Crossing the Line

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It all started with the radio dedication.

The DJ read: ‘Dear Dave, a few weeks ago my Son and I went on holiday to the Algarve. Unfortunately on the second day there I slipped and pulled a muscle in my leg. I was told by the doctors in their broken English I would have to have complete rest for at least three weeks.

‘Steven, my son, devoted the rest of the holiday to looking after me and keeping me company in the Hotel, only leaving to buy supplies for me and souvenirs for home. On the last full day he borrowed a wheelchair and hired a car to take me around some of the local beauty spots as we’d had to cancel all the previously booked excursions.

‘Even when we got home he made sure I was okay before he went to work each day making sure I had some lunch available and a kettle handy for a constant flow of tea and coffee. I am a lot better now you’ll be glad to know.

‘I would be grateful if you could tell the whole world how thankful I am that he is such a wonderful son and has looked after me so and tell him how much I love him, yours casino şirketleri in appreciation, Bridie.’

I forget which song was then played as Steven got up from his chair, crossed the room, put his arms around me and, with a tear in his eye, said, ‘Thankyou, Mum.’ and kissed me ever so gently on the lips.

I looked back at him, smiling, with such a mother’s love and gently kissed him back.

We kept looking at each other and took it in turns to gently and fleetingly place a kiss on the other’s lips. The kisses became longer, then deeper and, without a word being said between us, our eyes closed and we began to kiss as we had never kissed before, as lovers. I don’t know what came over me as I had never felt like this before, especially with my son.

‘I love you, Mum,’ Steven said as we finally broke the kiss.

‘I love you too, Steven,’ I replied.

Steven settled on the sofa beside me and we kissed again, his arms around me and mine round him.

We spent the rest of the evening listening to the radio, kissing and casino firmaları cuddling and only breaking as either one or the other of us needed to visit the loo or fetch a drink from the kitchen.

Eventually I needed to go to bed, I apologised to Steven and started to make my way upstairs. ‘I’ll be up in a few minutes to make sure you’ve got everything,’ he said behind me. I could hear him tidying up the tea things and making sure the house was secure for the night.

I quickly sorted myself out in the bathroom, got changed into my nightdress and got into bed. I had just begun reading some more of my book when there was a gentle tap on the door.

Steven came in carrying a glass of water. ‘There you go, Mum, is there anything else you need?’

‘I don’t think so,’ I replied.

He leaned over and we kissed again, a deep loving kiss that’s not meant to be shared between mother and son.

‘Steven,’ I said softly into his ear, ‘Come to bed with me.’ I looked pleadingly into his eyes.

‘Are you sure, Mum?’ he asked.

I güvenilir casino nodded and said, ‘Yes’

He came round the other side of the bed, sat down, hesitating for a moment before taking his shirt off followed by his trousers and socks. He hesitated another moment, then got under the covers. Meanwhile I had put my book down and lay down to wait for him.

We snuggled up close together and once more starting kissing. I could feel his erection pressing through his boxer shorts against my thigh.

‘Take the rest of your clothes off.’ I whispered.

He looked at me for a moment then sat once more on the edge of the bed. More hesitation, then looking back over his shoulder he said, ‘Are you really sure about this, Mum?’

‘More sure than I’ve ever been about anything ever before,’ I replied.

As he removed the remainder of his clothes I sat up and pulled my nightdress over my head. Fortunately I’d never had more than an A cup except through pregnancy so didn’t need to be embarrassed about saggy boobs. I just hoped he wouldn’t be put off by the wrinkles.

As we lay together once more he put his arms around me. We began kissing again. I could feel his erection properly now as we pressed together. I lifted my leg over his and let him slide in.

That night we crossed the line.

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