Cum moisturizer part 1 of 2

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Cum moisturizer part 1 of 2I was running low on my cum moisturizer. I am always rubbing the cum moisturizer all over my body. I needed some emergency cum so I called a few blokes I know told them to get over here now and if they could get some of their friends over too to help the better. This time I was just wearing a really nice pair of knickers, nice satin ones tight fitting and a really cute pattern on them. There was a knock on the door so answered it and it was one of my friends with some of his friends, I invited them in and told them to go to the bedroom to which I had left some of my knickers, other panties and lingerie on the bed they could help them get even more excited. A few mins later there as another knock on the door and it was the rest of the friends I had called and they had brought over a few of their friends too. casino siteleri There must have been about 20 men in my room. We got straight down to it. I still had my knickers on and nothing else. This had got them all very excited. I had put a really good and porn film on for everyone to enjoy. I started with them in my mouth and some started playing with my boobs and pussy. After a few mins one of them had slid into me and it felt soo good I managed to get my first load of cum over my arm within a couple of mins and rubbed it all over my arm a few mins later I had the other arm covered in cum. I was costantly getting pounded in my pussy and mouth. A couple of blokes stroked themselves to cum over my legs and rubbed all that lovely cum over the legs. I had a few guys shoot their lovely hot loads over my stomach and canlı casino back and it was all rubbed over. I then sat up still with a cock inside me pounding away and me moaning. I sucked a few guys off so that in a few mins of sucking and playing with their cock and balls I made them shoot all over my boobs and all over my face and rubbing all the cum in constantly as to not waste any getting on the bedding or floor. I then surprised a couple of the guys my milking their cocks with my pussy so they shot their big loads deep inside my pussy. I also started getting a craving for drinking cum so made some of the blokes shoot into my mouth and I swallowed it all but after a few mins of enjoying a few blokes shoot into my mouth getting my mouth full and enjoying that feeling. Then the feeling as I swallow it and the feeling of kaçak casino all that cum sliding down my throat into my stomach. About an hour later I had drained them all and a few of them drained them twice. I was so much happier that my cum moisturizer was successful. I left my knickers off and put on a short floaty dress. I then went out and walked into town, still freshly covered in cum, kind of noticable to people. I had drips of cum oozing out of my pussy as I walked some dropped on the floor and I could feel some drop down onto my leg but I wasn’t bothered at all. I walked to the post office and collected my parcel which was a box containing a few bottles of cum moisturizer. I met up with a girl friend in a coffee shop and when I sat down I felt a bit more cum ooze out and got a bit on my dress and also a bit on the chair. I told her about what had been up to and the events and told her about it all up till that exact point. Part 2 will be up in a few days, maybe tomorrow/maybe at the weekend/ maybe next week, you will have to wait to find out what happens next

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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