Craving More Sugar

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My name is Bruce, Sugars uncle. Her dad Pete, he tends to travel a lot for his job so I help out by holding down the fort and looking after Sugar ever since my wife passed away. Sugars mother walked out a few years back. I had been in quite a mess having lost my wife not long before and Pete had taken me in to look after me. It’s quite ironic now, as I tend to look after both Pete and Sugar.

I’m not going to tell you how thing’s started between Sugar and I because quite frankly I still can’t get my head round it. Suffice it to say we have been secretly enjoying one another for a while now.

Pete was on another one of his business trips; he had been gone four days out of his two weeks stay in Paris. Sugar and I had pretty much fucked like rabbits the whole time.

It certainly makes you appreciate the energy you have left after you spend some time with an 18 year old nymphet who specialises in pouncing on you every second she gets. I’d already made a promise to myself to get down the gym more frequently once Pete got back. The more leisurely lifestyle I was becoming accustomed to since I’d decided to take well, an extended sabbatical from work really was becoming increasingly evident every passing day. I’d already made enquiries about returning to the company in a semi-active role. In addition, I’d made provisions for the money that my wife left me to go towards looking after Sugar and Pete if anything happened to me. It was time to earn my money again. I had plenty of money left over from the sale of our previous home, however that wouldn’t last indefinitely, and after everything Pete had done for me I wanted to help them as much as possible.

I think it had been the decision to return to the company, which had pushed me to enjoy all the things I had taken for granted before. Hence the aching belly I had after a wonderful meal I had cooked an hour or so previous for Sugar and I. My own special recipe, Steak with vodka basil tomatoes and asparagus. A very simplistic dish but delicious. Sugar, I’d noticed was a very delicate thing, so sensual in every way even when she was eating she had seemed to relish the different flavours and textures. My sexy little hedonist. Just watching Sugar eat was a very arousing experience her delicate mouth sliding over the asparagus tips was having an effect on me, however I digress.

Sugar and I were sat in front of the fire with our second bottle of wine, talking and laughing. I’d just promised to take her out anywhere she wanted to go, for two reasons really; firstly as a little treat and secondly to allow me a couple of hours recovery without Sugar pouncing on me. The fact that she had chosen a fancy dress burlesque show worried me slightly and admittedly, if I had been slightly more sober at the time thanks more so to the exuberant amount of vodka more than the wine I probably would have tried to wriggle my way out of it. The only comfort was I didn’t have to think about it until tomorrow when I had agreed to go shopping for a costume. Sugar was taking great delight in my discomfort and had already stated very matter of factly she had her costume already. I made a mental note to find out what other costumes she had hidden away, certainly not any I had seen judging by the knowing smirk on her face as she had said it.

A whole host of images of Sugar dressed in various costumes sprang to mind, my muscles seemed to ache as a little reminder to me what Sugar would probably do if she knew what my thoughts were at this precise moment in time. I really was overdue for a massage to work out these knots, one of many due over the upcoming weeks I imagined.

Sugars lips gently caressing mine broke my train of thought, her tongue probing into my mouth. A taste of fruit and oak from the wine filling my palette as her tongue sensuously slithered over mine. The kiss intensified as our tongues danced together. I cupped her cheek as I pulled her passionate body closer to my own surprised by her warmth on this deceivingly cold night. We both moaned sensuously from the increased contact. I felt her hands sliding over the cotton button down shirt I was wearing, pulling it free so she could run her hands under the shirt and over my chest. She opened the buttons görükle escort of my shirt one at a time, taking great care to cover all of my skin with tender caresses. The effects of the wine we had imbibed and my arousal making my skin tingle pleasantly. She raked her nails around my nipples making me smile stupidly. I think it was only then that I had realised this was the first time Sugar and I had really been tipsy for want of a better word in each others company. I was certainly enjoying this more forward behaviour.

My hands traced along the contours of her neck and shoulders trailing down her exquisite breasts, cupping them in my hands through her shirt. Sugar broke the kiss I had just been administering as my hands opened the top button of the crimson shirt she was wearing. I protested confused however she placed her finger over my lips. “Shhh. Follow my lead.” My look of perplexity was evident, as she stood up pulling me along with her. “Don’t move.” She whispered almost urgently, walking over to put some music on. My eye’s followed her every move, the sassy little sway of her hips. Her whole body seemed to exude confidence. I smiled as she turned and began to lip-synch to the words, of some RnB band or other. Sugar dramatically strode over to me with all the attitude of a soul singer. She led me towards the sofa motioning me to sit down, before pushing me, obviously not impressed by my speed. She kicked my legs open over dramatically, very stripper-esque. Very erotically.

Her body swayed suggestively, arching forward displaying her tight body confined under her shirt. Her face was mere inches from my own; She leaned forward as if to kiss me. My lips craving the attention, teasingly at the last moment she pulled away. Instead, her fingers began to trail over her body before deftly popping the buttons of her shirt open, exposing her skin slowly. Her toned stomach, teasing my eyes until her breasts sprang free from the confines of the cotton prison the shirt had provided. Her fingernails trailed over her skin, eliciting small sighs of pleasure. Her hips thrusting and swaying to the beats from the music, her body displaying the suppleness and grace that comes only with youth.

She leaned forward again licking sensuously around my lips before running her nipples over my chest. My heart was pounding in my chest, the room feeling ten degrees warmer thanks to Sugars erotic dancing. A contrast to the cold rain outside beginning to hit the windows in its pitter-patter way.

Turning she slid her skirt which up to this point had been clinging to her body emphasising her curves, down over her ass and down her legs kicking it away from her for effect. Her fingers danced over her silky smooth calves and thighs before playfully squeezing that perfect ass. My approval was evident seeing as I could barely sit still for want of just ravaging her body. She slipped her thong off almost unnoticed as my cock yearned for attention, jerking in my trousers as Sugar slapped her ass. A loud ‘thwack’ with just the right amount of reverb. A look of lust in her eyes as she turned to check my reaction.

“Hello, you handsome brute.” Sugar straddled my lap. “Come in here often?” She began grinding her pussy into my groin. Her eyes twinkled as she smiled deviously at her double entendre writhing on my lap, whimpering erotically as I played with her breasts and nipples, pinching and rolling them between my fingers. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair kept falling in front of her eyes, but she ignored it all grinding against my groin. Her breath tickling my ear as I licked and kissed her neck. “I’m so wet and horny right now.” She huskily mouthed.

She pressed her breasts into my chest and kissed me veraciously. Sucking my tongue into her mouth. My senses were on fire, my brain racing a mile a minute. I barely registered her hand pulling at my belt buckle as she snaked her tongue around my lips again before sliding off my lap deftly pulling my trousers down. She grabbed my cock hungrily pulling it free from my boxers, licking and sucking it. Planting little wet kisses down the shaft. I could barely hold on as she sucked my balls into her mouth, her tongue lavishing them with attention.

She eskort bayan hummed with my balls in her mouth to the music, the vibrations causing my hips to buck from the intensity, “Jesus Sugar.” My balls tightened as she popped them out of her mouth, holding my cock to her face as wave after wave of my pleasure covered her skin. She looked so beautiful.

“I can tell you enjoyed that.” She said, sitting back on my lap trying to clean her face a little.

“What do you think? Where did you learn to do that?”

“I’ll never tell.” She flashed me a dazzling smile, as I pulled her close to kiss her. She looked hesitant.

“What are you doing? I’m a mess.” Indicating with her hand, my remains over her face. I could see the uncertainty in her eyes.

“Sugar, it’s OK.”

“My face is you know…”

“Sugar. Honey it’s OK” I cupped her cheek with my hand turning her head to look at me. When her eyes met mine I could see she was still uncertain, I couldn’t help but wonder if this had happened to her before or if it was a result of the alcohol lowering her inhibitions or just my own. I leaned forward to kiss her again. Her eyes met mine, those deep pools pulling me in, my mind screaming to her it’s OK you can trust me.

She didn’t move a muscle even when my lips moulded with hers, I could feel how tense her body was. My tongue gently traced her lips. It felt like an age had passed before her lips slowly parted to embrace my tongue. I felt her body relax a little as her tongue slowly at first met mine before darting around with a renewed vigour. Suddenly the kiss changed she pulled herself close wrapping her arms tightly around me. Her lips and tongue going into some kind of primed carnal frenzy.

The change in intensity was startling, she seemed to become alive with a renewed energy, her hips thrashed and ground against mine. Without breaking the kiss she guided my hands down to her ass, eager to feel my touch on her soft flesh. She pushed me down onto the sofa, her mouth attacking mine roughly kissing me before nipping at my neck and shoulders. She bit a sensitive spot on my neck making me wince. I grabbed her ass roughly to pull her into a better position so I could grind my cock between her legs. My actions only seemed to encourage her as she bit harder.

It was as if a trigger had been flipped on in my brain, or some dormant beast that lay deep within me had stirred from its slumber. I assaulted her lips with mine, forcing my tongue into her mouth whilst squeezing her breast roughly, pinching her nipple to hardness. The fire inside of her sent her wild. She turned into me trying to straddle my legs. The pure force knocking my balance sending us both crashing from the sofa to the floor, grinning her hands found mine as she pinned them back over my head before raking her fingernails down the inside of my arms.

My senses were in overload. She bit and licked my skin. My cock throbbing. I had never been one for dirty talk or rough sex all that much before, but I was enjoying every second of this newfound avenue to explore with Sugar. “So you want this do you?” It was a statement more than a question for Sugar at least. “Tell me what you want.”

Sugars eyes sparkled, her voice so passionate. “Fuck me… I want you to fuck me… hard.” I grabbed her hair pulling her onto her knees before moving behind her. Sugar growled sexily at the change in my intensity. She was loving every second of this rough treatment; even the silly dirty talk seemed to spur her on. I took a second to admire her body, how soft her hair felt in my hands. The silky smooth skin, even the beauty spots on the back of her thighs and arms, little angels kisses. I kissed the two together at the small of her back eliciting a mummer of approval.

I thrust into her hard, slapping her ass building up my momentum. She was panting heavily ramming her hips back to meet my every thrust. “Fuck my pussy… fuck it hard and fast.” I could feel my balls slapping against her with every thrust. Short stabbing jabs intermixed with long slow lunges. Her pussy enveloped my cock willingly. Wet and yielding.

“What are you?” I rasped through gritted teeth. “What are you? altıparmak escort What am I doing to you?”

“Oh… oh… I’m your whore.” She was starting to lose control. “I’m your dirty little whore… I’m your slut… fuck mmm.” She let out a long growl as her pussy spasmed around my cock as her whole body began to shake uncontrollably. A sheen of sweat had formed on her ass and along her spine. My hand slipped, my thumb pressing into her ass just past my knuckle. “FUCK….” She screamed as she thrashed her body around wildly as a shattering orgasm ripped through her body. My brain was turning to mush as I lost it, feeling her clenching herself around my cock.

I lay panting next to her, trying to recover from possibly the best orgasm of my life. Sugar leaned over to kiss me gently. “Thank you that was wonderful.”

“Wonderful, I thought it was fucking great.” Not one of my most poetic statements.

“Language Timothy.” She said scowling at me for swearing, something I rarely do.

“Excuse me, little miss innocent.” I didn’t need to mention the old saying ‘pot calling the kettle black.’

“Well, that’s different.”

“Yes it was that.”

“That wasn’t what I meant and you know it.”

“You know next time you want it rough you only have to ask.” I deadpanned. It was time for my apology. Even though secretly I’d enjoyed the unexpected experience immensely. “I’m sorry for the finger… I slipped and.” She cut me off with another one of her gentle and tender loving kisses before smiling making my heart melt.

“Actually I kind of enjoyed it. It felt weird at first and unexpected.” She looked a little hesitant before deciding to carry on anyway. “In fact I was hoping next time… umm maybe next time… we could try putting your thing in.” I nearly cried for want of laughing.

“My thing?” I could barely hold my mirth in check. “When did you become such a prude?” I couldn’t help but laugh. Her mock anger at me quickly fading. She punched me lightly on the shoulder, smiling at me. “Come to think of it, where did that wild side come from?”

“Didn’t you like it?”

“Of course I did, it was incredible.” Sugar wrapped her arms around me hugging me. That dazzling smile of hers seemed ten times brighter than normal as if a new star had just been born exploding into the cosmos shining brilliantly in the night sky. “I just want to know why we haven’t done this before.” I pulled her on top of me, her body warm and tender against my skin, our faces millimetres from each other. Her eyes, those deep soulful eyes staring into mine. Her breath tickling my lips.

“I’m still me, it’s just I like to go off the rails every so often, and nobody before has wanted to share it with me. So I’ve always tried to ignore it.”

“That or it must be the wine.” I quipped.

“Must be.” She laughed. I had no idea she had felt she needed to suppress this. I was damned if I was complaining about it. “Seriously though, if your uncomfortable you big brute tell me… please. I’ll understand.”

“Are you kidding slugger, I love you baby girl.” She scrunched her nose and rolled her eyes at me for using her nickname. “I’ll always be here for you. Just tell me next time, so I don’t have to crack a rib or anything finding out.”

“I love you too uncle Bruce.”

“So you’ll tell me next time?”


“Maybe, that’s a real help that.” rolling my eyes, mocking her mannerism slightly.

“Maybe that’s for you to figure out, the when’s and where’s I mean. For now I’m off for a shower and an early night, so I can sort my costume out tomorrow.”

“The dreaded fancy dress thing I had conveniently forgotten about you mean.” I groaned. She leaned in close to kiss me smiling, before standing right in front of me in all her glory naked and unabashed. I sat up; her pussy was inches from my face. My eyes drank in her image. “Relax it’ll be fun, you’ll see. Now what about my goodnight kiss?” She said coyly whilst suggestively opening her legs for me.


——- —– ——- —-

Note to Readers

Thanks for the great comments, votes and e-mails I received for ‘Craving Sugar’. I hope you enjoy ‘Craving More Sugar’ as much as I have enjoyed writing it. As ever, your thoughts and comments inspire and shape future chapters.

– Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.

George Bernard Shaw (1856 — 1950)

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