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I suppose I should start by telling you a few details about myself. My name is Ellen; I’m about 5ft 7” tall. I have dark hair streaked with blond and copper and my eyes are blue. My breasts are a 38c, I wont tell you my weight but lets just say I’m not small.

About a year ago I was on the Internet constantly, talking to men in chat rooms. It was great; I could escape into a different world and become a different person.

I used to tell them I was 23 years old, a size 10, with 38d breasts. When I went online I became Layler (my screen name) I was sexy as hell and all the men I talked to wanted to fuck me. I thrived on their want for me.

Sometimes I got too involved and told them my real name.

Eventually the relationships came to an end, as I got less and less interested, all except one.

My relationship with Chris wasn’t particularly special but I liked him he was fun to talk to, he made me laugh and I loved turning him on.

Anyway, after a while we started talking properly and all the lies and things came out. Up until then he only new my name. He had lied about his name and age as well, his real name was Craig.

He sent me a picture of himself and I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t really thought about what he looked like. But I liked what I saw. He had short dark blond hair, blue/green eyes, his face was well defined, and his body showed that he obviously worked out.

The thing was that he wanted to see my real picture as well. I seriously didn’t want to send it to him but he is very persuasive. After much debate I agreed, after all he had sent me his so it was only fair.

As I pressed send I regretted my decision instantly.

I don’t have a very high opinion of my looks and before I sent the picture he saw Layler the sexy girl who turned him on.

I had just shattered that illusion and lost that forever. I hated it! But it was too late.

He didn’t seem to mind what I looked like though. I was still the same person in his eyes I guess. But it’s been different since he’s seen it. A couple of days after we were chatting and he said

“Your different since the other day….?”

“What? Like I’m not telling you that if I was with you I would get on my knees and suck your cock till you’re cum filled my mouth?” I responded

He laughed at that but agreed.

We carried on and he asked me to talk to him while he watched a porn film on his computer. I did as he asked, as I said I love tuning men on!

When I usually have cyber sex I usually keep well away from my own personal fantasies and play on there’s but this time I got carried away.

I was telling him how I’d suck his cock while he watched me finger my cunt. How he’d slide his cock inside me.

Asking him if he liked knowing that I’m a whore and about how my teacher had fucked me and how much I’d loved it and how he would have loved to watch.

When he finished jacking off he went to freshen up and while he was away I re read the dialog and cringed.

We have antep escort slowed down a bit now, just chatting about general stuff. But I want him, want his cock, want to run my hands over him. I think of him fucking me when I finger myself.

I have friends up in Newcastle (where he lives) I decided to visit them. I wasn’t sure why but all I knew is I wanted to see him, wanted to feel him.

My friend’s house is only a few miles away from his house. So on Friday afternoon I caught a bus over to whitely bay. I didn’t have the nerve to go to his house just yet so I went to a local bar just down the road from his house for some courage.

Up until now Craig was unaware of my being only a few minutes from his house and I was in turmoil as to weather to text him and tell him I was here or to just go to his house unannounced.

I finally decided to go to his house. I walked down the road and there I was, standing in front of his house. I nearly turned and ran away countless times! But something was stopping me.

Suddenly the door opened and there he was. God he was taller than I expected! He looked at me for a second (those eyes making me weak) and then turned back into the house leaving the door open.

Fuck!!?? What the hell am I meant to do? I thought as I looked up at the house a window was flung open and Craig shouted out,

“Aren’t you coming up then?”

I laughed, that was Craig all over, cheeky shit! I went in and headed upstairs. His door was ajar so I walked in; he was sitting at his computer chatting to someone. He turned and grinned at me before turning back to his computer. He was obviously nervous as he switched off his computer and turned towards me.

“I guess you want an explanation right? Well the thing is…um well I’m staying with some friends near by so…while I was up here I thought…” I blushed as I said this.

He saw my discomfort and said,

“Hey its cool, its nice to meet you at last, but don’t I get a kiss or anything?”

He said as he stood up and came towards me. I held my arms out and we hugged. Damn his body felt great against mine! I pulled away slightly to give him a kiss on the cheek but he turned and kissed me on the mouth.

His lips were soft and probing at the same time and when he snaked his tongue into my mouth I let out a small moan.

We broke apart suddenly as we heard the front door slam.

“Its ok it’s just my brother Chris, he wont come up, he’ll only be here for a minute.”

His lips closed on mine again as he pulled me down onto his bed. His hands roamed over my body as I lay underneath him, he ran his hands down over my breast, across my ribcage and down.

God he felt good! He slipped his hand down between my legs under my skirt and rubbed a finger over my pussy. I moaned as he kissed my neck and pressed his dick against me.

I slipped my hand down between us and squeezed his cock. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down.

He kicked them off as I looked him over. God he was fit! His dick was big and hard and his ass, mmmmm..

I grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me. He laughed as he fell off balance and landed on top of me.


I whispered as I felt his cock press against me. I placed my hands under his T-shirt and felt his muscles tense at my touch. I lifted my top above my head so I was just in my bra and skirt. He gave me an appraising glance before reaching up and caressing my breasts through my bra.

His hand moved down to my legs and under my skirt. I arched my back so he could unzip my skirt and pull it off. I didn’t feel at all embarrassed. I feel completely comfortable with him. He makes me feel sexy and wanted.

The rest of our clothes came off and finally we were naked. His body was amazing he turned me on so much! I was so wet!

“I want to fuck you,“ I moaned.

He groaned as he slipped his fingers inside my pussy and felt how wet I was. I opened my legs and pressed against his hand as he plunged two fingers inside me.

“You want me to slip my hard cock inside your cunt and fuck you nice and hard! Tell me Ellen, that’s what you want isn’t it?” he hissed


I screamed as he crushed his lips down on mine and slammed his cock into my soaking wet pussy over and over again.

“O god!!”

He groaned as he pumped his dick in and out of me.

“O fuck yesss!” I moaned as I ground my cunt against him.

“You only came up here to fuck me didn’t you?” he shouted as I shuddered against him.

My pussy started to contract around his cock as he shot his cum inside me. He lay down beside me and cuddled me against him.

I was drifting off to sleep in the safety of his embrace when he kissed my lips lightly.

My eyes fluttered open to find him watching me with a small smile playing across his face. He looked flushed from having had sex a minute before and his lips looked swollen from kissing me.

He looked so tender and yet there was something in his eyes that made me get butterflies in my stomach just by looking at him.

I leant over and kissed him, running my hands over his chest loving the feel of his muscled torso under my fingers. He pulled me against him and closed his eyes we laid there for about twenty minutes just relaxing.

I was starting to feel sleepy when I felt Craig slip his hand over my waist and cup my breast in his hand.

I moved back and moulded myself into the curve of his body. I felt his erection pressing against me. I turned in his arms and he kissed as soon as my lips were reachable. I laughed.

“Its not funny” he growled as he gave me a mock pout.

“Awww, have I upset you? Shall I make it all better?” I said in a little voice.

As I pushed back the covers and slipped his cock into my mouth.

”O fuck…” he groaned.

I swirled my tongue around the head of his dick before sucking the entire length into my soft wet mouth.

I sucked nice and hard while letting his shaft slip from my mouth, the suction that this caused made him yell out in ecstasy and each time I did it he got closer and closer to blowing his load until he couldn’t take it anymore and let loose a load of cum in my mouth as he arched his back and moaned.

I looked up at him as I sucked him dry, his eyes were half closed, but I could see him watching me. When he was all cleaned up I crawled up his body and kissed him on the lips before straddling his leg as I started rocking back and forth and saying

“You like watching me suck your cock don’t you Craig?”

“mmmmm” he moaned as he pulled me down on top of him causing me to giggle.

Our lips clashed together in a hard, ruthless, sensual kiss before he rolled over, pushing me underneath him. I shrieked as we nearly fell off the bed. We laughed as we moved back to the middle. He lay on his side with his leg draped over mine.

He stopped in the middle of stroking my nipple and looked towards the door.


I whispered he was silent for a moment before answering

“Nothing just thought I heard something that’s all.” He said as he brought his head down and sucked my nipple into my mouth.

Outside the door standing silently, hardly daring to breath for fear of being heard was Craig’s brother Chris.

As he heard our heavy breathing and moans continue he edged closer to the door, which we had forgotten to close.

He slipped inside the doorway cautiously.

There was an open bookcase between the bed and the door, which gave Chris a perfect view of the bed and ultimately, us. We would only see him if we looked directly at the door.

Even though I had just given Craig a blowjob he was still hard! Talk about staying power! I could feel his cock pressing against me, just begging to be touched!

I moved my hand down between us and squeezed his cock. I got on my knees and pulled his foreskin back, I looked into his eyes and licked the head of his dick.

“Don’t tease me bitch!” he hissed as he threw me back on the bed.

“mmmmm, I’m a bitch am I? You know I love to tease you! But now I want you to fuck me!!!”

“O I’ll fuck you alright! And your going to fucking love it!!” he said as he opened my thighs with his knee and leant down and kissed me roughly.

Before sliding the head just inside my pussy. I looked up and saw an older version of Craig standing by the door. He had his cock in his hand and was shafting it like anything!

His eyes met mine just as Craig slammed his cock all the way into my dripping wet cunt. I arched my back and screamed.

Craig looked at me and then followed my glance towards the door.

As his eyes met his brothers he cried out in ecstasy as his cum filled my pussy.

I met Chris’s eyes one more time as I watched him come to his peak and shoot his load.

I shuddered and screamed Craig’s name before slumping back on the bed


This story is dedicated to Craig for inspiring me to write this. Thanks babe.

Please vote for my story and any others you read! Any comments on this story or suggestions for further stories are most appreciated.

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