Cries of Love

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Here’s another short about Tui and Kaleb. Hope you enjoy it! ~Tae!


The cries of love

Looking at him from above was the most interesting thing I did most days. He was interesting, a creature that I wasn’t familiar with, but I wanted to learn. Strong, brave and sexy were words that came to my mind when I first saw him. Golden body with rippling muscles and long shaggy brown hair. His body dusted with dark fur and his eyes the deepest green Mother Earth could give him. He was the image of beauty.

I found him while I was looking after my pretties in the sky. As the God of flying animals I had the responsibility to make sure they were all safe and well fed. I saw him walking through the Grand Forest with his Pack. They were talking rather loudly and scaring my pretties away, so I investigated. That little adventure left me on the forest floor, well fucked and on top of the Lycan chief, Kaleb.

Kaleb. After that, we went our separate ways, sadly enough. He went on and moved to a city, far away for the forests. Each day it was getting harder and harder to find him. The city stunk and there weren’t enough trees to hold my pretties. My fellow gods noticed I was sad, and they asked me what was wrong. I simply told them I was fine. Ari, my friend–and god of the land animals–told me some interesting news.

“My friend, have you noticed anything odd in the forest?” He asked as he helped me into my formal clothing. We were going to dinner with Mother Earth and both of us were nervous, wearing our finest clothes. I had my long blond hair tied up and held up with decorative hair pins that dangled around my face.

“Odd?” I asked, my voice naturally soft. I have been told by many of the Gods and Goddesses that I very pretty and had the voice to match. Many of the Goddesses jealous of me tend to ignore me or try to try to destory my self esteem.

“Yes, such as animals missing or leaving?” Ari suggested, pulling his large over coat on. The blue of the coat contrasted with his yellow eyes, making him look more menacing then he really was. But at the same time, the blue matched his sand colored hair, making him look beautiful.

“Yes, just a little while ago a group of Lycan were leaving the Grand Forest. Why,” I asked, putting his long hair up in a bun with a single gold hair pin.

“Ah,” he said, turning his head to look at me, “so you did notice.” I looked at him, my eyes lined with kohl wide. “Don’t look so surprised, Friend. I only gave them the suggestion. They’ll be back before you get too lonely. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

“…Notice what?” Ari was acting strange and it started to freak me out.

“That you mated with one of my lovelies. Chief Kaleb, I believe he goes by.” My pale face turned pink and I looked away, any where but where my friend was sitting. “Do not worry, Tui. I don’t scorn you, or blame you. Mother Earth made him exceptionally beautiful. Is he the reason why you are so sad as of late?” His long fingers took hold of my face and made me look him in the eyes.

“…Yes.” I said, ashamed of my wants. “I miss him.” Ari held me close to his body and patted my hair.

“I will show you to him,” he said, “but only after this dinner with Mother Earth.”


Mother Earth was nice as usual, but she kept giving me knowing looks. It was to be expected, I could hide things from my fellow immortals, but not my Mother. Thankfully she said nothing about my adventure with Kaleb and went on with the dinner.

After dinner though Ari pulled me away and shoved me to his room. As Gods we all lived in the same place, a castle in the world between the Earth and the Other World. Because each God is different in his or her own Ankara bayan escort way, each room his personalized to match them. Ari’s was lush and green, warm stone flooring with many green plants to start his own mini forest. In the middle of this room was a small pond. Water, because it’s so flowing and malleable, was used to see Earth from our home.

Ari walked to his pond and started for his search. “Take a seat,” he said, “this could take a while. He has hidden himself well in the city.” I took one of the plush silk floor cushions and sat, looking at the flowers blooming in his room.

“Aha! There you are, my lovely,” Ari said after a few minutes of searching. “His pack is hiding in a hotel. Here,” he gave me the coordinates, “be safe, Tui. If you don’t feel comfort then what you are doing is wrong.”

“I know,” I smiled, looking at Kaleb though the water. He was sleeping on a plush bed, his hair covering his face. “I’ll be safe I promise.”


Earth was a favorite of mine, one place I really enjoyed visiting. But I found out fast that I did not like cities. They were disgusting and the smog made it hard for me to breath. The acid in the air hurt my eyes and I found it hard to walk because I got dizzy. I also got lost and had to ask for directions often. But, after an hour or so of looking, I found the hotel that Kaleb was staying at.

I walked up to the front desk and got odd looks from the clerks. It could have been my clothes, I was wearing what Ari had given me before I left. He said it was what he wore when he went down to the city. I had my hair laying flat on my shoulders, a pair of large sunglasses on my head, black jeans (which made the city hotter) and a white tank top and a leather jacket (how humans and Ari wore these I wasn’t sure).

“Can I help you?” A woman asked, her friend slapped her arm and giggled. I didn’t understand the context of the action, but the girl who talked to me blushed.

“Yes, I’m looking for a man named Kaleb. He is in room 223,” I said, “could you bring me to him?”

“O-Of cour–” She was then cut off by a gruff man who looked like he wanted to tear me apart.

“Is he expecting you?” He asked, his voice low and almost a growled.

“I believe so,” I blushed. As far as I knew Kaleb wasn’t and I was nervous because what if he didn’t remember me? What if he never wanted to see me again? What was I going to do?


“Tui,” I said, looking at the less frightening people and smiling. One woman got up and left a man with her. The gruff man took a phone into his hand and dialed. On the other side I could just barely hear what was being said.


“This is front desk. We have some one who says you’re expecting them, his name is ‘Tui’. Should we—“

Tui? He’s here? Bring him up! No, wait, I’ll come get him. Tell him to stay right there. Then he hung up.

“He said to stay here.”

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“How old are you?” The man asked, looking me up and down.

“I’m 24,” I lied, again. I was older then human time itself, but there was no reason for him to know that.

“You look like a damn kid. Show me your I.D–“

“Little Bird,” I heard, turning my head I looked in his direction. He was magnificent, his hair had grown out a little, just falling past his shoulders. His eyes were so bright and happy when he saw me. It gave me hope. “Don’t just stand there,” he growled. I jumped and ran over to him, my arms wrapping around his neck as he pulled me into his embrace.

“I’ve missed you,” I whispered into his ear. He just pulled my face up and kissed me, his tongue looking for an opening, I gave him one.

“Same,” he said as soon as we needed Escort bayan Ankara breath. I looked at the lobby and instantly regretted it. There were eyes all over us, including Mr. Gruff. Some of the looks were that of happiness, and others were of disgust. I felt my face burn up. “Don’t worry about them…” He said, “Thank you for telling me was here. I’ve been waiting a long time for him.”

Next thing I knew I was in the elevator. He closed the doors before anyone else could get in and shoved me against the glass.

“Where have you been,” he asked, kissing my neck, “I looked all over for you before I left.”

I tilted my head, just enough, so that he could get a better angle. I couldn’t breath, I was too happy and too excited. Instead I ground my pelvis into his growing erection. He growled and kissed me, his violent tongue wrestling with my own. I ran my hand up his chest and wrapped it around his neck, pulling him down to my nipples.

“Not… Not until you tell me where you’ve been,” he huffed, grinding himself off me. I hand a hand on the glass wall behind us to stop my head from hitting it. He reached up and bit my lip. “Little Bird…Tui…” He moaned. Ding!

“Ding?” I asked, looking into Kaleb’s lust filled eyes.

“The door to the elevator is open…” He said half heartedly. Then his head snapped to the door and saw an elderly couple watching us. Kaleb, growled and pulled me out of the tiny room. At this point I was too hyped up on Kaleb that I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted him.

Stumbling into his room, Kaleb pulled his shirt off and threw it to the ground. I walked in and gently shut the door, which was suddenly the only thing keeping me up. Kaleb pushed me into the door and started to sent mark me, rubbing his face and nose on either side of my neck. He slowly started to grind his hard erection into me and started to mummer my name.

“What are you doing?” I asked, pulling his hair. I wanted him to kiss me, not scent mark me.

“Mine,” he growled, taking my mouth. My Lycan tasted so good, so amazing, so…sweet? Like peppermint. I no longer cared and was grateful for his kisses. He then took my top and ripped it in half.

“That…That wasn’t mine,” I husked into his ear.

“It was in my way.” He gently rubbed my nipples then fiercely flicked them. Removing his mouth from my lips, he bent down to my nipples and sucked, biting and caressing.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned into my hand. He just felt so good. He was strong, reassuring, and it was a complete turn on. Him taking control of sex, of us, felt so good. “Enough!” I gasped, pulling his hair, “I need you now.”

Without a second thought he had me thrown on the bed with out my jeans on. He flipped me onto my stomach and spread my legs apart. For a while, there was nothing. It was like he was just staring at me, but then I realized he was smelling me.

“Mmmm, I’m me now Chief,” I groaned wanting him heart, body and soul. Then, I felt a rush of sensations. Kaleb was wetting my pucker with his tongue, slowly pushing it in as he jerked me off. My guardian ring gave way and he then went searching for my bundle of nerves. I knew he found it because the top half of my body fell to the bed because of the shock of pleasure.

“It’s been a while, has it?” He chuckled, sticking a slick finger into me, pumping and pre-pairing.

“Not-not since you,” I gasped, “so close!” He laughed and lined his cock up with my hole and rubbed pre-cum all over.

“Are you ready?” He asked. I couldn’t find the worlds to describe how ready I was, so instead I pushed back as he pushed forward. Then came erratic thrusting and grunts and moans of please, and more. This time Kaleb pumped me, Bayan escort Ankara wanting me to cum hard and fast. And it worked.

I pushed back and cried out his name as I emptied myself all over his bed. Something snapped within him and he was thrusting as hard and as fast as he could, grabbed a fistful of my hair and yelled my name out.


As we lied on his bed, his cum all over and mixing with my own, we just looked at each other. Touching and making sure that we were really together. I hugged him and he brought me closer to him and I buried my head into his chest. He was with me, after all this time I was finally with him. I felt happiness in my very core, and he seemed just as excited. He was brushing my hair, playing with it in his fingers as he took in our scent.

“You didn’t answer me this time,” he huffed, “where have you been? Don’t lie, Little Bird, I’ll know if you do.” I looked into his loved filled eyes and wanted to so badly tell him how much I didn’t want to be away from him. But love between a God and creature is forbidden. I had to go…

“I went back to my home,” I whispered, ” I had to go…” I didn’t want to look at him, I didn’t want to lie to his face.

“Why? Do you know how much I’ve missed you? I looked over the whole God Damned forest for you. I had members of my Pack hunt for you.” I flinched. It wasn’t his fault, it was my own. “You at least need to explain yourself to me,” he kissed the top of my head.

“You wont believe me,” I said, starting to shake.

“Tell me anyways, or I really will eat you this time.”

“I went back to Mother Earth’s Castle. Back to my home,” I looked into his green eyes, “I’m a God, Kaleb.”

He gave a soft chuckle, “of what?” He lifted my chin and kissed my nose.

“Of flying animals…” He was taking it surprisingly well.

“Haha, of course you would be. I had a feeling you weren’t Human, but a god? I just violently fucked a God. I’m I going to go to hell?”

“No…Are you sure you’re okay with this? I mean, a Lycan and a God? You do realize that it’s forbidden right?” I asked, rolling on top of him, hoping he would see the severity in the words I just said. Instead he just played with my cock.

“Yeah, so? I’m a fucking lycan!” he growled, “I’ll find a way. I’m very persuasive…”

“You can’t kill Mother Earth, you know.” I said, looking into his eyes. “She’s immortal, nothing can touch her. Just like nothing can touch me.”

“I know,” he said playing with my slit. My cock half hard, he started to pump.

“Why are you so calm about this?” I asked as I pulled away. I stood up and walked to the nearest wall, where he couldn’t touch me.

“Because I got permission.”

“From whom?” I asked startled, he smiled and pointed to the hotel door. I looked and saw Mother Earth and Ari. I instantly blushed and tried to cover myself up. Mother and Ari both laughed as they walked further into the room. Mother Earth looked divine, her hair golden like the sun, her skin rich like the dirt, her eyes blue like the sky and her dress green like the forests. She gracefully waltzed over to me and gave me a hug. Kissing the top of my head, then left, walking over to Kaleb to do the same. Kaleb hadn’t moved since he saw them enter, and I don’t think he cared that he was nude in front of my family.

“My son,” she said, “don’t ever think that I wont grant you happiness. Ari told me how distressed you were about not having your lover.”

“Tui, she granted all the Gods and Goddesses to have one mate for life,” Ari smiled, looking at Kaleb and I with fondness that could only be found in a brother.

“And guess who yours is,” Kaleb smiled, opening his arms out for me. I run over and gave him a bone crushing hug.

“I love you,” I cried kissing his face.

“I love you too, Little Bird.”

“Now,” said Mother Earth, “to find your should mate.” Ari smiled and walked out the door.

“Pish, no worries there.”

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