Cuckold Confessions: Get Out!

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I was ordered to tell this story.

Because it’s all true.

This is all really my life, and it’s too late to stop.

Maddie and I host monthly sex parties in our dungeon. It’s not the type people imagine from their pornhub browser, just a spare bedroom with some custom furniture, a Saint Andrew’s cross, and Sybian, our literal fuck-machine.

Picture twenty or thirty of our closest friends, like us, in their late twenties and early thirties, drinking and playing dirty party games in Disney costumes.

Women are flashing.

A threesome starts on our couch.

And in the bedroom, another man is fucking my wife.

His dick is at least a few inches longer, but Maddie says it’s the thickness that gives her the greatest pleasure. David is the best fuck she’s ever had; it’s not even close. I’ve looked into her eyes, hard as I rub desperately against her limp hand while he touches places I’ll never reach inside her beautiful body.

I’ve never doubted who fucks her best.

I’ve seen two types of orgasm.

Sometimes, she even forgets that I am in the room.

When we first started cuckolding, she really wanted to make sure I was ok with everything. She would check in, making sure I wasn’t going to melt-down even while I begged her to tell me the truth.

She prefers fucking him.

It’s so obvious to him and all our friends, who can hear her screams on the other side of the wall. When he’s over, I exist only to facilitate each fuck. I’ve cleaned, cooked dinner, and even bought Magnum condoms so that he can have her.

I even suck him hard.

Now, when abidinpaşa escort she fucks him, Maddie will often forget about me. I don’t get to fuck her first anymore. She prefers that feeling before her lips part, that moment when she’s not sure how her pussy will manage to take it. She has to start on top, guiding him in slowly, then pausing while she makes some kind of exclamation about how big he is…

“Fuck it’s so big. Every time.”

“Where do you feel it?”

“God, everywhere. It feels like it’s up to here. Oh God, fuck. Can I cum please? Please, fuck me please. Fuck me harder. Oh God, I’m cumming.”

Only I didn’t hear what she said this time.

I’ve watched the video a hundred times. One of her girlfriends records the first few minutes. I’m forced to listen from the other room, ridiculed by a casually clothed dominatrix for ever letting this happen.

I can hear my wife moaning through the walls while I desperately rub my little dicklet against the heel of her boot.

“No wonder she doesn’t want to touch it.”

My mistress smirks.

“I sure don’t.”

I’m dressed up in pet play gear on my hands and knees. She spanks me, then surprises me with a shock to the head of my cock from her zapper.

I clench hard on the tail vibrating inside my ass, then whimper. I hesitate for a second, and stretch out my head for the second jolt.

She’ll make it worse if I flinch.

The moans only get louder. People are milling in and out of the master bedroom, some giving me a smile or a smirk. They’ve seen the pictures and videos aktepe escort in the group chat, but there’s more in this spectacle.

I’m literally having my nose rubbed in it.

“Go ask her.”

The voice is cutting.

“Go ask your wife if she wants to even see that. Or if it’s just… well we all know it’s not a big distraction.”

We can all hear my wife on the other side of the wall.

“Can I cum?

And I hear that she does.

“Please, please fuck me harder. It’s so good!”

My mistress laughs.

“Go ask if you can watch your wife get fucked by a real man.”

I look pathetic, pitiful, and deserve every cruel comment. My leather pup hood pulls at the chain around my collar as I stand and knock at the door to our bedroom.

I wait until someone opens the door and try to step in quietly.

It doesn’t work.

“What’s the tiny cocked man doing in here?”

He shouts it over her moans.

She’s riding our bull on the king sized bed I bought. Next to my wife, another woman sucks her husband. Another records the scene on her iPhone. All of us are transfixed by the sight of Maddie’s large breasts bouncing up and down with every thrusts, each motion inside her ecstasy.

She has not even looked at me.

I know from experience what comes next. It’s not like I’ve never made her orgasm. But when we have sex, she also uses a vibrator. It doesn’t bother me, lots of women need additional stimulation to climax.

But she never needs one with David.

“Can I cum? Please can I cum?”

She’s literally being fucked senseless, akyurt escort held down by her hips as he thrusts up into her pussy.

“Not until Sam leaves.”

Her eyes flutter without changing their desperate look.

“Sam, I need you to leave.

My wife doesn’t even look at me.

“Please leave now.”

I’m frozen in place.

“Sam, get out of here!”

Her eyes are shut, her entire being wrapped around his massive cock. She can barely get the command out through each labored breath. She moans, shaking underneath him.

“Fuck, I’m not going to suck your cock for a month if you don’t leave.”

It’s enough to shake me out of the room.

“Door’s closed.”

“Oh God can I cum? Fuck, I’m cumming…. Oh god don’t stop!”

Like I was never even there.

I have the video. I wish I could share what happens once I leave, when I am on my hands and knees with my ass spread open for my mistress.

Everyone knows my shame.

The sounds of her screaming shake the walls as I get fucked. The video shows her taken in three different positions. Maddie cums again and again, telling him she hasn’t been fucked this good since the last time.

When he fucked her on our anniversary.

He chokes her, slaps her, and fucks her senseless until my wife is laying on her back, the lens zoomed in on the big cock pounding her now gaping pussy.

I’ll never know exactly how he fucked her once the camera turns off, only that Maddie tells her friend enough.

“That’s all the video that my cucky gets…”

At least I’m allowed to cum in the toilet while I watch them on my phone.

Tell me what you think, and what should happen to me next. Because these confessions are all true. I am really this fucking desperate. I’m a worthless faggot, and my wife has discovered her need for real men.

I doubt she’d ever stop.

And I don’t want her to.

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