Cuckold Heaven Ch. 02

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For several days after Colleen first exposed my cuckold desires she was buoyant. It was as if my confession lifted a weight from her chest, as if she could breathe again. I didn’t know then that she had been wracked by guilt over her adulterous desires, and my permission to explore those desires freed her from that enormous burden. She positively bubbled with excitement.

“Paul, you know I love you, and I’ll never regret marrying you. You have shown you care for me in so many ways. But I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for this! This is the greatest gift you have ever given me!”

I smiled sheepishly. After a diamond pendant and a Mazda Miata, how was I supposed to take it that my greatest gift was permission to fuck someone else?

She noticed my wan expression and suddenly took my face between her hands, holding my eyes steadily with her own.

“Oh, don’t look so worried. This is a gift to yourself, too. It was clear last weekend that you were more excited than you have been in months. I am going to make you just as happy as I am.”

I conceded her point. She searched my face for a few moments then took my hands.

“C’mon, baby, let’s have some fun. Go get Hercules from the nightstand and meet me in the living room.”

I hesitated for a moment. Hercules was her dildo– at seven inches long and thick as a toilet paper tube he dwarfed me. It was tough feeling inadequate next to a piece of plastic.

“Now!” she said, experimenting with her new dominance.

I hustled for the bedroom.

When I returned to the living room Colleen had already started to undress. Her workout pants and shirt (she had been at an aerobics class earlier) were in a pile next to the leather chair and, as I stared, her bra soon followed. She turned toward me clad only in blue & green striped cotton panties and white socks. I sucked in my breath. Colleen has some of the most magnificent breasts I have ever seen, porn actresses included. They are not particularly large, but so perfectly shaped they belong in a museum. They slope gently from her shoulders to beautiful pink tips, then curve back to her torso like twin doves. The scattering of freckles across her chest are hypnotic– you cannot look away.

She grinned at my admiration. “You like?” she asked. I nodded and gulped. “Do you agree that I deserve more than you can ever offer?” I nodded again.

“C’mere, baby, you have a new role in my life: you are to serve me, to provide whatever I desire.” She was smiling broadly, clearly enjoying her authority. “You haven’t been holding me back, you just don’t have the tools to help me get there. Well,” she laughed heartily, “I guess you have one in your hand!”

Colleen parted her feet and put her hands on her hips.

“Get on your knees, Paul. I want you to worship my pussy.”

I dropped to the floor between her open legs and stared upward. Her face was curtained by her auburn hair, her eyes wide and mouth slightly open as the excitement of her control over me sunk in. She was a goddess– breasts rising and falling with her breathing, her toned stomach, the cradle of her hips. But the prominent feature was that magnificent mound. Her panties were stretched tightly over the twin swells of her vulva, dark between her legs with the sweat of her recent workout. Not a hair showed– she kept herself neatly trimmed for the tiniest of bikinis. With her hands on her hips she pushed her crotch forward over my face.

I started to reach for her panties to take them down.

“No, Paul,” she said, “leave my panties on. You don’t deserve my bare pussy,” she grinned.

I put my hands back on my own thighs and lifted my face to her cotton-covered muff. The aroma was intoxicating. Her exercise had matted the fabric to every fold of her labia, and the moisture was clearly supplemented by her own sexual flow. There was nothing rancid about it– it was both fresh and fragrant. I held my nose just centimeters from ist esc her crease and inhaled deeply. I turned my head slightly and gave the insides of her thighs a short lick; first one, then the other. I moved my tongue to the juncture of her legs and her groin, where the elastic bit into her soft flesh. I licked the line it drew, from the front of her thighs to as far as my neck would permit between her legs. She squatted lower and spread her legs farther to give me more room and I made my return trip right across the panel beneath her ass. A new aroma here, not unpleasant, but definitely wilder. It was an oak forest contrasted with the French garden of her cunt.

“Yes,” she murmured, as a brief spasm shuddered through her legs. I looked up and directly into her wide eyes. She was studying me, still gauging my reaction to her domination. “Lick my dirty panties, you worthless piece of shit. Lick the sweaty crotch of my panties and make me cum!”

It is hard to describe how these words felt. My wife just called me worthless, but I’d never felt more valuable to her. I had something to give: my slavish attention to her needs, and I suddenly felt a much-loved dog. And, like a dog, I put my tongue to work expressing my love for her.

I began lapping at the tight fabric in broad strokes, dragging saliva over the wet gusset and working it into the creases formed by her swollen lips. She grunted her pleasure and began gyrating her hips like a pole dancer, grinding her crotch against my mouth and chin. My neck ached with exertion, but I pressed right back into her, thrusting my tongue against the hard nub I could feel at the apex of her slit.

Cream began to seep through the sloppy cotton and I eagerly lapped it up. The fabric loosened as it drenched and I was able to force it right into my pretty wife’s hole, fucking her almost as deeply with my tongue as I once had with my cock.

Suddenly she seized my head in her hands, curling her slender fingers in my hair as she stood up straight. She wrenched hard on my neck as she mashed my face into her crotch, oblivious to my discomfort.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Eat my nasty cunt, you little prick!” The muscles across the fronts of her thighs trembled as she began to cum, her head thrown back and her heaving breasts towering above me. I licked for all I was worth, even as she jerked my head back and forth to increase the friction across her clit. She was fucking my face, totally engrossed in her own pleasure. Suddenly she laced both hands around the back of my neck and yanked me tight against her groin, her knees suddenly flexing as she orgasmed with a wail. I could scarcely breath for the sudden flood that spilled from her cunt. I struggled to keep licking even as I felt I might blackout.

Just as suddenly she let go, tossing me free, and slumped backwards into the chair. I, too, fell backwards onto my ass. I stared at my wife, as beautiful as I had ever seen her, slouched in the chair. Her hair was matted to her brow and her body gleamed with perspiration. Her nipples were puckered into hard berries as her chest heaved with her breathing. Between her legs the sopping fabric of her panties had lost all the snug contours of her pussy and simply hung like used rag. She licked her lips as her breath returned to normal.

“You see why I could never leave you, baby? You still know how to put a smile on my face!” She grinned at me and then lowered her gaze to my lap. “Are you hard, little boy? Did that give you a boner?” She couldn’t tell through my jeans, but my stiff dink had worked its way through the fly of my briefs and was pressed tightly against my zipper. Since I am so small no bulge showed, but I was hard as a Sharpie pen (and about as big!).

“Show it to me,” she demanded. “Pull your little peter out and show me how much you liked that.”

I rose onto my knees and worked my jeans off, then tugged my tighty-whiteys down. My pricked flipped up and slapped my belly. Colleen fatih esc laughed again as I settled back onto my haunches, Little Pete standing up like an 8-penny nail.

“Oh my God, darling, look at you! You look like a little boy! If you didn’t have that bush I’d swear you hadn’t been through puberty. Hold Hercules next to your prick and lets compare them!”

I picked up the forgotten dildo and held it alongside my stiffy. It dwarfed me, both in length and in girth. She laughed uproariously at the contrast, pointing her finger at my tiny wiener while the other hand rested on her shaking bosom.

“Give me that, Paul. Let me show you what my pussy is supposed to look like with a real cock inside it.”

She took the dildo from my hand and leaned back into the chair. With one hand she pulled the soaking crotch of her panties aside and revealed her gleaming snatch, with the other she brought the thick tip of the dildo to her slick lips. She slid it up and down, wetting the head as she watched my reaction.

“Imagine this is another man’s cock, darling. Imagine that I am finally getting the fuck I deserve, and that all you can do is watch. Watch him toy with me, confident that he can give me all the pleasure I want, and that he can last all night. Watch my legs spread for him, eager to let a real man take me.”

Her words electrified me. As she slipped just the tip of the dildo in between her glistening folds I imagined another man poised to claim my beautiful wife right in front of me. I imagined his balls, heavy with sperm, prepared to flood her womb with cum. I seized my dink with my fingers and started to jerk.

“Don’t touch yourself!” she shouted. “Keep your hands away from that little thing! I know you’ll cum in two seconds so I want you to just watch. Put your hands flat on the floor in front of you and watch me get fucked.”

She was right– I almost came from just that contact. Reluctantly I let go of my dink and let it bob in my lap as my orgasm receded. I pressed my palms to the floor and leaned closer to her legs, my face now positioned between her knees. I stared, transfixed, as she began to slip the plastic prick inside.

“Oh, yes,” she began to whisper to her imaginary stud, “push that fat cock inside me! Take me, lover, I’m yours completely!”

She took the dildo in both hands now and pulled it into her sopping cunt. I watched her inner lips part and stretch as it penetrated, and watched them grasp at its slippery length as it withdrew. She moaned as she sawed the fat cock inside her, and her clit stood out like a pearl button. The sights and sounds were overwhelming: the “sluck, sluck” of wet friction as she pistoned faster made my own legs shake as my boy-cock strained for release. I imagined her lover, large and powerful, plowing into her fertile cleft as she surrendered her body to him.

“Oh, God, Paul, he’s going to make me cum! I’m going to cum on his fat cock, something you’ve never been able to make me do!”

One hand moved to her clit and stroked it in time with the plunging dildo. Her knees spread wide as she opened herself even more to her imaginary lover, and I pictured his urgency as he prepared to pump his thick cum inside my wife. Her own cream was flowing freely and puddling on he chair, and I imagined the first trickles of sperm leaking from around the union of her cunt and his cock.

With a cry she plunged the dildo all the way into her cunt and held it there diddling her clit furiously. Her legs stiffened and stomach clenched as she came, and I imagined her lover erupting inside her.

Suddenly a splash against the base of the chair made me look down and I realized I was cumming, too. Untouched, my thin cock was pulsing like a snake on an electric fence. Stream after stream of watery spunk sprayed against the foot of the chair as my body lurched in place. I kept my hands pressed flat and just stared at my spasming prick until my orgasm ataköy esc ceased and my erection slowly deflated.

Colleen pulled the dildo from her relaxing cunt with a pop and looked at the mess on the floor.

“Jesus, Paul, you have absolutely no control at all. I was going to fuck you, just for being such a good sport, but you couldn’t even watch. You’re pathetic.”

“I couldn’t help it,” I said my eyes still down, “the idea of you fucking another man in front of me got me too excited.”

“Hmm,” she replied. “Me too. I was imagining you licking me, just like you did earlier, even as another man’s cock penetrated me. The idea of you participating in my adultury made it seem comfortable, somehow, and the idea of your tongue on my clit as his cock exploded inside me was what made me cum.”

I looked up at her hopefully. Her eyes were bright and beautiful, and she was smiling down at me.

“I would do anything to make you feel that good again!” I told her.

“There is a price for getting to watch, though. Would you clean me up when we’re through?”


“Let’s see if you are ready for that. I want you to clean up the mess you made on the floor.”

I looked down at the carpet dubiously. My thin cum was already mostly soaked in, but there were small puddles of it in places, and the foot of the chair was still streaked.

“Go ahead,” she goaded, “imagine it is my lover’s sperm dripping from my cunt. If you clean it up I might let you masturbate.”

I lowered my head to the chair and licked the streaks of sperm from the smooth leather. I imagined they were trickles of their mingled fluids dribbling down her thighs. As I licked I looked up and saw her slowly massaging her pussy. She had pulled the wet fabric back into place and was pressing her whole hand against her muffin.

I continued to lick up the remains of goo from the chair, then pressed my face to the carpet and tongued the puddles wherever I found them. I couldn’t really lick them up but I could swirl my tongue in the damp spots and taste the brackish slime.

“Oh, yeah, that’s hot baby. It’s my lover’s sperm your licking up, after he pumped me full of cum!”

I licked the floor and the chair with surprising enthusiasm, and I realized I was getting hard again. I guess one of the benefits of premature ejaculation is a shorter recovery time!

“C’mere, Paul, I want to see that little dink again. I want to watch you pull it till you pop off. Get between momma’s legs and jerk it for me!”

She was still massaging her pussy through the panties as I knelt between her thighs. My prick was standing straight out as I took it between my finger and thumb. I started to wiggle it back and forth as she giggled at its diminutive size.

“Can I see your pussy again?” I asked.

“No, Paul, you can’t see my pussy, but you can cum on my panties if you want.”

She removed her hand from her lap and exposed her wet cotton crotch to me. I stared down at the stained fabric and imagined the puffy lips I knew were just inside.

“This is not your pussy anymore, Paul. I’m going to take a lover and surrender it to him. I’m going to let him fuck me anytime he wants, any way he wants, and all you can do is watch. Imagine how good it will feel for him, to slide his man-sized cock into my tight pussy. Imagine how good it will feel for me, to have a cock that stretches me and fills me up. Imagine how good it will taste for you when you gobble the sperm right out of my freshly-fucked cunt.”

I did, and that was all it took.

I grimaced and grunted as my dink spasmed between my fingers. I pointed it directly at the swollen mound in her panties and let my orgasm go. All of the pleasure was there, even if my load was largely spent. No more than 3 little spits of cum flew out, but they landed squarely on her blue & green cotton striped muff.

Colleen laughed out loud.

“You really are pathetic,” she laughed. “But I love you for it. Now,” she said, rising from the chair and peeling her slick panties off, “clean these up. It is time for me to find a lover that can make us both happy.”

I took the gooey cotton into my mouth and nodded.

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