Crooked Cops and Counterfeit Jugs Ch. 02

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Day Two

Brandi Vavoom arrived the next day at the City Police Department running a little late. Brandi was a famous B-movie actress who was about to get her big shot in Hollywood, with a co-starring role as a police officer opposite Jean Claude Van Damme. Brandi’s agent had arranged with a friend of his for Brandi to spend a couple days with the police department, researching her upcoming role.

Yesterday she had gone on the road with Sergeant Tom Robertson to learn the ins and outs of basic uniformed police work. They’d even arrested an armed robber. Today she was to learn about undercover detective work.

The buxom blonde actress jogged up the front stairs of the station, her impressive bust jiggling inside her tight fitting blouse as she rushed through the front doors. Her stomach was fluttering like mad, she hadn’t been this nervous since her very first movie audition for a small role in the movie ‘Busty Surfer Aliens’.

“Sorry I’m late!” apologized Brandi as she burst through the doors and was greeted by Tom.

“No problem,” he assured her as he ushered her towards the uniform and equipment room.

“I thought I was going undercover today?” Brandi said in surprise when she saw Tom reaching for the tape measure again.

“You are,” Tom told her, “I just need to size you up for your disguise.”

“Oh, of course,” Brandi gave Tom a big smile. As Tom crouched down to measure her legs and hips again it never crossed her mind that he already had her measurements from the day before.

“Today you’re going to be working with the vice department,” Tom told her and he ran the tape measure up the inside of her thigh. She was wearing trousers today so he didn’t get such a good grope of her crotch as he had the day before.

“What’s the vice department?” Brandi asked with a frown as Tom ran the tape measure around her hips and butt then stood up in front of her.

“They deal with drugs and prostitution, you know, like Miami vice?” Tom explained as he measured her waist and chest just below her breasts.

“Oh yeah, cool!”

“What cup size did you say your breasts were again?” Tom asked her as he casually reached up with both hands and cupped her big tits through her blouse, hefting their impressive weight.

“Forty Double D,” Brandi replied as Tom started to nonchalantly squeeze and grope her tits.

“Ah that’s right,” said Tom, giving her tits once more squeeze then turning to the clothes wrack and picking out and undercover disguise for Brandi.

He gave Brandi a very skimpy pink tank top that looked more like a 34C than a 40DD, a tiny black leather mini-skirt and a pair of extremely high-heeled shoes.

“Is this it?” Brandi asked him, looking doubtfully at the skimpy collection of clothes in her hands.


“What exactly is my cover going to be?”

“You’ll be disguised as a hooker,” Tom told her.

“Oh right,” Brandi said with a sigh of relief, now that she thought about it the costume was rather like the one she had worn in the movie ‘Vigilante Hookers 3’. She disappeared into the changing room as Tom hurried off to quickly arrange a few things with his friends for today’s adventure.

When he returned his breath was taken away at the sight of Brandi Vavoom in full prostitute attire. The skimpy pink top was several sizes too small and pushed her massive tits up and together, almost spilling them out of the garment and creating a mind-boggling cleavage that Tom ached to bury his face in. The super short mini-skirt displayed Brandi’s long legs, Tom had been so distracted with her big tits that he hadn’t noticed how good the actress’s legs were until now. Had she been a real hooker she would have made an absolute killing.

“You look perfect!” exclaimed Tom.

Brandi blushed a little, “Thanks.”

Tom led Brandi down to his car, this time an unmarked Cadillac for their undercover operation. On the way down Brandi turned the heads and raised the dicks of almost every man in the station. Tom helped Brandi into the car with a hand on her ass and then got in the other side.

He handed Brandi an earpiece as he got into the car. “Now you’re going to be working solo on this operation so make sure you’re careful,” Tom explained as he started up the engine. “If you feel you are in any danger, all you need to do is speak out loud and I’ll be able to hear you.”

“Okay,” Brandi nodded, looking a little nervous at the mention of danger.

“Don’t worry,” Tom assured her as they started on their way. “I’ll be listening the whole time and you’ll be completely safe.”

“Alright then. So what do I need to do for this?”

“Well you’ll be posing as a prostitute,” Tom told her, reaching over and patting her knee. “Our aim to arrest a few men for soliciting, catch them red handed.”

“Or red dicked,” Brandi said with a grin.

“Exactly. The signal for us to come in and arrest the men is ‘Just Push Play’. When you say those three words we’ll come and get them. Got it?”

“Just Push Play,” Brandi repeated.

“Good. antep escort Now the important thing to remember is that we can’t arrest them until they actually give you the money. It’s not a crime unless they pay you,” Tom told her carefully.

“Okay, I understand,” Brandi replied diligently.

“That’s very important,” stressed Tom. “They must physically give you the cash.”

“How much?” Brandi asked Tom.


“How much should I get from them?” Brandi said.

“Oh right, maybe twenty for a blowjob, fifty for a fuck and a hundred for anything kinky,” Tom told her, picking prices pretty much at random.


“Remember the signal is ‘Just Push Play’ and don’t forget to get the money first,” Tom instructed her one final time as he pulled the car into the side of the road.

“Are we here?” asked Brandi, looking out the windscreen of the car at the dodgy looking neighborhood Tom had taken her to.

“Yep this is it,” confirmed Tom. “Now I don’t want to blow your cover, so we’ll pretend I’m your latest customer dropping you off. I’ll get out of the car and give you some money before I send you on the way.”

“Okay,” nodded Brandi, her eyes wide. Tom could tell she was very worried.

“And relax,” said Tom as he opened the car door. “You’ll be fine.”

Brandi shot him an anxious smile as he got out and went around to her side of the undercover cop car to let her out. As she came out to stand before him he pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her waist, her body tight against his.

“Remember to act like a whore,” Tom whispered, before she could reply he planted his lips against hers, kissing her forcefully. Brandi moaned in surprise as Tom thrust his tongue into her mouth, running both hands down her back and grabbing at her firm ass through her mini-skirt.

Brandi felt the definite bulge of Tom’s erection press against her as he roughly kissed her and groped her ass. One of his hands slipped up between them to give her right tit a quick squeeze before he finally released her.

Tom took twenty bucks from his back pocket and handed it to Brandi.

“Just push play,” she said quietly.

“Very funny,” replied Tom dryly as he sent her on her way with a slap on the butt. He got back into the car and drove off, leaving Brandi to walk the streets and begin her undercover assignment.

The busty actress suddenly felt very uncomfortable as she paced back and forth on the street corner, dressed in the revealing whore’s outfit she had been given. It was one thing to have her body on display for the cameras, but out here on the sidewalk she felt totally alone and exposed. The only thing that kept her from fleeing was the fact that she knew she could call on Tom at any moment.

“Hi there baby!” a males voice suddenly cut through Brandi’s wildly racing thoughts. She turned towards the source to see a young looking man, probably in his early twenties approaching her. He was dressed in torn jeans and wore some kind of heavy metal t-shirt. He had long grubby looking hair, and carried a backpack slung over one shoulder. He was probably a college kid.

Brandi immediately fell into character. “Hi there big boy,” she said, her voice dropping into a sexy purr as she walked towards the young man, her hips swaying seductive as she almost undulated up to him.

“Fancy a date?” Brandi asked, stroking her hand across the young man’s chest.

The man grinned oafishly, staring at her chest rather than looking her in the eye. “You’re mighty fine for a hooker,” he told her, reaching up and cupping her left breast through her top. “Nice jugs,” he breathed as he gave her a squeeze.

Brandi reached up and peeled his hand away from her tit, “No sampling the merchandise till I see some cash big boy.”

“Lose the kid!” came the voice of Tom Robertson in her earpiece. Tom hadn’t expected Brandi to be propositioned so quickly.

“So how much to fuck that sweet ass of yours?” the long haired man asked her, running his hand around over her hip and around to get a feel of Brandi’s firm ass.

“What?” Brandi blurted out, she had been distracted by Tom’s voice in her ear. She’d almost replied to Tom out loud but then remembered the kid standing in front of her.

Her hopeful client circled around behind Brandi and pulled the back of her mini-skirt up, revealing her fantastic ass in her skimpy thong.

“I could suck on that all day,” the guy said, reaching out and grabbing handful of her buttocks.

“Sorry I don’t do anal,” Brandi told him, quickly pulling out of reach and tugging down her skirt. Hopefully her refusal would get rid of him.

“Shame,” he remarked regretfully. “How much for just a fuck.”

“More than you can afford,” Brandi said, scornfully striding away from him.

“Cock-tease!” he sneered, stalking away in the opposite direction, adjusting the erection she had given him inside his pants with a tug.

Brandi wasn’t left alone for long. A long convertible Cadillac pulled up to the sidewalk near Brandi, this time her new client was Detective Rick Stephens, just as Tom had intended. He stopped the car and wolf-whistled loudly.

“This one?” Brandi whispered quietly, hoping that Tom could hear her.

“Yes this one,” confirmed Tom. “Remember get the money before you give us the signal.”

“Got it,” she replied under her breath as she sauntered up to the car.

“Fancy a date?” she asked the driver as she reached the side of the car and leant against the door, giving the man behind the wheel a good look down the front of her top.

“I do indeed,” the man said, reaching out of the car and running his palm up the back of Brandi’s leg, reaching around to grab and squeeze her ass. “How much?” he asked her, his hand running up her side and reaching for her tits.

Brandi gasped as the man squeezed her right breast through her top. “Twenty for suck, fifty for fuck,” she replied. The man was now kneading her ample breast in his hand.

He mauled her tit a moment longer as he appeared to hesitate and make his decision. “Get in,” he told her.

Brandi suppressed the urge to clap her hands in delight. She hurried around to the other side of the car and jumped in beside the man.

As he pulled away from the curb he reached down into his lap and unzipped his fly. “Why don’t you get that sweet mouth of yours down here and warm me up while I find us somewhere private to go,” he suggested, pulling his hard cock out of his pants.

“Oh my,” breathed Brandi, her eyes going wide as she looked down at his crotch. She wasn’t really sure what to do, after all it was too soon to call in Tom.

“Hurry up bitch!” snapped Rick, reaching out and grabbing a handful of Brandi’s blonde hair. He yanked her head down into his lap, his hard cock prodding against the side of her face.

Left with little else to do, Brandi turned her head, her lips brushing the tip of Rick’s cock. “That’ll be twenty bucks,” she told him, trying to get the money off him so she could call in Tom.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll be getting more then just head,” Rick told her, his cock twitching against her lips. “Now start sucking!”

Brandi surrendered, her lips parting as Rick pushed down on the top of her head. She felt Rick’s hard cock slide between her lips and across her tongue, lodging in the back of her mouth.

“Oh yeah baby that’s the stuff!” he groaned, enjoying the feel of being engulfed in the warm mouth of Brandi Vavoom. His hand dropped onto the top of Brandi’s head and he pushed her mouth up and down on his cock as he drove slowly down the street.

Moaning in pleasure, Rick steered the car down an alleyway, driving behind a large dumpster so that they were out of sight from the street. As they pulled to a halt Brandi sat back up, wiping her mouth with her wrist.

“Hop in the backseat honey,” Rick told her as he climbed over to the rear of the car.

“Suck and a fuck, that’s seventy bucks,” she said, taking a seat beside him in the back and holding out her hand.

“Nice try bitch!” growled Rick. “I’ve been burned by too many whores to fall for that one. Climb aboard and earn your money first.”

Brandi felt a momentary panic as Rick pointed at his cock, still hard and glistening with her saliva from her earlier attentions. It was obvious that Rick wasn’t going to pay her up front so there was no way she could call her backup. Fucking him was the last thing she wanted to do, but if she was going to impress Tom she couldn’t think of another way around the problem.

“Hurry up!” ordered Rick, sensing her hesitation. He rolled a condom down over his cock and gave the hard length a few strokes with his hand.

Brandi made her decision and straddled Rick in the backseat of his car. She reached down between her legs, pulling aside the crotch of her g-string to expose her vagina as Rick lined himself up for entry.

“Oh yeah!” gasped Rick as the gorgeous actress lowered herself down his pole. He couldn’t believe he actually had his dick inside Brandi Vavoom!

Brandi braced her hands on Rick’s shoulders and began to ride him, his thick cock throbbing inside her hot pussy. Rick’s hands slid up to grasp Brandi’s big tits, tugged the bottom of her tank top up over the ample mounds so they were left bare for him to grope and play with.

Rick buried his face between Brandi’s tits, squeezing them together around his face with his hands on the sides of the large melons. His hips bucked up urgently off the car seat to meet the rolling of Brandi’s hips and she could sense that he wouldn’t last long.

“Oh Brandi!” Rick moaned, muffled slightly by a mouthful of her hooters.

“Fuck me!” gasped Brandi, grinding her cunt down onto his cock. He squeezed hard on her big tits and bit down on her left nipple.

“Brandi!” grunted Rick, his back arching and his cock surging within her.

Brandi? How did he know her name. Brandi felt his cock spurting and twitching inside the condom and the man let out a loud cry of pleasure.

Before Brandi had time to puzzle over how he’d known her name there was the flashing lights of a police squad car as it pulled up beside them. That was odd as well, Brandi hadn’t given the signal, shit! She hadn’t gotten the money off the man either.

“Give me the cash quick!” whispered Brandi into Rick’s ear, hoping he hadn’t noticed the police car right next to them in the alley.

Rick was still moaning in orgasm and barely heard the police car, let alone Brandi.

“Out of the car please lady,” said the gruff voice of officer Danny Pates.

Brandi climbed up off Rick, a little surprised it wasn’t Tom. She clambered out of the car, pulling her top back down over her big tits. Rick meanwhile sunk back into the car seat, basking in the pleasure of his recently spent climax.

“Turn around and assume the position,” Danny ordered Brandi, reaching to his belt for his handcuffs.

“Huh?” exclaimed Brandi in surprise, it looked as though he was talking to her. “Me?”

“No the other hooker,” Danny replied dryly. “Hands on the hood of the car right now!”

“But, I’m a cop!” protested Brandi. “I’m working with Captain Robertson.”

“There’s no such Captain in the City Police,” Danny told her honestly.

“That can’t be! I’m a cop honest!” Brandi felt a sudden sense of dread and confusion. What was going on here?

“Show me your badge then.”

“I don’t have one, I’m not a real cop I’m an actress…”

“Turn around and put your hands on the hood now!” yelled Danny, losing his patience and interrupting Brandi.

The actress had to admit it sounded a little far-fetched. She turned around and assumed the position, deciding she was best off just going along with the cop for now, and sorting things out back at the station.

Danny stepped up behind Brandi, running his hands up her long legs, left bare by the skimpy mini-skirt. She gasped as his hand stroked right up across her pussy. She hadn’t had a chance earlier to straighten her g-string and his hand now pressed right up against her bare cunt.

“Oh!” she gave a sharp intake of breath as she felt Danny slip a finger up inside her cunt, which was still sensitive from her recent fucking. “Wh..what are you doing?” she gasped as Danny’s finger probed inside her.

Danny didn’t reply, but he did pull his finger out of her, standing up behind her now and running his hands down her back. He went all the way to her ass, which he gave a pinch before his hands slid back up her front this time. Danny’s hands brushed across Brandi’s tits, giving them a quick squeeze, but nothing like Tom had done.

He then stepped back and reached for his handcuffs again.

“I don’t think you searched me properly,” Brandi told him, remembering her training.

“Excuse me?” Danny was a little taken aback at this.

“You’d be surprised at what a female suspect can hide in her brassiere,” Brandi told him, quoting Tom from her training the day before. It didn’t quite occur to her that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Not one to turn down the chance of handling a pair of world-class breasts like Brandi’s, Danny shrugged and stepped back up behind her. He reached around her and immediately slipped his hands up underneath her top, closing them over her ample bare breasts. The cop gave a small moan as he started to squeeze and knead Brandi’s big tits, the huge melons more than filling his palms as he gave her a very thorough groping.

Danny leant in against her, the bulge of his crotch pressing against her firm ass as he pinched and tugged on her nipples before once again closing his hands over the expanse of her big round tits and mauling them roughly.

“You’re clean,” he said at last, stepping back from the voluptuous actress. He then slapped the handcuffs onto her wrists and led her to the back of his squad car.

“Aren’t you going to arrest him as well?” Brandi asked, nodding her head in Rick’s direction.

“Just get in the car,” Danny told her, ignoring her protest. He helped her into the car by putting his hand up under her skirt and onto her ass, pushing her into the backseat.

Danny climbed in the front and started to head for the police station.

“Just call Captain Tom Robertson, he’ll straighten this all up,” Brandi told the officer, struggling a little to get comfortable in the seat with her hands cuffed behind her back.

“Yeah sure honey,” dismissed Danny.

“It’s true. My name’s Brandi Vavoom. I’m an actress!” she insisted.

“Right, and you’re only hooking until you land a big part.”

“No!” she objected, “You don’t understand.”

“I understand just fine,” Danny assured her. “Now why don’t you just sit there and shut up and make both our lives easier.”

Brandi slumped back in the seat in defeat, biting her lower lip as her mind raced. How had she gotten herself into all this. And was a part in a Van Damme movie really worth all this hassle.

When they reached the station Danny helped her out of the car and dragged her into the booking room. It was the same station where Tom had been so she couldn’t understand why the officer didn’t recognize his name.

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