Cucked in Key West Ch. 03

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It was the morning after… Last night I’d laid wide-awake across the hall and listened while my wife Aria had sex with my boss William. I was his personal secretary, so he’d asked me to come along (and bring her) on his working vacation, but none of us had predicted quite how things would work out. I was turned on and based on what I’d heard last night I knew they were too. I was the first to wake up, so I started something for breakfast in the tiled kitchen of my boss’ luxurious Key West villa. I knew what had happened last night had turned me on, but I still felt a little awkward and uncertain in the morning light. They must have heard me in the kitchen, right as I pulled the bacon from the stove, they came out of his bedroom looking a little shy, and made a walk of shame into the kitchen, with him walking a few feet behind.

Aria sat on my lap while she ate, she was wearing one of William’s old white t-shirts that came down to her thighs, and he was in a blue bathroom with his initials embroidered on them.

“Eggs benedicts are my favorite” Aria said enthusiastically as she wolfed down the breakfast I’d made for her. She had worked up an appetite.

“Yeah, I was surprised to find fresh food in the fridge since we just got here.” I said trying to sound breezy and disarming, it was a little tense in the room, all three of us seemed nervous about what had happened last night and there hadn’t been much conversation.

“I let the caretaker Thomas know we’d be here, and he got us stocked. Thanks for cooking.” William said in his South African accent. He finished his bacon and toast, and announced he needed to make a phone call and took his coffee out onto the back veranda which faced out towards the Caribbean.

Just as the door clicked shut, Aria turned in my lap to face me urgently and put her hand to my cheek. “Are you okay baby?” she said speaking quickly. “I thought last night was so hot, but I was drunk, and acting wild, and now I’m feeling anxious as hell.”

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” I said wrapping my arm around her and feeling her cool skin beneath the fabric of William’s long t-shirt.

“I don’t have to do this,” she said urgently. “I can put a stop to it right now. I can just go to a sperm clinic, and–“

“No sweetheart… This is for the best.” I said and pulled her tight against my chest. “To be honest, last night was actually pretty fucking hot for me, and I want to hear the whole story from you.”

She paused for a while in my lap and eyed me curiously. “You dirty boy…” She said in mock reproach. Then she kissed me, long and deep, and her hand went to my crotch. “When next I get you alone, I’ll tell you everything.”

I thought about saying something like “it’s okay as long as you make me cum as much as you make him,” but it didn’t seem right to try to run the show when I honestly would rather let her take control, she was doing fine. All I said was “If you are okay with it, I’d like to be in the room next time.”

“Okay baby.” she said, then she went back to her eggs benedict.

After a few minutes William came back into the room, conspicuously putting his phone back in his pocket as he walked in and started to refill his coffee.

“So, I checked in with David…” Aria said with excitement building in her voice. William paused his coffee in mid pour and looked at us nervously. “We’re all okay, and happy with this arrangement… Very happy I might say” and she made an exaggerated grab for my dick which had grown hard in my shorts.

William visibly relaxed and sat down at the table with his coffee. He breathed a quick sigh, “Bloody hell I’m happy with this arrangement.” He said giving me a cheeky grin. “David in all honestly I didn’t ask you to come on this trip because I wanted your wife, I wanted you here because for an underemployed sociology grad, you’ve been instrumental to helping me shape our plans at work. Some of the ideas you’ve had have really helped drive me forward, and I appreciate you.” He sipped his black coffee. “But I’m more than happy to help Aria with anything she needs on this trip, but I’m honestly relieved you don’t hate me right now. I was more than a little drunk when I made this suggestion yesterday, and I was pleased when you accepted, but when I woke this morning, I feared I had been way out-of-line last night.”

I blushed furiously and tried to stammer something not-awkward to say, but Aria covered for me “David liked what he heard last night, but he wants to be in the room next time.” She gave a sly grin.

“That’s fine with me, you’re in charge of him. If you want him to watch that’s fine, or he can play too. This wouldn’t be my first threesome with one girl.” He said with a little wink.

Aria almost choked on her coffee, then cut in, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He might earn a threesome if he’s a really good boy, but with the stamina you showed last night, I’m not sure I can take two.” I blushed again even deeper, and we finished breakfast.

That day we swam out to a small catamaran that was anchored to escort bursa a buoy a couple hundred feet off the beach, William had said that he wanted to take us sailing. The boat was probably less than twenty feet long, just two narrow yellow fiberglass pontoons with a mesh trampoline floor in the middle, and a tall aluminum mast. There was not a cabin or inside area. “Come here David, let me show you how to work a Hobie Cat.” He said and helped me raise the sail, then and then how to handle the steering tiller and handle the main clip he called the cleat, which controlled how far the sail could move.

Aria sat on the trampoline in the skimpy green bikini she’d bought back in Minnesota and watched as we got things set-up. After a few minutes of instruction, we were off. Our rainbow-colored sail was full, and I controlled the ship under William’s approving eye. I hadn’t sailed before in my life, but within just a few minutes I had the hang of it. I found myself laughing aloud as the twin hulls slapped the waves throwing up ocean spray, the sea was green, and the sky was blue, just like the Beatles song.

William sat down by Aria on the trampoline, took some wine from his dry bag, and poured two wooden cups. I didn’t drink because my hands were full, one with the rope that controlled the sail, and the other with the tiller rod that held our direction. We flew along the waves for a while as they finished their wine, as I focused on the wind and the sail.

When I looked back at them, I saw my wife was pulling his swim trunks down past his muscular thighs. He was naked and tan with his back to me as she laid out on the trampoline of the cat. She caught my gaze with hers and gave me a little wink with her wild green eyes. Then she lowered her face to his lap.

I had to concentrate on keeping the sail full but not so full it could tip us, so I could only catch glances as she sucked him, long and deep. His hands were on her head.

After only a couple minutes he suddenly rose up, buck naked and tan, and tossed her to her back, her full breasts bounced against the green bikini top as she fell onto the mesh floor. His large frame of his back blocked most my view, but I could still see him pull her little green bikini to one side as he forced his cock up into her.

She gave a sharp cry that was only half lost on the wind, and then he made love to her right there in broad daylight. With both my hands still occupied keeping the boat sailing, I was rock hard, but blushed, and looked around nervously as they were so exposed. We were far out in to open blue Caribbean now, any boats I could see were close to the horizon. Aria held still as he humped her forcefully until he came. Then he stood, tan and naked and held put one hand to the mast to steady himself. A long ribbon of cum strung out from his huge cock with the wind, though he didn’t seem to notice. Then he took the wine bottle, uncorked it, and took a long drag.

Below him my wife worked to pull her bikini bottom back in place to cover her bare-naked pussy. She looked up at him hungerly, I could tell she hadn’t cum, and she still wanted more.

William walked over to me, still stark naked. This was the first time I’d seen his cock. I was an average sized guy according to what I’d read, but he was hung… Circumcised, with a big fat head still dripping. “Let me take us back towards the island,” he said to me, “we’re far enough out, don’t want some weather to come up. Go sit with your wife.” He commanded and took the ropes and handed me the wine.

I sat down with Aria as William, standing impressive and naked, turned the boat around and pointed back towards the island. My wife seemed transfixed as his wide dick bounced with every wave.

“David, please touch me.” She said through clenched teeth watching him. She was desperate, and I knew what she wanted.

I held the wine bottle with my left hand and put my right to her crotch, and slid her suit to the side with my fingers. I brushed her pussy lips for a moment and then went straight for her clit, she was ready and waiting for it. She put one hand on my thigh, ignoring the erection that showed through my blue swim trunks, and gripped the ropes with the other hand to hold us steady in the waves.

She gave me a quick kiss, but mostly kept her eyes on William as he stood tan and bare, steering the ship as his wide full dick bobbed with the swaying of the ship. She spread her thighs for me, and I circled her clit faster, I knew what she liked, and her body responded to my touch.

After we’d gone for a couple minutes, William noticed what I was doing for her, and how her eyes were locked on him. His already large dick started to lift again higher and larger. He was like a porn star.

Aria’s hand went to my wrist pushing it harder against her shaved mound, she was frantic. “Don’t stop, harder, don’t stop.” She hissed into the wind, and then I felt her finally come to orgasm. She laid back, beautiful and curvy with her eyes closed in the sun, her panties still pulled to the side leaving her wet naked pussy exposed. görükle escort I felt my cock start to soften after a few minutes, and we continued for some time until the shoreline approached.

William let the sail down as we got near the shore within view of his house, and he threw the anchor down.

We realized Aria had fallen asleep. She was groggy when I first woke her, but after a few minutes William gave us some swimming gear, and we snorkeled together and enjoyed the clear water and brightly colored fish amidst the reefs.

When we’d tired of swimming, Aria and I clung to the ropes on the underside of the catamaran in the shade of the mesh and held close to each other. William climbed naked to the deck of the boat, handed us down another bottle of wine from his dry bag, and then pulled out a spear gun. What didn’t he have in there? My girl and I swam in the shade underneath the catamaran holding to the ropes on the underside of the boat drinking wine straight from the bottle, William dove straight down with the spear gun. He was gone for what seemed like a long time, and as we hung on to the ropes that held on the boat. He surfaced a minute later with a huge and bloody fish attached to the end of a spear.

He wiped the saltwater from his eyes and gave a dashing smile as the blood from the fish pooled around us. “We’d best get back on the Cat. Sharks love red snapper.” Aria gripped my arm in fear, and we swam the edge where William and I both helped push her up by her firm ass, and she scrambled back onto the trampoline.

Later that evening after a shower and change of clothes, I was grilling the red snapper out on the deck while Will and Aria played chess at a little wicker table. He had changed into a beige linen suit, and she was wearing a jewel toned evening dress with the gold earrings I’d bought her for our last anniversary.

Aria moved her black knight to his king’s bishop six and mated him again. I could see in his face the moment when he realized how smart she was. I was proud.

Dinner’s ready I said pulling the whole fish off the grill and serving out half a fish to each. Aria had already made the sides and William had brought out some good wine.

The sun had fully set by the time we finished dinner. I did the dishes while they chatted on the deck, and he had a cigar.

When I came back William eyed me expectantly. “Well, I would suggest another game of chess, but I can clearly see that your lady is out of my league in this regard” he said in his thick accent. “What do you say we all head to the bedroom?”

Aria blushed and turned her eyes to me expectantly. I just stood up and pushed in my chair, and they followed.

Things seemed a little awkward when we got into his bedroom together. Aria sipped from her stemless wine glass, looking shy, and I was drinking beer heavily, not about to suggest the first move.

I glanced around the room from his mahogany poster bed, the soft Turkish rugs on the tile floor, the original art on the walls. “This is an interesting piece” I said pointing to one “Is that really an original?”

“I’m not sure.” Will replied. “My Uncle Caleb has collected these, he comes down here a lot more than I do as he’s retired. It does look nice though,” he said eying the oil painting with new appreciation. “My Uncle never had any children though, so the property should come to me, unless someone should capsize the Catamaran too far out to sea” we all laughed. Then we stood awkwardly in quiet for some time.

After another moment, William spoke “Well I can see we’re at a bit of an impasse, so I’m going to take charge. You…” he said looking at me. “Strip to your trousers and lay on your back with your head right here” he pointed.

I dutifully removed my clothes as they watched but left on my grey boxer briefs as laid down where he’d said with my head a bit closer to the footboard than the center. The blankets were smooth and cool beneath me.

“Now you.” He spoke. “Strip naked and sit your little pussy on your husband’s lips with your toes pointing to the end of the bed.”

Aria scrambled to remove her dress and panties, and tossed them aside carelessly, and then climbed over me and brought herself to my lips. It was like we were positioned for a sixty-nine with her on top, only I was already licking her hot wet pussy, but she was up on her forearms, ignoring the growing bulge growing in my briefs.

I licked her long and eagerly, and she responded pushing against my face. From where I lay, all I could see was her bare ass grinding, and the recessed ceiling above as I furiously took her with my tongue.

After some time, I felt the bed shift as William came to join us. He entered my field of vision, approaching her from behind with his huge dick on full display. Last night I had wanted so badly to see what they were doing, and I realized I was about to get a close-up view.

My wife grinded her clit on my ready tongue as he shuffled behind her on his knees filling the only space I could see bursa escort bayan behind her firm ass.

“Good man, he said,” keep it up. Then Aria moaned as he pushed her thighs apart with his own, and her clit dropped heavier onto my mouth. I watched point blank as he came over me and aligned his massive dick with her ready opening. He was a monster, almost twice my length, and wide as a Coke can.

She gasped and moaned, bucking off my face as he entered her doggy style from behind. His balls were pulled up tight, but were close to face, so I closed my eyes tightly and focused on licking my wife’s clit. The sensations were too intense for her, she tried to squirm forward out of my mouth’s reach, so I wrapped my arms around her thighs to hold her still. She leaned forward and I felt her lips brushing against my raging cock through the fabric of my briefs, I could tell she was screaming curses, but I couldn’t hear them well because her smooth thighs were pressed against my ears. My dick was so hard, but it was restrained harshly by my tight underwear.

William pushed into her all the way, and I stole a glimpse, and saw that he didn’t fit completely. As he began to firmly pound her, there was too much to fit all the way inside her.

As I was licking her from below, my eyes shut tight, I was silently hoping his balls wouldn’t touch my face, when suddenly she squirted. A gush of her came into my mouth, and I found that I had to swallow as fast as I could, just to be able to breath. Despite my efforts she poured down my cheeks, I choked, and blew out, my face was soaked, my eyes shut, and my penis trapped and ignored against the elastic waistband.

She squirted again and tried to get away, but I held her fast in place while William pounded her from behind.

Then it was like she snapped, screaming like mad and thrashing like a trapped animal. I had no choice but to release her, as she scrambled down my body away towards the headboard, where William caught her.

He had climbed across me and seized her by her hips, and she was bent low now with her chest crushing down on my hard cock and her face on the mattress between my legs. I was pinned down beneath them, and I struggled to wipe her cum from my eyes but then all could see was his ass repeatedly slamming her from behind as she screamed and moaned. I could hear her now that my head was free from her thighs, she was loud and urgent.

“Oh god Will!” She screamed “Oh fuck!”

And then his hips bucked, still straddling over me, I felt his thighs tighten as he filled my wife. She was overwhelmed and tried weakly to pull away with her breasts grinding against my cock, but he had her firmly and wouldn’t let her escape as he thrust his hips forward and came inside her.

William rolled off to the side and laid on his back exhausted. Aria crawled over me her naked tits pressed against my chest; her wet pussy wet against the fabric of my briefs as my dick strained under her. Her was still flushed from sex as she nuzzled my cheek. “Holy shit baby, thank you.” She whispered. “You made me cum so hard.”

Aria realized my face was still wet with her cum and grabbed a corner of the blanket to wipe me dry. “Good god, sorry babe.” She said giggling. We cuddled for a minute, and I slipped my hands around her small frame and held her close while William gathered himself.

She slipped to my side next to William and relaxed on the soft blankets while I still held her. I was still hard and horny, but the two of them were obviously exhausted from the sex and our day on the ocean. Aria had one arm around me and one arm around Will as she started breathing deeply and rhythmically. It was still early, but both seemed asleep.

I laid there on the edge of the bed and rolled to my side to take in the view of my wife, laying silently on the bedspread with her perfect naked breasts showing a slight tan line from our swim today. Her curvy ass pressed into the thin white cotton blankets, and her strong tan lover lay beyond. God I was horny.

“It’s bedtime baby.” She mumbled half asleep. “Go back to our room, and I’m going to check on you soon to make sure you’re behaving.”

I rolled reluctantly off the narrow slice of the bed I had occupied and stood above watching them. She rolled naked and snuggled up naked next to William. He took the corner of the blanket and pulled with his strong arm and slid it out from under them and half-covered their naked bodies. Both their eyes were shut.

My wife squinted an eye open and focused on me. “Good night baby… And remember, no cumming yet.” She said. “You’ll get rewarded, but only if you’re patient. Now go to bed”. I couldn’t tell if William was still awake and listening.

I let out a deep breath I didn’t realize I had been holding, and then padded reluctantly across the room to the door, crossed the hall, and jumped into my bed. I was horny and hard, but after our day on the water I was too tired to even think about breaking the rules and cumming without Aria’s permission. My arms and legs were worn from swimming as I laid out in my underwear and felt my erection softening as I drifted to sleep. I wasn’t awake to know if my wife woke up and had more sex with my boss William, but considering how tired we were, I doubted they did… At least for the night.

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