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Darron and I had been close friends since the start of grade eight, and were now enjoying our 19th year of life during a hot summer in our hometown. Our friendship developed out of a fight that Darron won when we first met, since then we had spent time on trips and partying during high-school. In the fall, I had decided that I would be attending university in a city about two hours outside our hometown, while Darron, and most of the other guys in our group would be staying home for university.

That seemed a far time off as I woke up at eight AM on Friday morning. I went through the usual morning routine of showering and making breakfast, catching sports highlights on the television and loving the forecast for the rest of the day’s weather. I hit the basement to work out after shooting the basketball around in the front yard. I wasn’t a jock or buff, but decided to keep in shape for personal health, and female attraction. I stood just under six feet tall and weighed 160 pounds. I was in shape, and was told I was a good looking guy and thought so myself. I started thinking about the weekend ahead and if I would be getting laid or not when I felt my phone vibrate.

“Hey Darron, whats up?” I huffed into the phone, putting it on speaker and catching my breath.
“Hey man, my dads out for the night, so lets drink here with the boys before heading out tonight, come over around six so we can play some call of duty first alright?” Darron replied.
“Sounds good, you drinking liquor or beer tonight brother?” I asked, hoping we would be drinking beer on his patio.
“Beer dumb ass were drinking on my patio, see you at six, peace” Darron laughed as he hung up.
Well, at least my night was planned, it was noon though so I had to head into work to pickup my cheque, a tradition at the company – money, and and early start to the weekend. Once I finished that and picked up a new shirt for the night I drove over to pick up Mike who was just getting off work. Mike and I had known each other since we were younger, always had each-others backs as it was with the boys in our group. He was very similar to me except a little shorter, and not in as good as shape in comparison to me. He was very attractive though, and had the cuteness factor going his way.
“Yo, were drinking at Darron’s tonight before we head out, wanna split on a two-four of beer?” I asked Mike as we got to his house.
“Okay, see you there around eight I have to babysit my cousin first. I’ll pay you then sound good?”
“Perfect, see you there bro,” I told him as we shook hands and I drove down the street and around the corner to my place.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, but since I had worked up a sweat during the day I decided to shower before going over to Darrons. I looked at my naked body in the mirror. I had been lucky to have an average length cock, with a large mushroom head. I was uncut and kept my cock and balls shaved. I loved the look of it, as my ass was also hairless. I had a bit of a bubble-butt, and had often been told that by men and women. I was always hooking up with girls and never tried anything with a guy but was attracted to both Darron and Mike in a very curious way.

I started to jerk off to the thought of getting a chance to get my hands on Darrons cock. It was known in the group that he was very well hung, and I longed to know just darıca escort how big he was. He was confident and popular, standing six foot three with size thirteen shoes. He was part Italian with dark hair and eyes, tanned skin and very filled out. It was no surprise he won that fight back in grade eight, he was strong and powerful even then. He was also a ladies man but had been dating his girlfriend for just over a year. She was short and couldn’t of weighed more than one hundred and ten pounds. I knew he gave it to her sort of hard but also was told she couldn’t handle it rough or even get his dick very deep in her mouth.

I decided not to cum though, so I would be on point tonight for the ladies. I threw my jeans on, ironed my dress shirt opting not to wear a tee-shirt underneath due to the weather and headed over to Darron’s. We hung out for a bit and gamed while shooting the shit. He mentioned he was pretty pent up and blue balled from no recent action, frustrated also that his girlfriend would not be coming out with us tonight. We started drinking beers at seven, and when Mike got over we had finished a couple each and were out on the patio having a smoke.
“Ten bucks says I can get a better girl over here tonight than Mike can, and I’ll give you two to one odds Darron,” I boldly stated as I chugged the rest of the beer in my hand.
“Deal!” Darron replied before Mike had a chance.
“Good, you can just pay the cab home for us all Mike! I had a great cheque at work today and we all know money gets the hot ones.” I joked as we finished our cigarettes and had some more beers.
Midnight rolled around as we stumbled out of the cab and into the club. We were drunk at this point and ready to push the limits with shots at the bars with fine looking girls. The night was a blur of dancing, making out and doing multiple shots at the bar. After being shutdown by a blonde with a perfect ass I hit the patio for a smoke and to link up with the boys. I found them at a table, and we decided to head out and finish any beers back at the house. I still convinced Mike to pay the cab even though we both swung-out tonight.

Mike immediately passed out as per the usual so Darron and I headed down to throw the TV on and drink. We sat on the couch and I decided that since I hadn’t seen Darron this drunk in so long I might be able to see his cock without looking gay.
“You know what dude, time to throw on a porn, and finish this night off, what site do you use?” I said as I pulled up the search bar from the PS3 controller.
“I’m not jerking off in front of you man, you’ll be too embarrassed!” Darron said as he winked at me. He really was drunk, I decided to push it and picked a 30 minute movie with two guys double-teaming some tiny white girl.
“Hey buddy she kinda looks like your girlfriend!” I laughed and said jokingly as I sat down sort of near him.
“Except she cant handle it like that! I wish I could just pound her like that but she won’t have it man.” He explained as I saw his crotch twitch.
“Well I’m beating off dude, you can stay or go.” and with that I unzipped and pulled my half hard cock out and started to play with it.
“Hah! Look at this!” Darron exclaimed as he pulled out a cock that made my jaw drop. I was thick and long, looking soft and menacing at the same time. I couldn’t resist izmit otele gelen escort as I reached out and put my hand around it. He froze as I slowly, in a trance by his perfect cock put my lips around his knob.

“What the fuck dude!” He said as he pushed me off. Then something changed in his eyes as he starred at me. He grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face to his cock.
“I always knew you wanted my cock man. You stare at it all the time, always teasing me by saying my girl cant deep-throat and take my whole cock? I’m about to teach you how to little bitch!” He said as he pushed his cock past my lips into my throat.
I was scared and turned on at the same time. I could barely handle the huge cock in my mouth as I gagged, but he held my skull firm in place as he pushed it deeper. His thick cock was covered in spit as my eyes watered and mouth drooled all over him. He kept his rhythm up now holding me by the ears and pushing deeper into my throat.
“Oh fuck good job, that’s it take it down your throat. Ohhhhh I haven’t had it this deep before keep going, you’re such a good cocksucker!” His encouragement turned me on even more as I strained to feel his balls hitting my chin.

He pulled me off his cock and hung my head over the edge of the couch upside down. I had seen this in porn and I knew he was about to shove his whole cock down my throat. I had only gotten about seventy-five percent in already so I started to flip over, fearful of having my throat destroyed. He grabbed me and spun me back over, pinning my arms to the couch with his arms he lined his juicy cockhead up with my lips and pushed it into my mouth. He was slowly getting half of it in and sliding it out for a while as I relaxed. All of a sudden he pinned both my arms with one hand and grabbed me by the hair with his other. I squirmed and tryed to pull away as he pulled my face up by the hair while squatting his huge cock down my throat. I was gagging all over it and couching. He was merciless until I felt him start to tense up. He pulled it right out of my throat and as I sat eyes closed gasping for air I anticipated a stream of cum all over me. But nothing happened. I rolled onto the floor exhausted and gasping, coughing and teary eyed. I heard him coming back.

“That was awesome man. The only thing is you are being way too resistant.” He flatly said as I felt him handcuff me. I couldn’t resist it but I knew what was coming and tried to stand up. He slapped me across the face and put his dog’s leash on me.
“Please dude, I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m sorry I just wanted to see your cock man that’s it.” I pleaded.
“Too late bitch, you put way too many thoughts into my head. You see these?” He asked holding up a sexy red thong.
“These are my girlfriends, I made her wear them for a few days straight to make them damp so I could jerk into them. Instead, I decided you can use them!” He grunted pushing the nasty tasting thong into my mouth and covering it with duct tape. He had turned them inside out and I could taste pussy, and ass and sweat. It was disgusting and intoxicating. My cock was pulsating with excitement. I had forgotten what was about to happen until I felt Darron’s huge palm push my stomach flt to the floor. I was completely immobile, handcuffed and gagged. My cock was being forced izmit merkez escort against his carpet with the pressure of him pushing me down. My eyes widened in fear as I felt him beating his huge cock slowly on my spread ass. He was toying me and I felt hornier than ever.
“Damn bitch, you have a nicer ass than my girl… no hair down here and damn that hole is tiny. My girl wont even let me touch her ass its my biggest desire. I’m sorry dude, but you are not going to enjoy this one bit, I’m going to be stretching you wider than you could imagine!” He said statistically. He was now slapping my ass hard with his free hand. My ass getting more red each time, burning and stinging. Then he was ready.

“Okay bitch, get ready…” He whispered as he pushed his thick lubed up head into my virgin asshole.
“Mffhmmmmm!” My muffled screams seemed to make his cock pulse in my ass. He stopped as he head popped in. The pain was immense and my hole was burning as he paused with his thick knob in place.
“Wow, you should see how hot your hole looks wrapped around my cock. Damn I’m going to enjoy this!”
I felt him reach up and grab the dog-leash. He pulled back and pinned my hips in place as he put ass his weight into pushing his monster cock into my tiny virgin hole. I screamed in pain as he pushed, shoved and grinded his cock into me. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I felt my body being split in half. He was only about half way in before he roughly pulled it straight back out. I almost blacked out from the feeling. My cock was dripping pre-cum into the carpet still pressed firmly down. I felt him squeeze more lube into my gaped ass and the chill made me shiver. I was fearful of the next few seconds as I bit down on the thong in my mouth, releasing a cocktail of ass, pussy juice and sweat into my mouth, filling in and nervous to swallow.

Just as I did swallow it he shoved his entire cock directly up my ass hole ass his balls slapped my cheeks. My eyes shot open and I screamed into the thong begging fro mercy. He started and unrelenting jack hammer of pulling his entire shaft out of my ass then ploughing it back in. He kept this up as my mind drifted into a euphoric hallucination. My ass being ripped open and pounded mercilessly; my hands bound behind my back unable to defend myself in any capacity; my taste buds drowned in pungent sweat, fresh ass and sweet pussy juice; I heard Darron cursing and yelling as he pounded and slapped my ass numb… I felt my cock explode and gush huge spurts of cum. Shot after shot my ass tightened around his cock causing and even more painful experience. I lay shaking and moaning incoherently as Darron pulled out of my ass with a pop, My ass twitching and gaping wide open. I felt him rip the tape from my mouth and pull out the panties. He pushed his cock into deep into my throat, the taste of my ass with his balls resting on my chin as I gagged made me cock orgasm again painful shooting one or two drops of cum. He pulled his thick cock back out, replacing it with his sweaty smelly balls. As I gargled his balls, he held my hair pushing me into his crotch tasting his sweat and sac. He jerked off as he did so.
“Oh yeah man, I’m gunna fill your sweet mouth with my cum!” He yelled as his balls popped free, he smacked me in the face hard before pushing his twitching fat cock deep into my throat as I felt the hotness fill me. He held my head in place as his load shot right into my stomach. I was starting to blackout as he pulled out and smacked me in the face again.
“Damn bro, you just wait till Mike hears how nasty you are…” Darron said as I passed out covered in sweat, drool, and cum.

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