lay in the sun, waiting for her to come down from upstairs and join me at the pool….

The sound of the sliding glass door made me open my eyes. I turned my head towards the sound and stifled a low moan. The suit Cynthia was wearing was straight out of a fantasy. She walked towards me slowly, bearing a tray holding the pitcher of ice cold gin and tonics I’d made, a bucket of ice, and two glasses.

As I watched, she approached my chair and bent to set the tray on the table beside me. My cock was growing more steadily now, and she glanced at it approvingly, standing in front of me with her hands on her hips. She grinned as my eyes danced over her.

The suit she wore was white. The top did very little to hide her wonderful breasts, especially since she’d neglected to tie the strings in the back. It hung loosely around her neck,. little more than two tiny triangles covering her hard nipples. The tops and sides of her tits were completely exposed. And the bottom of her bikini was a single triangle of cloth that barely covered her pubic mound.

“Nice suit…” I sighed, my cock beginning to throb all over again.

“You too…” she grinned, her eyes cast downwards. I knew my hard on was plainly visible, pushing out against the loose blue spandex of my suit. I grinned and winked at her. “I didn’t want to tie the top…because my tits are still covered with your cum…” She leaned over and turned from side to side, showing me her shining breasts. “But I wasn’t sure how exposed you were out here…” She stood up and looked around, seeming pleased at the seven foot high hedge that surround the pool area.

“So…is the water warm…?” Cynthia asked. She turned towards the pool, and for the first time I saw the back of her suit. Or, I should say, the lack of her suit. The string that held her suit together was a thin white strand that traveled between her cheeks, exposing her entire backside. I found myself sighing again.

“You don’t wear that on the beach, do you…?” I asked with a catch in my voice. Cynthia turned to me with a huge grin.

“Only if I’m there with a special person…” she laughed. I watched with heated lust as her hands moved up to caress her breasts, pushing them together. “Swim with me…” she asked / commanded, then dove into the water as I moved to get up from my chair.

She surfaced just as I reached the edge of the pool. As I looked down at her I felt my heart begin to beat harder. After getting wet, her suit became almost transparent. Her nipples were plainly visible through the thin cloth as she stood up in waist high water. Her hands moved over her breasts, lifting the top up as she splashed water over them. “I almost hate to wash your cum off my tits…” she teased, smiling up at me. “But I’m guessing you’ll give me some more later…” She grinned and tied the suit behind her, thrusting her tits at me as her nipples stood out behind the white cotton. Her eyes danced over the bulge in my suit, then she pushed away on her back, showing off the small triangle of her neatly trimmed bush through her suit.

I groaned and turned away. I needed another sip of courage before I joined this wench in the water. I picked up my cocktail and downed nearly half of it before turning to return to the pool. Not recommended by most lifeguards, but definitely necessary at this point…

As I turned, I could see some movement out of the corner of my eye, over by the hedge that separated my yard from that of Jim, my neighbor. I hesitated, pretending to get another drink, then looked again, secretively.

This time, there was no mistake. Sure enough, Jim was standing by the utility shed in the back corner of his yard, peering through the bushes as Cynthia swam an erotic backstroke in the pool. He’d seen her, and met her, this morning antep escort as we left for breakfast, and was obviously struck by her. Shit…who wouldn’t be?! I grinned and turned to Cynthia.

I wasn’t upset that he was watching. In fact, I’d spent a bit of time peeping myself, watching his beautiful wife swim and sunbathe in their own backyard. From the guest room upstairs, I had a clear view of their yard, and on more than one occasion, I’d watched Anne sunbathe in the nude, sighing to myself as I watched her run her hands over her naked body, as if lost in some sun drenched fantasy.

And one time, I’d even watched Anne give Jim a sloppy, wet blowjob as she stood in their poll and his feet dangled over the edge. I often wondered if they knew I watched them, but, at least to this point, we’d never mentioned anything to each other, although we often shared barbecues and evening cocktails.

So I had no reason to be upset at Jim’s voyeurism. I grinned and set my drink down as I saw Cynthia climb out of the pool. She was a vision of beauty as she let the water drip from her body. She grinned as she brought her hands up to her hair, wringing it out behind her and arching her back. Her firm tits pushed out against the thin fabric of her suit.

I walked over to her and cupped her breasts with both my hands. She moaned lightly as I fondled her, keeping her hands behind her head.

“Don’t look now…” I whispered to her, “but we have an audience…” I grinned as her eyes widened, then again as a smile came over her face. She leaned close, pushing her hips against mine and leaning her head into my chest.

“Where…?” she asked, a note of excitement in her voice. I laughed as I saw the fire kindling itself in her eyes.

“Remember Jim? My neighbor you met this morning…?”

Cynthia nodded, her eyes focused on mine. “Yeah…he was kinda cute…” I smiled.

“You must have gotten him excited this morning…with your little glimpse of tit. He’s by the hedges, just behind me….don’t look!” I turned her head as I saw her eyes move in that direction. I leaned down and kissed her as I turned her away. I felt her smile against my lips and, after a moment, she stopped fighting my hands. “Does it turn you on?” I asked, running my hands over her ass.

I felt Cynthia’s tongue push past my lips and her hips once again pushed against mine. I kissed her passionately, then broke away, looking into her fiery eyes. I smiled as I felt her fingers push past the elastic band of my suit. She looked at me with a sly expression.

“Yeah…I guess it does turn me on…” she whispered, her hand snaking down the front of my suit. The tips of her fingers grazed my cockhead and made me growl low in my throat. “Kind of like sucking your cock in your car…you promised me we’d do that today…” She grinned and squeezed my cockhead between her thumb and three fingers and looked into my eyes with a devilish stare.

“So, let’s moon him…” She giggled. Before I could react, Cynthia used both hands to pull my suit down around my knees. Her hand and her tongue had left me in a state of semi-hardness, and my cock bobbed up and down in the hot sun.

Cynthia giggled, wrapping her hand around my cock, then just as quickly, released me and turned to dive into the pool. Rather than stand there with my suit around my knees, I laughed and quickly pulled it up, diving in after her.

I surfaced to see her at the far end of the pool. She laughed and splashed me as I began to swim towards her. I breast-stroked, my eyes just above the surface, pretending to be attacking, and she squealed with delight. When her splashing blocked my vision, I dove…swimming underwater until I grabbed her by the legs, pulling her under with a loud roar of bubbles.

Cynthia continued to squeal and giggle as we wrestled in the clear water, and her hands fought to pull my suit off me. For my part, I pretended to fight her but eventually “let” her pull my trunks off, swimming away from me and waving them in the air like a victory flag.

I laughed and followed her, once again swimming with just my eyes above the surface. Cynthia made like she was trying to get away, but eventually allowed me to catch her. I growled low in my throat and dove under the surface, coming up right behind her.

Before she could fight me off, I’d pulled the two bows that held her top together. I pushed away, holding the top of her bikini high in the air as I swam away to the deep end and turned…

Cynthia was still in the shallow end, wearing an angry expression. I grinned, knowing she was faking it for our “audience”. As I watched, she stood up in the shallow water, looking like an angel as the water dripped from her erect nipples. She stood there, legs spread wide, and her hands on her hips. I felt my cock growing in the warm water.

From his position in the hedges, Jim had a clear view of Cynthia’s lithe form as she stood only five feet away from him. Cynthia knew he was there, also, and posed as best she could for him. Her naked tits heaved from the recent exertion. She must have appeared to be totally naked from Jim’s perspective….a little to the right and five feet behind.

I treaded water at the deep end, a huge smile on my face as I watched her strut her stuff. I knew from her statements previously in the day, that she was enjoying her newfound exhibitionist side. And as she looked at me, a big grin split her face. Her hands moved over her breasts, cupping them and pushing them towards me.

I decided to allow her to exhibit her wares. I began to swim slowly towards her, ending up with her in the shallow end. I allowed myself a quick peek at where Jim had been standing. Sure enough, he was still in position. In fact I saw the glint of sunlight against glass, realizing that he was holding binoculars to his eyes.

And another thing made my heart lurch. My quick look showed me that he’d been joined in his voyeuristic activity. Anne, his wife that I had often admired, was beside him in the bushes! I grinned and turned to Cynthia as I stood up in the pool. I reached for her as I moved close, pulling her to me and kissing her passionately.

Cynthia moaned low in her throat and pressed herself against me, sucking on my probing tongue with her talented mouth. I felt her hand slide between us and cradle my balls before sliding up to encircle my rising cock.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about “performing” in front of my neighbors. It was a first for me. But knowing that Cynthia was enjoying it so much diluted my nervousness. My cock hardened in her hand as I reached for the last string on her bikini…the one that held her bottom on. I looked into her eyes and pulled the bow. When it came undone I slowly pulled the material through her legs drawing it through her ass crack like butt-floss. Cynthia sighed noisily, obviously performing for our friends.

I tossed the thin fabric away as Cynthia used her hand to tug and pull on my cock, moving it in wide circles against her belly. I shook my head as she turned us slightly, then raised herself up onto her toes. I let her lead, knowing she was getting off on being watched. I groaned as she raised one foot like a Flamingo, spreading her legs and sliding my hard cock between them.

We both breathed deep as her warm pussy lips enveloped me, and I pushed forward, feeling my cock slide smoothly into her wet pussy. Cynthia groaned and lowered her leg as I began to slide my cock deeper into her.

I felt an odd sensation of excitement run through me, knowing that we were being watched from not five feet away, as I began to slowly fuck my professor. As I leaned over to kiss her again, I saw her staring back at me with a lusty grin on her face.

“Fuck me, Jack…” she moaned erotically, working her hips against my cock. I smiled and bent my knees, pushing my cock as deep as it would go into her. She threw her head back theatrically and sighed as I began to saw in and out of her. I craned my neck out, laving her tits with my tongue, pausing every now and then to suck one of her hard, extended nipples into my mouth. Her tits bobbed under my face as I fucked her harder, driving my cock to the hilt on each up thrust.

Cynthia’s body began to tremble in my arms as a new orgasm coursed through her. I held her tight as I sensed her knees getting weak, holding her up as I continued to fuck her. Her groans began to echo off the tile in the pool area as her orgasm grew and her whole body began to shake. I knew she wasn’t faking this. Her eyes almost rolled back into her head, and I could feel her pussy walls contracting against my thrusting cock. I grinned and began to carry her to the edge of the pool.

Cynthia’s eyes opened as I moved to lay her down on a pool mat. I was afraid of dropping her, and withdrew my cock from her as I set her down. My hard, dripping cock sprang up from it’s velvety confinement, bobbing in front of me like a purple headed snake, and I grinned to myself when I heard a low feminine groan escape from the hedges. I grinned again as I heard Jim’s muffled response to his wife’s slip. I couldn’t make out any words, but assumed he was telling her to be quiet. After all, we were only two or three feet away from them now, lying in front of them beside the pool.

I was getting extremely excited. Both from the sight of Cynthia’s naked body laid out before me, and from the knowledge that my neighbor’s wife was obviously admiring my hard cock. I was beginning to enjoy this exhibitionism thing more and more!

I stood over Cynthia’s naked body, stroking my cock as she smiled up at me. Her hands were cupping her breasts once again fondling them, playing with them. The sight was totally erotic. In my mind I enjoyed the fact that I was entertaining two women with my cock, and I slowly stroked it up and down, turning slightly to allow Anne a clear view of the whole length. From her hiding place in the bushes, I heard another low groan from Anne and this time Cynthia heard it too. She looked up at me with a huge grin. Her hand reached up to join mine around my cock and she drew me closer until my feet were straddling her torso.

“Kneel down…” she panted, loud enough for our spies to hear. “I want to watch you do that…”

I grinned and obliged, placing a knee on either side of Cynthia’s chest as I continued to stroke my pole.

“I love to watch you jerk off….” Cynthia continued. “I loved it when you came all over my face and tits last night….” She smiled as, this time, two low groans escaped from the bushes, spurring her on.

“You’re close, aren’t you, Jack…? You’re almost ready to come again…god, I’ve never seen a man come so much…Let me jerk you off on my tits…I want to watch it again…I want to see your thick cum shoot out of your cock….Let me…please…come for me….” I took my hand away, letting my cock bob over Cytnhia’s chest before she reached out and curled her fingers around it, staring up at me as she began to stroke it.

Her words were driving me crazy. I could feel the cum boiling once again inside my balls, begging for release. Cynthia could sense it and continued her lusty litany, for my benefit, and also for our spying neighbors. She kept one hand on her tits, kneading them and squeezing them together. Her eyes lit up when she saw my eyes drop….

“Do you want to fuck my tits, Jack….you haven’t done that yet… Do you want to come between my tits…?” She grinned at my strained reaction, and brought a hand to her lips. She covered her fingers with saliva, then brought her hand back to the valley between her heaving breasts, spreading her spit around until her tits gleamed in the bright sun. Then her hand moved up to encircle my cock, drawing me closer until it rested between her mounds.

She sighed and returned her hands to her tits, squeezing them around my cock and forming a hot, wet tunnel. I groaned and pushed forward. The feeling was exquisite. I placed a hand on either side of Cynthia’s head and leaned forward, fucking my hard-on in and out of her tits. I made sure not to block the view of our spying friends as the cum began to boil once more. Cynthia groaned like a porno actress as I slid up and down her chest.

“Oh, yeah…” she moaned, “Come for me, Jack…come on my tits…cover my fucking tits…do it…!”

I couldn’t take any more. I lost all control, fucking like a rabbit into Cynthia’s tits. When she looked up at me and smiled, I went over the edge…

I pushed my cock through her tit tunnel until it was almost against her chin. “Now…” she sighed.

A huge charge of semen erupted from my cockhead and splashed wetly against Cynthia’s neck. It dripped thickly over both sides of her neck as I pulled back and began to fuck her tits. Again and again, I sprayed against her body. I groaned as the valley between her breasts and the hollow of her neck filled with thick, hot semen and I pushed my cock through it as I continued to shoot.

Cynthia was groaning and thrashing underneath me, using both hands to spread my thick cum around and all over her tits, and using her fingers to coax more cum from my balls. As I lifted my body up, she reached over and grasped me with one hand. With the other, she cupped my ass, coaxing me upwards towards her open, panting mouth.

I grinned and leaned forward, sighing as I felt her tongue wash over my cockhead, then groaning as I passed her lips, into the hot cavern of her mouth. She began to suck as I pushed on, coaxing the last of my semen from my balls. I grunted and spat a final volley of cum over her tongue.

She moaned her thanks as she swallowed my cum, then pulled against my ass once again, urging me deeper. I grinned and pushed forward, feeling my cock push against her tonsils then slide smoothly into her throat. I didn’t stop until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Then I withdrew, beginning to fuck her mouth slowly. On each thrust, I buried my cock inside her throat, then withdrew until only my cockhead lay on her lips. I continued to fuck Cynthia’s mouth this way until I felt my hard-on beginning to slip away. One reason was that it felt indescribably wonderful, and two, I wanted to show our neighbors what a talented cocksucker my Cynthia really was.

I didn’t dare another look in their direction, afraid of giving away our knowledge of their presence. Instead, I withdrew my semi-hard cock from Cynthia’s throat, sliding slowly over her tongue and lips until it dangled in front of her face. I grinned excitedly at her and she returned the expression.

“That was wonderful, Jack…” she whispered. This time her words were for me alone and I smiled.

Suddenly, she began to giggle and laugh, and her glee infected me. I collapsed on top of her, hugging her close as we chuckled. Finally, Cynthia pushed me away and stood up. She turned to face me, her body glistening wetly. She grinned and began to massage my cum into her tits and belly as she backed towards the pool. She winked and turned, then did a flawless shallow dive into the pool, not surfacing until she’d reached the other end. I dove after her, hitting the water just as her head broke the surface.

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