Cumlover without Steve Ch. 01

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I haven’t written for quite some time. I will now reveal why.

I left off with Sarah and I anxiously preparing to pick Steve up from the airport the next morning. However, Steve called with, for me, devastating news. He had been offered a cannot refuse contract to remain in Paris at least two years. It was at a very large and prestigious fashion house with a very large signing bonus and fabulous compensation. He had taken it. We both cried. Sarah bawled her eyes out.

I was in a daze for quite some time, not knowing what to do with myself. But with Sarah’s help I was able to pull it together. Although Literotica was far from my mind.

Sarah came to live with me permanently and we enjoyed each other immensely doing all the things we had become accustomed to and more.

From time to time we would go to the canyon in Griffith Park naked. Since I had determined that most of these guys were straight, Sarah was able to take part. She would suck them and I would lick their asshole, then switch so I could take their load of delicious cum.

We would also visit with the family and do all kinky things we had before.

Sarah and I added another kink to our repertoire. I told her that I had drunk my piss many times when I was young and had fantasized about drinking from others. I then said I would like to drink her piss and she readily agreed that it sounded exquisite. She got a glass, filled it up and I drank it down. She asked how it was and I told her it was luscious, not as good as cum but close. She was really turned on about it and wanted to try it too. No glass for her, she took my gusher directly from my cock. Naturally I started sucking it from her pussy after that.

Now for the meat of this story (no pun intended).

Sarah has a close (slutty) friend who was going to get married and asked her to help plan a last fling bachelorette party. She told me about it and what she wanted to do.

Sarah: “You’ve never met my friend Kate. We are planning a crazy bash, as Kate would like to get a proper send off at least for her. She is just a wild thing. She wants to invite quite a few friends and acquaintances some married and some not. Kate and I are interviewing a number of strippers/dancers to liven up the action. What do ya think.”

Me: “Sounds spicy hot. Will they strip naked? And if so what do you think will happen.”

Sarah: “Kate will certainly gulp a mouthful of cock and maybe strip herself(depending on the reaction of the other gals) and get a double penetration. I would join in the fun Don’t ya just love the thought.”

Me: “Wow, I would love to be a fly on the wall and see that.”

Sarah continued speculating on what Kate thought the others would do. Kate thought that some of her friends and others, married or not, when presented with a hard cock in front of them would stroke it and possibly suck it. One or two may even get naked and take a ride.

Sarah: “Well, I think I have you covered. Instead of being a fly on the wall I asked Kate if I could bring my old fuck buddy if he could add something to the fun, possibly a special treat She thought that might work but wanted to know what the treat would be. I said I would talk to you and call her. Here’s the deal. We have zeroed in on two extremely buff black guys with kağıthane escort enormous cocks. Thinking all the time about your love of BBC I thought you would be ready to go. The kicker is you would need to give a show of your self sucking prowess. That would rock the whole party I need to call Kate and give her the answer.”

Me: “Damn my dick is hard just thinking about doing this. I have fantasized about sucking my cock and unloading down my throat in front of an audience since I was a youngster. Tell her an emphatic yes.”

Sarah called Kate and gave her my go ahead. When she told her what the treat would be she almost had an orgasm. She also thought the gals would love to see me take a BBC along with them. She said the whole thing would be an absolute hoot.

The shebang was to take place the next Saturday. My prick was at high mast and ready to explode in anticipation. Able to give a show and possibly suck one or two BBC’s and maybe savor their cum was too much. Sarah wanted me to practice and limber up so I could deep throat my meat. She helped that process in every way she could.

Finally the day of my dreams arrived (Sarah’s too) and off we went. It had been arranged to take place at a party room in Burbank. Sarah told me she had a small bed placed on the small stage with a place to hook my feet. Kate had told the ladies to be sure to arrive on time. Eighteen had RSVP’ed. We waited outside for about fifteen minutes to let everybody coming get inside and seated. They were a good looking bunch and sexily dressed. Kate came out and got the two strippers to give me an introduction. OMG! They would give Steve a run for the money. My cock got hard when I saw the huge bulges in the breakaway pants.

We then made our entrance while the studs remained outside.

Kate to the group: “This is Jack, he will give you some very special things along with the strippers during the course of the party.”

Wine and beer were flowing freely getting the girls quite loose and they clapped and cheered to my intro. Sarah sat me and her on a small love seat for three in the middle of the room. Me in the middle with Kate on the other side.

After about a half an hour of rousing talk about all kinds of things, but especially the strippers and where were they. Kate then stood up and put the music on.

Kate: “I will be right back with two of the most gorgeous hunks of manhood for your entertainment pleasure. You will not be disappointed.”

Kate returned and introduced Jermaine and Dante to an incredible din of riotous cheers, clapping and exclamations of sexual innuendo.

“Holy shit, OMG.”

“Look at the bulges.”

“Take it off.”

“Can we touch it.” and more.

They began swaying and dancing provocatively to groovy hip hop. They moved about the room stopping in front of random gals. Some were initially taken aback while others rubbed their cocks through their pants. After around 10 or fifteen minutes Dante ripped off his shirt to coos and chants to remove his pants. Shortly he was nude freeing a humongous cock at full attention.

He began making the rounds again swinging that mighty tool in each face. The second or third one took it in hand stroking it and cupping his balls. She then spit out “I can’t escort beşiktaş believe I’m doing this.” as she tried to swallow that monster. Now it was Jermaine’s turn. He was naked in a flash and proceeded to dance around the room. Meanwhile there were many calls of me next. Dante by now had had three sets of lips around his dick

I must tell the reader that I have never seen anything as wild as this. Jermaine was now getting the same action on the other side of the room. I noticed that some were frantically rubbing their pussies. Kate now ordered Dante over to us and she straight away pounced and pumped that cock in and out in a frenzy. At this Sarah pulled her sundress over her head (of course she was naked underneath) and knelt behind Dante and planted kisses and licks all over his bubble butt, before pulling his cheeks apart and planting her tongue and lips deep in his ass.

Sarah then took over working his tool in a rapid fire manner. Sarah told me afterward that she had told the guys to let her know when they were ready to unload because I was dying for a load of black cum. Sarah yelled out: “Jack suck this cock.”

Kate and several others chanted in unison: “yeah Jack suck that cock.”

Sarah handed it over and I sucked it in to the hilt with my chin on his balls and my nose on his pubes. Girl: “wow, he’s deep throated that monster.” After just a few deep throats Dante was over the edge. He yelled out with a growl that he was going to cum. Just then the first pulse of cum hit the back of my mouth. I pulled his cock back with just the head pressed against my lips so the crowd could see the result. The next shot covered my lips and chin. I sucked him back in and took the rest opening my mouth to show the girls my huge mouthful. There were many oohs and ahhs and calls for me to swallow. Sarah licked and sucked the cum off my lips and chin. I could not have been more turned on.

By this time things were getting out of hand. Two ladies were naked and wailing on each others cunts in a sixty nine. Several others were nude from the waist up and munching on Jermaine’s mighty cock. He then came and gave this gal a facial and sprayed her bare tits. She scooped some from her face and put it in her mouth while the girl next to her licked it off of her tits.

Kate was also now naked. She stepped up on the stage, all the while rubbing her clit and announced: “now for the main event. Gather around. This won’t take long and you have another two hours or so to suck those cocks or whatever else may please you. Jack front and center you are on.”

I stepped up and gave Kate a kiss and a squeeze on the ass. As my clothes flew off and my most powerful hard on popped up, Kate continued: “you will now witness what you probably never thought possible and never seen. Sarah has told me that every time she sees this she has a spontaneous orgasm. So enjoy.”

Before laying down on the bed I did some stretches which increased the catcalls. I then got to work. Now on my back I hooked my feet under the bed stead and slowly rotated my hips up and down. With each rotation my prick moved closer and closer until it was poking my neck and my balls were resting on my chin. Time to do it. I sucked one ball into my mouth to cheers and clapping. Sarah beseached me to escort maslak swallow that thing, which I then did. In order to give a good show I took it slow to keep from coming to fast. First just the cock head then let it flop out and a nibble on the balls. Then a couple of inches and a respite on the balls again. After a few of those I had it deep in my throat with my balls now draped over my nose. I began to ram it in and out to the hilt for about five minutes before feeling the urge to come. I announced to the girls that I was going to cum to a chorus of gasps. I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life spurting five or six jets of spunk. Kate, who was still on the stage, yelled, don’t swallow it all, I want some. I sat up and kissed giving a good portion of the load.

Sarah now joined us on the stage and asked Jermaine and Dante to fuck her and Kate which they hastened to do. Kate then said: “I think the time is right, before getting hitched to experience a double penetration.” Dante got on the bottom and after lubing up rammed his massive prick into Kate’s ass with Jermaine piercing her pussy.

The gasps again intensified and there were cries of “I wish it were me.”


“I’m cumming.” and others.

Kate was done in a few minutes and she says: “Who wants Jack to take Dante’s cock in the ass?” There was unanimous yes yes yes. Sarah stroked him a few time to make sure he was hard enough and applied more lube. I told Dante to lie down and I mounted his beautiful cock. I lowered myself down so it was all the way in and my ass was resting on his balls. Up and down and back forth for a little while when Kate said she didn’t want him to cum so the rest of ladies could still have a hard cock if they wanted it.

By this time I would say two thirds of them were naked. Sarah and Kate went to work on two pussies with their tongues. Jermaine was fucking one and Dante was getting the blow job of his life. A gorgeous girl came on the stage and had me lie down and she sat on my face. I gave her the best I had. My dick got hard again and she moved back and impaled herself on it. She was so hot she had multiple orgasms until I filled her cunt with another load of cum. I pulled her up to my mouth again and licked and sucked up all the cum dripping from her pussy. The rest continued fucking and sucking until time was running out on the room

They got dressed and started leaving with effusive thanks for such a wild time and the wish to do it again.

Sarah, Kate, Jermaine, Dante and me were left still naked. Sarah asked Dante and Jermaine if I could try and get another load out of them. I went to town on Jermaine when to my surprise Dante took my cock and immediately deep throated it. Just as Jermaine delivered a juicy load I let go for Dante. Then we switched with me getting a geyser from Dante and Jermaine working on my cock with no luck.

We all sat back to rest except Kate and Sarah who draped their legs over the arms of their chairs with pussies in air and roughly massaged their clits to squirting orgasms.

Both Dante and Jermaine indicated they would like to see us again for fun and not business. We all said we would like that, except Kate who mused that that might not work to well with her impending marriage

The guys dressed and I gave them both slobbering kisses to say goodbye as they left.

The three of us then got dressed and agreed that it was the best day of our lives so far.

We said goodbye to Kate and headed home for a shower and to crash.

To be continued.

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