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A cuckold dream come true…by cuckytoher

There are times in our lives when everything we’ve ever fantasized about comes true for us. My time was our last visit to our Bull’s house. My cuckoldress and I normally visit our Bull and his wife and they play and I serve. This time was a bit different. His wife decided to sit the afternoon out. I was given instructions that upon arrival my cuckoldress, whom I was to have dressed in heels, a black thong, and black push up bra was to go directly to his bedroom. While I was to wait downstairs until summoned.

As she ascended the stairs in all her beauty and glory a pang of erotic jealousy hit me and my cock twitched inside my tiny chastity device, which I had been ordered to wear along with a pair of black crotch less pantyhose. His wife greeted me and was making drinks for the three of them.

“cucky there’s a note on the table from Master.” She said.

I scurried to the table to read the note:

Rules for today:

1. Knock before entering

2. Keep your eyes down until told otherwise

3. Address me as Sir and her as Ma’am

4. Do as your told

His wife presented me with a tray with two drinks, which I was to deliver upstairs as she went and lounged on the couch perusing lingerie catalogs. She was dressed in thigh highs, red heels and a cute thong, which had the words BBC Only on it and a pretty black bra.

I climbed the stairs being ever so careful not to spill a drop of their drinks. Approaching the bedroom door I could hear my cuckoldress moaning and what I knew were deep kisses being exchanged on the other side of the door. I knocked and waited. There was a crack open in the door and I could see they weren’t on the bed, but could hear the moaning continue. Nervous to know if they had heard my knock and wondering if I should knock again, I stood there apprehensively as all cuckolds do, wanting to do the right thing. Finally I knocked.

“You can come in cucky,” my cuckoldress said.

Opening the door I was greeted to the sight every cuckold wants to see. There on the couch was my cuckoldress sitting with her long flowing red hair cascading down her shoulders and around her neck she wore a collar with the word SLUT emblazoned across it. Her bull sat next to her, her hand gently stroking his massive cock as they embraced in a sensuous tongue-twisting kiss.

Placing the tray on the table, I picked up their two Cosmopolitans and knelt before them offering their drinks to them like an altar boy offers a chalice to a priest. They didn’t take the drinks right away but rather continued in their Escort İstanbul lip locked kiss, her stroking his massive shaft up and down. Finally, they broke their kiss and took the glasses from me. I saw his hard throbbing cock with a tiny bead of pre cum on it and instinctively wanted to assist and so I bowed my head and took his cock in my mouth. He pushed me away.

“Not so fast cucky. Go sit on the bed and take pictures.” He commanded.

“Yes Sir.” I responded dutifully.

Retreating to the bed, I began to snap pictures with his iPad while simultaneously taking videos with mine. They continued kissing and drinking, him feeling up her massive 44DD breasts and her stroking his massive cock. My tiny cock twitched and rose to its full erect size of a little over three inches with pre cum oozing out at each new snap of the shutter.

Soon they moved to the bed. He placed her on her back, exposing her shaved pussy, and spread her legs and lips and began licking her. I cannot begin to express how hot it is to watch a Bull have his way with your cuckoldress. Real Alpha males know what to do, how to fuck, and what makes a woman happy. I can always tell by two things when he’s pleasing her, one is her breathing and moaning and the other, which is totally involuntary, is her toes. Yes her toes! They curl when he touches her in those placed I never can or will! Incredibly hot!

Soon he was between her legs mounting her like a stallion mounting his mare. It is so amazing to watch that big cock thrust in and out of her. Their rhythmic motions like a flesh dance that is so naturally choreographed and erotic. As a cuckold I can only watch with envy. You see, I am afflicted with the cuckold syndrome: my cock is very tiny and I cum very quickly. Therefore it is falls on the shoulders of real men to please my cuckoldress, I not only realize my shortcomings, but embrace them and am ever thankful to the Alpha males who are willing to step up to the plate to please her. And in embracing those facts I will do WHATEVER I am told to do to please her and her Bull!

As he rode her and I took pictures, I wanted to help, so I kneeling, I gently reached out and began massaging his ball sack as he pummeled her soaking wet pussy. I tried to make sure I didn’t do it too hard or too soft, but just right so as to comfort him and make him feel good. I kept sliding my finger up to feel his soaking wet shaft each time it exited her pussy hoping to add another degree of arousal for him and her.

Next he flipped her on her side, lifted her leg and slid his cock into her in a spooning position. She moaned like I’ve never İstanbul Escort Bayan heard her moan before as he gradually increased his thrusts.

“cucky get down here and lick us.” He ordered, as a king orders his serf.

“Yes Sir.” I replied.

Setting down the iPads and taking my place between their legs. As I began to lick both him and her, they rested their legs on my back. A smile crossed my face unseen to either of them as I thought how apropos it was that I was able to be of such service to lick them and make sure their legs wouldn’t get tired. As a cuckold you always need to anticipate their needs, make sure they’re comfortable, make sure their lovemaking is the best it can be! I licked with a wild abandon his cock, her pussy, and his balls, all over their nether regions.

Soon I could hear her breathing quicken coming in gasps as he jackhammered her pussy with his cock. Their bodies bounced in concert above me as I knew what was coming.

“Oh God! Oh God! I’m gonna cum!!” She screamed.

He pounded her hard and soon he screamed also.

“I’m going to cum too!”

I licked furiously trying to do my best to make sure their orgasm were the best they could be. He pumped into her like a derrick thrusting into the earth to bring about precious oil, but I knew his thrusts would bring about his precious cum. Soon they were both shaking and shivering as they came simultaneously in a shuddering dual orgasm. After they had both cum they lay coupled together, his cock inside her, her hands pulling him towards her gently. Their quickening breath abated after a time and he rolled away from her. She rolled onto her back his massive load oozing from her red swollen pussy. I stared at it.

“Hello!” She barked, bringing me back to reality.

I dove between her legs and furiously licked and sucked his hot salty cum from her pussy being ever so careful to be gentle, as I knew she was sore from being with a real man. Soon I had cleaned his entire load from her swallowing every last drop as he stood by the bed filming me. My tiny cock was oozing so much pre cum that he thought I was cumming just by licking her clean. Once my task was complete, I scampered from the bed to my knees where I began the process of cleaning their love juices from his cock with my mouth ever so gently knowing how sensitive his cock must have felt. He continued to film me cleaning his cock and then pushed me away.

We retired downstairs to join his wife. I regaled her with their afternoon romp leaving out no detail and serving them another round of drinks. My tiny cock twitched in its cage as they Anadolu Yakası Escort talked and I dangled the key to my device in my hand. Finally my cuckoldress addressed my state.

“It looks like cucky wants to cum. So I think after we go back upstairs for our second round we’ll have to find a special way to let him cum today!”

Second round? I hadn’t heard anyone speak of a second round, but I was game. Her Bull rose to his feet, taking both ladies by the hand and said over his shoulder as they headed upstairs, “cucky, bring the drinks.”

I followed drinks in hand trying not to spill a drop as they walked nonchalantly up the stairs laughing and playing with each other. Soon both women were on the bed between his thighs sucking and stroking him. His magnificent cock, which has a huge mushroom head, which my cuckoldress adores, was coming back to full mast as the result of their attention. He lay back on the bed legs splayed as if a king on his throne while they worked his shaft like two servant girls. In no time he was full erect again and ordered my cuckoldress onto all fours.

This I was informed was now her second favorite position for him to fuck her in as the spoon position was now number one! Grabbing her big hips he pushed himself into as I watched her fingers squeeze the mattress her gigantic tits swaying to and fro as he fucked her guiding her back and forth on his cock. It always excites me to see him take her on all fours, as I am unable to ever achieve this carnal position, which she loves. To see a real man satiate her in this way drives me wild with angst especially as she stares up at me knowing I can’t do it. He fucked her hard to yet another orgasm, but he didn’t cum. He then had both ladies lie on their backs and he came all over their tits as I watched in amazement. Needless to say, I bowed down and licked his cum clean from their beautiful breasts!

Next it was my turn to cum!! I was so excited and my cuckoldress suggested I too should cum on their tits. But I had a different idea in mind. As a cuckold it is always imperative that you find the most humiliating way in which to cum which signifies your submissiveness, subservience and status among your superiors. I knew that my cuckoldress finds it incredibly enjoyable when I hump her leg and cum like a little puppy, so I bent over and whispered in her ear, “can I please hump your leg and cum?”

She laughed and said to them, “cucky likes it when he gets to hump my leg and cum and that’s what he wants to do to show us all how much he appreciates us letting him cum!”

With that she motioned to me to get on the bed and hump her leg. I immediately complied while her Bull and his wife stood watching me and laughing while my cuckoldress patted the top of my head and said, “what a good puppy!” I honestly say I think I only lasted about ten strokes before I came all over her leg and cleaned it up with my tongue!!

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