Crossroads Ch. 02

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I awake with the vague recollection of him trying to get me out of bed earlier, but needed to sleep after that amazing orgasm the night before and not from him. Everything that happened is seared into my memory and I wish he didn’t have to work today, but at least it isn’t a full day he’s putting in. My body is yearning to feel him inside of me, but I’m alone and have no way to satisfy my cravings.

I know he will do whatever I want, but have no idea how I know this to be true. Just as I know he will never cheat on me, not unless I want him to. There’s no reason that comes to mind that I would ever want that, but I do like the fact that he will. John is mine and mine alone.

I start the pot of coffee brewing and take time to think about all that happened. It wasn’t my fear that anal would be painful that lead me to the crossroads, but my fear of him cheating on me. My first had whispered all those things in my ear to get me to be with him and I believed every word. Once he had what he wanted, he was still with me and I thought the whole world was perfect.

He cheated on me several times and I never found out until it was too late. I caught the bastard in bed with another girl and wanted to kill them both. It took months before I was able to leave the house again and that’s when I met John. He was my second and it was not easy that first time with my legs spread for him.

I know John isn’t my first, they are completely different people, but there’s always been that nagging sensation that it will happen. That’s why I made the deal and a weight has been lifted from my chest. Knowing that he’s mine in every way is the most empowered I have ever felt in my life and I love it.

I put the coffee to my lips and start to take a sip, but a knock on the door interrupts my action. Setting the cup down, I move towards the door and realize I’m completely naked. My voice calls out for whoever it is to wait and I grab one of John’s robes. It isn’t tied as tightly as it should, but I’m not worried about that.

I open the door and that spiteful woman is standing there. She hates me and always has. There’s no reason for her to hate me, but she does and nothing can change that. Maybe it has something to do with my being with her twin brother.

As soon as the door parts, Sue calls out, “John, I’ve got a letter for you.”

Her blue eyes are looking right past me and I want to slap her. “He’s at work.”

It isn’t easy for me to be calm, but seeing so much of John on her face does help. There’s a part of me that wants to slam the door on her right now, but another part wants to invite her in. That’s the part that’s desperate to have John and she’s the closest I can get right now. I wonder if my newfound gift is limited to only him.

I’m going through the words they used and the reference to my touch was not limited to any one person. My finger moves to caress hers as I open the door a little wider. That hatred in her blue eyes is still there, but has softened a little.

She stammers for a moment, then says, “Guess I’ll come back later.”

I smile as my fingers continue to caress her soft flesh. “Why don’t you come in. Coffee’s ready and I won’t drink a whole pot.”

She shakes her head as if she’s trying to clear her mind and her blonde hair flows softly across her forehead. “Will he be back soon?”

I smile as her eyes soften a little more. “Shouldn’t be much longer. He had to run out to check something, but said he’d be back. No sense standing around.”

I was never all that good at lying, but I guess that’s something else that’s changed with me. Sue soft flesh feels good as my fingers continue the slow movement and I wonder what the rest of her would feel like. Except for the one from last night, I’ve never been with a woman and she really doesn’t count. I’ve never even thought about it, but that’s changing and her blue eyes soften a little more.

She smiles a little. “Are you sure he’ll be back soon?”

I open the door all the way and see her eyes glance down to my tits. “I’m sure, Sue.”

She hesitates for a moment and decides to enter. I’m staring down at her as she passes and wish her clothes were a little more revealing. Sue’s walking over to get herself a cup and I loosen the tie a little more. It may have just barely concealed my tits before, but now my nipples are peaking out a little.

I pick up my cup and stand to watch her and smile as her eyes are drawn to my hard nipples. She looks a lot like John when he focuses on that part of my body. There’s no sense of hatred coming from her, but she’s very tense and I have no problem using that to my advantage.

She sits down with her back to me and I set my cup next to hers. My fingers reach out for her still neck and Sue doesn’t pull away. Her blonde head lowers and she lets out a soft moan to show her appreciation. I press my lips to her soft cheek and she lets out a sigh as my hands move down her shirt.

There’s another sigh as I reach her small tits and I whisper, “Let’s go to bed.”

Sue nods and she’s belongs escort bayan to me every bit as her brother does. I pull my hands back and drop the robe on the floor. John won’t be home for hours and he doesn’t need to know about this. It’s odd, but it has nothing to do with wanting to be with her, but with him right now and she’s the closest I can get.

I grab her shoulders before she can reach the bed and whisper, “Stand still for me, so I can undress you.”

She breaths out heavily as she nods and I start to remove her shirt and bra. I see similar tan lines on her back as I saw on my sisters and enjoy this much more. I’m on my knees and untying her shoes as her ass is pressed close to my face and find myself wishing again that her clothes were a little tighter.

My fingers reach up as her breathing intensifies and I pull her pants down along with her panties in one quick movement. Her cheeks are tight and remind me a little of John as she steps out of the last of her clothing. I’m tempted to reach out and touch them, but know it won’t be like touching his.

I move to the bed and have my ass over the edge with my legs spread. Her blue eyes look down with hunger and there’s no sense of her disliking my full bush. My brown eyes are on her small tits, which look lovely with the lines and her dark nipples are standing out from her anticipation.

My eyes move down her petite body and settle on her tightly trimmed bush. Due to the blonde, she might as well shave it completely, which I may have her do for no other reason than I can. Sue has done everything she can to cause John to leave me and I have every right to have some fun at her expense.

I move my eyes up to her and softly say, “Get on your knees and look at into my eyes while you eat my pussy.”

She’s drooling a little as she lowers her body and I can see John’s face getting closer, just so long as I ignore the length of her hair. My fingers reach out and pull her hair back as her tongue leaves her mouth and sigh as she makes contact. John was never very good at this and she is very much like him. Despite the poor job, I start to moan as she explores between my lips. Any pleasure is better than no pleasure at all.

I’m looking at her face that she shares with John and it irks me that parts are hidden behind my bush. For the first time in my life, I’m irked by what I have. My moans are starting to increase as my hips buck a little.

Sue is spending far too much time between my lips, so I say between sighs. “Lick my clit.”

Her eyes stare into mine as her tongue moves up dutifully and I start to moan out my pleasure. It’s still not a great job, but it’s better than it was. I pull her head towards me as my head arches back and scream out the fire that consumes me.

The fire causes me to gush out and I can feel my orgasmic release on my thighs and her flesh. Her tongue starts to work harder as I scream out again and the fire is starting to burn out of control. A flood leaves my body with one last scream and I fall back in exhaustion.

She’s getting into bed and I can feel her hair on my shoulder. Some of the slickness is reaching my flesh as I continue to drip out the last and the fire has died down. My breathing steadies as I start to recover and wish it were John’s head that was pressed against me.

I caress her head as I ask her, “Why do you hate me, Sue?”

She’s a little flustered as she says, “I don’t hate you.”

I force her off of me and look down at her as I sit up. “Yes you do.”

Her face reddens as she says, “I used to hate you, but not any more.”

I smirk as I say, “Fine, Sue, why did you used to hate me?”

She starts to turn a lovely shade of purple. “Because you took him from me.”

I know exactly who she’s referring to. “I didn’t take your brother away from you. He’s still your brother.”

She shakes her head in an attempt to deny the truth I know she must tell me. “Yes, Bre, you did. We were very close until you came along and…”

I hold her eyes as I tire of waiting. “And what?

Her blue eyes cannot look away. “Started fucking him.”

I grin a little at just how uncomfortable she looks using a word like that in reference to her brother. “So what, Sue? I’m not his first.”

There’s a new shade of purple. “I know, but you’re different and we’ve grown distant ever since he met you.”

There’s something she hiding. “You don’t want things to go back to the way they were, before I started fucking John. You want something more. What is it?”

She tries to tear her away from mine as my fingers caress her cheeks and I can feel my remnant on her skin. “I want him, like you have him.”

I grin a little wider at her words and find an interesting thought has come to mind. “You want to fuck your brother?”

She nods as another shade of purple appears. “Yes, Bre, I want that very much.”

I look deeper into her eyes and say, “Fine by me.” I get out of the bed and continue, “Get your clothes back on and go back to your place. If your serious altıparmak escort bayan about wanting to fuck your brother, pack up your shit and move in with him.”

Her jaw drops as she process my words. “Do you really think it will happen?”

I let out a soft laugh as I say, “I guarantee it. Now get moving before I change my mind.”

There’s a rush of movement as she gets dressed and heads out the door. This has to have something to do with that darkened soul, since I’m really turned on by the idea of watching him fuck her. It’s going to be easy enough to convince him, since he’s already mine and won’t refuse anything that I want. This newfound control is wonderful and I look forward to testing the limits.

I walk to the kitchen and wish I would have had her make me breakfast before having her leave, but it’s all about learning from those little mistakes. As I cook a quick meal, I wonder if anyone will notice my remnant on her cheeks and chin.

I step into the shower and wonder which will be here first. Sue’s not exactly close and John’s only supposed to work half a day. I’m hoping it’s her, since I think it would be hot as hell to have her wait in his bed without a stitch of clothing on her body.

The water rushes over my bush and I wish I would have had her do something else before she left. That will just have to wait until later, since there’s other things to do first. A load of laundry needs to be done, since I want the only stains to be from them. Those stains used to bother me, but not anymore and find a lot of things no longer bother me.

All of those things that bothered me was fear. I used to fear just about everything, but managed to hide it well. This darkness is making the fear go away and I’m left with a confidence I’ve never known before. It was that fear that held me back, but it won’t hold me back any longer. I am free and excited for all those things I denied myself over the years.

The idea of watching anyone fuck their sister, let alone my boyfriend, used to sicken me. Now I’m dripping a little at the very idea of watching it happen. I don’t just want to see John fuck her; I want him to cum inside of her pussy and risk getting her pregnant.

I just finished laying out the fresh white over the bed, but have forgone the blanket, when there’s knock on the door. John’s robe loosely covers most of me as I open it and see Sue standing there with a box in her hand.

I open the door and can see she’s very nervous. “Everything OK?”

She nods and her blonde bangs cascade around her. “Just nervous. My landlord is so pissed that I broke the lease. Are you sure he won’t mind me moving in?”

I smile as I caress her cheek. “It’ll be fine. I’ll take care of everything. Why don’t you get your shit and bring it in?”

She sets the box down just inside the house and I hold the door open for her. Maybe if she hadn’t been such a bitch to me, I’d offer to help. Considering the way she’s acted, Sue’s lucky that I’m doing this much. With every box she carries, I can catch a hint of sweat and a few other things in the air, which tells me she hasn’t showered since she left.

There’s no time for that now and John will just have to deal with fucking her like this. I don’t think he’ll mind one bit, considering I’m the one that’s going to make it happen. Why am I excited about seeing his dick in her pussy? He’s my boyfriend and I should want to keep him to myself, but I don’t and have no problem sharing him with his twin sister.

She sets the last box down and I close the door behind her. “John will be home soon. Take off your clothes and lie in his bed. I want him to see your spread legs when I take him in there.”

She’s still very nervous. “Are you sure? I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

I smile and it calms her a little. “I’m sure.”

Sue leaves a trail of clothes as she makes her way to John’s bedroom. The door is left open and she won’t stay hidden for long. I can hear his keys as I open the door and hide my naked body behind it.

As I close the door I grin. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

John turns towards me and throws his arms around my body and pulls me close. “I like this kind of surprise.”

I push him back with the knowledge that he will do whatever I ask. “Not me. Your sister.”

He has a confused look on his face, which I like. “Sue, what about her?”

I grin as I reach down and feel his dick pressing hard against his pants. “She’s moving in with you.”

He let’s out a sigh as I start to strip him and doesn’t put up a fight. “I thought you hated her.”

My fingers caresses his free shaft as I use the most seductive voice I have. “Not any more. We had a long talk this morning. Turns out she wants something that I have.”

His breathing gets a little deeper. “What’s that?”

My fingers reach his balls and he lets out a sigh. “You.”

He almost pulls away from me. “I don’t understand.”

I smile as I stare into his blue eyes. “She wants to fuck you.”

He shakes nilüfer eskort his head, but his eyes don’t leave mine. “I hope you told her no.”

I grin widely as I say, “I told her you would.”

Despite his fighting, he doesn’t pull back away from my touch. He’s putting up more of a fight than she did and I wonder if that has something to do with having no desire for his sister. John’s fighting against something he believes is wrong and I like that it takes a little work to get him there.

His jaw drops a little. “You told her what?”

My fingers start to move up his hard shaft. “I told her she could fuck you.”

He’s fighting as best as he can. “You want me to cheat on you with my sister?”

My fingers reach his sensitive head. “She’s your sister, so it isn’t really cheating.”

His defenses are starting to break. “It’s still cheating and this is wrong. I can’t.”

My fingers move down slowly. “If it’s wrong, why are you still hard. It’s only cheating if I don’t know about it. Sue’s laying in your bed right now and she’s waiting for us.”

He lets out a sigh. “Us?”

I nod as I say, “Us, John. I want to watch her get on top of you and slowly fuck you. Her ass is going to be pointed right at your face, which I know you love.” He’s getting ready to come up with another reason to not do this, but I don’t let him. “Do it for me, John.”

He has finally broken as he nods. “I will. Is she really in my bed?”

I kiss him passionately to reward him and feel his hands on my back. His tongue enters, but I don’t want him to win easily. My tongue fights for dominance, which is something I have never done before, and win.

I pull away to breath. “She is and we shouldn’t keep her waiting any longer.”

I lead him to his bedroom and turn to see the look on his face. His eyes are staring at the pink between her legs and he cannot look away. I’m glad I broke him first, since he would have pulled away had I not.

I look over to her and her eyes are staring right at his hard dick. “Why don’t you get out of bed and let John lay down.”

She pulls her eyes towards mine and the desire is strong. Sue slowly gets out of bed and we both watch as John lays down with his dick very ready for this. I’m dripping a little at the anticipation of seeing him with his twin sister in the most intimate of ways. Neither has brought up a condom and that tells me just how lost they are to me.

Sue starts to get in bed with him, but I stop her. “When you get on top of him, face me. I’ll guide him inside of you and make the movements slow.”

She takes it all in as her desire increases and is once again getting into bed with him. Her lined tits face me as she straddles her legs and I get a little lower to watch. John is forced to spread his legs wide, which makes for an awkward moment, but they quickly recover. Sue’s legs are spread a little further and I can see the head of his dick drip along with her closing pussy.

My hands reach for his shaft and I’m glad she’s petite. Between the lack of fat and trimmed bush, I can see her pink clit reaching out for him and wish I could see the hole. Judging by the sound she just made, John’s hands have just reached her ass. I’m holding him steady as the tip reaches her lips and she lets out a soft moan.

His head slowly disappears into the pink and I watch as Sue continues with her slow decent. I pull my hands away and part her lips to watch. The angle isn’t great, but it will have to do. She has her brother all the way inside of her pussy and they’re both starting to moan out.

She rises as slowly as she lowered herself and I can see the slickness on his shaft. Some of her pink is pulling back with him and I want to see more. I press her back towards him and her pace doesn’t change at all. It still isn’t great, but it’s better than it was.

I love the way his shaft looks after each slow rise and love it even more as it disappears back inside. They are both starting to moan much louder and he’s very close to releasing his cum inside of her. My hands press her legs down and I time it perfectly with his upward thrust.

I can see some of the twitching and know the white is being sent deep within his sister. My dripping just became more intense and I plan on putting her tongue to use again very soon. Some of his white drips down and I love knowing where it came from.

The last of him is thrust deep inside and I hold her legs in place to allow him to soften inside of her. I don’t want any more loss than necessary, since I love the idea of her getting pregnant from his seed. A little more white drips down and I can’t wait much longer.

I let her up and lay on the bed next to him as I say, “Get off your brother and eat my pussy.”

She is slow to get up, but doesn’t stop once the movement starts. I can see her blue eyes appear between my legs and her tongue presses to my clit. His sister’s a fast learner, but her tongue still does a shitty job. I can feel John’s eyes looking at her between my legs and enjoy the sensation far more than I thought I would.

My eyes close as my back arches and I start to explode onto her face. Her tongue works my clit a little harder as I scream out from the fire that quickly engulfs me. The fire consumes me completely and I’m lost to everything, except the flames and her tongue.

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