Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 06

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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen.


I was startled awake by my cell going off on the nightstand. Reaching for it, I glanced at the screen to see Anna’s name. What was she doing calling this early? I glanced at the clock to discover it was already 10:00am.

“Hello,” I said with a husky voice.

“Hi, David. How you doing this morning?”

“Ah…Ok, I guess.”

“Did I wake you, Babe?” Anna asked.

“Sorta, but I suppose I should be up soon anyway.”

“Good. Can we meet in the garage in twenty minutes?”

“Ah…that quick? Sure…if you want.”

“Great! The girls are all going shopping, but I told you I was still horny last night after we parted. I couldn’t think of anything all night but you. Please meet me in twenty minutes in the garage.”



The phone went immediately dead so I replaced it on my nightstand. I lay there for a few minute to get the sleep out of my head. Anna obviously wanted sex. Normally, I would’ve been thrilled, but the major fucking of three hot babes the night before had taken some of my usual teenaged male urgency and stamina away. In the past few days, just the thought of being near Anna would have made my dick stir. Not this time, as I somewhat reluctantly rolled out of bed.

I’d showered the night before, but went for a quick suds up anyway. In fifteen minutes, I was fresh shaven, dressed and downstairs. My mother had thankfully left me some breakfast of eggs, bacon, home fires, and toast as I was famished. I gulped the food down right out of the microwave and headed for next door.

Anna was already upstairs in the garage and greeted me at the top of the stairs with a kiss. Her mouth tasted sweet, like mint. She looked hot. Her brunette hair was in pigtails with pink ties and a couple of tiny, pink girl barrettes in the front. They matched her pink tank top, which went with her short white skirt and high brown boots. She looked very hot!

“Glad you’re quick, Babe. We only have a few minutes before the girls get here.”

Anna barely let me up the stairs before she was in my arms again and kissing me. She walked me to the couch and practically pushed me down. She giggled as she climbed into my lap, her legs on either side of me, and we resumed kissing. Her mouth tasted so sweet and her tongue was like a serpent on steroids. The kissing only lasted till she could feel my dick through my jeans pushing into her. The way she sat on me, with her skirt up, my dick was right against her pussy, which wiggled teasingly against me.

“Stand up,” Anna commanded as she rose off my lap.

I did and she went right for my belt. She deftly opened my pants and pushed both them and my boxers down with one swift move. My mostly hard cock popped free like a coiled snake. Anna helped me get my pants off with one hand stroking my cock to hardness. When they were off, she dropped to her knees between the couch and coffee table.

Anna looked up at me with a twinkle in her dark eyes. She always looked beautiful to me, but never more so than when she was on her knees looking up at me with a naughty grin.

After a few quick licks, my cockhead disappeared into her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue flicked the underside of my dick as her mouth gently sucked me. The feeling was incredible and sent a jolt of pleasure rocketing from my dick to my brain. Despite all the action my cock got the day before, Anna had no problem getting me hot again.

“Ah,” I gasped.

I could see Anna smile around my dick as she knew the affect her mouth was having on me. She began sucking a little harder and took me deeper into her mouth. My cock was soon at full mast and ready for anything. I was really enjoying the head and thought she might keep going, but she pulled off and got up.

“God, I want you so bad,” Anna stated. “Take me from behind over the arm of the couch.”

She was already turning around and lifting her white skirt. The thong she had underneath was easily pulled off to one side by her hand as she lay across the couch arm. With her head turned to me, her eyes beckoned me, and I moved behind her. Her pussy looked fantastic and ready. I aligned my cock until I found her opening.

“Mmm…so good…give it to me, David,” Anna demanded.

I thrust my hips forward and plunged over half my cock into her. She squealed, but her wetness made the passage easy. Another shove and my dick reached her cervix. She moaned, but took it with another gasp of pleasure. She felt so wonderful on my dick.

“Ah…Mmm…I love your cock,” Anna praised. “Fuck me good.”

I ran my hands from her bare hips up her clothed back. When I got to her neck, I squeezed it and found she liked that. I did it again and she moaned again. I massaged her shoulders as my cock found a rhythm inside her. She moaned some more.

“You like that?”

“Yes, but remember we need to hurry. Just concentrate on fucking the shit out of me.”

Taking her sarıyer escort meaning literally and seeing her swaying pigtails as I fucked her, gave me an idea. I grabbed both pigtails in my hands and pulled back with a little force. I was careful not to hurt her, but her response told me otherwise.

“Oh, yes…Pull my head back. Fuck me like a common whore. Drive that big cock of yours deep inside me.”

‘Wow,’ I mused to myself. ‘She really wants it rough.’

I pulled even harder on her pigtails, causing her head to arch back at the neck. Her back bent too, which brought her ass higher. It gave me an even better angle to drive my cock into her, which I did.

“Oh, fuck that’s good,” Anna growled. “Do it harder. Make me cum before they get here.”

I pulled both pigtails until her neck was bent back almost far enough for her to see my face. At the same time I drove my cock hard into her wet, willing pussy. She groaned aloud as I hit her cervix repeatedly. I was sure I had to be hurting her, but she did nothing to stop me or slow me down. Instead she groaned louder and wiggled her cute ass on each thrust. The sensations to my cock were exquisite.

“Oh, fuck,” I said this time.

“Yes…fuck me like that,” Anna encouraged.

I began to feel a familiar rumbling in my tight nut sack as I increased the speed of our fucking. Anna took each thrust with an audible gasp and egged me on. My cock was so hard it felt like a steel rod mauling the insides of her hot pussy. I couldn’t imagine she could take much more, but her words and groans told me just the opposite.

“That’s it, Babe. Make me cum so hard. Yes, keeping fucking me harder.”

I stroked my cock into Anna as fast as a jackhammer. She began to tremble as I fucked her. I could tell she was going to cum and not to soon either as my balls were getting ready to explode. A few more strokes and Anna yelled out.

“Oh, fuck…Oh, god…I’m…,” Anna screamed a bit louder than I would have liked.

Her pussy clamped down on me, but I managed to keep fucking her. My cock felt the stiffest I could remember as I drove hard into her. Her pussy began to make louder wetness noises around my cock as she came. I let go of her hair, not realizing that I’d been pulling her pigtails the whole time. I grabbed her hips and fucker her even harder as my need reached a fever pitch. Anna’s trembling body slumped down on the couch some, but she stayed right with me.

“I’m going to cum inside you,” I yelled, maybe too loud myself.

“Yes, give it to me, Babe,” Anna moaned. “Oh, god…I think I might cum again.”

I wanted her to get off a second time with me. There was something incredible erotic about making her experience back to back orgasms that made me fight my own need as best I could. I persisted in pounding her moist hole for a while longer before I just couldn’t take more.

“Shit…here it cums.”

“Oh, my god,” Anna whimpered.

My dick exploded in her with such force it felt like the head of my cock blew off with it. Like a volcano blowing its top, my cock felt like it was spewing massive lava inside her. Spasm after spasm ejected deep within her and now the squishing noises as I still fucked her sounded louder than never. I drove into her until my balls stopped contracting and my knees felt weak. Anna just moaned beneath me as I slumped on top of her.

Eventually, I could tell that my weight was making it hard for her to breath bent over the couch. I somehow found the strength to stand back and withdraw my cock from within her. I should have expected what happened next, but still wasn’t thinking clearly. My massive cum load, mixed with her own, came rushing out of her like a broken dam. I watched the whitish fluid drop in good sizable globs onto the wood floor. Fortunately, the carpet didn’t extend beyond the edge of the couch. The mixture formed a considerable puddle on the stained wood plank.

My attention was diverted from the mess as I heard Anna moan. She was trying to stand and turn to me. She smiled at me weakly.

“Wow…That was great,” Anna declared.

“I didn’t hurt you did I.”

“No…It was superb. I might be a little sore for a bit, but it’ll just remind me of you, Babe.”


“Please get me some tissues.”

I retrieved a handful of tissues from over by the sink and gave them to her. I’d grabbed extra for the mess on the floor and me. I tackled the floor while Anna used the tissues I gave her. I glanced at what she was doing and for the first time noticed she’d shaved completely. The landing strip was gone. Her pussy looked more like Monica’s now.

“Wow, you shaved completely,” I commented.

“You like it?”

“Well, I liked you before, but yes, it’s nice.”

“I saw the way you looked at Monica’s bare pussy and I wanted you to see me that way too,” Anna confessed.

“It’s beautiful,” I replied.

“Glad you like it. Maybe I’ll be able to meet you later and you sefaköy escort can have a closer look. Would you like that?” Anna asked with a mischievous smile.


“Ok, got to run. Mmm…looked at how covered in cum your cock is. I’d love to clean that up for you, Babe, but I need to get going,” Anna said, adjusting her thong and pulling her skirt down. “I’m probably going to be leaking you out of me for a while, you naughty boy.”

“Sorry about that,” I said.

“No you’re not,” Anna chuckled as she dashed for the stairs. “I’ll call you later.”

“Ok,” I replied to her descending form.

I cleaned my dick off with the tissues and threw everything away in the garbage can.

I put my clothes back on as I thought about what had just happened. Anna had wanted me to fuck her hard and the harder I did the more she seemed to like it. To this point, I’d been far gentler. I wondered if she’d prefer me to be rougher with her from now on.

I heard an engine start in the driveway as I was ready to go. I descended the stairs and exited the garage to see Anna’s mother’s car pulling out of the driveway. Anna was driving with Monica in the passenger seat. Penny was talking away from the backseat and didn’t notice me. Monica did though, and smiled warmly as Anna completed backing up and sped off down the road. I noticed all of them had their hair in pigtails, which reminded me of how I’d used Anna’s hair to fuck her and she seemed to like it.

My mind played through the morning’s events as I went back to my room. Lying on my bed, I thought about Anna calling me up for a quick fuck. Sure, she told me the day before she was still horny, but somehow I felt a little used. Yeah, I didn’t mind the sex and it had been as good for me as I’m sure it was for her, but I still felt like it was less about love and more about just sex.

Also, my thoughts often drifted to Monica. The smile she gave me as they drove off felt more than casual. Maybe it was in my mind, but I couldn’t stop thinking that she wanted to get together as much as did. I remembered she was probably going back home later today as Penny’s Uncle and her father were returning from fishing. I thought about Anna shaving herself like Monica and how she had rushed the other girls away, like she didn’t want me to have time with them again.

That’s the last I remember thinking as I must have fallen asleep again. I woke around two and re-showered in case Anna called soon. After dressing, I headed downstairs. I grabbed some late lunch and proceeded to the basement to hang out and wait for Anna. I played some Wii till I got bore. At that point, I decided to call Pete to see what he was up to.

“Man, I was just about to call you,” Pete said, before I could say little besides hello.


“You won’t believe what I saw…maybe I shouldn’t tell you.”


“I was at the mall with Zach.”


“He needed some shoes. Anyway, we ran into Kurt from school. You know Kurt; he’s on the football team. Anyway, I’ve had some classes with him, and unlike some of the other stuck up jocks, he at least says hi to me. Well, he starts telling Zach and me that he just got a great blowjob from this hot redhead in the parking lot. I didn’t think anything of it until I thought of Penny. I asked him if it was her. He said no, she was there though, and was who called him and told him about it. She was doing another guy when he was there, but this was one of her relatives or something.”

Pete added, “Zach told Kurt that Penny gave amazing head. Kurt said yeah, he had head from her many times before too. Kurt also said if we wanted to check it out we should go into the far end of the covered parking lot outside Macy’s, to the upper level, and look for a van and car parked by themselves away from everyone else. Look for all the girls with pigtails, and he laughed. Then he said he had to go.”

“Did he say anything about Anna?” I asked.

“No. So we went to check it out and found the van and car. They were parked twenty yards from cars around them. Zach and I watched for a while from behind some cars and two dudes got out of the van fixing their belts. They walked right by our hiding spot looking sweaty, but didn’t see us. We watched a little longer and I saw Penny jump out of the car with her shirt held closed. Another dude followed her from the car to the van, they talked briefly, and he came passing by us too. We almost got caught when two guys came out of the store behind us. It was two more football players from our school and they walked to the car. This hot redhead we never saw before directed one to the van and pulled the other into the car.”

“Was she fairly tall?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Pete said. “You know her?”


“She had pigtails too just like Kurt said. In fact, we spotted one of the girls from the van when they opened it to let the guy in. She had pigtails too, but I didn’t recognize şerifali escort her as from our school. Zach and I thought about approaching the car, but decided it was too crazy and left. We didn’t want any trouble with the football players.”

“Good idea,” I said, relieved they hadn’t seen Anna.

In my heart, I knew she was there. Probably in the van, cause she had to be there if Monica and Penny were. Also, I knew all three left with their hair in pigtails. Why?

I was sifting through the facts in my head and never heard Pete’s next statement. It wasn’t until he repeated himself for the third time that I heard him.

“You think Anna was in the van with Penny there?”

“Possibly,” I said, but added feeling I had to cover for her in some way, “However, Anna was with me in the morning till about noon.”

“Oh, maybe she wasn’t there then,” Pete suggested. “I still don’t know who that girl was that exited the van or the tall redhead either.”

“Probably from another school,” I queried, knowing Monica, but trying to figure the other out myself.

“Probably,” Pete answered.

“Well, thanks for letting me know,” I proclaimed

“Sure, anytime,” Pete concluded.

“I’ll call you later,” I affirmed and closed my cell phone.

Wow…I couldn’t believe what Monica and Penny were doing. The fact that Anna was with them troubled me. Also, who was the other girl in the van?

I left the basement and decided to go for a swim. After getting my suit on, I went out back into the pool. It was a nice sunny day, but that was only part of my reason for hanging out in the pool. I knew that if I looked back towards my house and the path that led around front, I could see the very end of Anna’s driveway. I would have to watch almost constantly to see her return as only five feet maybe of her driveway was visible between my house and garage. I’d been in the pool for nearly a half hour, but nothing. So I gave up and went inside for something to drink.

I was half way through a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I heard voices outside. I dropped the sandwich back on the plate and rushed to look out the front window while remaining hidden from sight. Anna, Penny, and Monica were back, but so were my sister and Katie. They were talking and making introductions in the space between our driveways. I watched for a few minutes the girls exchange pleasantries.

Soon, Katie and Darci said goodbye and headed toward the side door. I had to move fast to avoid Katie and Darci seeing me spying on Anna and the two redheads. I lingered for a second too long, contemplating how I could still rush out to see Monica, especially as I heard Darci and Katie already at the side door. ‘Shit,’ I thought, Anna had by now hugged the other girls and they parted quickly to some words I couldn’t quite make out. ‘Fuck,’ I’d missed my chance to see Monica again, and it looked like they were rushing back to Penny’s house for Monica to leave for home.

Darci and Katie were moving into the kitchen instead of coming into the hallway. This was good for not getting caught looking out the window, but meant I needed to rush around the other way, through the living room and dining room to get back to the kitchen. The girls beat me to my half eaten PP&J sandwich. Darci picked up the plate as I entered the kitchen.

“That’s mine,” I said.

“Mine now,” Darci declared.

I approached her, “Hey, give that back.”

She quickly passed it behind her to Katie and blocked my way to her, “Quick take a bite,” Darci told Katie with a squeal of laughter.

“Should I?” Katie queried merrily as she picked up the half remaining off the plate.

Darci tried to keep me from getting by her to Katie like some kids game we used to play. I dodged quickly both ways looking for an opening to get by her.

“Hey, that’s my sandwich,” I proclaimed as I watched the laughing Katie bring the sandwich close to her lips.

“Go ahead, Katie. Take a bite!” Darci squealed with laughter as her hands fended me off.

“Ok, here goes,” Katie said, as much of warning to Darci and me as a real threat.

“Somebody’s been swimming,” Darci accessed, as her hands pushed against my bare chest and her eyes took in my still slightly damp suit.

“Get your own sandwich,” I exclaimed.

“Too late,” Katie said as she took a big bite.

“No,” I shouted and managed to spin around Darci.

Darci was quick though and spun the other way. Katie handed off the half eaten sandwich to Darci before I could stop her. Katie then grabbed my arm as I tried to get to Darci. She held me long enough for Darci to take a huge bite out of the remainder of the sandwich. The small bite left now, wasn’t worth fighting for, and Darci stuffed it into her mouth while trying not to choke from laughing. Katie had her arms around me from the behind, laughing with delight into my bare back.

“Be…auches,” I shouted, but stopped struggling and let Katie hold me; her left breast rubbing against me in the back.

“Don’t worry, Brother,” Darci managed to say as she fought to swallow the sticky sandwich. “I’ll make you another. You want one, Kate?”

“Sure, that tasted good,” Katie added.

Ten minutes later, we were all finishing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk. I was about to leave the room to change.

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