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cross friends trick 4I came down from my orgasm to see Jenna and Katey French kissing and licking my cum from each others faces, whilst still holding my cock in their hands.“My god, I never knew it would taste that good” said Katey. “Believe me” said Jenna,” it doesn’t always.”“You’ve done this before?” said Katey surprised, and Jenna blushed as she sheepishly looked at me, “Oh yes, and you and your girlfriends would be surprised who with” Jenna said bashfully. “Lots of those high school jocks you hang around with love cock too!” She looked at me sheepishly, and so I winked at Jenna to let her know that I was all right with it all.”You’re k**ding right?” said Katey, “They made fun of me tonight because they said I was a prude for not showing my boobs, and those same people are doing this? Bastards!”Jenna looked at me whilst Katey was having a quiet rant at her friends and mouthed “Thank you” I simply nodded. After all it was me who was getting the benefit of all of those perfected blowjobs. Katey lifted her head and looked at Jenna, “I’m sorry” she said, “I have stopped you getting off together tonight. Maybe I should go?” “NO” I almost shouted at the same time as Jenna “we would like you to stay and watch,” and with that my cock magically inflated.It may have been because they both still had hold of my cock or even just the thought that I was going to empty my balls again but I was soon at full salute. Jenna pushed my legs apart again and started to lick around my balls and Tee bar leaving Katey to watch, which she didn’t do for long. The good girl lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth again. Jenna finished up around my ass and stood up, looking down on me. “Are you ready to perform lover?” she asked and slid her panties down her lovely long smooth legs. “Ready and waiting I said, as I watched her cock come out from hiding down under her ass, and reach it’s fullness as well. Jenna tapped Katey’s head and she released my cock from her pretty mouth. Then moving onto the sofa to straddle me again Jenna positioned herself. “Can you guide it in” said Jenna to her tuzla escort sister, and Katey almost leapt around behind her and grabbed hold of the base of my cock to line things up. Jenna was still lubed from before and she now lowered herself onto my pole and slowly slid it inside of her ass. “Oh my god” said Katey again “That is so fucking hot,” and she sat down next to me on the sofa. Jenna had slid all of my cock inside of her and now sat impaled on me, her own hard cock pointed straight up at my face as I sprawled, almost lying on the edge of the sofa. Jenna started to rock back and forth and then moved to raising up and down, showing an inch or two of my cock before slamming down onto me again. She didn’t look away from my face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the movement of Katey as her fingers slid down into her own panties to touch herself and I heard the intake of breath as she obviously found her clit. Jenna started off slow and steady but as her orgasm built up she got faster and more erratic. Her breathing started to get more ragged and she started to swear quietly “Oh fuck, Oh my god, fuck.” She got more and more uncoordinated and shuddered as she tried to finish, I didn’t think she was going to make it but then Katey reached across between us and took hold of Jennas cock. She looked at Jenna who simply nodded and closed her eyes so Katey grasped Jennas cock and started wanking him as she rubbed at her own clit. Jenna got more and more animated as she got nearer her orgasm and almost growled out, “Oh fuck sis. I can’t” and then she came, a quivering shaking orgasm, shooting her cum onto my belly and losing control of her body, before collapsing forward on top of me I lay there whilst Jenna recovered and we just held each other. It had been magnificent.Jenna rose up, and kissed my cheek, “Thank you” she said, and turned to thank Katey too, only to find that she had left. Jenna raised herself up to let my still hard cock plop from her ass, and turned to me with a questioning look in her eye? Did it all really happen? As if in answer Katey returned from escort tuzla the kitchen with a flannel and a towel and knelt down to clean up my cock and the cum from my tummy. The warm water was lovely and Katey’s soft hands all over my body were the completion of a dream, well not quite, but really good none the less. Once I was clean she gently removed the Tee bar butt plug from my ass and cleaned around there too. “We were going to shower when we finished” Jenna said. “Ok, that’ll be great” said Katey,” but we haven’t finished yet” and standing there and looking directly at me she bent forward and slid her knickers down to the ground, then standing up to show me a glimpse of her golden snatch below her short skirt “If you don’t mind?” she added. Incredibly I looked at Jenna for permission and Jenna nodded and winked. “I would be honoured I said as Katey straddled me almost identically to the way that Jenna had. “You had better feel honoured” she said “You only give it away once” and she took hold of my rod and guided it to the edge of her pussy.Katey looked across to her brother. “You won’t tell mum and dad will you?” she said, and Jenna sat up to hug her “No way sis” she said and with that Katey started down onto my cock. She managed the first two inches but stopped and started to cry, “Will it hurt?” she asked. “Only for a short while” said Jenna, “Once it’s in its fantastic” and with that Katey dropped herself further down to touch her hymen. She bounced there for a couple of goes and then reached up to remove her top. Then she took my hands and put them upon her breasts, making me squeeze them and hold them tight. Closing her eyes and gripping my hands tight on her tits she bounced her ass and pushed down hard. My cock broke through and as she followed through she was impaled, her tongue sought out mine in my mouth and her body froze where she was. A few tears dripped from her eyes and she said “I’m all woman now” and following Jenna’s lead she started to rock back and forth. “That fucking hurt like hell, why did I choose such a fucking huge cock” she said, “and tuzla escort bayan as for Dreamy Denise’s idea that if you have you tit’s squeezed it takes your mind off it? Well that’s bollocks too” she said and started to lift up and slam down, as well as grinding her clit onto me. “Fuck me that feels good” she said the a****l coming out in her “is this how it feels for you Jim, sorry, Jenna” she corrected “No sadly it’s much better for you,” said Jenna “You have a clit and lots of nerves in there” and they grinned together.I could feel Katey starting to lose rhythm a bit, so I grabbed her thighs and regulated her thrusts. “Be calm Katey, don’t rush let it wash over you” I said, but I was too late, I felt her young pussy clench down hard onto my cock, as her first ever real internal orgasm hit her like a freight train, and she pissed her cum out all over the sofa. The orgasm didn’t stop her though and she continued thrusting back and forth repeating “don’t come in me, don’t come in me!” well I’m sorry but that was exactly what was going to happen, so I ended up lifting her off me and shot my load straight up in the air. Jenna came in to lick it off my tummy and shared kisses with Katey and me whilst we cooled down.We lay together like that touching and kissing, talking and planning for the rest of the night, before ending with that magic shower, where we emerged as ourselves,with no regrets. The night ended when we all went to their mum and dads bed to sleep for what little of the night was left. It had been our first night together.Jenna and I moved away as soon as we were old enough too, Those times, and smaller minds in provincial towns just keep tongues wagging. We only needed to move far enough, if you know what I mean, and yes we took the sofa, stains and all.We have been together now for 20 or more years. Jenna has lived out her life properly as herself, and has her own, beautiful 34C breasts which are as perfect as any guy could ask for.Katey is married herself, but still comes to see us occasionally for weekends of wonder! She has Three chi****n, a boy and girl with fair complexions, that look like both their mum and Auntie Jenna do, and they have a darker, heavier built brother too. Luckily Katey’s husband is darker, but Katey says she knows what’s what, whenever she looks at his cock!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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