Cross Country Bus Trip Pt. 02

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Please read Part One first, as this might not make sense without that.


As we settled back into the bus that would take us to Denver, we both found separate activities to pass the time. I noticed Kyle was taking advantage of the free wi-fi on board this and was reading a blog about amusements parks. I couldn’t contain myself.

“You’re a roller coaster enthusiast?” I asked in disbelief.

He laughed. “Yeah, it’s a hobby. When I can get time away from the kitchen, I’m road tripping to amusement parks.”

“Me too!” I responded excitedly.

“Shut up. You’re joking!”

“I’m not! If I would have stayed in Florida, a few friends and I were going to road trip up the east coast and hit all the parks this summer. That’s why I loved living in Florida. There’s tons of parks. Up here, it’s just-“

“Silverwood”, we said it in unison. Silverwood was a little amusement park in Idaho. Cute place, but nothing compared to Busch Gardens or Sea World.

Was this even possible for me to find a cock hungry sous chef who loves roller coasters and travel? It seemed so. I had met him. I had met him on a Greyhound bus of all places. I had to be dreaming.

The conversation continued about parks and roller coasters. We had ridden a lot of the same coasters in Florida. There were a lot of roller coasters around the country we both wanted to ride.

In Salina, KS we used a 30 minute stop to exchange blow jobs in the bus bathroom. All the other passengers were either sleeping or had vacated the bus. We basically would be uninterrupted for awhile. We entered the bathroom and I sat on the toilet. Kyle pulled his cock and balls out and tucked the band of his sweat paints up behind them. Even flaccid, his long thin cock was a beauty. I quickly took it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. I massaged his scrotum and corkscrewed a fist up and down his shaft until his sweet salty seed was gushing down my throat. I licked his pecker clean and kissed his balls. I had pulled my cock out and was stroking it while I was feasting on his member. That was the first time I had tasted his dick and knew it wouldn’t be the last.

He stood me up and sat in my place. He slid his tongue under my foreskin and swirled my helmet with his tongue. He opened his mouth and proceeded to take in all of my thick shaft. I held his head and fucked his mouth like a little cum slut should be face fucked. He was my little cum slut. I was his too. Before long, I was thrusting my cock as deep as it would go. I slammed my manhood deep into his mouth and he sucked every last drop of my juice out of me. I stood him up and kissed him, tasting my flavor in his mouth.

As we exited, an older lady seated near the bathroom clearly knew what we had done and wasn’t pleased. I have to admit that we weren’t silent by any means. We had just enough time for a cigarette before it was time to climb back aboard and depart. Still six and a eyüp escort half hours until we arrived in Denver.

We had hardly returned to the interstate and Kyle was asleep. Apparently, my boy hadn’t slept much last night. I suppose we did have a pretty exciting day thus far. I decided to try my hand at napping, but before I did, I made a phone call.

We both slept the evening away. When I awoke, my iPhone’s gps informed me we were about 30 minutes from Denver. Kyle was still sleeping. I decided to check Facebook and pass the time left until Denver.

As we exited the freeway and onto the city streets, I awoke him with a kiss and a gentle grab of his package. He kissed back and purred as my hand cupped his balls.

“We have eight hours in Denver.” I whispered to him as we reached our next pit stop.

“Ugh. Eight hours in a greyhound terminal is going to suck! But I’m sure we will find ways to entertain ourselves.” He said with a wink.

“I booked a hotel room. I figured we could both use a shower and I’m curious how much fun you and I can have with a real bed.”

“Yaaaaay!” he said, while stretching. “I smell awful!”. He didn’t. It was all in his mind, though after 36 hours without a shower and three ejaculations later, I wasn’t feeling very fresh either.

We were at the terminal in no time. We exited the bus with nearly eight hours before we had to be back. We jumped in a cab and headed for the Holiday Inn Express a few blocks away.

In the cab, Kyle mentioned how convenient it was that we were both well rested for our night in Denver.

Once we were in our room, we both undressed and for the first time, our completely naked bodies embraced. It was the first time, I realized how much taller than me he was. His body was magnificent. Other than his head, there wasn’t a single hair anywhere. Suddenly he pulled away.

“Let’s shower first. Then the night is all ours.”

He ran the shower and I picked up my dirty clothes and retrieved my body wash and shampoo from my luggage. I joined him in the bathroom and we stepped into the shower together.

Immediately, we recreated our embrace from a few minutes earlier. As our wet body pressed against one another. I could feel his hardening cock against my stomach. I reached between us and started stroking him. I too was hard and my cock was sticking right into his scrotum. I retracted my foreskin ad rubbed my bare cock head across his balls. He reached down and grabbed at my ass. His mouth moved down to my neck and he preceded to kiss my neck as I began fucking his thighs.

I tightened my grip around his cock and moved my attention to just the tip. I squeezed his cock head and placed his nipple in mouth. He grabbed my head and held it close to his chest. He still had one hand on my ass and was pulling me towards him as I continued to thrust my cock in between his thighs. I was still jerking him off and sucking his nipple. Then, fındıkzade escort he lifted my head and I was met with a kiss. We mixed tongues and he shot his load in between us. The slippery texture created by his cum on our stomachs sent me to climax and I released my seed in between his thighs. We made out for awhile longer before beginning to actually bathe and wash away two whole days on a bus.

We stepped out and dried off. We both dressed for bed and went down and had a cigarette. While we were smoking, we both were lost in thought.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” my lover began as he puffed is cigarette. “We’ve know each other for just thirty six hours. But I feel as though we’ve been lovers for years and friends for a lot longer”

I agreed. I felt so close to him. Of course sexually, but also emotionally. I cared for him as if he had been in my life for ages not hours. I too couldn’t believe we hadn’t known one another yesterday morning.

We headed back upto the room and nearly instinctively stripped back down to nothing. We laid next to each other in bed. He reached for the remote and we found an episode of Big Bang Theory. Of course, we both loved the show and were avid watchers. Yet another thing we had in common. We laughed and enjoyed two more episodes.

He turned to me an asked “Are you a top or a bottom?”

“I’ll bottom occasionally, but I prefer to top.” I hadn’t realized that in all of our sexual escapades, we had yet to actually penetrate one another. “You?”

“I’ve only bottomed but I’ve always wanted to try top. But my ex was a top and had no interest in bottoming”

I’d been in love with his cock since the first time I’d seen him stroking it on the bus. That was twenty four hours ago but felt like it had been months. I was more than willing to allow him to fuck my ass.

“I’m game. If you want to try it, why not now?” I proposed.

I saw his cock twitch with excitement at the very idea. Even flaccid hanging down between his legs, it was a work of art.

He jumped out of bed and ran to his bag, retrieving a small bottle of lube. When he returned, he was already semi erect. I sat on the edge of the bed and took his cock into my mouth. As if sucking this beautiful member wasn’t enough, knowing that I was preparing it to plunge deep inside of me made me hard within a minute. I spit if cock out after just a couple of minutes and laid back on the bed and got ready to get fucked.

“Go slow. You’re awfully big and I haven’t bottomed in over a year.”

“I will, daddy. I promise.”

That was the first time he had called me that. I hope it wouldn’t be the last because it sounded hot. He coated his dick in lube and rubbed a healthy amount on my entry. Soon I could feel the pressure on my anus as he guided his nearly foot long unit into me.

“Oh my god, it’s so warm,” he remarked as he continued his entry into me.

It hurt immensely escort şişli at first but soon the pleasure came back. Thankfully, he wasn’t all that thick. I had taken thicker, but none this long. Soon I was wondering why I didn’t bottom more often. Pleasurable sensations were overtaking me. I couldn’t help but moan.

With him sliding slowly deeper and deeper into me, I took hold of my cock with one hand and pulled him down on top of me with the other. Our lips met and we both scooted furthered into the bed. His enormous rod seemed to go on forever. I could nearly feel it in my stomach. Finally I felt his nuts on my ass. He was in all the way and it felt incredible. Slowly he pulled out before sliding carefully back in.

Gradually the pace quickened as we continued our love making. His length was hitting my prostate with every stroke. Then he really got things going by nearly completely removing himself and plunging back in balls deep. I expected pain but experienced nothing but euphoria. It was sensational.

“Talk dirty to me, daddy”, he demanded.

I was dumbfounded. That wasn’t my strong suit so I just said the first thing that’s came to mind.

“Are you fucking daddy’s man pussy with your big dick, baby boy?” Was that okay? Where the hell had that even come from? It must have worked as Kyle threw his head back and slammed his cock into me even harder. He was thrusting his entire length in and out of me and I pulled him close to lick the sweat that had formed on his brow. I whispered in his ear “Let me ride you.”.

He withdrew from me and lied on the bed. I straddled overtop of him and prepared to impale myself onto his cock. I held his member and lowered my weight onto it. He took hold of my cock and beat me off while I rode him to extacy. He was bucking his hips up to meet my ass as his monster penis plunged in and out of my rectum. I rode him for nearly thirty minutes before finally collapsing on top of him. Our lips locked as I caught my breath. His giant cock slipped from my hole. I climbed off of him and as if we were long time lovers he found his position behind me and mounted me doggy style. My ass was crashing against his thighs as we both worked feverishly to climax. He slapped my ass and gripped my hips slamming himself as deep as humanly possible.

“Are you gonna give your daddy a dirty creampie? Do you want to fill daddy’s butthole with your cum? Do ya?”

His grip on my hips tightened and his breathing increased. With one loud groan, my boy buried into me one final time. I could feel him squirting deep into my bowels. He lied on top of me for a few moments before removing his deflating tool from my ass and flipping me over. He took hold of my cock and guided it into his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down frantically and within 30 seconds I was feeding my boy my seed.

He crawled onto bed next to me and we held each other close. Our softening glistening dicks resting spent and exhausted with us. I could feel his load now sneaking out from between my cheeks. He fell asleep in my arms while I laid there realizing that in just over twenty four hours, I’d have to say goodbye to this man. My boy, my lover.

Part III coming soon.

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