cuckold to the gardener pt 2

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cuckold to the gardener pt 2I had not spoke to Lisa all day, not because i didn’t want to but because i wanted to ask her what happened earlier by the pool an didn’t know how to. I mean how do you ask your young teen girlfriend why she gave a older black gut a blow job, how many times had it happened an was it going to happen again.I was lying in bed playing it over in my head trying to convince my self it never happened and to my surprise getting horny .Lisa got into bed next to me so i turned to face her an my hard cock touched her leg “any chance of a blow job” i asked “ha no” she quickly replied.”you done it today,i seen you doing it to the gardener” I said.”To get you jealous,it mean nothing” she answered with a cheeky smile.I asked her what she meant an she told me i was taking her for granted and when she had confided with my mum about it she had told her to do something to make me jealous. by this time she was touching my cock an asked if i liked seeing her acting like a slut? i said i did but that she should be my slut to which she answered i will be your slut when you marry me .i climber on top of her and opener her legs she started to dub my cock over her tight wet pussy . i when to push my cock into her virgin hole but she stopped me ” marry me and i will have sex on our wedding night, say you will an you can cum on my pussy”she begged . i could feel my self cumming as she wanked my cock with the tip just on her pussy “marry me” i shouted out is i came on her she smiled and i went to get up but she stopped me “kiss it for me” she ordered. “but your covered in cum” i said but she was pushing my head down sayin if you loved me so i went down an started to like her flat stomach where some of my cum had landed and worker my way down to her bald pussy , my cum konya escort was mixer with her juices making it run slowly down her ass ” lick it lick it all clean , you know you like it ,”she moaned as i liked up an down her pussy an over her ass hole. after she cum i got up to wash my face thats when she told me about the rest of the conversation with my mum,about how the wedding date was already set for next week which was the same day as her 18th birthday an how they had planned it all out because she wanted to have sex for the first time on her wedding night so it would be special.she also told me that mum had asked her to model for some pics as she was trying to become a photographer an would be round in the morning to take them.Mum came over the next morning , tyrone the black gardener was already here but had not started work yet an him, mum an lisa where chatting. Mum was telling lisa to put her old school uniform on an something sexy underneath then she turned to me an asked if i would help too , i was about to say no when she interrupted” tyrone is going to model for me” so i agreed .lisa came into the room looking younger than she was as mum was telling us what sort of pics she was going to be taking . there for a website she said an they need a set where black man is dominating a young couple an showing the girl how much bigger the black cock is that a white cock . as she was talking tyrone was telling lisa how hot she was an put his arms around her and squeezed her butt then turned back to mum an said she sure is a cute one miss jenny . How did he know my mums name? i thought but mum just mover lisa to the middle of the room and took some pics of her then made her kneel down inbetween me an tyrone , she put her hear by hes pants an toucher the outline escort konya of his cock , “that it, get it out ” mum said as she continued to click away . mum told me to take my pants off, i tried to protest but tyrone told me to just do it so i did . lisa was in the middle of us holding a cock in each hand an her shirt was undone exposing her small boobs and puffy nipples, ” that’s what we need ” mum said “see how much bigger the black dick is lisa”she added. lisa nodded as she rubbed her hand over our cocks . tyrone’s cock was getting bigger about 9 inches an fat too but i was feeling a bit embarrassed about thee size of mine about 5 inches when fully hard an the problem was i wasn’t getting hard just feeling silly. especially as tyrone was saying how he would like to fuck my mum with it.”these are great pics guys” mum said an “lisa your a little star but we need to make it a bit harder”” how do you feel about putting that cock in her mouth ” mum asked “hell yer” tyrone said then mum explained that i would be the one who put the cock into lisa’s mouth she told me to kneel next to them an tack hold of the back of lisa’s head an push it towards the big cock. i looker at the big black man who was standing in front of my small blonde teen girl an he had that look again ,the one from by the pool which made me push lisa towards him , she opened her mouth an the head went into her mouth ,that’s a good boy mum said as tyrone moaner with pleasure, lisa sucked his cock slowly but quite deep , mum took another pic an said i,v got a great idea she put the camera on a tripod an came over she got behind him an started to lick his ass. the camera was clicking on auto when i felt a hand on my balls, i looked up a saw lisa’s hands both on the black cock , mum was feling my konya escort bayan balls an i was getting turned on. mum whispered “kiss his balls” an a hand grabbed my head an forced it towards his big sack , it was his hand “do what your told boy ” he ordered as he said this i felt mums hand move to my anus an she began to push a finger into my bum. tyrone’s balls where right in front of me so i nervously started to lick them . ” i fucking told you he was a faggot” he said as he jerked an cum in my girls mouth i turned to see cum dripping from her mouth an onto her tits mum stood me up her finger still in my bum ” your cumming on her now too” mum said she opened my legs an bent me over took her finger out of my ass,scooped up some cum an lubed my hole up with it then pusher two fingers deeply into me moving them about an making me cum from deep inside my ass . it lasted about 3 minuets before i came hard over lisa’s tits and before i could recover my face was pushed into her cummy boobs an i was made to lick it all up , there was lots of it and i could tell from the taste that most of it was out of the black cock, When she was all cleaned tyrone told me to leave the room as he was going to fuck my mum an lisa was to watch how the black man i walked out lisa told me she loved me an that she couldn’t wait ti loose het virginity on our wedding night. i sat in the front room a listened to him an mum for about 2 hours before they came out, we will have to do it again miss jenny tyrone shouted as he looked over to me then he gave lisa a hug an groped her bubble butt before he left. lisa an mum came over to me mum still naked an lisa in her thong an school shoes , “did you like getting your bum player with” mum asked before i answered she added because i’v got some toys in the boot of my car an i promised lisa i would show her whet their for , i looked up an lisa had cum in an opened the bag she took out something an said what are you going to show me first the plug the strapon or the enema kit

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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