Cuckolding Journey, First Glimmer

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Double Penetration

All my stories are a combination of my own experiences combined with fantasy as well as hot, on the fly, cyber chats with some of the more creative chatters of Literotica who help me get a male perspective on some of the themes I write about.

I’m a happily married woman in my 30’s with a wonderful husband. We met in a rather unconventional way, which perhaps, set the stage for our eventual, unconventional marriage. We were both attending a swingers hotel takeover event with our respective spouses at the time. ( See my story, “Husbands and Such, How I met my second husband.” for a recounting of that.)

My first husband was enthusiastically fucking his wife on a round bed in the middle of an open room where a number of other people besides the two of us were watching them. By chance we were sitting next to each other and one of us made a comment which led to the discovery that it was both our partners on the bed.

We didn’t have sex that weekend and only chatted briefly a couple of times. Over the course of the next two years we ran into each other at similar events. More often than not I’d notice him watching me having sex with others. A few times I’d noticed him leading different women into one of the private rooms available at these events but never in the public areas. It made me wonder if he had some insecurity about his cock or was just shy.

Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to find out. By this time my divorce was final and I was attending events on my own. At the opening meet and greets there were always a few familiar faces and I noticed my future husband among them. I walked up to him and said with a smile, “Hi there, I keep seeing you at these takeovers but I guess I’m not your type?”

“No, no,” he protested. “Nothing like that! You are so popular and attractive I just figured you weren’t interested in me.”

I smiled at him and said, “I’m interested enough to go with you to one of the private rooms if you like.”

His face lit up and even colored a bit as he stammered, “I…I’d like that very much!”

I grabbed his hand and led him to the nearest room, making sure to close and lock the door so no voyeurs would look in and disturb us in case he was shy. When I turned back to him I saw he was standing next to the bed still clothed. I walked up to him and said, “Would you like to undress me?”

He nodded yes, then started to unbutton my sheer silk blouse. His fingers fumbled a bit with the tiny buttons but he managed to open them all and carefully slid the material off my shoulders then carefully set the blouse aside on a bedside chair. I was wearing an unlined, lacy demi-bra that gave a slight push up and showed off my 34C cleavage nicely. I could tell he wanted to get his hands on them but I directed him to unzip and remove my skirt next. He did so then placed it next to my blouse. When he returned I let him have a full frontal look at my toned and tanned body in my matching bra and thong. He was grinning with approval as I made a slow 360 turn so he could check me out from all sides. “Do you like what you see?” I asked smiling. He nodded yes, enthusiastically. Of course, he had seen my body naked a number of times in the open rooms so it was no big surprise but up close and personal it was a different situation.

“My turn,” I said as I stepped closer to him and unbuttoned his shirt, then removed it and placed it on a different chair. I continued by removing his pants too. When I turned back I saw his tented boxers and was reassured that size would not be an issue.

I beylikdüzü anal yapan escort reached back and unhooked my bra, removed it, then tossed it over on top of my other clothing. At the risk of sounding conceited my tits are fantastic. They are round and firm with a full C-cup, medium-sized areolas and slightly upturned nipples that elongate a lot when hard. His reaction was typical of most guys that see them up close. He wanted to devour them.

Before he could do so I said, “Not yet.” I stepped in closer to him and slid onto my knees. I was dying to see his cock, so with both hands I started tugging his boxers down which pushed his dick down too. It reached that point where it sprang free and even though I was expecting it I was still caught a bit off guard. “Omg,” I exclaimed, as it just missed hitting my chin.

As I got a better look at it I added, “Oh my!” Then I looked up at him. He smiled down at me and placed a hand on the back of my head, just resting it there lightly.

“Haven’t you ever seen an uncut cock before?” he asked.

I replied, “Ummm, well, yes, I have but not up close like this.” Truth be told I had seen maybe one or two at the various swinger events but they were rather uncommon and I hadn’t given them much notice.

“Don’t be afraid of it,” he encouraged me. “Once the foreskin is pushed back it’s just like a cut cock.”

I nodded in understanding but before doing that I wanted to see his balls. So I continued lowering his shorts and removed them. With them out of the way I had a clear view since his hard cock was inclined upwards. They were a bit larger than normal which I liked. When I hefted them in my hand they had a nice, heavy feeling of fullness which I also liked.

I leaned my head in closer and kissed one ball then the other. Next my long tongue started lapping them eagerly. Licking a guy’s balls, especially for the first time, makes me very excited. I felt my wetness soaking my flimsy thong as I licked them all over. I heard moaning noises and realized some were mine but he was moaning too. I pulled back to catch my breath.

I now turned my attention to his quite fat, uncut cock. My experienced eye gauged it in at a solid 7″ with a foreskin that covered the head and only left a small opening at the tip. The shaft behind the head widened considerably as it went towards the base. I reached one hand up and encircled it, or rather tried to. The base was thicker than my small hand could fully grip so I slid it up until it could which was about midway. I looked up to see him smiling at my efforts.

“Take your time,” he said looking amused at my confusion over the combination of his very fat shaft and the foreskin enclosed head. I leaned in and kissed the tip gently then poked the tip of my tongue at the small opened til it found the head. I was rewarded by a droplet of his precum titillating my tastebuds.

Still holding his cock at mid-shaft I sat back on my heels and savored the flavor of his precum. My other hand reached down inside my thong and started rubbing my wet pussy. I looked up to see him watching me. I licked my lips and smiled then said, “I’m going to suck you dry, honey!”

On hearing that he seemed at a loss for words and simply nodded. The loopy grin on his face told me he was game so I leaned forward and proceeded to do just that. First, I pressed my lips together and pushed them against his foreskin. It moved back onto his shaft replaced by my lips on the bare head. He gave a groan as I latched beylikdüzü balıketli escort my lips over the head and started sucking it eagerly. He gave a louder groan and held my head lightly in both his hands now as my lips and tongue went to work on his cock head while my hand stroked the fat, tapered shaft.

Wetting my fingers in my pussy again I then slathered the juices all over his balls as I worked his cock relentlessly. I knew if I backed off a bit he’d last longer but having tasted his precum I was hungry for his cum.

His hands held my head but didn’t push it onto his cock. Instead he started to rock his hips thrusting his cock into my mouth. I opened wide and while normally I could handle 7″ easily his girth towards the base was too much so he adjusted his thrusts to about 2/3 his length. I looked up to see him arch his back and groan loudly. A second later his first spurt hit the back of my throat and I managed to swallow it just as the second, then third spurts, followed in quick succession. Omg, it was more than I could handle and I started gagging on it so he pulled back until just the spewing head was in my mouth. I swallowed frantically but even more was running out onto my chin and hanging off it sloppily. It seemed forever but his spurts finally subsided and I swallowed the last of his cum.

His hands released my head and I sat back on my heels again, wiping my chin with the back of my hand. “That was quite a load, mister!” I exclaimed happily as my eyes stayed riveted to the still hard but drained, uncut cock just inches from my face.

“If you can wait about 15-20 minutes I’ll have another load for you,” he said with a big grin.

But at that point I was in a fever pitch of desire and need. Jumping up from my kneeling position I grabbed his wrist and practically dragged him through the door after hurriedly unlocking it with my other hand. As luck would have it a swaggering stud with his big dick swinging was passing as I opened the door. “Hi there,” I called out in a loud but friendly voice.

He paused and turned then gave me a big grin as he took in my nearly naked body and lust-flushed face “Well hello there, little lady,” he boomed out, “what can I do for you that your boyfriend there can’t?”

“Err, he’s not my boyfriend,” I stammered, feeling a bit guilty to be throwing him under the bus, so to speak, but hey, it was a swinger’s meet, after all, wasn’t it?

“As you can see,” I rallied, “he’s a bit out of commission at the moment and…” I let the sentence trail off.

“And you can’t wait however long he needs to recover?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes, exactly right!” I replied, nodding at his quick grasp of the situation. Without further ado I let my first partner’s hand go, gave him a chaste kiss on his cheek and whispered in his ear, “That was fun in the room!”

This all happened so quickly that the poor guy was in a state of shock but it wasn’t like we were dating or anything. I turned back to the stud and saw him slowly stroking his rather impressive instrument. It was a good 3″ longer than the one that had just cum in my mouth but not nearly as thick. It was just what my wet pussy craved at the moment.

I reached out and replaced his hand with mine giving it a few strokes and liking how hard it felt. With nary a backward glance I led my new partner by the cock over to an ottoman loveseat that was the perfect height for fucking. Letting go of his cock I clambered onto it on all fours, then lowered my head onto my beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş crossed hands on the cushion. My upraised, thonged ass was facing the stud who wasted no time sliding it off my legs and dropping it to the floor. I was about to say, “Fuck me,” when he pressed the bulbous, cut head to my slit entering my wet pussy before I could utter the words. Instead it came out sounding like. Fuahhgguuummmeeuughhh!”

He kept slowly pushing it in until I felt his balls pressed up against my hooded clit. He briefly let me adjust to his big cock then practically encircled my rather small waist with his big hands. What happened next I can only describe as, “methodical fucking.” It wasn’t fast or slow or anything fancy. Just long, deep strokes that bottomed out and pressed his balls against my clit over and over. It didn’t take very long before I felt my pussy contract and start to spasm, I cried out as I came on his cock but he didn’t miss a beat. That long, hard cock kept fucking me right through my orgasm and out the other side. He gave no sign of cumming himself and I surrendered myself to his measured pace. After an undetermined amount of time I felt it building again and my pussy started clenching on his cock over and over as I came even harder than the first time. Again, he keep going and I honestly lost track of time; it felt like he’d been fucking me forever.

I wasn’t sure I had a third, big orgasm left in me but I felt his hands shift from my slender waist onto my ass cheeks which he grasped roughly then spread the wide apart. That action pushed me forward a bit, changing the angle of his cock as well as affording him a slightly deeper penetration of my already far-stretched pussy, “OMG!” I cried out as the third wave of orgasm violently coursed through my whole body.

The leather ottoman was slippery with my sweat and my arms slid off it on either side pressing my tits into the cushion. My upturned ass was still in his grip, both cheeks stretched wide apart as he gave a final deep thrust and started to cum loudly, spurting deep inside me. I don’t know how many spurts he shot but finally he stopped and kept in in me as the last of his cum dribbled out.

I think I blanked out because I felt a sudden, rather hard, smack on my ass cheek and the slow withdrawal of his long but spent cock. The gush of cum from my pussy ran down my inner thighs onto the ottoman. I stayed that way until the oozing had almost stopped.

Then I heard a voice, “Here, let me help you up,” he said, “I’m sure you’re a bit shaky after that amazing fucking!”

Thinking it was the stud, I laughed weakly, “Yes, you were amazing,” I started to say only to realize once my eyes came into focus that it was the other guy, ( my future hubby, remember him?), “Oops, sorry,” I stammered by way of apology.

“No worries,” he replied good naturedly, ” I watched the whole thing and you’re right, he was amazing but so were you.”

I was only vaguely aware about the concept of cuckolding at that time. But something about the way he seemed to take pleasure in seeing someone else pleasure me struck a cord deep inside me.

“I need to get up to my room and take a long, hot bath,” I said, suddenly feeling weak.

He put a hand on one elbow then reached behind me and held the other one too. With his help I hobbled to the elevator and punched in my floor number. When the door opened I told him the room number and he ushered me to it. We stood at my door I bit awkwardly, neither of us saying anything. Finally I said, “Thank you for your help but I really need that bath!” He nodded but looked a bit reluctant to leave. On a whim I added, “Would you like to watch?”

His face lit up with surprise like Times Square on New Year’s Eve when the ball dropped. Next it was my turn to be surprised when he scooped me up in his arms and carried across the threshold into my room. It was right then that I thought, “I’m going to marry him.”

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